How i fucked my aunt
This is a story about how I fucked my aunt. My aunt is about 40 years and has good assets at right places. This incident happened when I was in my first year of intermediate. My college was on the way to my uncle’s house, so after college gets over everyday I used to go to my uncles house and used to see TV for sometime, chat with my uncle and then come to my house. One day my uncle said that he has to go out of station for a week and told me to stay at his place, after college for the next week. I said ok and called my mom and told her to send my clothes. My uncle had two children both were in school and used to return at around seven o clock in the night.

So that day my uncle went, we went to the bus stop and came back to our house. Then my aunt went to have a bath, and I went to see TV, then my aunt suddenly shouted from the bathroom so I went. At that moment my aunt was not wearing any thing but a petticoat and a towel covering her giant bOObs, which were clearly visible. She told me that bulb is not working properly and told me to change the bulb. So I brought a new bulb and brought a stool and stood on it, already my dick was already standing straight looking at my aunt’s giant boobs. Looking at my dick my aunt said, “Ooh some body is up”. i felt very shy to at that moment.

At that moment while I was fixing the bulb, I porously acted like I was slipping and slipped on to my aunt and we both feel on to the ground and my hand was on my aunts uncovered bOOb. I started to squeeze it a lot and started licking it, my aunt started to moan in pleasure seeing that, I removed the towel off her breast completely and started to lick it, squeeze it then my aunt yelled “oooh ravi ya lick it like that, I like it, oooh ravi please do some thing to my cunt too its too wet, ohh ravi….”.

I went mad listening to my aunt say that, I didn’t know my aunt to be such a slut. so i put my hand inside her petticoat and slowly touched her thigh, it was so smooth. I pressed it for a little while and then I pulled her petticoat completely upwards. There I had the peak at the thing that I was wishing to see for a very long time, my aunts pussy. I put my nose next to it and smelled it, the aroma that was coming out of her cunt made me go mad. I put my tongue on her cleanly shaven cunt and started to lick, my aunt started to moan with pleasure as I did that. As I was licking my aunt’s cunt, she put her fingers through my hair and was guiding me.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. As I was licking my aunt’s pussy she shouted “ohhh ravi what are you doing…ohh ravi this is heaven, I love it, lick your horny aunts cunt like that, I am going to cum , ohh my god I am going to cum all over your face, I am cummmmmmmmmmmmminggggggggggggg……”. As she cumed all over my face I started to drink that salty cum.

She then stood up and said, “lets see what you have got”, and then opened my pants and took out my dick “seems to be double the size of your uncle ravi” and she swallowed the entire length of my dick inside her my mouth. At that moment I understood what heaven truly meant. She rolled her tongue around my dick and started sucking it. In about ten to fifteen minutes I started to feel the cum inside me develop and then i started to shout “ohh jaya auntyyyyyyyyy I am going to cummmmm sooooonnn” I squirted cumall over her face and her bOObs. She drank all the cumm and then gave me a naughty smile.

We saw the time it was already the time for the children to come home. she said “let us continue after wards. Get dressed up, let the children go to sleep”

But I said “No, I want be inside you ”

“i want you to be inside me too, but let the children go to sleep then we can go to the other room and do what ever you want to do ”

I didn’t want to wait till then, but agreed. As soon as we got dressed up the bell rang and the children were there. She gave them food to eat and as they were playing she went to the kitchen to cook some food. I followed her in the kitchen. As she was cooking I went from the back and grabbed her ass with one hand and her boobs with another and started pressing them. My dick was completely up and was pressing in to her ass. She turned said

“Please Ravi not now then children may see let them go to sleep ”

I told her “I have an idea, ill tell the children that I am going out and go to the bathroom, you tell them that you should have a bath and come there”

She didn’t want to say yes I made her agree to it. Then I went to the kids and told them I am going the market to get some stuff for aunty and slowly sneaked in to the bathroom. After five minutes I heard aunty tell the kids that she is going for bath. As soon as she came in we kissed deeply in to each other. Then my aunt said, “So what the heck are you waiting for…”

I then removed her nighty as she removed my lungi. I could see her beautiful cunt waiting for me. My aunt slowly switched on the shower and I started to suck her boobs along with the water, it felt so nice. I stared to finger her at the same time; my aunt was getting too excited. She said “ohhh Ravi I can’t take it any more please put your dick inside me, ohhhhhhh stop killing me like this….”. I said I want to lick it first and I started to lick it. She put her hands through my hair and was pulling it, I started to enjoy it then my aunt said, “ohhhhhhh Ravi I can’t take it any more please put it inside”. This time I obeyed my aunt’s request and put my hot rod inside her. As I started to fuck her she shouted “Oh Ravi…oh…oh fuck me baby…deeper”, She said things like these throughout the time she got fucked and suddenly she shouted “OH!! Ravi!!!!!!” we both came at the same time. I banged her twice in the bathroom that night.

After coming out from bathroom all of us had our dinner and the children and the mother slept in one bedroom and I slept in another room. That night while I was sleeping I started to feel my dick getting big and wet, I opened my eyes and saw it was my aunt trying to suck my dick, my aunt gave me a naughty smile and started sucking on my dick.

That night I wanted to try something new. So after my aunt finished giving her blowjob, I stripped her of her night and asked her to sleep on top of a pillow. I immediately ran in to the bathroom and got some Vaseline and rubbed it around my dick and a bit around my aunts HOLY ASS as I started to rub it my aunt said “Ravi are u planning to fuck me in the ass…” as I gave her a naughty smile she said ” please don’t your uncle has never fucked me in that place before… it might pain a lot. Please don’t do that”. I said “every thing will be fine aunty… ill never do something that might hurt…. besides where is the fun if you don’t try everything.

And then I slowly entered her hot ass from behind it was very tight, my aunt started to yell “please Ravi, yeses Ravi fuck me like that ahhhhhhhhh ravi fuck me like a hot slut aunt that I am… ohhh ravi ahh fuck my asss. Fuck me so hard that I shouldn’t be able to walk foe ever…”. All that dirty talk made me even hornier, I started to spank my aunt’s ass. My aunt screamed “ohh yeses Ravi.. Spank your naughty aunts ass like that.. She was a bad girl wasn’t she ahh ya, spank me like that. ohh Ravi”. After that I came with full force inside my aunts ass. We had sex for two more times that night and slept naked in each other’s arms.

Next day morning when I woke up it was eleven o clock, I looked at my self my aunt has covered me with a sheet when she left. I shouted from my room “aunty, are the children gone to school?” My aunt shouted back “yes and no one is at home either”. I woke up entered the kitchen fully naked, my aunt took a bath and started cooking she was wearing a yellow saree, she didn’t wear a bra because I could totally see through her blouse. I then went from behind and started to squeeze her boobs and stared to bite her neck, my aunt said, “you up already” I said “I am up and my little brother is up too”. My aunt turned immediately and said “Ravi not now, it is not safe to do it in the morning some one may come then, we wont have enough time get dressed up then……”. I silenced her with long erotic kiss on her lips and said, “Its always safe, as long as you wear a nighty and I wear a lungi no one will ever know. Even if someone comes suddenly we can get dressed immediately”. My aunt thought about it for some time and then she agreed. I immediately stripped her clothes and fucked her in the mouth and her hot cunt.

Then I brushed my teeth and went to the bathroom to have a bath when my aunt knocked on the door, she was fully naked and asked “can you bathe me darling” I said “sure come on in baby”. Soon I started to lick the water of her boobs with tongue (occasionally biting it too) and fingering her pussy. My aunt bite my shoulder thrice and started to scream, ” ohhhhhh Ravi I cant take it any more please put your hot rod inside my pussy ahhhhhhhhh”. Seeing my aunt’s frustration I decided to fuck her. I spread her legs wide and put my entire length in to her wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around my back and I started to band her brains out, I fucked her again from back after that. Then we went and dried our selves.

As I said that I was hungry my aunt said she will get some food to eat and went in to the kitchen naked, I loved the way her ass moved as she went in to the kitchen. My aunt returned with some rice and some curries but without any plates. When I asked her where are the plates she gave me an horny smile and said “why do you need plated when you have me…..” she horizontally lied the dining table and put some rice on her and told me to eat it. That made me so horny that after eating the food I fucked her so badly that she couldn’t walk for some time. That night my aunt came to my room again and i banged her brains out, all the night she shouted ” ahh yes Ravi fuck your hornny aunt like that Ravi…., ya spank me like that Ravi ohh yeses…, ya make me your bitch Ravi, am i not your bitch baby, am I not the smutty whore that you desire baby ohhh….” all that dirty talk made me fuck her even more.

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