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Hello everyone, this is rahul from bangalore. The incident that i am gonna describe here happened during summer vacation of my higher secondary that is in the year 1999. I am guy with broad shoulders with tough looks.this happened with my tenant sharadha aunty which changed my life for eternity. She was malayalee lady and a sexy women with nice set of juicy boobs and firm ass. She was a very gentle lady with two sons and a daughter. Her husband works in uae so he comes every six months, stays for a month and leaves. Everyday she wakes at five o clock in the morning and sweeps the varanda and do the morning chorus like rangoli and all stuff. This goes in routine with her and my mom doing it in alternative days. Once, me and my friends decided to go for jogging in the morning hours, so i woke up early and got ready to go. When i came back, i saw aunty sweeping the varanda with a low neck nighty. I really got heated up and anyone who was there could have easily seen my cock. I was literally staring at her boobs since that was the first time i came to the look of a boobs. She noticed me staring at her and suddenly covered her boobs with the towel and looked at me like turning me into ash then and there.i got really scared and went inside and dint really come out until she left to the first floor. Her sons and daughter had gone to madikeri with their uncle for vacation. She was alone at home since runs a tailoring business at home. When my mom and dad left to office i was alone at home since we dint have any plans on that day. I really felt bad about what happened in the morning and went to apologise. When i knocked on her door, she came out with same kind of nighty and opened the door and ask me what i want. I really apologised and tears came out of my eyes due to fear of whether she will tell my parents. Then she said ok and let me in. And gave me a coffee. She inquired about my lunch, then i said i am gonna have lunch outside with friends. She told me have lunch with her and since she is alone. Then we spent some time talking, she was stiching the blouse and me helping her with small stuffs. But, i could see her cleavages and legs at glimpses here and there which aroused me a lot. Suddenly she asked me whether this is the first time i happened to see a boob of a female. I said yes. Then the phone bell rang she took the phone and it was her friend kanchana. She told her that she got a nice fish today and asked whether she wanted to have lunch.

Then she went inside and changed her cloth to a white cotton saree and red blouse. She asked whether i can help her cleaning the fish.i said yes, then she raised her saree till the knees and started cleaning the fish. Her pallu had sided to her right and i can see her massive cleavage and milky legs till here thighs. I was rock hard under my shorts and she had noticed that and ignored as if she dint noticed. She asked me come in front and pour water on the container to clean the fish. She was sitting in front of me with a complete open cleavage and cleaning the fish while i was pouring water bending in front of her. I could see almost the entire boobs. She noticed my discomfort and finished cleaning the fish.the she finished cooking and we sat for the lunch after her friend arrived. They were talking in malayalam which i could not understand then i told i am leaving since i got bored. Then aunty told me that they are going to clean the room and they need my help. It was around 2pm. She told me change to lungi and gave me one and went to lock the main door. When i was changing inside one of their rooms suddenly kanchana came in and started changing her cloths in front of me. She was wearing pink panty and a black bra with large busts which gave me a instant hard on. After a while, aunty was standing on the stool with her saree folded till her knees and getting the things from the loft and i was standing under her to collect it. While kanchana was dusting the things sitting. I can see the panty of aunty and cleavage of kanchana. I could not hide the tent after that. Then suddenly kanchana came near me and caught my dick and ask me what is this. I was really embarrassed but aunty smiled and to me told me to cool down and they what they have to do for this. I never had such an experience so i was standing there while kanchana stroking my dick over the lungi. I was totally in heaven also with fear. Suddenly aunty removed her nightly and told me lick her boobs. I started as i was ordered and meanwhile kanchana hold my dick under my lungi. Kanchana’s bare hands sent a electric shock into my spine and immediately cummed in her hands for which they both laughed and they made me sit in the couch and gave me a drink. They both were sitting naked on either side of me and squeezing their boobs and sucking my nibbles. I was completely erect again.

Kanchana said she wants to me fuck me first and came over me while aunty told me lick her boobs. I was squeezing hard and licking her boobs like a baby and kanchana was fucking me.i was in cloud nine and then kanchana told me to lick her pussy and aunty started fucking me. Atlast i cummed inside aunty while kanchana stroking my dick. They both paid me 500 bucks and told me that i should tell this to anyone. And promised me that they will pay as and when they fuck and also i can come to their any time when no one is around. I took that money and enjoyed with friends.after that aunty used to call different friends and sometimes i went to kanchana’s home to have fun. Then one by one i fucked around 8 aunties all are friends of others. This is how it all started and now i am enjoying my life with aunties. Then i finished my engineering and now working in a software company.

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