I got to fuck my army friend’s widow
Hi dear friends, my name is Rohit Singh Thakur.
I am a major in the Indian army stationed in Kashmir. I would like to share a tale with you about how I got to fuck my army friend’s widow. I first fucked her after she was widowed, then married her and now routinely fuck her as a husband. I had a very good friend called Praveen Saxena in the army. He got married to a girl called Sonia.

What happened was that the day my friend Praveen got married and brought his wife to Kashmir I was astonished at his wife’s beauty and sexiness. She also spoke very good convent school English. She was the ideal wife I wanted and my friend had married her. I felt jealous. Her name was Sonia. Whenever we met at Praveen’s place she would also flirt with me really well. Praveen would never notice this. She would also purposefully drop her pallu in front of me and expose her huge tits. I used to masturbate wildly thinking about her everyday, and dreamt of fucking her naked body. I bet all the soldiers did the same.

Well one fine day my friend Praveen was killed in a mine blast. I danced with joy in the privacy of my room. Of course in public I had to shed tears. Then my friend’s last rites were performed. That night I made up my mind. I will visit my friend’s widow. I will first try to woo her and fuck her. If she refuses I will just rape her and then she will be forced to be my fuck-slave. Therefore, I just put my trousers on without any underwear and with an erect cock I went into her quarters in the evening.

I knocked on her door and Sonia opened it. She was dressed in a traditional Indian widow’s white saree but she looked as sexy as ever. As soon as she saw me she hugged me and cried. I too hugged her back. She kept sobbing and her fat body just rocked in my arms, as her hips brushed against my already erect cock. I took her inside and locked the door. Then we both sat down on her sofa.

I then decided to come to the point. I told her, “Look, Sonia, you have been widowed. Now the government will ask you to leave these quarters. You will go back to your hometown, and people will make fun of you. You will get a very small widow’s pension and will not be able to lead a respectable life. People will sexually harass you and take advantage of you. It is better if you be my sex-slave. I will marry you soon afterwards and then we can enjoy each other’s company forever. I have been lusting after you for a while, and this is a golden opportunity for me. So what say you?”

As soon as I said this Sonia asked me , “So can I start by sucking your cock?”. We both looked at each other and then burst out laughing!!

Sonia smiled as she said,” Arrey Rohit, do you think I do not know. Whenever you came here I used to see your lustful glances. You also used to have an erect cock in your pants which I used to stare at. I guess your cock is about 10 inches long. Unfortunately that Praveen’s cock was just 5 inches and was unable to satisfy me. That is the reason I used to show you my bosom, and wiggle my butt in front of you. But sadly we did not get the chance to screw when Praveen was alive but I am glad that the problem has been resolved. Now I would like to become your cheap personal whore. Please fuck me, screw my ass, fuck my face, humiliate me and then if you like marry me. That way I will be legally yours to use all your life. Today I would like to demonstrate my usefulness to you. So instruct me what to do and I will oblige you like a cheap slutty whore”.

Saying this Sonia stood up and took her sari off showing her huge bosom staring at me through her white blouse and bra. Her huge cleavage was enough to give me two more inches of erection. Her fine fat belly, her wide ass were a delight inside her white petticoat and I could not wait to see her naked and taking my cock in her lovely body.

Then she sat down on the ground and pulled my trousers off. My cock sprang free and stood up and swayed like a big snake. Seeing this Sonia said, ”Oho no underwear! In a hurry to fuck your Sonia Bhabi!”.

Then she caught my cock with her warm hands pulled it to her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. The feeling was heavenly! She slurped and slurped on my cock draining it of all its dirt and wetness, and adding to its wetness by pouring her nasty saliva on it.

“Rohit dear, I have seen too many of the XXX adult sex videos and I am thoroughly knowledgeable about what you guys want!”, she said as she smiled like a whore and continued sucking my cock. I then laid down on the ground, and asked her to lie beside with me with her ass towards me and suck my cock. She did what she was told and went back to slurping my cock again. I put a finger in her cunt and two fingers in her ass and played with her orifices as she sucked my cock. She moaned like an aroused slut as I triple-played her with my fingers in her anus and cunt, and my cock in her mouth. As she kept frothing at the mouth like a mad bitch, I kept draining her nasty juices out of her cunt and asshole with my horny fingers. Her froth and her saliva kept my cock nicely wet and erect as her hungry mouth bobbed up and down my cock taking my fuck-tool into her sucking-tunnel in it’s entirety. Oh! How deep and wet her cock-sucking mouth was!

I smiled like a dirty pervert as I realized what I was doing. Here was a woman whom I respectfully called “Bhabi” until yesterday and who was down on the ground sucking my cock like a cheap whore and whose two fuckable rear-end holes I was playing with, and thereby enjoying all three fuck-suck holes on a woman who was none other than my best friend’s widow!

I felt like coming so I thought I will save my semen for her mouth only after I am through with her other two dirty holes. I told Sonia, “Sonia, stop sucking, start fucking! I will fuck you thoroughly and then come in your mouth. “

Sonia smiled and said, “Dear Rohit, I would appreciate if you continue to call me Bhabi when we are together. This way I will feel like I am truly a slutty mistress of yours and you are my perverted master who has made his Bhabi his whore! And of course you will now fuck me, you will fuck my ass as well as cunt, and then come in my mouth and do punish me if I do not drink your cum down to the last drop. In fact unless you want to have children I would encourage you fuck my ass thoroughly for the rest of my life and always cum in my mouth saving you a lot of money on condoms”.

Saying this Sonia turned her ass towards me and knelt on the sofa. For my benefit she parted her ass wide and showed me her gaping black anus with soft, slimy, pink flesh inside. It looked like a hole that was ready to receive my hammering cock. Aroused beyond imagination my cock growed in size as its pink head swelled and shone in the light. I went weak in the knees as sexy lust built up in my eyes. I positioned the tip of my cock at the opening of Sonia’s ass and started inserting it inside as Sonia moaned in pain. “Deeper… Deeper.. Rohit … please … put your cock deep inside my anus”, she said tormenting me with her whoric words.

Now, I was all the way upto my balls in her ass, and oh boy, the feeling was nice and wet. My cock felt the wet electricity in Sonia’s anus, as the slime of her intestines lathered my cock. I put my hands on her ass and started fucking her like an aroused donkey. That was what I was! A sexy donkey with a huge cock interested only in fucking an ass! An ass that till yesterday was used by my best friend! An ass that I used to call Bhabi! I was fucking my Bhabi! And I was deep inside her intestines!

What a lovely and powerful feeling I had as I banged my battering ram of a cock against Bhabi’s behind! I felt like a real man! Naked I stood with a huge, erect cock deep inside a widow’s ass as she desperately gave me her ass and begged me to fuck her brutally! “Please Rohit, … please fuck me… please do not spare me… this is the stuff I have seen in XXX movies… that real women do to helpless women…. Please do this to me … Oh I am enjoying this.. please do not stop… swear you will screw my anus like you have breakfast everyday…. Treat like a whore honey, treat me like a fucking prostitute… I am a cheap widow,… yes, that’s what I am!! “, she kept yelling as I kept fulfilling her desires.

I realized soon that I was needlessly ignoring her cunt and she must be feeling insulted. After all a woman (whore) is meant to be fucked mostly through her cunt. It is perverted men like myself who probably thought of using a woman’s other holes. Thank god they did so! A whore’s(woman’s) cunt was needlessly being over-used and her other holes (mouth and ass) were being ignored! But in this case I had already fucked a widow’s mouth and was in her ass but was ignoring her cunt. Realizing this I put two fingers into Sonia’s cunt and started finger fucking her!

“Yes, Rohit Bhaiyya, that’s it! Cock-fuck my ass and finger-fuck your bhabi!”, screamed Sonia, as her addressing me as Bhaiyya further aroused me and I started ramming her with my cock and my fingers like an aroused Behenchod guy who brutally rapes his kid sister! Talking about kid sister, I would also like to tell you about my kid sister Payal who is a cute, young thing about five years younger than I am and whom I have fucked ever since she was 9 years old but that is another story. For the moment let us focus on my friend’s sexy widow Sonia.

I tightly gripped both sides of her belly and kept humping her asshole like a wild animal. I made it inconsistent. I would pause, withdraw about 9 inches of my 10 inch cock from her asshole so that only the head remained inside then without warning I would ram the remaining inches deep inside her ass.

“Call me Bhaiyya again bitch! Call me Bhaiyya! Tell me what to do!”, I told her as she moaned out of divine fucking pain and replied, “Fuck me Bhaiyya…. Fuck my asshole dear brother… Fuck your Bhaabi’s lovely round ass…Treat me like a whore… Be my lover, be my customer, be my pimp… be a rapist and rape a poor widow’s ass please.. Rohit Bhai.. please dog-fuck me!”.

All these horny words simply aroused me further as I started salivating at the mouth like a dog and kept humping her tight asshole with brute force. By fucking my sister Payal I was a real Behenchod, now I was also a Bhaabichod. At this point I started thinking about my friend in Bhubaneswar, Orissa(my parents stay in Bhubaneswar). His name is Sachin. He is a great Oriya guy with a 12 inch dick. His dick is also thick. When he stands naked with his dick fully erect he looks like a bull holding a club in his hands! I know this because I have had the honor of sharing Payal’s sweet young body with him. Yes, him and I have almost raped Payal with our huge dicks in her tight holes. And Sachin also shared with me that he had seduced my mother and was regularly fucking her! Oh, what an honor that my Punjabi mother was being fucked by an Oriya! But I will write more on that subject later.

Anyway, I had enough of brutally humping a poor widow’s asshole. I decided to screw her vagina. I withdrew my cock and thrust it into her cunt, which was less tight than her asshole. I used my strong arms under her belly to lift her legs clear off the ground and started fucking her leisurely. She too kept her legs up and flying in the air as she giggled at this Tarzan-boy way of fucking and kept saying “Lovely dear Rohit brother, lovely fucking… Keep doing this… do not stop”.

At last I felt that manly liquid power flowing up through my cock and I yelled a warning at Sonia that I was coming. Sonia immediately freed her cunt from my cock as I set her down on the ground where she immediately went to the classic cum-drinking position. Down on her knees and facing my cock she grabbed my hips with her hands. Face up and mouth open wide, she stuck her tongue out waiting for my big load. “Please Rohit.,. please let me drink your manly fluid… flush my mouth with your love juice… please make me feel like a real woman … Treat me like the widow-whore I am…please?” , she begged as I masturbated over her mouth to release my juice.

And that’s it! I came in copious jets all over her face. The first jet hit her in the eye , the second went into her nose, the remaining ones I directed straight into her mouth as I lowered my cock with my hand into her waiting tongue and mouth. As stream after stream of white, dense semen shot into Sonia’s mouth she skillfully licked them clean into her throat, lapping it up like a bitch and drinking all of exploding cum. She moaned like a whore as I gave her what she needed: thick, creamy shots of white, dense fluid that she needed to satisfy her sinful mouth.

“Ahhhhaahhh rrrrghhhhh, …. Rohit … Ohhhhh “, Sonia moaned as she took my spraying cum into her whory mouth and licked them, spreading them all over her lips until a foamy, white lather formed over her mouth. I just did not stop coming and kept on putting thick mounds of semen into her hot mouth as she spread her mouth wide like a cheap prostitute to accept it as her fuck-payment. At last I stopped coming and dropped the last drop of my sex juice into her mouth.

Sonia started sucking all that cum into her mouth as she played with it with her tongue filthily spreading it all over her lips and licking it clean afterwards. She kept moaning “Ummm… Ummm” as she kept swallowing all that cum. Having taken all my cum into her throat and her stomach she then took my wet cock back into her mouth and licked it clean. “Uhhhh .. Ahhhhh “ I moaned as I enjoyed the heavenly feeling of getting sucked again after coming. I must say it was just too great! Getting sucked by a woman after coming makes you very very weak at the knees and gives you a sexy feeling which is unbeatable!

“Ahhhh … “, I said, “Now that you have licked me clean… I am getting a urine sensation… I will be just go use the toilet and come back…”.

“How dare you, Rohit!”, said Sonia, “When you can use my mouth, my throat, my stomach as a toilet for your golden urine , how can you think of using the bathroom to pass your urine?”.

“What! What are you saying , Sonia?”, I exclaimed, surprised that Sonia can actually want my dirty urine inside her mouth.

“I am saying that this poor widow is very thirsty. Please oblige her by pissing in her mouth!”, said Sonia as she positioned herself for another wet thing from my cock in her mouth and beckoned me with her index finger of her right hand. That look in her eyes, that mouth wet and white with my semen, her naked body on her knees and her face sexily smiling and beckoning me to urinate in her mouth was too much for me! I mentally thanked god for giving me such a shameless woman to use as I wished.

I let loose my urine from my cock and it went straight into Sonia’s waiting mouth. She pulled her face back and widened her mouth to accommodate my golden liquid that was quenching her thirst. The bitch was actually drinking it as I watched her! Some of the urine was spilling out of her mouth as she struggled to drink it at the rate I was feeding her. The urine was forming a trail of stinking piss all over her chin, her throat, her boobs and down to her cunt! I kept pissing and she kept drinking it.

At last I came down to a few drops of piss which I shook over her face and her body.

“Ahhhhh… Rohit you have drenched me…”, Sonia said as she played with the urine I had splashed her body with her two hands, spreading it like a lotion all over her skin.

“Come over her”, I beckoned her. She got up from her knees and came over. I kissed her mouth lip-to-lip. Mmmmm, my own urine smelled and tasted so nice as I kissed her mouth and took some of the urine I had sprayed on her. I can imagine why she wanted that so much!

“You are a good whore! You will serve me well, Bhabi”, I told her as she stroked my now drooping cock.

“Of course, my darling! A widow’s black bush is worth many women’s inexperienced tush! I will be a good whore to my Bhaiyya.”, Sonia said as we both looked forward to more fucking adventures.

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