I Made My Cousin Sister Masturbate
As this is my first true story happened between me and my cousin sister Sangeetha, first am going to introduce myself am Sam am 24 just finished my BE I am from Chikkamagalur Karnataka ,am 6 feet tall and Athletic with cute smiley face. Let me introduce my cousin sister Sangeetha now she leaves in Bangalore. She is 5.6 tall and got perfect figure 34-28-36 with fair complexion she looks hot in all most in every dress. It all started when I was doing my 2nd year BE we used talk more often in phone, we always use to talk only casual things.

By that time she was getting messages from unknown numbers so she was bit worried; she gave me job to find those numbers and find who they are Initially I passed the numbers to friends then within two days I got the details of those numbers she appreciate my effort and started sharing most of things what she chats with friends etc. then on I always used to tease her by asking where is your crazy fans an so and so.

But I always had different kind of feelings on her .I always find her hot since she use to talk to me closely and whenever she used to speak by touching hand body and sometimes she used to sit on me like small kids do to elders but she never had any kind of odd feelings on me. Now comes the main part of the story how I made her to come on my way. At that time I was using one more cell that’s my new no then on I started put good forward messages then on she also started replying by asking, who gave my number?.Who are you? So and so…

Then I started chatting casual things then on I started to gain her confidence with in few weeks… Later on what all happened was magical! Then on I started asking about her interests on different things in that most about boys. Then I always just bluffing her as am working in an MNC and I don have much time be with friends and to date any girl then on she showed special interest on me and also my messages and I insisted her that am going to speak with her in their first date for that she agreed and later on

I took this as advantage and started asking about what she thinks about sex and other stuffs, so she felt so shy and she was answering only few things since she was grown up in strict environment with her 3 Big brothers and strict orthodox family on the other hand I was texting her as normal cousin so then she started asking tips to tackle this new guy. She was so desperate to get his attention on her so she started asking wht are all things that boys usually like to see in girls? What guys usually expert from girls?

And what they look at? This that and all. Then on I started telling her to dress up sexily and to look hot for men andI explained what boys expect from girls, and I explained they want touch the girls, hugh the girls, and like to kiss the girls this is how i started tell to what to wear and I suggested to wear see through dresses to attract him and then i asked about do you have ideas how sex stuff boost a relationship? So from that point she told me to teach these things step by step in texting.

So I started telling about what do and what not to do. I told her to wax her body so that she should look hot and sexy and silky smooth for MNC guy. So she started texting hotly with my other number thinking as am a Guy from MNC then on I started texting hot things like what kind dress she wearing? What kind of inner wears her wearing? Later on she started responding positively more than my expectation.

Day by day I started telling to learn more about sex by reading sex books and told her to watch the sex stuffs in net so she agreed then she always used to message my other no whenever she got doubt on any this regarding sex. I told her to come over our home for festival time but she missed that opportunity. Intentionally she took a training in our city and came to my home for week then on everything was spiced up

So we use to talk about sex stuffs even in the presence of our family members wondering around us we used put the movie on my pc and used talk about sex stuffs then on I showed the sex book that I had in my trunk she was seeing that book for the first time her heart was pounding like drum beats I can see her boobs getting air and expanding and retracting like a big balloon then on I showed some of naked men pictures she filled with shyness and told me to close the book and give it her then she took the book and kept it in her briefcase.

Then I asked her so many sex related questions with my other new number so she started replying hotly that she got the Hustler sex book and she is very excited to see all the things. Later I asked her about porn movies she didn’t had any idea about porn movies so she asked me about porn movies on my old no. I told her so many other things like if you won’t fallow posh culture your MNC guy will not going look at you, by that she started obeying the things what I told. She started wearing see through dresses and but when

I look her in that see through dresses my dick started to stretch like snake, I often use to shag my dick thinking of sexy dress and I had strange behavior of smelling her cloths that she left over after shower, and our bathroom fitted with white tiles in that we can see her pubic hair left over on floor and smelling her panty I assumed as if I am smelling her pussy and shagged my dick and felt all cum on floor as if like I am coming I her cute white pussy.

Within two days only i told her I brought the porn movie and told her to watch the porn movie with me .and I told her it’s all common for our age sis lets watch it together , so she first hesitated and insisted me to put the movie and to leave the room. I agreed but what happened was different I just put one DVD porn movie and started explain the things coming on the screen .I started explaining what’s blow job?

Then on she was more than ok with me asking about sex things, later on DVD movie in that girl was rubbing her clit vigorously, she asked why she is doing like that? Then I told her ,by doing that you get orgasm o the worst extent and i told her to try it ,but to maintain distance she scold me slightly and told only to tell about sex stuffs not to insist anything to do. So I sense the gravity of the situation and kept quiet and went to took the shower but water was not warm enough so

I put geezer switch on and came out wrapping towel around my waist but my cousin sister was not there in my room so I texted her with other new no, she replied she went to pee. Then I went bathroom and told her to listen me her peeing sound, first she hesitated then she agreed and she opened her panty and peed very loudly for about 45 seconds the she cut the line after peeing at instant i recorded her peeing sound and started masturbating thinking of her pussy, then

I told her to rub her pussy, she was also horny at that time by watching her first ever porn movie. So she started rubbing her pussy up and down then I told her to rub it loudly so that i can hear her cute pussy rubbing ,then it was my dream came true I started hearing ,,,uch,, puch,,, uch ,,puch ,,,uch ,,,puch,,.At last finally i made my sexy Sangeetha sister to masturbate her pussy…….later

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