Husband Sets His Wife Up For His Dad.
Few days went by after the incident where I had exposed my wife in nude asleep to my dad had happened… (Explained in my earlier posts)

Dad’s leave was going to end in about 10 days. My sister had her halfyearly exams coming, and took leave from us and returned to her hostel. a

A couple of days after she left, dad asked me when he would get a chance to fuck my wife priya. He said he would help me plan and I agreed.

While we were having supper that night he brought out the topic of his leaving the next week, and looking at priya he said, Shall we all go on a tour to cochin and visit Veegaland the water theme park, unless Me and priya had any other engagements. Priya replied that we dint have,and we accepted.

Mom said, to ask whether my sister wanted to come. Dad called her over phone and she saids she couldnt come as her exams were very near, and had a lot to prepare, besides she dint want to come in between me and priya having a good time.

Dad called to a hotel at cochin and booked two rooms, when we were alone he said suresh, I have booked two rooms which are facing each other in the corridor, so that, each has his own privacy. I nodded. He then handed me a small packet. I asked him what it was, he explained that he had brought 10mg valium four tablets, and had crushed two into powder for me, and kept two for him in another packet. He said we will use it in cochin and have some fun. I smiled and said, hmmm… you really want to put your cock into your daughter in law, he smiled and said, I want to fuck your wife suresh and also want to see you fuck my wife, your mother. I gave a thumbs up sign and went to my room.

Next morning we packed and all of us left together to veegaland, Early morning we checked into our hotel,had breakfast and dressed for the fun at the water theme park. I had decided to make it a memorable occassion for my beloved father, I made sure priya wore her tightest churidar, stating I dint want her clothes to get stuck in the rides and cause accidents. She agreed, and I knew the tightest one she had packed was light in colour and if got wet would really expose her sexily.

Mom was dressed in a churidar too, and I was surprised to find dad had thought just like me. He told us he had shopped the day before we left and brought mom the churidar, and it was tight like priyas so that no accidents with snared clothing would occur.

I liked the sight, mom was in a light blue churidar, mom complained stating dad could have brought a darker colour, dad said he was in a hurry and this was the first one he got. Grumbling about the dress mom walked along with us to board the car to veegaland. Priya consoled mom saying she looked okay in the churidar.

We pulled up at veegaland, took our tickets and moved towards the various rides, the first one was a small slide with a pool in it, and I entered the pool, lots of people were there, I splashed some water on dad, mom and priya standing at the edge of the pool, I then took hold of priyas hand and pulled her into the pool, dad pushed mom and he too jumped in the pool, after seeing so many people mom and priya lost their shyness about the wet clothing sticking to their body exposing their shapes and leaving nothing to imagination.

While the ladies were using the slide to slide into the pool and laughing , enjoying themselves, me and dad watched our wives and each others, dad commented, suresh, let us get them so tired that they should sleep very soundly, and the pills will have good effect.
I nodded. He said priya is really sexy, wish I could fuck her in the ass, its so shapely and large. I smiled and said, she is virgin in her ass dad. Next time you may get her ass. But for now let us stick to her pussy. What about mom dad, does she take it up her ass. Dad said once she did but dint like it much, so I never force her.

By the afternoon the ladies were getting tired, and while going towards the high rocekt slide with the narrow entrance and a long queue. Dad motioned me aside and said, he was feeling horny and wanted to touch priya on the ass, I said, let us walk behind the ladies, and as we reach near the entrace let us change positions without their knowing it. He agreed, So we walked priya and mom together in the front, and me and dad behind them, dad walking behind mom and me behind priya, as we were reaching the entrance I called mom as if to hand her some of the ground nuts I had in my hand.

MOm stopped and meanwhile priya had moved a couple of steps in front and now dad was right behind her, I let a couple of other people slip behind dad and then Mom and we walked, MOM in front and me behind her.

Now we could not change positions as we were inside the single row entrance. Priya in front, dad right behind her, some people behind dad, then MOM and behind mom me. dad adjusted the gap between him and priya allowing other people behind him to close the gap he and created, unknowingly mom too walked and i quickly slipped behind her closely, leaving on ly a hair breadth between her ass and my cock.

now the crowd slowly pushed and I saw dads font part pressed on priyas ass, and my cock was now pressed on MOm’s ass. I was getting hard. In about two minutes time this all happened and I saw dad had dropped his hand and his hand was before his cock, and pressed on priyas ass, she dint know she only thought it was the crowd which was pressing and dad was pressed up against her, I saw the ecstatic feeling on dads face, I was happy, I had given my old man some happiness.

At about 6pm we left veegaland and the ladies were feeling tired and almost were falling asleep. Dad said we shall go to marine drive and enjoy the wind there. The ladies dint object as they knew he was leaving next week, and we went to marine drive, Dad asked the driver to take the vehicle back to the hotel, to which the ladies objected. But dad convinced them.

We then walked back to our hotel after sitting at marine drive for about an hour, it was a one km walk. By the time we reached the hotel the ladies were very much tired. Dad said order room service and have food in your room, as soon as we reached our room, I ordered food , and priya went into the bathroom to wash herself. The room boy placed the food and went away. Priya finished her bath and came back, she had a bra and a towel on , I commented hm… you are looking hot, Iam going to screw your brains out tonight, she kissed me and said, not tonight darling, iam so tired.. which I knew. Meanwhile while she was at bath I had mixed the powdered valium into her bowl of fried rice and I had already started eating form my bowl. She then took her bowl and started eating.

After food. We retired to bed and I threw her towel off and removed her bra and kissed her, she was already falling asleep and within half an hour she was in deep sleep, I let another twenty minutes go by, I switched on the light, The sight was glorious, priya was asleep on her back. I took a pillow and after spreading her legs apart a bit, raised her knee and placed the pillow under it, I used the extra pillow i had earlier ordered , under her other knee, The sight was gorgeous, priya, lying hair spread on the bed, sweet pleasent face, her legs spread wide clean shaved pussy gaping open as her leg was spread. I took the Today pill and inserted it into her pussy which I knew would provide lubrication and prevent pregnancy as well.

I called dad over phone, he said he will come in a minute. I opened the door and he already had reached it, He entered and gasped seeing priya in such a state. He pulled of his lungi, His hard cock was so hard that it could burst, HE applied some spit on it, Sensing he was trying to lubricate it, I bent down and liberally sucked on it and applied my spit to it too, now his cock was glistening with spit. He then moved over to the bed bent down and sniffed at priyas pussy, stuck his tongue out and licked slowly on her pussy. I asked him to insert now, HE got on to the bed, and without putting his weight on the bed or priya placed his cock at my wife, his daughter in law priya’s pussy entrance, and slowly inched it in. In about 30 seconds half his cock had entered her pussy, I placed my hand on dads ass and pushed him and his whole cock was now inside her, he waited for a few seconds. Priya dint move, She was snoring, HE started pumping slowly inside her, after about 5 minutes he looked at mme and indicated he was about to shoot, I nodded, he lifted his eyebrows and then I showed him the today pill packet.

He smiled and then made a couple more thrusts and remained still, I could see his ass clenching as his cock emptied his full load of semen into my wifes cunt. I was recording all this action on my cell phone.

He slowly pulled out his cock and my dads semen was flowing out from my wifes pussy. I took a wet rag and wiped her pusssy clean. Dad left the room and said lock your room and come with me. I followed him and in a couple of minutes I was looking at my naked mom lying with her legs spread and dad pulled my lungi off.

My cock was hard Dad applied some spit, and gave it a few sucks just as i had done earlier, and within minutes my cock was inside my mothers pussy and I was fucking her taking care not to apply my weight on her body, lest she wake. In about 5 mintues I shot my whole sperm inside my mothers pussy. Dad had used my cell to record this too.

HE then cleaned my mothers pussy, and I left to my room. Next day priya woke and said naughty fellow, you have fucked me while I was asleep, my thighs felt sticky in the morning so I knew, I smiled at her and said. I had just masturbated and shot it on her pussy. She smiled and kissed me.

That evening we returned home. Dad left the next week. I treasure those moments I spent with my dad watching him fuck his sons wife, and then allowing his son to fuck his wife, his mother…

We are now searching for a groom for our sister. As dad wants to get her married when he comes for vacation next year, and her studies too will be over.

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