House owner aunty
Hi this is Sammy. Before that I want to thank all of u for your valuable feedback for my previous story. I’m 24yrs old 5ft 11 inch tall with muscular body. Today I’m going to share with you my sexual encounter with my land lord wife. This wonderful experience happened few years back when I was studying in college.

As I was doing the final year I had to study more intensively and I had to shift to the nearby small town where the college was located. My mother also came with me to help me in cooking. We just rented a small portion on the top floor of a small flat. Initially it was a big disappoint for me as my mother was nearby I couldn’t do much of exploring the neighborhood. It was all study, study and study. But my mother developed good relations with the neighboring aunties and they all would come often to our home. So I had to satisfy myself with just seeing their faces.hmm…The exams were nearing and we got some study holidays. So I had enough time to cook the food myself and my mother went to village. But before going to village, she did a very useful thing. Yes, she asked an aunty next door to take care of me and help me if I need anything.

It was noon that day and the aunty whom my mother informed before going to so she calls me from her house. So I just went near the side of the roof and asked what she wants. She was asking whether I needed any other dishes to eat. Mm…I think it should be fine and asked her to get me some. She said,”Ok just stand there, I will be back soon” and went inside. It was boring standing there and I just turned my head the other side. Ohh. Vow! What a site…I saw my house owner aunty taking bath outside the bathroom. I can’t believe my eyes. Usually she takes bath inside. But I didn’t waste time and started watching her secretly. Since it was afternoon and no one around she was very casual and relaxed.

She is a typical Indian house wife (48) with sexy flats and big breast. So long I had been wishing to watch her nude and I have masturbated many times thinking about her. Now I have got a good chance. It seems she has just started taking bath. She was wearing a black petticoat tied to her chest and her legs were exposed up to her thighs. Before applying soap, she just washed herself well and I could see her hands moving in and out of the petticoat…I just wished that the petticoat got loose and fall to the floor. Oh. I couldn’t bear it anymore and I was seeing her like a hungry tiger watching its prey. I almost stopped breathing when she raise her petticoat and started rubbing her thighs.

I feel she has the sexiest thighs and I believe lot of us gets excited seeing them. I forgot myself. I forgot the passage of time. God she finished rubbing the thighs and now she came to her chest. Oh. She slightly loosened her petticoat and started rubbing her breast…But I could see only a tiny portion of her nice big shapely breasts exposed… To see more I was leaning against the wall and peeped my head…It was the moment she untied her petticoat completely and at the same time I heard the voice behind my back ” What are you seeing here, Sammy?”.It was my next door aunty.

I stopped breathing almost the moment I heard it and immediately turned back. While turning I remember that the house owner aunty also raised her head up and saw me. It was an ugly situation and I thought I was almost caught red handed. I just hoped that the next door aunty had no idea what I was looking down. Next door aunty asked me with a mischievous smile “Sammy, what were you seeing there? I have been calling you so
Long.” And then she gave me some side dishes and then left. She gave me some fresh mangoes from her garden. They were red, ripe and shapely and suddenly the image of the shapely breasts of my house owner aunty flashed in my mind. I was very horny and tensed after seeing the live strip show and immediately closed the door and lied down in the bed. I was badly in a need to mood to masturbate. I know some of my friends who masturbate by holding the penis in their hand. But for me it was convenient to lie down and hold the pillow and kiss it thinking about my imaginary lady and then stroke the penis on the bed. It gave a real nice feeling like fucking some one. That day I imagined that I watched the house owner aunty (her name is Maya) takes bath nude and had an
Enjoyable time in my bed.

After that I got up had my lunch and had a nice sleep. In the evening I had to collect the milk packet. Usually Maya aunty collects it for us. And this time when I went to collect the milk I somehow thought sexily about milk and her lovely breasts and it made me feel very horny. She was doing some house hold work and she said she will bring the milk packet to my house. I said ok and came back. After some time she carried the milk packet to my house and asked me whether I know how to boil it and drink. Actually I know how to do it but I wanted to make her stay in my house alone for sometime. So, I said “No aunty, can you help me, please? “. She said that’s ok and started boiling the milk in our stove. It was taking some time and we had to look at each other and there was a strange silence. She asked me when my mother will come back and I said that she might come after two days. Hearing that her face brightened. I didn’t know the reason for that then. The milk started to boil and she stood up and bent down to take a look at the container. She was having one eye on me and one eye on the milk and was enquiring about my studies. I also asked her about her hubby and when he will return etc., Even though I was talking to her my eyes were all focused on her breasts. But she couldn’t take note of it as
She was looking at the stove. Then there was a strange smell coming. Some smell like burning. Oops! Her one end of the saree which was let loose has caught fire!! Seeing this she was frightened and got tense and I also couldn’t think anything. The fire was catching fast and we had less time. My immediate reaction was to pour some water from the pot over her saree and it spilled all over her body. Still there was some smoke and I took the rugged cloth used near stove and wrapped it around her tightly. It was all fair in that dangerous moment and we were relieved to find that the fire was put off. Maya aunty was almost like fainting and she thanked me very much for the prompt action. In all this commotion we forgot about the milk and the stove was also put off. Now we realized that the all her clothes including blouse, petty coat were wet because I poured water. She was feeling uneasy but at the same time could not go out in this condition because people might mistake her. Her saree was sticking to her blouse and I could see the clear lining of her bra. I could not take my sight out of that. She asked me whether I have some clothes of my mom in my home. I knew there were some but I did not want to tell her that because I had started enjoying seeing her in that wet condition. I was happy about my luck this time as I could not see her properly in the morning. She was feeling very shy and avoided seeing me in my face. I said, “Aunty, I can go down and get the clothes for you” and she had no other option. I asked her what colored saree, blouse and petty coat she wanted. And I could see her hesitating to say something. I knew what but I wanted to tell her from her mouth. Very reluctantly she said ,”Sammy, could you get me a bra too. It will be in the shelf.” And then looked down the floor. I enjoyed these words from the shy aunty’s mouth. Then I came out of my home and closed the door and started coming down the stairs. When I heard her say something. So I went back and couldn’t believe what she told . “Sammy, there will be some bras with pads too. Please don’t take them. They are sweaty (her daughter)”. Ha ha..I just smiled inside having known this great information !

It made me feel very nice and naughty to hear those words from aunt’s mouth itself. As I went down the stairs I noticed that aunty’s house was already open and her mother was sitting inside. I guess she was not there when aunty came upstairs. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t feel like telling here what happened and ask for new saree. So I just came back to home. I also hoped that this way I can see my dream aunty in wet clothes for more time. When I came upstairs I saw my room door closed slightly and hearing my foot steps Maya aunty let her hands outside. She asked “Sammy, soon, have u got the clothes. I am freezing”. I told her what happened. She was very much disappointed but let me in hesitantly. I could see why she was hesitating so much. As it was so freezing she had removed her wet saree and was standing there just with petty coat and blouse. She was very shy and folded her hands and kept across her boobs. She gave me a reluctant smile. Our toilet was also located out of the house and she cannot go there too for her convenience. She asked me to increase the fan speed and spread her saree across hoping that it would dry soon. As we talked more she became casual and unconsciously dropped her folded hands. I could avoid staring her and I realized that she also did not mind my stare. Vow! It was a very enjoyable moment and sight. She was a low cut blouse and her sexy cleavage was very tempting. Her golden chain was sinking inside her valley and was playing hide and seek whenever she bent and straightened .As it was getting dark in the evening I switched on the lights and then I could some marks / scars below her neck and I thought about a trap to take my chances and enjoy Maya aunty. Since the clothes were fast becoming dry and she may leave any time, I thought this was my chance to taste her.

Pointing to the scar marks, “aunty, what are these marks?”.She replied innocently that she is not sure about them and they were seen for some time recently. I raised my eye brows in a doubting fashion and went near her and took a closer and concerned look. She became a bit uncomfortable and asked me whether anything wrong. I said. “Aunty, these can be problematic. You should not leave them carelessly. They may be even symptoms of leprosy beginning stage”. Hearing this she became very scared. I told her not to worry and said I can test whether that are really disease causing. She asked me how and I told that if.

There is some sensation of pain there at that spot then it will not be sign of leprosy. I said I can check that. And she was more than willing. I asked her to stand up and stretch her boobs as I wanted to see the type of scar mark. While she unmindfully followed what I told I stared with lustful eyes below her neck and on the boobs. I said “aunty , I will touch here. If you have any pain, please tell me” Then I asked her to close her eyes. And started gently touching and then caressing around the scar. Then and there I asked her whether she could realize my touch. She said yes. I took the chance and then dropped my hand slowly into the cleavage lining. I could see that her body shivered and the nipple buds straightening. The room was closed and the temperature has also become hot.

I could hear her heavy breathing. Now I worked out my plan. I didn’t touch anywhere but asked her whether she can feel any pain. She said, “No”. “Oh aunty, don’t you feel my touch? I am pressing against your scar!” Hearing this she became tensed up. She said, “Sammy may be you felt shy and did not touch properly. Please don’t feel shy. Touch strongly so that I can clearly feel your touch”

“Aunty, I think I did not touch you properly since I am standing very near to you. I think I can come behind you and touch your neck “She said ok. Still she was closing her eyes and the time has come for me to execute my plans. I was in my lungi. Now I removed my shirt and underwear as she was not seeing me. Now I became bare bodies just wearing the lungi. Since I was already feeling hot , my prick was bulging. I gathered my courage and went and stood right behind aunty. From the back I could clearly see her deep valley clearly. In front of aunty there was a big mirror and I could see her expressions very clearly. The whole scene was very erotic like a mallu soft porn movie. Just Like that the ripe mangoes given by next door aunty crossed my sight and I took a look at Maya aunt’s mangoes.

“Aunty, are you ready?”

“Yes, I am Sammy”

I stood very close to aunty raised my hands and slowly started caressing around aunt’s scars. She was very happy to answer that she felt my touch. As she gave me the liberty to press hard, I started playing in her valley and at the same time pushed my legs near her bum. I was breathing heavy and she could also feel it and reciprocated. Now I almost hugged her and pressed my prick against her bum and at the same time asked and without touching anywhere with hands, ” aunty, do you feel me now?” She wanted to make sure that she is not suffering from any disease and so she asked me to touch hard once more. Now she did not have the peace to think why I was without shirt or why I am leaning against her.

She just wanted to feel healthy. But at the same time I could see from her breath and sharpening nipples that she has started feeling my foreplay. Now I dropped my head over her shoulder and almost in a stroking position I kept my whole palm above her cleavage and asked her whether she feel it. She said yes happily. By this time I have started touching her just like that in her belly and brushed against her voluptuous breasts. She voluntarily raised her hands above her head and was standing in a sexy position and even though the fan was on she started sweating and the I could see the sweat drops going in to the valley.

“Aunty, do you have any such marks other than this in the body?”

” I don’t know Sammy . I hope not. Do you see any such marks in my back?”

Vow! This was the chance I was waiting for and i said I will check it out aunty.

I started exploring her exposed portions of her back and started caressing them to check whether she is feeling my touch. She started making strange sounds and couldn’t properly answer “yes”. She was just giving moans. I started moving my palm to her exposed navel and belly and stared making circles. She raise her arm and caught my head made me lean over his shoulder and was gently caressing my head. It was so nice a feeling and the most erotic touch I could feel. I started pushing my cock against her bum and my hands were going all over her body. She could not control her feelings and started stretching her body and the blouse hooks were almost to break open. I understood every thing was ok and started rubbing her body with more force. My tongue was busy licking her shoulder. I dropped my hand below her navel and started rubbing her thighs. My left hand was busy caressing her thighs and at the same time my right hand was cupping her breasts. I could see all this like a live movie in the mirror and all this made me hornier.

In a husky voice she said , Doctor Sammy , Please check my other parts also” and smiled and winked at me. I could wait no more and hugged her and started biting her all over in lust . My lungi dropped to the floor and she turned back to me and she also started me rubbing all over. Now I could see a good view of her sexy back in the mirror.

I pushed her down in the bed where I have masturbated thinking about her many times and tore open her blouse and did all things what a sex movie hero would do. She gave me wonderful company and guided me. We were rolling in the bed for two three hours after she became tired. I took the mangoes from the plate and started tasting the mangoes and her breasts simultaneously. It was such a wonderful evening and I couldn’t believe my luck that day.

After that she took great care about me and always was keen in sending my mom to village. She told the traitorous stories of all the neighbor hood aunties and it was very useful for me to target them and taste them. I shall write those experiences in another story.

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