I Drank her Milk
Dear Readers, My name is Kumar and I am from Tamil Nadu. I am 30 years of old
with good physique and good looking. This incident happened when I was 25 years
old. Her name was Anjana, age 29 years, fair, good looking, slim and attractive.
She is married with one child of 2 years old. She is wife of my sister's
brother in law. I used to visit my sister's home on weekly and get
acquainted with each family members. I was really attracted to Anjana but
afraid to express my feeling as she is married and close related to my
Sister's house. But I used to visit their home only to watch Anjana and
used to masterbate a lot. I decided to fuck her on the first chance but
knew that it is not possible. One day on my visit, I decided to stay night in her house. It so happened that
Anjana's husband gone for night shift that night. Her old mother in law, my
sister and her husband were present that night. At 10 p.m. all went to sleep
and I told them that I am watching movie and will sleep later only. Some time
later, I hered Anjana's child crying and her mumbles voices to clam the child.
But child was not stopping and she took child out to hall where I was watching
TV. It was main hall and she sat there watching TV and trying to calm child.
After some time, she started feeding her child sitting on sofa set opposite
to my position. I couldn't see her breast, but I could see glimpses of it
whenever she changing her child's position. I never left the chance to
look at her white milky breasts and I got erection immediately. I felt
chances of fucking her but kept my patience and kept watching her breasts.

Aftersome time it was really silent and when I watched her, I realised
that both Anjana and her child are fast asleep. She fell into sleep
unknowingly and forgot to adjust her bra and nighty. I went near her and
examined her breast. But I was afraid to touch her. Slowly I took off her
child and laid on her bed. I returned and touch her hand with a thought of
even if she awake, I can say I just try to wake her up. But I got no
response from her and she was in deep sleep. I took courage and touched
her rose nipple. It was leaking with milk and again no response from her.
This give me full courage and I started drinking her right breast. She
started moarning silently and her milk was really tasty. I started
drinking her right breast and squeezing her left breast.
This continued for some time, and Anjana wake up suddenly. She was horrified to
see me drinking her milk. She started to push me away. But I forced her and
continued drinking and squeezing her breasts. She was in double mind to
shout or make sound as it will awake every body from adjascent rooms and
she warned me to to stop otherwise call everybody. That time I was in full
errect and I told her to do so. As I knew very well that she wont call
others which wl casue bad reputation to both of us. She was pleeding to
stop, But I squeezed her breasts and sucked it very hard. She was moarning
and screaming in silent. Her tears were all over my sholders.But I didn't
stop as I knew it is the only chance for me to fuck her and fulfil my long
desire. I started kissing her neck, breast, cheeks, all over face and
finally kissed forcefully on her pink lips. She was resisting all these
time but I keep kissing and fondling her breasts, thighs, stomach, hair
all these time.
Slowly Slowy she started to co-operate and willingly allowed me to kiss her
lips. Oh' god, I was in heaven by this time, as I had kissed her all over. I
slowly drag my hand to her inner thigh and started to rub her thighs while
kissing her lips and breasts. I touched her vagina and surprised that she was
not wearing any panty. I finger fucked her for some time and her orgasm was
flewd on my fingers. She was more willing by this time and started rubbing my
errected cock in her hand. This give me more strength and I started sucking her
vagina more willingly and she again explode into my mouth. It was my first
experience. She started to kiss back and rub my cock and she signalled me to lay
down. And she started to suck my 6" cock in her mouth and it was like
heaven. She was really an expert and she had eaten all my cums in her
mouth. Again she rubbed and sucked my cock and finally asked me to fuck
It was really good fuck as both are really in wet condition and she
was more experrience and co-operative. She allowed me to fuck her whole
night and squeezed out my entire manhood/ strength to fuck her. We had
fucked the entire night for 4-5 times and we are now close pals and still
fucking whenever I am visiting my native. She still give me her entire
charm and body and we enjoy a really good sex. She never allowd me to
parent my child.
She is still happy with her husband and their 2 children. And I am with my
wife and 2 children. I expressed my desire to hv my child with her which she
never allowed. Given a chance, I will do that also as I adore her that much. She
was my Sex teacher before my marriage and god knows she is really good on that.
I really envy her husband for tasting her virginity and enjoying her daily.But
also I am happy that I also tasted her woomenhood and shared her like my own
wife. We share a good mental and physical relationship. We had a successful
relationship since last 5 years. We had expreinced almost all techniques as
per books, internet and cds available and we still searching many more. I am
not guilty on the abv even if I know that this was sin. As far as we are enjoying
and safely doing sex, we decided to continue.

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