I fucked my sister daughter
Hi this is Amit (imaginary name) but this is a real story which happens few days ago… And she was 11. There was a time of my sister’s marriage we did not have enough space to sleep separate. This incident happened first time on that night. Let me introduce myself first before going to this real story.

I am Rajeev (name changed) youngest child. She is my own eldest sister’s daughter named Rabina (real name). I belong to middle class family with educated background. I live with my mother and my father had passed away when i was 10. Since i am youngest in the family everybody loves me very much… They all treat me as a child.

Everyone seems busy as a marriage ceremony was there in my house. There was big party i also had drink we dance a lot and enjoyed much. Around 1 am we organized for sleep. I already mention that we did not have enough space to sleep us. We 6 people all relatives slept together on the floor on mattress i was on the corner then Rabina then my cousins and so on.

We all fall on sleep in a moment as we were tired but i was unable to sleep. I felt something uneasy first later i felt myself aroused i put my arms around her it was normal between us that i always put my arms around her shoulder whenever she comes in my house. My penis got erected as i am very close to her i even can feel her breath i can see her face in the dim light.

I was damn sure she was in deep sleep. I touched her chick i went to more close to her i grab her hand to put around my shoulder. I am now just millimeter distance to touch her lips by my lips. I got so excited to kiss her. I touched her lips by my thump it was soft and tender and then finally i put my lips on her lips and try to go more close to touch from my erected cock to her pussy.

I started to kiss her that was my first kiss i ever did in my life i even did not know how to kiss properly. I didn’t know when i fall on sleep. Next morning as usual there was still crowded at home. On the following night we both slept together in the single bed where as my other cousins slept on the floor in the same room like last night. I was so excited to sleep with her.

She always closes to me, she use to be with me all the time whenever she comes and we always sit together with hand in hand or my arms around her or her head on my lap like this while watching television or movie. My family thought that we have such a good intimacy between mama and niece.

Well, i often do masturbation thinking the wonderful girls of my neighbors but i never had my niece in mind whenever i do masturbation but i love to be with her, touch her body and hand. As last night i felt myself sexually aroused only we two were in the single bed we both were facing each other and talking about party my cousins were also there in the same room

We all were just chatting and laughing. The room became silence now Rabina was also in the mild sleep i suppose. I did the same actions again but this time i try to insert my tongue on her mouth i became so stimulated i go more close to her i can feel her tongue by my tongue it was like hot but tasteless. I tried to suck her lower lips then upper lips.

I never thought what she thought about those my actions. I do not know what she is thinking at the moment. But somewhere in my mind says that she also likes my sexual inputs. I put my left leg on her thigh and insert my whole tongue on her mouth and then oh my got my cock start to push on her crotch and what happened i felt a throbbing then cum starts to ooze from my cock.

My underwear is wet now i felt relaxed but uneasy and cold around my crotch. I turn my face from her and try to sleep but did not care about her what happened to her. After some time she puts her hand around my body then slowly her fingers in my chest and then in my lips but i did not react she was trying me to kiss her again i thought so but i did not do anything just fall on sleep.

Likewise i try to seduce her whenever we meet each other and then she also liked whatever i do with her teen body at the age of 11-19. Normally we used to see one or two times a month. But one thing i clear you all readers she never initiate anything all those moments i had to create but she loves whatever i do and her reaction had been positive until she got married.

She always reacts like a doll she just closed her eyes and enjoyed. In the winter time we were covered by blanket even in the day time while watching TV. I don’t go out when my sexy niece comes to my house. I put my hand on her small rounded nice lovely breast she just let me do whatever i do. I still remember all those moments like she had small breast at that moment.

When i put my hand on her boobs she just act like she was sleeping i put my penis close to her ass and my hand around her chest and enjoyed myself and aroused. I grab her hand and put it on my cock. She acts like she is sleeping but i know she is not sleeping but my other family members thought that she is sleeping while watching TV.

I even make her hand to move up and down my cock but i remember she does not know properly how to do this job. When i go to climax i take out her hand and put my hand to masturbate and cum out on my panties. That is how our relationships grown up. She hardly comes alone whereas she usually comes with her mother in our home because

She was just 11 and she has to take buses to come to my house. Likewise time passes on and on when she became 15 she used to come alone frequently in my house and stays one-two nights that time she was in 10th standard. Whenever she comes alone i try to sleep in lounge as there was TV and movie my mother use to sleep early only we both were

There in lounge covered by blanket acting like watching TV. My mum went to sleep saying send Rabina to sleep with me after finishing this movie. I said okay. I switch off the light and only lights from the TV. Rabina closes her eyes. I started to kiss her lips, eyes, neck and then inset my tongue on her mouth i then suck her tongue.

I put my hand around her breast and massage her boobs. Now i am up her body i first time sleep over her body she was under me like typical south Asian husband wife sexual position. I kiss her forehead…eyes…nose then both chicks ….move my tongue on her neck …..I press my cock on her pussy from the outside of the cloths i was doing like i am making sex with her.

She was just lying like a cute sexy doll. Suddenly my mum shouted from the other room hay comes soon Rabina and you also go to sleep its late night… I answered okay just 10 more minutes. Then i move fast my erected penis on her cunt i hug her very tightly my both hand under her neck kissing very strongly then finally my semen came out all over my panty and i became loose.

Likewise days passing on and on we did these games many times whenever we meet but we had complete sex (intercourse) in 2007 only. I am going to write all those moments here step by step. I have had to wait 10 years to fuck her completely. I went to university hostel for three years for my graduation.

I use to come back home on my summer and winter vacations twice a year and stay one month each time. Let’s start what was happened on my holidays. I do not have my own room now as i do not spend much time in my house. Let’s start what was happened on my holidays. I come back home after six month in Jan. 2000. By this time she was 16 she is not like before.

I can feel her well developed books and attractive sexy figure. She came to my house for 3 days stay. On the first night we did not get chance to sleep together but in the second night of her stay we all were watching TV. Rabina and i sleep in a same bed in the different room but there was no partition between my mum’s room and the room we slept together.

Anyway i had a lovely chance to make wonderful sexual moments. It was cold i switched off light and went to close her. She was acting like she was in deep sleep. I make her to see our face to face. I do not have to make any effort as she also wants the same things. We started kissing. It sounds like chhupp…..chhhhuuuup………………..cccchhhhhuup….

There was my mum and sister so that i tried to make soundless kisses. I can now do perfect French kisses i enter my whole tongue on her mouth and she just suck it as it comes something tasty juices she sucks and then swallow something. I can feel that. Then i took out my tongue and want her tongue to suck but she does not get it i open my mouth still she

Did not put her tongue she is innocent for these actions i pull her head and go close to ear and said give me your tongue so i do it myself and suck her tongue. I put my left hand on her breast she had bra i tried to hook off but i could not then i completely moved her back side and used my both hand and yeah i did.

But i did not remove it from her body just make it easy to run my hand on her boobs so that i can freely move. I go down by kissing lips first time suck her nipple. It was not big but small lovely nipple. She was just enjoying sexual feelings she hardly open her eyes while we play. That night i intentionally did not wear panty i wear easy trousers only and on top just vest

And i even took out that vest. So i am half naked only trousers on bottom. But she was not naked she had bra t-shirt and panty and trousers on bottom. I wish to make her naked but i was scared if we caught what happened??? I did not undress her. I open my trousers up to knee only now i am almost naked this is the first time i let her see my thick sexy penis

After four years of our physical relationship. But i do not know whether she opened her eyes or not. It was dark on a room. I try to put her hand on my cock she does whatever i make her to do. I want she move my cock up and down but she did not do anything she just put her sweet hand like blanket on top.

So i teach her to hold my penis first and then i grab her hand which was in my penis then i whispered on her ear please move up and down. She then slowly starts to do. I pull her whole body and put it on me, i am under her. I felt so excited her whole body was pressing my body we kissed…

Slowly i push from my ass she also slightly move towards me then i suddenly put her under me…start my erected open cock move up and down on her pussy but she had trousers, only, i opened. I came to the climax i quickly put my vest around my cock then all fluids spread over it. I then went to bathroom and cleaned it up and came to sleep…

I was nearly fall on sleep where as my sexy niece Rabina was unable to sleep she was rolling her body here and there i can understand what was happening to her. I was satisfied only not she. She then hugs me from the back side i did not anything but after 5-8 minutes later i again aroused i can’t express here how i get aroused when i even see her i think we have some

Kind of hormones that we both get sexually attracted each other and aroused very quickly… Our game started again i said “Rabina i love you”. When i say these words she just gets more excited. This time i open her trouser and panty up to her knee and try to insert my finger. Our sexual activities gradually and slowly grown up i also want to see her pussy but

Unfortunately there was dark in the room so that i can’t. I slowly open her trouser and panty up to knee she was just closing her eyes and having fun. I move my finger around her pussy there was short hair and i found bit wet in my finger i nicely inter my middle finger on her little pussy at first it takes some time to search exact whole i did not know honestly.

Finally i got the right one then my finger starts to do in and out. A mild sound comes from her ahhh..ahhh….ahh….uhmm……i continue doing so. Even i was also enjoying while doing that simultaneously i was rubbing my penis on her thigh and my tongue completely inside her mouth……..i was deeply kissing her as well as fingering her.

And even moving my dick into her tight. That is how our sexual relationships kept on. Next day, there was a pillar behind the bed where my mum sleeps. We too were watching it was around 10pm. TV was on with low volume but we both were not watching just playing each other’s sexual part her right hand is inside my panty rubbing my dick and my middle finger

Is trying to insert on her pussy and our lips and tongue licking and sucking………while doing these i had to see my mum too whether she was sleeping or not. Likewise after some time my cum comes out on her hand she took out i gave her my handkerchief to clean it up she then went to bathroom and i go to sleep in other room.

Every morning my mum used to get up in the morning and goes out to the temple and only comes back to 8am… After her gone i went to rabina straight away where she was sleeping i pull her quilt and covered myself too i straight put my lips on her and start to suck she then got up start to accompany me too.

I start kissing and go down on her breast i did open her t- shirt and bra both she is now half naked sucked her both nipple and go down i am now her clitoris she was wearing trouser and white panty i pull down both up to knee. There was curly short hair around her pussy i kissed there and i watched curiously her pussy as before last night

I could not see properly because of dark now i can see. I used my both hand to make wide her pussy. She was completely virgin first time in my life i saw real live pussy and it’s of my niece. I have seen in porn movies but real life never. I wanted to put my cock on the lovely pussy but i can’t i scared if she gets pregnant???Oh my god what will we do?? So that did not do.

At that time i did not have idea to use condoms. Even though i know very well about sex education. To tell you honestly and truly i seduced her each and every time and she just get ready whatever i want. Well, let’s come to the point. I then quietly lick over her pussy i got some kind of new taste but i did not like that taste but love to lick her sweet small pussy.

I insert my finger first then i inter my tongue in my niece pussy. And insert my tongue on their this is first time i ever lick pussy she was moaning uummmmmmm uuuuuuuuummmmmmand her hand on my head pushing towards her pussy. I did around 40-50 times in and out my tongue. I just do not know how i get excited to put my penis over there……..

Then an idea came in my mind i found one plastic and covered my penis then try to insert on her pussy but unsuccessful while i was trying to fuck in that way… Cum starts to come out…likewise three days passed and she get back to her home. My one month vacation also finished then i had to go back to my university.

We had this kind of foreplay around 12-15 times in this three year of my study time. In 2004 completely finished my study and came to my home.. I was looking for the job but not getting so i was in home mostly. Whenever no one would be there in my home i rang her and try to make her come to me but she cannot make it every time but she tried as much as she could.

One fine day she came i was already much aroused by thinking her. I open the door and lucked it after her enter. There was nobody of my family in my home. I strongly kissed her face everywhere. I can feel her smell. I love her smell. She was wearing shirt i open button, there was black bra i keep kissing all over her boobs and then open bra too.

I was not satisfy by her half naked. I had not seen her full naked. Then i open her belt she had tight jeans. Then i open her jeans button and chain and pull down her pant she had now only panty. I kissed all her thigh, leg, feet finger and all over. I could not control myself i open her panty too she is now completely naked. Nothing on her body. I loved her body.

Friends if i have to choose a girl to fuck in this world of course i will choose her only. I had only half pant and vest. In my unconscious mind was scaring that somebody might come so that i did not leave her long time nude. I make her sit to sofa and i stand in front of her mouth and my penis is in same level i took out my erected penis and rub around her face i wanted to insert

On her mouth but i was feeling uneasy how do i put? She then holds by her hand and start to move. I said “rabina can you kiss there?” She starts to kiss my tip of the penis oh my god i got so aroused then i slightly push toward her mouth. She opened it now my penis is insight her mouth. I fuck on her mouth first time.

I could not resist it long time then i took out my penis and spread semen all on the floor she was just curiously watching. Likewise we had so many times blow job hand sex, fingering, and oral sex. But not intercourse. One day we talked about our incest. She said she was not guilty and said love me blindly and madly..

Well readers i was already afraid while playing with her and want to fuck her but there was not a safe environment to fuck. Likewise time passing on and on years passes but we do these games whenever we became close. I then got married. After my marriage we (me and rabina) did not do sex game for couple of months.

One day my wife was not in her mother’s home rabina came at that time then we start the same. I have now plenty condoms in my room i thought if i fuck her with condom then no need to worry about pregnant so that i make plan to fuck her anyhow. But there was in my home not such free environment she also wants to have safe sex from me.

She loves me too once she said i want to marry you if you are not my mama. One day i ask her, “do you want to have intercourse between you and me?” She said yes by moving her head. I then asked her for that we have to go somewhere else but not in home. She is even ready to go to guest house or hotel.

We did foreplay so many time in so many places even in my bathroom, in her room, in the corridor, on bike, in my lounge, my bed room, kitchen, cinema hall etc but not insert my dick onto her pussy. I got this wonderful chance to put my dick onto her wet pussy and fuck her like a great horny lovers after 10 years of our sexual game started.

Well friends, a month before leave for my country one fine day i went to her house and ask her father that i am free today and want to go cinema with rabina. He simply agreed. We went to cinema hall but my mind was saying to take her in the nice guest room and fuck her. I ask her to canceal the movie and let’s go to guest house today will have complete intercourse.

She is happily agreed. The room is nice big and large bedding with beautiful attached bathroom. As soon as we enter the room we start to kiss and undress. We both are naked now. I widely oopen mu legs and slept on my back in the bed she is top on my and has started to kiss all over my body, she went down until she reached my cock.

She start to kiss around my dick very nicely and sexually. I said her to suck it she first reluctant but when i press her head on my dick she complete sucked. She did it about 4-5 minutes then my turn i did the same. I even completer insert my tongue towards her hole of pussy.. Finally i put a condom and enter my 6” cock onto her virgin sexy pussy.

This is the first time we have sex. At first it did not go inside then i put some spit on her clitoris and around the pussy to make it easy to enter my dick yes finally i did we are now fucking so nicely. On that day i fuck her 4 times in different way. We did bath together fuck in the bathroom. Top on me, top on her, doggy style as whole we had a very romantic day.

We came back and tell everyone that the movie was excellent. I am now in australia and new zealand with my wife. She is back to the country with her husband. I used to frequently call her and we used had erotic chat until she gets married. She became completely changed after married. Before she says she misses me a lot but after marriage she never said.

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