I Raped my Sister
Hi.. My name is dilip. My age is 20. I am from chennai. My sister"s name is akila. Her age is 19. She looks homely. Her face resembles that of vijay tv jodi no 1 VJ divyadarshini. If u dont know it search google for that. Her structure also looks the same. Her tits are small but smooth and sexy.

Once my parents were out for purchase. I and my sister were in home. My sister was taking bath. There was a problem with our bathroom latch that day. So she told me before entering. While she was taking bath i suddenly had an urge to go in and look at her.

I opened the bathroom door slowly without sound. She was having a shower bath. She was facing the other side applying soap to her whole body. I could see her back and smooth ass that looked even more sexier with soap on it.

I went near her and hugged her suddenly. She jumped in shock and moved away. I saw her front. Her small boobs and the beautiful smooth hips. Her pussy had lots of hair over it. The hair was wet and it had some soap also. She used her hands to cover her boobs. She had a terrified look in her face. She started shoutin "brother.. why did you come inside? Please go out. I m feeling embarassed".

I just pushed her towards the wall and started kissing her neck. She was giving some resistance. She went on shouting "brother.. you should not do this to me.. I am your sister". I told "so wat?. you are the most sexiest bitch i have ever seen". Telling this i just lifted her in hands and took her to the bedroom. It was like heaven watching my sister nude soaked and wet with soap in my hands. I threw her to the bed.

I undressed myself. I became nude. I jumped over her. I moved her hands away and started sucking her soap soaked boobs. She was moving restless in the bed trying to get away. I took her nipple in between my teeth. I bit it lightly and pulled it like elastic. She screamed in pain "pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaasee.. leave me.. its paining". After stretching it a bit i started biting it.

She jumped in bed each time i bit them strongly.Then i went down and stretched her legs apart. Her legs were really smooth with some soap and i even licked them. Then i explored her wet thighs. She closed her eyes. I then moved away her pubic hair and got a view of her fresh pussy lips. I touched them with fingers. Akila was terrified. She started begging me "please brother. leave me with this. I m a virgin". I told "Let me test this" . I pulled out my 6 inch cock. I stretched her legs apart and went near her.

She tried bringing her face up and pushed my chest with her hands.But she couldnt do it. I began pushing my cock into her pussy. I was very tight. I went back. I gave a wicked smile and with all my power I gave a sudden push. My full cock went into her pussy tearing all her tissues and membranes in her pussy.

Akila gasped for breath and gave a loud scream i have never heard before. Her eyes opened wide. She shouted "Aahhhhhhh.....no....". Her body gave a big jerk and she came up and hugged my body with her hands. I could see drops of blood coming out from her pussy. I started fucking her hard.

There were tears rolling from her eyes. I fucked her in pussy for a long time. It was heaven seeing her wet body with traces of soap and hearing her scream like that.Then i rolled her to the other side.

Now i could see her ass. I stretched her ass cheeks apart. Akila came to know what i was trying to do and tried to get up. BUt i jumped over her and lay upon her. She was not able to get out from my weight. I lay over her and took my erect cock and put it on the tip of her ass. Akila told "no brother.. dont do it there. Its bad.. please leeeaaaa." Just she was about to tell those words i pushed my cock with the same power i used on her pussy. Her words became screams "....leeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaveeee meeeeeeee..aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.. its paining".

I could see her cry. But i fucked her brutally till i came in her ass. After that i got up to see my beautiful sister fucked up brutally in both her holes but still her body was wet that made her look sexy. I took a cam shot of it. I cleaned the stains on the bed and ask her to wash herself.

I black mailed her saying i ll tell every one that it was she who compelled me for sex. She went to the bathroom crying and took bath.

Then i dint get a good chance to fuck akila. I was never alone with her. I used to talk to my friends and even showed that picture about the way i raped akila.It was our college semester holidays. I had an idea. I told my mom that I and akila would leave to grandma"s house in madurai. Wen i told this akila had a terrified look in her face. She came to refuse. But my mom convinced her to go there.

We went by bus. We reached trichy and we had to catch another bus from there. But it was midnight when we reached trichy(It was a part of my plan). I told akila "we will stay here tonight and leave tomorrow". Akila was suspicious but she dint say anything to me. I took her to a mansion. It was actually a gents only mansion. Three of my friends were living there. Akila dint come in.

I compelled her and told we can stay only for the night and run away tomorrow morning. I took her into my friend"s room. They were all awake as they knew i would come. I went in with akila. i could see her feet trembling in fear. As soon we entered one guy went behind and locked the door. He threw the keys outside the window. Akila knew this was about to happen. She tried to run. I got hold of her.

Akila was wearing an orange chudidar that day. My friends were prakash, prem and lingam.Prakash told "shall we play a game?" . I asked wat game. He told "I ll throw this ball on your sister"s boobs.If it correctly hit her boobs she has to undress one by one". I told thats an excellent idea. Akila begged with tears in her eyes "please.. dont do this to me.. I m very much humiliated to hear all this stuff." But i told "you are my favourite whore. You should oblige me. I ll make you the biggest whore of this city"

Telling this i got hold of her standing from her behind. Prem threw the ball on her boobs.It was very easy as he was standing close to her. i pulled away her shawl. It was easy. The next time he hit it. I had to remove the tops. But she was giving stiff resistance. We all pounced on her. At last we ended up tearing her tops. The i made her stand and got hold of her once again. We could see her small boobs hanging in her small white bra.

He threw the ball perfectly once again which hit her boobs and her boobs were vibrating. Then i just removed the clip of the bra and lingam just pulled it from front. Now she was semi-nude with her cute small boobs hanging in front of everyone. she closed her eyes out of humiliation. I was holding her hands tightly. Now again prem threw the ball on her nude boobs.

This time we had to remove her pants. SHe tried to run away pushing me. I fell down and got hold of her ankles. She fell down. I came up till her hips and positioned my hands to remove her pants when she tried to run off. As i was holding her pants my fingers even held her panties. When she tried to run off both the pant and panties came in my hands.

Akila was completely nude. she sat in the corner of the room covering her boobs with her hands. Then we pulled her to the center of the room. We drew a line. I and prem came to one side. Prakash and lingam were in the other side. We took akila in arms. I held her legs an prem held her body. We teased her by pinching her nipples and pussy. Then we threw her high in the air to the other side. Lingam and prakash caught her. She somehow managed to land her legs on the floor.

But lingam got hold of her legs and lifted her again. They teased her for their part and threw her this side again. Akila cried in humiliation "pleeeease.. leaave me". It was totally erotic for me watching my sister becoming the biggest slut.

Now i told " Ok guys..start fucking her. i ll record it with this cam". Akila was totally terrified. Now the guys took her and made her lie on a table. Lingam went over the table and took his 7 inch cock and inserted it in her mouth. Prem started biting her nipples like a mad man.

Akila was not able to shout as she ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) had lingam"s cock in her mouth. Anyway her legs were jumping like anything in the air. so we knew she was suffering from lot of pain.Now Prakash took his 8 inch cock and started fucking her pussy. Akila"s body gave a jerk with every push he gave. At last prakash came in her pussy. Now she was lifted from the table to the floor. She was standing now. She started begging"please i cant take anymore.leave me".

But before she could tell any more word prem lifted her holding the bottom of her two thighs in standing position and inserted his cock in her ass. While he was doing this lingam fucked her ass from behind. Akila screamed at this "aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh.. pleeeeaaase.. leave me..". I was recording everything with a camera. At last both of them came at the same time..

All the three guys were tired. Akila almost fainted and fell down on the floor. Her body covered with cum and spit.Now we heard sounds from outside the room. About seven guys came back from a night show movie to the hostel. They took the key from outside and opened the door and they were shocked to see the situation there.

Akila begged in her faintest voice "Please..this is enough..i cudnt take anymore".. But i told them "go ahead if you like". The seven people undressed in a minute. They locked the door. I went near akila. Made her stand and bend down holding her hair by my hands. She was in standing position. I told them "use whatever hole you want" .

One by one each one took ass and pussy alternatively and pounded her like anything. HEr ass cheeks became red from the slaps she received. She was not even able to stand after the third guy. But i and another guy held her firm in the standing position and made it easy for the person who fucked her at that moment..

After every one fucked her we had a very good sleep. The next day early morning we woke up and had a torture session. We made her lie down with her legs stretched apart. We pulled her pubic hair with hands. Then we inserted our hands in her pussy. Trying to stretch her pussy apart as wide as possible. we even had a feeling that we tore her pussy. Akila dint even have power to scream. she was just trying slowly to move away. After some time we bought her some parcel of food. After she took bath we ate it and we went to madurai.

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