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Hi friend myself Ankit from kanpur u.p. , my father is HOD in IIT kanpur and mother is working in an leading MNC in software development area on very reputed post . she is getting very good salary package more then my father. We already have enjoyed several tour of Europe, Australia and America etc. we are basically himachal paredsh but due to my parent job we r living in kanpur . We have own very big house with several bedrooms in civil lines area .i am 1991 born very handsome and sexy boy with very good physique height 5 feet 8 inch very fair I am presently doing Btech in Electronic from AITH which is highly reputed college in kanpur .my father 46 of age working several important project and have very reputed image among other. He is very disciplined person. My mom’s name is renu and she is very hot sexy and modern women. She is 5 f5 in very fair, eyes are blue and very sexy, lips are pink extremely sexy lips I never seen lips like her, her weight 53 father is very serious with is work and mom being on very higher post she generally spend her lot of time in meeting , at home. She have very close friend suman her husband also teaching in IIT and generally on abroad tour. She always come to my house and my mom and she talk till 9 9-30 in evening in my mom’s bedroom. They never allow me there. And keep every thing secrets. My mom as I earlier mention is very modern and she use to wear very modern outfit. At home she use to wear jeans top, long skirt Capri , shorts, low base jeans, very sexy tops, she also do very modern and sexy makeup as she use very vibrant lip color, eye brow, very modern nail color, she never hesitate in front me, she looks really young girl, now I am going to tell you abt her vital measurement, it is 36-28-38, it is really shaped curved and beautiful designed, gifted figure , her boobs are so firmly built with dark nipple I never imagined. I always think abt them . my mom have her own laptop and never allow me to see as they give me another one. I have very big bedroom with attached toilet and bathroom my mom and my bedroom have a common galiyara as their bedroom window open there but mom can not see immediately because it is in opposite direction. But from window and curtain I can see everything from my mom bedroom and no one can abt me. As my father always busy with research work and stay away from home my mom use to give me 2-3 close hug in a day on little issue and hold me in her arm. She use to take me in her arms and put her hand on my waist some time on hips and always make contact with my chick . I initially could not find anything but since some time I was feeling something very hot. If some day mom hold me more thing 2-3 min.. I may be out of control…….
Suman aunty is also vry sexy and looks like my mom.. she alaway come in her car and share everything with my mom.. initially I was not very much concern abt them but after some time I have different idea in my mind. As they told me to do home work or study so I also came in my room and think abt them. OnE DAY I came in common gallery and come closer to my mom’s bedroom window and just see inside. I was really stunned to see the scene inside. It was out of my imagine. They are fully nude and my mom was standing leg apart position and suman was sitting on knees and sucking mom pussy. My mom ‘ s one hand on suman ‘ s head and other was holding her superb boobs. It was very firm and round shape with dark nipple.suman was sucking my mom pussy like lollypop and also doing in and out a Chinese dildo. Which was looking very attractive and nice. She was also pressing her bobs. It was really very nice seen I never seen nude girl in real, it was really very unique. 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Ekdum mom nude haokar aaye or hum jam kar fucking kare……ekdum land se discharge hone hi wala tha…mom mujhe ekdum apne sath hi lag rahi thi or me feel kar raha tha ki mera pannies uski chut me or me jamkar unki kamarpakad kar chudai kar raha hu… boobs par kat raha hu…tabhi achank dhadam se door khula and my mom was infront me … I was shocked….. and sha was also …. Mom ohhh… shit .. kah kar vapas chali gayi ….mere land se abhi bhi pani nikal raha tha…I was very afraid…turant laptop shut down kiya bra panty wapas rakhe… apne kamre ki taraf bhaga ….tab tak mom kaha thi… nahi janta….bad me mom ne mere jane ke bad bedroom ka door jor se band kiya….pata nahi kya karti rahi….mera to himmat us window par jane ka bhi nahi ho raha tha….40 min ke bad mom knock my door… I was afraid again….. ankit open the door….i open the door…she was little angry
She asked directly what u were there and how dare u do that..i was speechless…she shouted .. tell me….i hardly manage to say sorry….i will complaint to ur dady…I was abt to cry…. I again said disgusting bol kar again apne bedroom me chali gayi… I reach to that windw.. she was talking. on mobile… looks upset…I she was talking with suman… gradually she was getting cool…after 20-25 min discuusion over phone she was very much calm… then she came to me… and tell me.. ankit.. what r u doing….aao khana khalo…. Dining table par boli… common ankiy… what heppen yaar… hota hai aisa kabhi kabhar life me… don’t worry….. I am not going to telll ur papa. Is it ok now…I was not surprised as I have already absorbed that from window……
She again ask… r u happy now….kuch to bolo….i shake my hand…she asked … are smile to karo my lovly son..then she came to me and I also stand up… then she open her arms .. give me a close hug beta….mom ne mujhe baho me bhar liya… I don’t know what was cooking inn mom s mind but this hug was really fantastic. Unke boobs ki chunchiya ekdum mere sine me chubh rahi thi…unki jange bhi mere legs se takra rahi thi,,,,unki sanse badi garam lag rahi thi….me bhi ekdum garam ho gaya tha… vo boli… don’t worry beta,,, its ok ankit.. I told .. it will never repeat mama… she just close me tightly…and told.. common ankit… u r young boy…koi bat nahi..i am not angry wth u… this is ur time.. enjoy….vo mujhe 6-7 min tak hold kiya khadi rahi…I also enjoyed …and relax now.. iske bad mom sone chali gai bedroom me… I was in my room… pata hi nahi lag kab so gaya…12 baje toilet ke liye jaga…phir socha mom ko dekhu… jaker window se dekha to ekdum shock laga..she was ek dum nude… bra pant bagal me pade the…koi cream bhi pass me padi thi… shayad mom ne apni chut par lagai ki chut par ek bhi bal nahi the… lag raha hai aaj hi kate the… she was getting fucked by a vibratar….she was also holding my some photos and kissing them… I was thrilled .. she was my mom… who want to get fucked by me….and I was her son who want to deliberately wanted to fuck her…I also staeted to mastributed there…we both were missing each other and mastributing with each others name.

That night was turning point and new beginning of our relationship, afterward I was dying to fuck her. I imagined everytime she was queen in my dreams. Hardly after 2-3 day my after one night my father was out of station for some seminar she came to me in night around 9 pm after dinner. I was shocked to see her in very sexy and ekdum transpaerent nighty. Her bra and panty were totoaly visiable and they were hardly coverd her boobs and pussy.unki complete body ek mast scent se bhi mahak rahi thi. She was smiling when I open the door. She asked me if I don’t mind she can sleep her as she is getting bore there. I was agree as it was very golden chance to spent a night with her. I was busy on orkut ealrir , she asked kya chal raha hai ankit girl friend se chatting ho rahi hai… I said nahi .. mom.. vise hi.. she smiled and said.. come on yaar … u r a growing boy.. don’t take tension enjoy ur life.. if u want to enjoy some thing with ur gf.. then don’t hasitate to bring them here. I will not mind.i said ok mom. Then she smiled . and asked.. achcha ankit. Ye mera nighty kaisa lag raha hai… I told u r looking superb mom.. vey nice… she again asked asked what very nice dear.. tell me without any hesitation . then I told mom .. mom u r very nice I am not hesitating with u.. we are just like good friend .. she smiled .. ok.. we can ve good friend.. then she raise her hand and aske.. friends.? I responded and shake her and with my hand… I feel very sensual feeling in my body… she sit on my bed facing me.. I was on big sofa. She was looking very hot nighty was black and vey silky and she wear very modern undergarments and her half boobs looking very sexy.uske boobs ka movement ekdum mast lag raha tha mere pannies me achank ek aithan ubhari. She immeaditely catch that. And smiled.. and asked any problem.. I said no… don’t shy ankit… I am ur ffrriend first then mom. Share every thing with me.. don’t shy..mera pannies tabh tak ekdum tan chukka tha.. vo uske ubhar ko dekh kar ekdum must ho chuki the unke boobs tight ho chuke the…vo achank boli.. achcha ankit us din tum kya kar rahe the… I was stuned but said nothing.. she again why u were doing… kya tumhari koi gf nahi… then she told me to come closer and sit on bed then she turned around me. Have u ever done sex with any women .. please tell me every thing with out and hasitaion. I said never… then she ok tell me u want to sex with whom I will manage for u. she hold my hand in her hand .. don’t shy yaar… behave like we r bold and frnak friend.. I will not mind.. then she grab me in arms and put my face in her boobs and started fingering in my hair.. I was felling her boobs they were getting hard. My pannies was in full strength and want to come outside.then she wishper in my ear I want to be your close friend like lover. If u don’t want I want to be your lover . I was not in my control. Then she kiss on my chicks and finally put her warm and red lips on my lips and said . I love u ankit.. please feel me and it was a French kiss I never got she started to smuch and explore.. it was contuie 3-4 min. she was holding my head and stared kissing very madly.. my hands were on her waist just above her panty. I was also touching her hips. After some time she asked .. do u like it dear I shook my head .. she said naughty boy….. .she put her hand on my lap..she raised her hand on my pannies I stped her hand,,,let me see it please ankit…mujhe dikhao ise…me dekhu to mera beta kitna jwan ho gaya…and she put her hand on my pannies.. now I also put my hand on her lap and said mom please don’t do ..but she was in very different mood.. she open her night and she was in her undergarments and she were trying to open my lower. Then she was finally success and open my loger I wass in brienf. She told me to come closer and insert her hand in my brief and smiled.. wow.. wonderful amazing… it is huge. She was grabing my pannies. Then she opened it I was nude now. She was contiuously snaking aroungd my panneis only… bap re bap tumhara pannies to bahut bada hai… she kiss me again I love u ankit…she was contuously watching on my pannies with a long hunger.she was looking so satisfied to she it. She was touching with her hand , palm and big finger. Her long and very well decorated nails giving me very sensual feeling. She was pressing it with force which gives me lots of I was also showoing interest and watching on her boobs.
I also started touching her boobs and try to catch the in my hand. Her boobs very very solid firm and so sexy. Then I started to sucking her boobs vo aahhh….uhhhhhh….aahhhhhhh…ohhhhh….eyahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..karne lagi thi.. uske muh se badi ajeeb ajeeb si awaj aa rahi thi…. I was sucking her boobs… vaise bachapn me suchk kiye par is bar mamma ki halat kuch or ho rahi thi… vo bol rahi thi.. ankit or jor se… maza aa raha hai…. She started to shaking my appnies it was evry hot feel`ing .abhi maine unki kamar par dono hath rakh kar apni or khench raha tha . unki sanase garam ho rahi thi. Usne kab apna bra khol diya pata hi nahi laga. Boobs bahaer aate hi mano kayamat machane lage the… nipple itne mast lag rahe the.. pucho mat… unhone bhi mera pannies pakad kar apni panty ke upper se hi pussy ko touch karwa rahe the. Vo bhi garmi se dahak rahi thi. Unhone mera hath pakad kar apni panty me gussa diya… pussy wet and hot thi… usko touch karte hi mano body me current sa laga…unhone apne hoto se mere hoto ko kaid sa kar diya… ekdum mast ehasa hone laga tha…tabhi unhone ekdum panty uta kar bed par ek taraf peki… unka vagina dekh kar me nao pagal ho gaya… itna sexy or hot lag raha tha ki … bata nahi sakta… us par ek bhi bal nahin tha… tabhi mummy ne mujhe bed par betne ko bola or khud floor par meri tango ke bich me betkar mere land ko apne me le liya… was amazing…. Land ekdum phul kar tight ho chukka tha….mom ne use bhuri tarah chusna chalu kar diya tha….vo meri ankho my ankhe dal kar chus rahi thi…there were lots of lust in her eyes…andher hi andhar jebh se land ko takra rahi thi….apne nails se use sahla bhi rahi thi… mujhe bahut jyada utejna ho rahi thi…. I was also out of control……maine bhi mom ka shir pakad kar land ki taraf jukha raha tha… pura land dalne ki try kar raha tha….usko bada dikkat ho rahi thi.. par vo majhe se land chuse ja rahi thi….vo apne hath se mere balls ko touch..kar rahi thi…mom muh se ajeeb –2 se awaj bhi nikal rahi thi…mera hal karab hone laga tha…maine rokna chaha ki I am going to discharge par vo must ho kar chuse ja rahi thi.. unke boobs bhi joro se hil rahe the….kabhi kabhui vo mere land ko muhe me lekar ajjeb sa action bhi kar rahi thi…….thabhi mere body me kuch hua ho mera land ekdum tight ho gaya… or I was discharging…… but I was surprised that usne land ko abhi bhi nahi choda tha dekdum … sara seman muh me le liya….or muh ko khol kar seman ko muh me girane lagi… land se 4-5 tej dhar nikli bad me… dhire dhire kafi sara garam garam virya nikla…vo sara le chuki thi kafi sara unke chehre par bhi gira…boobs par bhi jise vo vaha masal rahi thi….bad me kafi virya usne nigal bhi liya….
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Hi again…. I am sure u will surprised to know that I am Mrs Renu, actually when ankit was writing this story I was not aware but when he discuss this issue with me I was really surprise but I really love him as my lover so I allow him to posted on website. But he hardly get any response from your side so he don’t want to waste or spent his time for next part as he already promise for that . So he is not taking interest to write next but really really exciting part. Then I decided to write my exp. With him. And I think it will be more interesting for incest lover . as u already aware that we r living in kanpur my husband very busy with his research work and he remains away from home as well as me for long time in a month. When I first time met with suman I find she is also not happy with her husband as me so we gradually stratred to spend time together. Slowly we are discussing several personal issues when we alone. 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And this ideas was from suman when she was fucing by me with the help of a huge chinees dildo and she was crying with joy and asking for more trust and hard fucking then she suddenly asking for ankit’s pannies and telling me please renu ankit ko bulao vo meri pyas bhuja dega.. please call him….i was also surprised… she was begging .. please renu hamare pass itna mast jwan land hai phir hum kyo yeh sab kare … please bula lo .. tum baher market chale jao me kisi bhi bahabne se apne kam kara lungi….. please ik bar mujhe uska land dilla do….. actually u may surprised to see the desi language but we love such a loose language as we are Engineers from very reputed engg collge so we r use to such bold language, but after discharge of suman she was feeling sorry .. but I forced her to take a chance . maine kaha kyo nahi suman karwale yaar kam se kam tu apni pyas bhuja le …. Me bhi karwa leti but I am mother yaar… tere liye me manage kardeti hu… tu usko set karle.. mai tere sath usko shoping par bhijawa deti hu… and u r very sexy and smart.. tera kam ban jayega.. she was little surprised but said .. yaar renu tera kya hoga mere se jyada tum pyassi ho… tum bhi karwa lo.. phir hum done phir se busy ho gaye .. ab chudane ke bari meri thi.. she was fucking with some other dildo..but believe me on that time suman was fucking me but I was thinking that ankit is fucking me and his long pannies in my pussy so I tight my pussy also.. and I was getting much more joy & plasoure .. and my pussy juice come much more later and a great satisfaction were on my face . because it was from my son..ankit.after that I always thing to get fuck by ankit and I always have more lust in my eyes for him. He was king of my nights even on one dildo I wrote ankit’s name.but it was wash away from my juice.after that day I was badly dreaming abt him,, several time I imagine that he is kissing my lips pressing my boobs. Fucking me like hungry horse. I started to hug him very tightly with sexual feeling to curb the mine sexual feeling . I takes him in my arms and let him get ful body contect of my hot and sexy solid boobs. And I know some time he feels very unconfertable and some move ment in his underwear area.but I could not express directly . one day I rerurn little before time I was surprise he was in my rooms and plying with his huge and massive pannies. In one hand he have my soft and sexy panty. He was moaning and abt to discharge. I was stunned to see him in that positioned but it was first look of his pannies.. baap re baap… itna mota or itna mast land tha mera to dimag ghumm gaya.. vahi man kar raha tha ki bhag kar muh me bhar lu..or jam kar chussu…par tabh dimag ekdum sanna raha gaya tha door band kar bahaer bagi.. bad me suman ko bataya .. she was very excited boli.. va renu tera kam to asani se ban gaya.. it is ok ki ankit naturally ye sab karta hai.. aaj hi rat karwa le usse.. dear..maine kaha chal Sali.. tu aaja.. aaj teri chut ki chudai karwa deti hu… she was busy on that time… we talk on several issue I was cool and calm after that.. and im was thinking for my long night fucking with him. And after some time.. I decided to take final steps and I enterd in his room with very sexy makeup and dress. On that night night I have deicde that anyhow I have to get fucking … I was not know ki kaam itni asani se ban jayega. Jese hi mujhe us se hari jhandi mili and maine uske land ko dekha jatphat maine uske land ko muh me bhar kiya.. I was waiting for moment only. And I was not able to think also.. I was not know that what I am doing but I was getting very interesting type taste and I was also giving ful contact of my hot tongue..and bahut der ki mehnat ke bad uska dischage mere muh me hi ho gaya… mujhe uska garma garam virya kafi acha laga…and believe me me ek drop bhi barbad nahi hone dena chahti thi.
Junoon ki halat me maine ye sab kiya..dimag me kya tha pata nahi..par jab hosh aaya to dekha uska land dila ho chukka tha.. par ab bhi bada akarshak lag raha tha.. redish color me. Mere chehre par seman jo gira tha bahut badiya mahak de raha tha..uska virya bahut hi tasty tha tabhi to me pura pee gayi.. todi der bad me uske bagal me late gayi..vo najar nahi mila raha tha par me abhi bhi uske pannies ko bade pyar se dekhe ja rahi thi.. mere lips ne uske lips ko chatna start kar diya.. me uska pura badan sahla rahi thi.. tabhi achank uske pannies ne kuch movment dikhaya..maine use hath se sahalaya. It was fully erect after some strok with my hand.. feeling was very hot. I could not stop my self to kiss his paanies and started sucking once again it was mix with pervious discharge. But this time I want to take his pannies in my I gave him hint to come in my legs. I was lying on bed on my back I bent my legs and pread them he came in my legs.i told me to kiss my pussy. He just started to rub my pussy. Bich bich me vo meri jangho ko bhi chum raha tha.. or kabhi kat bhi raha tha.suddenely he put his lips on my pussy it was fabulous experience he was kissing sucking tryoing to insert his toungue . he was sucking like xxx movies.ankit was doing very carefully I think he don’t want to hurt me.. he was learining the art of great sex. Meri halat kharab ho rahi thi. Uska is tarah chut chatna mujhe madhosh kiye ja raha tha.. ek bar to dimag me aaya ki mujhe usse revenge le hi lena chahiye.. means I have to discharge in his mouth. But I was eagerly waititng for is pannies in my pussy.but he was not thing abt my dangerous position. I srated to cry… Ohhhhhhhh…uhh…….iccc……ccccccccccccccc…..aahhhhhhhhhh…..aahhhhhhhh…ihh…uhhhhh.. nahi…. Chodo …….. please ankit …. Dal do…… in my pussy….. please ….. aahhhhh…ihhhhh……ohhhhhh….uhhhh…aaahhhhhhhh….ohhhhhh…ohhh..oohhhh ..dalo.. na dear… please tear it apart ankit meri jaan mere jannu ilove u.. my sweetheart . I was also forcing his head in my pussy… bada mast ahsas ho raha tha… par dar tha sayad me discharge na ho jao..he open my pussy ‘ s mouth .. and licking my pussy… it was really great experience no one at home… I was crying full.. and i stop my felling as was getting after long time .. I was asking ankit to insert his long pannies.. then he sit there on knee and put his pannies on the mouth .. it was second touch of pannies to my pussied //.. surprised na,.. are yaar first time he touch my pussy on the time of birth…..and u know it was great….i was also seeing his face he was great satisfy.. my pussy was so wet agar abhi musal bhi Rkh deta to sarrrr se chala jata .. usne land vaha bedhkar undher dhakka sa mara… sach me meri jaan gale tak aa gayi.. par mast maja aa gaya.. usne mere tango ko utha kar apne kandhe par rakh liya or pura pannies phelene ka try karne laga I close my mouth with teeth and expecting full land in my pussy.. I was feeling pannies but dard sahan karne ka man kar raha tha….he was kissing my boobs but dhyan sara meri pussy ki taraf hi tha…. Uski anko me mast chamak thi….land pura sabab par tha…. Ekdum usne jor se jathaka sa mara mere muh se jor se cheek se nikle.. or uska pura land ekdum meri chut me cock ke dakkan ke tarah fit ho gaya… usme me kuch bhi gap nahi tha… bilkul fit… vo mere bete ka land tha sayad mere liye hi bana tha…… he was kissing my boobs.. todi der bad me ankit ne vo hahakar machaya… jiske liye uski mom kab se intzar kar rahi thi…. Suman ke sath kitni bar sex kiya par vo maja nahi aaya jo ankit ke sath aaya… hamare dono hi dimag me nahi tha ki hum koi incest sex kar rahe hai… bus usme me mmujhe apna dream husnband or idhe use dream girl najar aa rahi thi…. Vo jam kar chudai karta raha.. me masti me chikhti rahi… kahti rahi or karo.. phad dalo ankit meri chut ko… or karo pura dalo pleaae… oh… maja aa gaya.. dear… I love u… bete… anku meri jaan.. I love u … apni mama ki pyas bhuaja do…. Oh,,… oahhha aaahhhhhhhhhhhh…oammmmm..ummmmmmmmm …iihhhh ,,,iiiskjkkkkkk…..ihhhhhhhhhhh…uhhhhhhhhhhhhh……m I was crying ,,,,, without any thing I was crying…. It was natural voice…… uski kamr pakad kar apni chut ki taraf dakhel rahi thi mujhe majah aa raha tha….. chudai karte karter haum dono pasine se lathpath ho gaye they par discharge koi nahi ho raha tha sshayad mom bete ko haran chaha raha tha or beta mom ko……. Ya phir bete ka todi der pahle dischage hua tha or mom pura majha lootna chahhti thi…..bade dine ke bad aishi fucking nasseb hui thi … mast jwan land pure josh se chudai kar raha tha…….chut meri ghuppp….. pachchc/…. Pachak…. Puck……fuck ke bahut sari awaje nikal rahi thi…… sun kar alag tarah ka claasical music ka maja aa rah tha… meri to halat kaharab ho rahi thi par he was my son how im can stop so vo rondhta raha ek toofan ki tarah….mera… chut chud kar phhhh…auhhhhhhh….uhhhhhhhhhhhh……ihhhhhhh…… …achank vo chilane laga…. Mummy .. aahe aa raha hai….. me samajh ki kya aa raha hai…….. vo or fast ho gaya… idher udher kai angle bana kar land undher baher kar raha tha……achanak meri halat kharab ho gai or mera discharge chalu ho gaya…. Uske 3-4 min bad hi uske land se garama garam virya ke ek tej dhar mere yoni me pawware ke tarah chutti…. Uske bad me or nikal par meri puri chut uske pani se bahr gayi thi….. hum dono hi hanf rahe they…… par it was true isko maine paida kiya uska land abhi bhi meri chut me tha…. Or apne lagata virya chod raha tha… jo ki majedar tha……meri chut se todi der bad virya tapak raha tha .. dome ke virya se ek must khussboo si aa rahi thi… jo ki poori bedroom me mahak rahi thi….usne apne lips mere lips par tika diye the…. Me abhi bhi hanf rahi thi…….kya must chudai thi vo……..great///as he already told u on that night my husband was out of station so were in no mood to stop was ankit’s first fucking vo bhi without any problem so he was taking lot of interest..and was in great sexy hot mood.. after discharge he was not separated from me .. bas bedhal ho kar mere upper leta raha mere lips uske lips ke sath lip lock wali position me the.. vo mere hoto ko chusta raha.. apna toungue mere muh me ghumata raha… apne hath se mere boobs ko dabata raha…maslata raha..or meri yoni uska ras piti rahi…koi 15-20 min bad me achank hi meri yoni ne movement ki.. vo usko pannies ko puri tarah jakad rahi thi.. it was amazing experiece.. ankit was also surpised and happy to see it.. the response in his eyes was great…usne mere hoto ko free kiya or bola.. mom u want more fucking…I smiled and shaked my head in aaceptence.. he smiled and jor se jhatka mara.. bola…ye le….and tight hold me in his arms.. he was saying.. u r great mom.. so sexy… I asked really mom… I love u.. dear…mom…. then I asked ankit call me by my name… he hasitate … call me na… call me renu please… then he said.. I love u renu.. u r my sweetheart jannu…kaisa lag raha hai ankit please tell me… maza aa raha hai meri jaan … u r really sexy bomb..ur pussy is great… maza aa raha hai…tab tak meri chut or uska land ekdum mood me aa chuke the….phir raat bhar me chudati rahi vo chodta raha… har tarah se usne mujhe jhula jhulaya… raat me 3-4 bajhe hum log soye hoge ekdum thakan se chur hokar..6-7 bar fucking to hohi gayi thi..subah tab hi me jagi tabh morning me mere office se phone aaya… my subordinate were asking whether iam coming or not.. iwas not in position to go office and ankit was sleeping yet..i saw so much stains in bedsheet and other cloth ,, whole room was fiil with our seamon.. our undergarment were completely bhi uske bagal me aakaer late gayi.. suman ko phone kiya I told her about last night first she was not able to believe… then she said .. yaar mera bhi kuch karwa na… I assure her for next week… I told her… is week to mujhe maja kar lene de..dear..phir to hum log puri tarah free thi… us pure week vo lagbag ghar par hi raha me bhi medical leave ka bahana karke ghar par hi rahi..kitni bar maine fucking ka maja liya me khud bhi nahi janti.. par itna taya hai ki itni fucking to mere husband ne sal bhar me bhi nahi kiya hoga… pure jam kar maje loote.. mere husband kafi busy rahte.. me aksar uske ankit ke sath hi sothi thi.. puri rat bhar sex karte .. humne sare kamsutra ke aasana bhi aajma liye thi sari western styles bhi use karli thi…as u already know that I am working in IT field so I have several XXX cds/dvds , several sexy mms in my moble. So sara kam pure maje se karte the..start me 69 karna phir fucking.. bina kise problem ke.. isi bich maine use suman ki hunger for sex ke bare me bhi discuss kiya… vo uske sath sex karna man gaya… uske sath kaise sex kiya…ye suman ko likhne ke liye bolungi…promise…ankit se sex karne se me bhi khud ko jwan feel karne lagi thi.. ab ghar me hot make up karna acha lagne laga… ekdum half nude, sexy cloth pahane lagi thi…kuch sexy and expensive undergarments bhi uski choice se liye…vo itna must hokar sex karta tha ki maja aa jata tha…ab hum tino mil kar nude party kiya karte the.. mere husband jab outstation hote to suman ghar par bahana karke aa jati ki renu akeli hai, or uski tabiyat bhi tik nahi hai.. phir kya.. hum milkar drink karte… are yaar khub jam kar ek dusre ka suck karte the…jam kar sex karte .. par mera hissa ab bat gaya tha.. kabhi kabhar me ye comlaint suman se karti to vo kahti yaar mere koi ladaka nahi hai varna mera beta tere sath tera ankit mere sath.. son swaping..jis tarah wife swaping hoti hai.. husband swaping hoti hai.. usi tarah aankh markar boli son swaping…ankit bari bari se dono ki jam kar chudai karta tha..ab humne uski proper diet ka care karna chalu kar diya tha..internet se kai sex specialist doctor se consult karke uske diet proper dene lage… uska virya bhi gada or kafi jyada niklata tha…is bich can u believe me hum dono hi pregnant ho gayi.. par ye acha hua ki kai lady doctor hame janti thi so hum ek dusre ke sath chali jati thi.. aaram se uska solution nikal jata tha..suman was also very happy with him vo bhi kisi cheej se parhaj nahi karti thi… balki khud hi achche se uska pannies suck karti aaram se apne muh me discharge karwa leti.. or uska pura virya majhe se chat kar jati thi.. I was feeling jealious but manage karna padta tha. I was now very happy .ghar par aate mera noughty beta mujhe bagh kar baho me bhar leta.. kiss karta boobs dabata or ager moka hota to fuck bhe kar deta tha.. me bhi ghar aate hu uska chusti thi.. jam kar kis karti thi. Ab hamara waqt sex karte, foreplay karte or xxx movies dekhte bit tha tha…she was also getting expertise in sex fucking . vo jam kar mujhe pelta tha.. it was a unique relationship.. no one know what we have. It is very safe to have sexual relationship with him.. for me it is very hard to start initially but very comfortable after that. If it will be some outer person or other then him he may also creats some problem. Even ankit may also creats some problems But there is no such type of problem. Na blackmailing ka dar na kisi prakar ka harrasement ka tension.. and he was too young . a under 20 year old boy can give what ever u want and it was very good combination of 40-20. I was in the age where woman like to have more sex.. the hunger for sex is much more high for 40 age of woman the are much more sexy then they are earlier.without any fear we can do everytype of sex in our bedroom.. there is no problem like have to hide ur love or sex partners if he is out side. And fears of seeing by neighbour. Suman was also enjoying without any problem when he busy with his exam we does lesbian sex infront of him.. he also started to participate in the middle.ankit is not trying to get girl friend as he is telling that he have to super sexy hot wifes why he waste is time to do friendship and other things when he is getting everything with us. We are enjoying very much now. Now I would like to your similar type experience with your son if u have any one please tell me I want to now how many moms are enjoying sex with theirs son. Please don’t feel any hasitation as I already enjoying so don’t afraid to discuss with me.

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