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Here I am Sameer again with another experiences of swapping. I hope this story also give you same pleasure and enjoyment. As you know we are a young good-looking high-educated broadminded couple from Hyderabad . I am very thankful to all viewers of Indian sex stories site who are sending a lot of responses. One of the mail from Sushma made us very much intresting and one Sunday night my wife, Sheetal, invited them, Sushma, and Sushma’s husband, Rahul for dinner and to watch new Hindi Movie with us to our quarter.

Sheetal and I are 26 and 28 and try to keep us in good shape. I am 5’-6”, and about 65 kg Sheetal is five-foot-three, 58 kg and has long black hair that flows to her waist. Sheetal’s SIZES are 36”-boobs, 30”-waist, and 40” -buttocks sizes. I am working as engineer and she is a housewife. Sushma is about age 27, five feet two inch tall, and about 55 kg and has small breasts cute ass, beautiful eyes and — oh yes — a great mind. I have admired Sushma since the first time I had met her. Her size intrigued me, since my wife is much more developed in the tits department. I’ve mentioned to Sheetal many times that Sushma looked like the type of woman that a man could REALLY enjoy himself with. She is a housewife and her husband Rahul is successful businessman in Bhubaneswar city.

Rahul is about six feet height, 75kg weight and 30 ages. In that evening I picked up a new Hindi movie CD, one English title and to add something more an xxx movie for a change. When I got home, Sheetal had just emerged from a bath. Seeing the water drip from her large, hard nipples, my cock was equally hard in no time. I was about to get undressed and fuck Sheetal, but she said Sushma and Rahul would arrive in about 10 minutes and I only had time to take bath myself and get dressed. At 7:00 p.m. they arrived and we got acquainted with the usual small talk and Sushma and Rahul sat down on the living room couch while Sheetal and I went to the kitchen to bring some snacks and coffee for them. Sheetal told Sushma to pick of which movie they wanted to watch first, winking at her. In the kitchen Sheetal said she thought Rahul was really good-looking and she couldn’t wait to ask Sushma privately if he was good in bed and if he had as big a cock as she had always loved. We returned to the living room with the snacks and coffee and Sushma was looking at the CDs that I had brought, suggesting one. She said we should watch one of the XXX-rated movies, as she had never seen one. Rahul said he’d only seen one.

Sheetal and I looked at each other and agreed to watch a little bit of one, since Sushma was being so insistent. Sheetal said she would be a bit embarrassed, since in presence of Rahul how she would be watching many scenes of fucking, sucking and cum shots (she didn’t use that exact language, though, as I remember). I put the CD and Sheetal and I sat on the couch across from Sushma and Rahul, who were on the sofa. As with most of these films, there really wasn’t much of a plot and soon we were watching a really young looking girl getting a very, very large cock slammed into her pussy from behind. This girl was really getting it and enjoying every inch of the guy’s large cock. I glanced at Sushma and saw that she and Rahul were really mesmerized by! the scene unfolding before them on the screen. Sheetal as always, was starting to squirm as she began to get turned on watching the movie. This was one of her favorite movies with big dick poking a cunt. I switched off the tube lights and put on the night lamp.

I guess I was a little concerned that Sushma and Rahul would notice that Sheetal had her hand on my crotch, rubbing my growing erection through my jeans, and thought that with the lights down, they might not notice. As the movie went on, another man entered the room, and the fucking couple froze; the man supposedly was the husband and looked very startled by the scene before him. Here was his wife on her knees on the bed and an unknown man had his monster cock buried to the hilt in her pussy. The couple on the bed expected the husband to really get mad and may be violent. She began pleading for his forgiveness while the guy just remained frozen on his knees behind this guy’s wife, stunned and unable to move. The husband walked over to the bed and without saying a word, dropped his pants, kicked them off and held his own large and very erect cock in front of his wife’s face. She seemed to relax, as did the “stranger,” and ! she took almost ALL of her husband’s cock into her throat.

I couldn’t believe that she could swallow as much cock as she was. The “stranger” slowly began fucking into the woman again and the woman began moaning really loud. I heard some strange noises coming from Sushma and turned to see that she had Rahul’s cock out of his pants with both of her hands wrapped around it, licking the head as she watched the movie. Rahul was engrossed in the movie also. I looked at Sheetal and saw she was no longer watching the movie but was staring starry-eyed at the size of Rahul ‘s cock, just the head of which Sushma was now trying very hard to get into her mouth. I must admit that I had never seen a cock as large as Rahul’s. It had to be at least 7.5 inches long and 5 inches around and it was a real turn on to see it in Sushma’s small mouth. Sheetal had taken my cock out of my pants and was swallowing all 6 inches, to my balls, while staring at Sushma licking and sucking Rahul’s cock. I looked at Sushma again and noticed that she was staring at Sheetal swallowing my cock and when she took it all into her throat again Sushma moaned really loud.

That sort of broke the ice and we all become free a little. Sheetal started to show off her deep-throat skills and Rahul was also staring at my wife swallowing my cock. I saw Rahul unbutton his wife’s blouse and knew I was actually going to see his wife’s tits for the first time. Rahul moved her blouse to the side and squeezed one of Sushma ‘s very hard nipples between his fingers. I felt like my cock grew another inch and Sushma’s eyes met mine. She really was enjoying watching me watch them. I too began removing Sheetal’s blouse — but before I removed it over her large tits, she stopped me and looked me in the eye. She seemed uncertain about where this might lead if we all allowed things to continue at this pace. I smiled at Sheetal and told her that everything was okay since we all seemed to be enjoying ourselves. She moved her hand from mine and I removed her blouse completely. She blushed when she saw Rahul staring at her big tits with their large circled nipples.

Her nipples hardened under my touch. I lifted Sheetal’s right breast to show Rahul more of it. Sushma was the first to talk, saying that she had always wished she had the breasts that her friend had. Sheetal told her she had always wanted the petite little body that Sushma had. Rahul and I said, almost at the same time, that both were very beautiful and very sexy. Sushma looked at her husband and then at my wife and asked he if she would like to see Rahul’s big cock from close d! istance. Sheetal was a bit stunned at her friend’s question and looked up at me. I knew she’d love to get her hands on that cock. At first I hesitated, but we’d always had a very honest and loving relationship and I knew that I really had nothing to worry about as far as any reason for jealousy. I smiled at Sheetal and she stood up, as did Sushma. They giggled like little girls and Sushma began getting totally undressed. Sheetal just naturally followed her example. Rahul and I thought we might as well get comfortable, and got naked real fast. I thought I was going to get a treat by being able to watch my wife touching another man’s cock. It being a giant cock was just a bonus.

As I watched Sheetal kneel on the floor in front of Rahul I found to my surprise that Sushma was kneeling in front of me! God, she was a fox! She was so tiny, her nipple so extended and hard; her pussy looked so small and had a few drops of moisture that had formed around the lips. She looked like ! a little girl, since her pussy was completely shaved. I could see her clit very clearly between her pussy lips. Sushma reached out and took my cock in her hands, commenting how she had often wanted to do this with Sheetal and I but never really thought it would happen. She said she’d never felt a cock get so hard before, and then dropped her mouth over my cock. I was in heaven! I had almost forgotten about Sheetal and Rahul. Here I was, sitting in my living room naked with my wife’s most intimate friend naked body and she was sucking on my hard cock. I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I would be blasting my cum down her throat if she kept this up and told her so. She just moaned again and swallowed more of my cock. I looked over at my wife and saw that she had both hands on her friend’s husband’s cock, holding it like a baseball bat and rubbing the head over her lips and between her tits. Rahul couldn’t help himself and grabbed her tits in each hand and began fondling her extended nipples.

The sight of his hands on Sheetal’s tits was a real turn on and I told Sheetal as much to show me their action. She turned sideways so I could see what she was doing better. She said she had fantasized about having me watch her with another man many times but never thought it would be more than a fantasy. With that she dropped her head and took about four inches of that big black rod down her throat. The sight of her lips stretched over the big cock and the sucking I was getting from her friend was just too much and I blew my steaming cum into Sushma’s mouth. She was ready and immediately began swallowing all of it. As she continued to suck me and lick the cum she caught running down her chin, I grabbed her tiny tits, squeezing the nipples real hard. As I spurted the last of my cum into her mouth Sushma let out a moan and began her own orgasm. Sushma got up and sat on the couch next to me, still rubbing my cock. She was on my right and lifted her left leg over my thighs. Then she took my hand and brought it to her wet pussy. She told me to stick two fingers into her and I quickly obliged. I actually had trouble getting two fingers into her, even though she was sopping from her cum. She was SO tight, I was hoping I would get a chance tonight to actually put my hard cock in her and fuck her silly. Here I was now, ramming two fingers in and out of my wife’s friend’s pussy while she played with my cock and balls, and we were both watching my wife swallow as much of Rahul’s cock as she could.

I was already getting hard again seeing Sheetal sucking away, trying to get Rahul to cum. Sheetal pulled back and said to Rahul, “I want to taste your cum! Please cum in my mouth with your big beautiful cock! I want my husband and your wife to see me swallow another man’s cum.” Sheetal didn’t even get her mouth back on Rahul’s cock before he shot his load all over her face. She quickly put his cock back in her mouth and was able to catch most of it, swallowing as fast as she could. He just kept cumming and cumming and cumming! Sushma said she’d always been amazed at how much this man would cum! After taking some rest and discussing about this new game, Sushma began kissing Sheetal deeply, swapping cum in her mouth.

They were really getting turned on. Rahul said that he had never seen two women making love together, I had seen it before in our movies but never would’ve believed I would see my wife and her friend making out in front of me. They got into the 69 positions. As Sushma lowered her head into Sheetal’s dripping pussy, she lowered her own, bare pussy onto Sheetal’s tongue. Both of us guys just sat in our places watching these two friends noisily licking and sucking each other’s pussy. Sheetal told me to come around behind Sushma; she wanted to see my cock sliding into her friend’s pussy. I knelt with my knees on either side of Sheetal’s head and moved in closer to Sushma’s open pussy. Sheetal took hold of my now rock-hard cock and rubbed it up and down Sushma’s pussy lips, making sure it rubbed her clit, also. When Sushma began squirming back against my cock, Sheetal placed it at the! entrance of that tiny pussy.

Sushma pushed back and I pushed forward, burying myself in her with one thrust. It was like fucking a woman’s ass; I couldn’t believe how tight she felt around my cock! Sheetal said she loved seeing my cock in her friend’s pussy and began licking my cock on the outstroke and my balls when I buried myself in Sushma. She was in heaven, from the sounds of her moaning. She continued to lick and suck Sheetal’s pussy and clit while shoving her ass back onto my cock. Sushma lifted her head to see what her husband was doing and was glad to see he was hard again, too. Sushma said we had to change positions to allow all of us to have fun. Sushma had me pull out and asked me to lie on my back. She then straddled me, facing my feet. She laid back on my chest and told Sheetal to continue to lick her pussy and my cock. Sushma then told Rahul to kneel behind Sheetal and stuff that big cock into her. Sushma told him to get all of it in Reena so she’d feel what it’s like to be filled with a real 7.5 inches.

While I reached around to play with Sushma ‘s tits and nipples, I lifted my head to see the look on Sheetal’s face as she took this new, giant, black, cock into her tight pussy. As Rahul knelt behind my wife with that huge cock sticking out, Reena said she was going to really enjoy getting that entire rod into her pu! ssy. My wife hadn’t had another man since we were married and I could tell she was really looking forward to this. I saw her reach around behind her and grab Rahul’s cock and rub it up and down, getting the head wet from her juices that were by now really flowing. She started to stuff his cock into her and told him to take it easy so she could adjust to his new size a little at a time. I saw her eyes roll back and her mouth open as he started pushing into her. I knew just what he was feeling entering my wife’s pussy and I really got turned on seeing her take him. Meanwhile, Sushma was bobbing up and down on my cock and making a lot of unintelligible sounds and saying how good my cock felt in her. After about two minutes Sheetal took ALL of that huge cock into her wet pussy.

After adjusting to his size and after he began a steady fucking into her, my wife lowered her tongue to her friend’s pussy again, sucking Sushma’s clit Sushma was the first to cum. She really got wild. She screamed out “OHH dear, cum in my pussy, fill me with your hot cum, I want my friend to see her husband’s cock spurting into my pussy and then lick your cum from me.” I gladly obliged, filling her with my cum as her tight pussy sucked it from my hard cock. Her bare pussy kept milking my cock with contractions until I was totally drained. I wondered how my wife could ever get all of that giant cock of Rahul’s into her tight pussy! I am not small, but compared to Rahul…well you get the idea. Sushma stood up. I got up and plopped on the couch, totally exhausted but hoping I could still fuck Sushma again before the night was over. Sheetal disengaged from Rahul and turned over onto her back.

She lift! ed her legs until her head was between her knees and said, “Rahul, get over here and put that big hard cock back in my hot pussy and fuck me into the ground.” Rahul moved up between my wife’s thighs and I saw my wife take his big cock and place it back at the opening of her dripping pussy. Sheetal said, “Ram that monster into me and then fill me with your cum. I want to be fucked hard and let my husband see me getting fucked and see a big hard cock fill my pussy with his cum.” She looked fantastic spread out there before another man, and what a turn on to watch that cock spreading her pink pussy lips and sinking into her depths! My wife looked me right in the eye as Rahul fucked into her with one stroke and said, “Do you like seeing your wife being fucked by another man? Do you enjoy seeing my hot pussy swallow another man’s cock?” I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I saw Rahul squeezing his wife’s nipples as he fucked. Rahul held Sheetal’s ankles to spread her legs and pussy wide so I could see his cock splitting my wife’s pussy. Here was my wife, her ass lifting off the floor to meet his I walked around so Sushma could take my cock in her mouth again. I pushed my cock sliding into Sushma’s mouth .

My wife yelled out, “My God, I am going to cum from being fucked by a big cock! Fill me, fuck me hard! I want my husband to see your cum overflowing my pussy around your fabulous cock…I’m CUMMING!!!” Rahul gave out a big grunt and filled my wife with his cum. I could see his cum flowing out around his cock; my wife’s pussy was so filled with cock there couldn’t have been room for his cum. I continued watching and told Sushma I was going to cum again. Sushma held my cock out away from her and stroked me until I blasted all over her face. She started to rub my cum all over her face and tits. Rahul pulled his cock out of my wife with a loud plopping sound. Sushma said she’d always wanted to get fucked in the ass, but there was no way she could handle her husband’s monster cock in her. She wasn’t sure she could even take me but wanted to know if I’d try.

My cock sprung to full right away in answer to her question. Sheetal got some cream and with Sushma on her hands and knees, spread the cream on and in Sushma ‘s asshole. Sushma was really getting turned on. Sheetal said she couldn’t wait to take her husband’s cock and feed it into her friend’s tight asshole. She worked my cock head into Sushma’s ass and then, surprisingly, Sushma shoved back hard with a scream and buried my cock in her ass. She held still for a few seconds and then began fucking back and forth. Her ass was so tight I didn’t think I would’ve lasted too long if I hadn’t cum a couple of times already. I’d never fucked a woman in the ass – Sheetal always thought it would hurt too much — but when she saw how much her friend enjoyed having a cock in her ass she wanted to tr! y it, too. Sheetal got on her knees next to Sushma and told me to alternate between their asses

I pulled out of Sushma and got behind Sheetal, who had already put lots of cream in and around her asshole. Sheetal told me to ram my cock into her ass in one stroke. I asked if she was sure. She reached back, grabbed my cock, placed it at her asshole and rammed herself back onto my hard cock. My wife was screaming about how much it hurt and yet moaning how great it felt to be stuffed like this. I pulled out and plunged into Sushma again. After about every five or six strokes, I switched asses. I was in heaven, fucking my wife’s ass and then her friend’s ass and so on and so on, etc., etc., etc. I blasted all of my cum deep into Sushma ass instead of my wife’s. Sheetal didn’t mind and I knew that since she seemed to like this a lot now, we would be doing it again in the future. That night I watched my wife fuck that huge cock two more times and had her suck me off once while I watc! hed her getting fucked. When we finally exhausted and stopped we all decided to take a break. We had been fucking for about an hour and a half. We toasted our newfound relationship.

The whole room smelled of sex. Sushma and Rahul said that they had never thought that this was how the night would turn out. We agreed, but said we hoped that we could get together again sometime. So any Oriya couple (age group up to thirty five) from ANDHRA especially from HYDERABAD who are interested to swap with us please write in our email address today with their contact no/mobile no. No any single female or male, time waster and liar please excuse. Our email ID is xxxxxxxxx.We are waiting your sweet response.

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