How I fucked my mom
Hey i M just 19 and my mom is 44. I my family we r my mother, I and my father. My father is an engineer. 2 months ago he went to himachal for a project.
When my father went outside I saw my mother a littele lost. I was summer. In summer I used to sleep every day. One afternooon I just woke up. I thought lets talk to mother. I went towards my other rooom. Her rooms door was open. I just peepd in, what i saw just left my eyes and mouth opened, my mother was mastubating, I could barley see her pussy. But her huge boobs were well in front of my eyes. I went to my room a masturbated thinking of my mom. After masturbating I decided to fuck my mom. That very whole night i was just palning to fuck her. To some where I was little scared. next morning I woke up and went to bathroom to masterbate. Suddenly My mother called me when i was masterbating. She asked me to hurry. I went out with my cock erect just with pajama no underwear. She was in the kitchen. She was wearing peticaot and blouse. Her ass was looking hot from behind. I went from back and hugged her hard. I cock was perfectly positioned between her ass. I could feel she had no panties. She could feel my cock I felt her by her expression. But she didn’t said anything. I was a little surprised when she moved her ass a little back.

I went to my room and thought that this a good idea to enjoy my mother. The next morning i woke up and erected my cock and went outside. My mother was wearing a pajama and a t-shirt. She was peeling vegitables in the drawing room. She was standing and her one leg was on a chair. I went to her and wished her good morning. Then I asked her “Can i hug u mom like yesterday”. She said ofcourse. I went from the front side and hugged her hard. I this my cock head was stuck her pussy face. At first she went a little back, then to my surprised she came to the same position. I asked her- “Mom do like the way I hug u”. She smile and held my nose and said “Yes my naughty son”. Then I gave a little more pressure and my cock slipped between her leg. I was sure she had no panties even today. This went for another 3 days. Every day I put a little more prsssure.
In these 3 days she came to my room every after noon when i was sleeping.
On monday I planed to sleep in my underwear. I didn’t sleep, erected my cock and left if outside my underwear through side. After some time she came in. My eyes were closed. I could feel that she was standing beside my. Suddenly She took my big 7 inch cock in her hand. Moved a full stoke down and moved it inside my uderware. Then she went to her room. I followed her. In her room she started materbating her pussy. I came back to my room. Then went to sleep. When i woke up in the evning my dick was still erect. I went to kitchen. She was in the kicthen. She was in bending position and was trying to bring something out of the drawer. She was wearing the peticoat and the blouse. She knew I was comming from behind. She bent a little more. I hold my cock in the dirction of her pusy and hugged her from behined. I cock was on her pussy face. Then I said to her-”Good after noon”. After this I just gave a litle trust. My dick slide a little in. She started laughing, I asked her why r u laughing. She said “nothing”.
THis happened everyday.. She comes to my room, put my cock back in my underwear and I stick my cock in her pussy over through clothes.
One day afternoon she came in and gave 4-5 full strocks to my cock> she than sat beside me. Suddeny she stared sucking my cock she gave 8-9 strocks. Ans then she went outside. The same after noon I was in my pajams only. She looked at my back and said your back dirty just wash a well while bathing. I said i can’t because my hand doesn’t reach it. She said call me when i m ready. I went to the bathroom and took all my cloths. After some time i called her in. She came in, I was facing against her. She was smilling. She gave a hard rubbing on my back. My cock was fully erect. The batroom lights were ON. She asked me to apply soap. I turned arround to pick the soap. My cock was in front of her she look at it and said-”U r very very naughty boy”. Shen then said-”Well in any case u r now a grown up”. I tought now this is the chance. I said to her-”Mom even urs back little dirty, even i can help to clean ur back”. She smilled and said ok. She went in the corner and took a blouse off. I was stunned to see a sexy round boobs, they were big. My eyes and mouth both were opened. She asked me -”U have seen them before, then whats the surprise”. I said – “Yes when i was kid”. She smilled again.
She tuned around and her back was towards me. She then bent and asked me to clean her back. I put some water on her. Then i started rubbing her back. I the mean while i stuck my dick on her pussy face. This time I kept more pressure. I was rubbing her neck, her back gentally. Mean while I was giving very slow strocks. My dick went in her pussy about 1 inch. She said rub more harder it wont clean with this much force. I used more force to clean her and used more force on my dick. As i used more force on my dick she moaned. I could feel her wet pussy. There was just a little cloths between her pussy and my dick. I slowly opened the knot of the peticoat. The peticoat started to slide down showly in every stock. After 8-9 strocks the peticoat hung on my dick like on hanger. Mean while we didn’t spoke a word. I moved a little back, the peticote fell down. Now nothing was between us. I moved and put my dick head over her pussy. I strating sliding it in. She said nothing. As my dick went in her pusssy bcame tight. After 5 inch my dick didn’t move in. I decided to give a big strock. As i gave the big strock she shouted slowly. My whole dick was in. I stared to fuck her hard. She started to say -”Ohhh fuck me, i need this cock son,mom loves fucking hard, fuck me like a bitch”.
Then i turned her and asked her to suck my dick. She sat on her knees and started to suck it. She said me- “U fuck better than urs father, and —-”. I asked her-”and ??? mom”. She said.. “I am the best of all the guys she have ever fucked and with the biggest cock”.
I asked her how many people she have fucked- “She said many–”. I asked her any count. She.. said “around 27″. I picke d her up and lick her nipple nicely.. then stared to fuck her more harder. we fucked for 17 minutes. Then we wen to our room.
At night we were in the same room naked… I asked her can she name any of the guys she fucked…She told my 2 of fathers friends and her few boy friends and my neighbour.

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