I love my bhabhi
Dear friends this is kaku again with my new story for you and hopes for positive response.this happned when i was 23 years old i live my parants in ludhiana, my father was a govt servant my mother is a house wife.after completing my engineering i was waitng my result.in our neighuor my cousion vivek whose age wae 40 year lives with his wife rita whoes age 34 years having very sexy and pinning figure. I always pointing out that she looks like moushami chattarji.thay have no any child so my bhabhi always live disturbed from vivek bhia.my bhabhi and bhai lives in the same house of us, they live on first floor.my mother was very caring of them becuse vivek was her sis son.vivek is` also a govt emplyee, he is lineman in elect deptt.most of time his has night duty.once`my grand mother expired, my father mother and vivek went to himachel, i and rita bhabhi was at home bhabhi didnot went teaches in a private school.it was planned that my parents and bhai will come after 13 days.nowi want to explain about my bhabhi. She was 34 years`old 5’5″ in ht and 42-30-38 size figure.i most of time mastrubate by thinking about her 42 size boobs and 38 size gand(ass). Now it was a golden chance for me to find inner part of her body.when every body left for village i observed that there are lots of changes in rita.

In the night rita cook dinner and called me for dinner.i went up i saw that rita was in kitchen and cooking chappaties.she was in barmuda and tshirt.i saw clear flow of her boobs and raising mountains of her gand.it was looking very sexy and was sufficient to give attention to my 7″ long and 3″thick lund inside my lungi.

I went in side kitchen and told bhabhi that you are looking very sexy today you are duplicte of moushami chataraji.she smiled and asked me what is common in moushami and in her.i did not reply.after having dinner, i went to the terrace for sleeping, becouse these were days of summer and i use terrace for sleeping.at 11pm bhabhi also came at terrace and told me that she was getting bore along because she never sleep along suddanly i repllied that always she sleep with bhai.she smiled and pintced on my thigh.

Bhabhi again asked me that u did not told me what of moushami u like.i acted ashamed and bhabhi again tell me as i am your bhabhi. Bhabhi means like wife.bhabhi asked me forcly.then i started to say that i like her upper part of body.bhabhi again asked which upper part.now i was realising that it is golden chance to fuck bhabhi and to see her naked boobs, chunt and ass. My lund was at high alart after her open question.

I pointed towards her breast and told her that her boobs and also pointed towards her ass.bhabhi told me that u are very clever and u know every thing. I asked bhabhi if she dont mind i want to she her upper part naked and want to suck your milk.bhabhi do not object she told me lets go in room.bhabhi went in her bed room i was also behind her.as soon as she inetered in room i closed door and hugg bhabhi from back side. Now my erected dick was pressing overher ass. She felt my loura on her gand.she took her hand back side and cought my 7″ long lund and start pressing hardly.

I told her these are my dream boobs i always dream your boobs to press and suck its milk.most of time i mastrubate by thinking about it.

She also told me that she also finger her chunt and blow it by thinking about u kaku. Kaku u are my dream husband, once i saw your lund when u was mastrubating in our verandah by thing about me i told her now i want to change my dreams in realy. She told me nothing is to hide now now i am your wife.

She took my lund in hand and start to suck it she was sucking it like kulfi. She conti it for 10 min.she tlod me that my cock is very big and thick and my her choot a bhosra.now i pulled her barmuda and make her fully naked.she sucking my lund. I took bhabhi on the bed and we were in 69 position i was also sucking her chut, now her chut was wet.i drank her whole water. Now she has discharged. I was pressing her boobs hardly.aafter some time i was to discharge she told me to discharge in her mouth she drank my full cream now she was very happy.

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