Husbands Stepson 2
OK, I promised to continue telling our experiences with showing off. This is part 2 where my husband and I went out for dinner again but this time took my husbands Stepson with us. The restaurant isn't that fancy but they have very good waiters and good food. I wore a skirt that isn't considered too sexy for my age and we enjoyed the great food and wine. Afterwards we went to a local tavern where we know people that hubby works with and had a great time. My husband told me that many men were looking at me sittting at the small table in the corner of the tavern.

By 12 midnight, we decided we had enough to drink since we had to drive a few miles to get home. I sat in the back as Jim (HubbiesStepson) sat up front with hubby. I always become sexual when I drink mixed drinks and as we all three talked on the way home, I made sure my skirt was raised above my knees so that when Jim would glance back as we talked, he got a nice view of my panties. I didn;t want to be too obvous and take them off then but just the idea of him seeing my thighs made me hotter.

When getting home, I made us all drinks right away and we sat down in the living room and contnued talking as hubby turned the TV on. Hubby didnt want to be too fast in setting up a situation where I could get naked or at least a sexy nightie on since Jim still doesn;t know we staged it the last time so that Jim could look at my body. I made the first move by saying, "I am going to get comfortable, be right back". I was undecided what to slip on and picked out an almost transparent pink nightgown. I could feel my pussy becoming wet just from thinkimg about Jim looking at me.

Hubby had something up his sleeve since after a half an hour and more drinks, he started to nod his head and doze off. I knew he was setting something up and I said, "Dear, why donlt you go to bed if you are so tired"? I then asked Jim, "Come on, help me get him to the bedroom so he can sleep it off". We struggled and got hubby in bed and returned to the living room. My heart was pounding trying to think of something not too obvious to show more of my body. Jim was sitting in a recliner chair opposite the sofa where I was and slowly I propped one leg up which opened my pussy somewhat. I saw Jim glancing over several times and my lips were swollen and very wet.

I became very brave at this point and said to Jim, "Why don't you get some pajamas on and be comfotable". I had to ask him a second time and he went to his bedroom and came back wearing some loose pajamas I had bought him a while back. While he was gone, I slipped in a new DVD adult movie which hubby had bought. I like adult movies that have a plot to them and this one started out just like a regular movie. Soon however, it got around to some heavy sex and I watched Jim's expression. I know all men like adult movies and when something really sexual came up, I would make an "Ummm" sound.

Then I cought a glance of hubby watching from the hallway where Jim couldn;t see him. Hubby motioned with his hands like, "Do something". I went to the bathroom and came back naked much to Jim's surprise. I really didn;t want anything sexual to happen but figured it would sooer or later and hubby seemed to want to watch. I was so nervous at that point, sitting there with my shaved pussy exposed and my tits with swollen nipple ready to be touched. I said, "Jim, come over here next to me". He hesitated but I saw he had an erection under his pajamas. He sat on the sofa on the end about 2 feet from me and I asked if he liked the movie. He said he did and then I asked, "You want to see me play with myself"? He was very nerous than and siad that my hubby Tom might wake up. I told him that Tom wouldn't wake up until morning with a hangover. I went ahead and sat sideways on the sofa and spread my pussy for Jim to see. I have a somewhat enlarged citoris whan I am aroused and I made sure he saw it as I rubbed myself. In a deep voice which I get when aroused, I said, "Here Jim, touch my pussy" I could tell he wasn't experienced with women sexually and he touched my lips and then stuck a finger in. I was so hot that I came in a few seconds and just to scare him, I screamed out, "Ohh my, kiss my pussy please". I was urprised when he lowered his head and kissed it and I had to show him how to suck on a womans clit to make her feel good. I am multi orgasmic and came two more times. I sat back up to take a break and caught Jim rubbing his penis through his pajamas breifly. I said, "Would you like some help"? as I looked at his buldge. He didn't have a chance to say anything and I reached over and pulled his bottom part down, Wow, what a surprise, he is well endowed indeed. One thing I didn;t mention in the first posting is that I crave giving oral sex. Before Jim knew what hit him, my mouth was down on it. He was moaning as I did my special for him by stopping and licking his testicles. I knew he wouldn't last long and in les than 2 minutes, I could feel that familiar swelling and kept on going knowing he would do it in my mouth. I know hubby was watching and jerking off and soon, my mouth was filled with this young mans cum. After he finished cumimg, I sat back and let it run down over my chin since hubby always likes to see me do that.

I knew Jim was exhausted after that and grabbed a tissue and wiped my mouth and face. It was only a matter of a few minutes when Jim said he needed to go to bed and I think he was a little confused after his Stepfathers wife just had sex with him. I turned off the TV and lights and we both went to our bedrooms. Wow, as soon as I got in bed, hubby attacked me and I ad some of the best sex since we had been married. Hubby was so hard and turned on that is was like our honeymoon. He was kisssing me hard and I whispered, "Tom, you are sucking dick by proxy, donlt you know"? He laughed and we fell asleep in each others arms.

I have no idea what may happen after that episode but I keep telling myself that I am capable of taking care of two men. The thrill of exbitionism is over now since by having sex with him, by going around naked is normal now. I am sure Tom will find another way to get some kicks.

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Embellished on 31 Mar 09

Well, here it is March 2009 and had requests to tell everyone how my relationship with my Stepson is going. Jim, my husbands Stepson still does not know his Dad watches us fool around in the living room. Our relationship has expanded where sometimes we do it doing the day when hubby is working but I always tell hubby about it. Here I am, a women in her mid forties having regular sex with a young man in his early twenties which to me is always exciting since I feel like I am teaching him things he will appreciate later on. Even though it has been a long winter, we had a nice 70 degree day recently and I suggested Jim and I take a drive somewhere. I got out one of my nice summer dresses which isn't too short and we were soon on the road driving towards the Pennsylvania line out of Maryland. I am a true exhibitionist and was craving an episode where someone might see me half naked in my automobile. Route 83 is a busy Interstate with fast traffic but Jim soon reached over and began playing with my legs. He was surprised when he discovered I had no panties on and his hand was soon busy making me very wet and excited. We did have one trucker slow down to our speed and looked over to get a good look at me. We soon approached an exit where there is a nice park area and pulled off the road. There are two pavilions at the park with picnic tables underneath where we sat down. There was only one person there, a man fishing at the small lake at the bottom of the hill. I was very horny and sat close to Jim nudging him with my hip. He ot the point and was soon engrossed in using 2 fingers inside me. Unfortunately the fisherman was too far away to see us good so I decided to get his attention. We could see the road entrance in the event someone else might drive in the park. I then decided to stand up and remove my dress to get the fishermans attention. I have found over the years that if a man isn't interested, he will look away but this guy almost dropped his dishing rod. Now that we had his attention, it wasn't long until I wason my knees doing Jim. The fisherman had walked his way among some trees thinking we didn't see him and stood behind a tree watching. We were lucky nobody else came to the park and gave this guy a sight he will always remember. Jim had his way with me in all different positions and when I knew he was ready to cum, I hurriedly got on my knees again and let him explode in my mouth. I learned the trick to let it slowly run down over my chin when someone is watching. I could tell the man watching us was masterbating and he surely reached his climax. Jim and I then got dressed and drove off knowing we showed a total stranger everything possible. I did tell my husband about it that night which made him instantly horny. This past Saturday night, we did our usual thing again in the living room where hubby was able to watch but it is getting somewhat mundane and need to venture into other sexual outlets with Jim and Hubby. We are planning on visiting a nude resort not far from here this summer and allow others to see us naked. I have a rather large clitoris when excited and my husband wants other men to see it, especially when I sun bathe. I will post a followup after visiting the nude resort.

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