I make happy to my chachi
Hi everyone. This is yuvraj from Gujarat. I am a regular reader of these stories and thought of sharing my experience with you all. Hope they will publish this story. I am 24/m 6 feet tall, well built whitish complexion. The story begins like this… I have an aunt. Hey I should tell you about her she is a sex goddess… She is fair around 5″7′ and moderately built. Her boobs will be around 38d and I am sure about that. She was married to my uncle for the past ten years. Ever since I started to masturbate 9 years ago she was in my dreams. It all started with this. One day few years back I was in my home alone as everybody left for a marriage. My aunt was left behind to take care of me. All my family was planned to return that night itself. At that time there was some repairing work going on in our bathroom. It was attached to the toilet. The plumber had made a hole connecting the bathroom and the toilet for putting some new pipe. At around 11:00 am my aunt went to have her bath while I was reading some magazines. Suddenly it struck in my mind and went into the toilet to peep into the bathroom. She was washing some clothes at that time and I was waiting for the show. After around 15 minutes she completed washing and started to undress. She removed her pink sari and was in blouse and petticoat. I can see her navel at I started to rub my thing. She removed her blouse and dropped her petticoat. Now she was in her black bra and a black panty. My cock was becoming an iron rod by seeing this. She then removed her bra and out came the most beautiful things in the whole world. Her boobs were big and her melons were also big and pink. Her nipple was thick and was standing erect. She removed her panty and started bathing. Her ass was like the flour they used to make chapatti. I could not hold my hands away from i.e. was masturbating here seeing my nude aunt bath. After around 20 minutes of hard core action I went to the other bathroom in my house and had the masturbation of my life. From then whenever I get a chance I used to touch her ass and her boobs.

This continued for about two years and last month came the d-day. Again I was alone in the house as my family went out for the day on some family function. I preferred to stay at home saying that I have to study. Everybody left and at that time told me that my aunt might come. I thought I could have sex with her that day and wanted to screw her. I was thinking about her and had a hard on. I saw her coming through the window and started my game. I was in my lunge and I had a baniyan. I removed my underwear and sat on the chair near by the door. I opened the door and left it slightly closed. I took an old photo of her. I took my tool in my hand and started to masturbate. I placed my tool on her photo and started moaning like oh aunty please suck my cock please suck it….. When I was doing this she came into the house as it was opened and was shocked to see me. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was unaware of her presence. I was about to cum but I stopped and slightly opened my eyes to see my aunt there. I just exclaimed that I never knew she was there and said sorry for keeping her waiting. I then took her inside the house and I saw to that my big penis was peeping through my dress all the time. She went to the kitchen to make some tea but her eyes didn’t fail to look at my penis a few times. After that I said that I am going to take a bath and went to the bathroom. I undressed myself and started to masturbate. I asked my aunt for the soap and kept the door opened. She came to the bathroom and was again shocked to see me nude and masturbate. I was moaning and she offered me the soap. In that process I caught her hand and pulled her into the bathroom. I took her in my hands and started to kiss her lips. She shouted what you are doing but I did not listen to her and continued kissing her. I placed both my hands on her ass cheeks and pressed them so hard that she made a noise. I cornered her on to the bathroom and continued kissing her and also pressing her ass. I placed my tool right on her cunt. I crushed her like anything. She was shouting please leave me leave me. I didn’t eave her and continued my actions and after 10 minutes she started responding.

I took her to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. She asked me to leave her. I said that there is no one and I am not going to miss this chance and said anyway I am going to fuck you now so don’t resist but enjoy. I jumped on her and removed her sari. I tore her blouse into pieces and removed her petticoat. She was in her bra and panty. Then I lied on her for about 2 minutes without doing anything other than kissing her passionately. Now she was in full mood and started taking deep breaths. I just removed her bra and oh my god the thing I always wanted was right in front of me. I took her left nipple in my mouth and started sucking it and pressed her right boob. She was making sounds like mmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please suck it harder….. I sucked her nipples for 15 minutes and moved down to her love hole… I removed her panty and there was a forest to be explored. I started to chew her cunt which was already wet. After sucking for some some time she made her first orgasm for the day and I didn’t leave a single drop of it to the floor. I said now it’s your turn and asked her to suck my penis. She accepted and took my tool in her mouth and started sucking it. Ohhhhhhhhhh it was like in heaven when a lady of your dream is sucking your cock … I cum inside her mouth and she drank all my juices. With my juices in her mouth she came up and kissed me. Both our mouths were oozing from my cum… Then I separated her legs and put my tool inside her cunt she started moaning like uuuhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm sssssssssssss do it harder go deeper…….. Mmmmmmmmmm sssssssss she started making strange notices and started to move to my rhythm. After a long time I said I am going to cum… She begged me to cum inside her… With all my lust on her I cummed inside her pussy and only then I knew I can cum that much on a single shoot.. We stayed in that post for about half an hour and went to the bathroom and started having a bath. I remembered the day when I saw her nude in the bathroom and told her the story… She said you naughty and kissed me. I got a hard on again and fucked her hard in doggy style… On that day we had sex couple of time and then she departed saying that it was the most memorable day in her life…

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