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Here now going to tell a incident happens at my 25th age, when I was doing my training in a company . I had rented a room, which was quite big with kitchen also. I was on the first floor and Malini aunty and her husband lived on the ground floor. The house owner was staying far from us. To tell you more about Malini aunty, she was around 30yrs and her husband must be around 40yrs. Malini aunty was looking beautiful with a round face and her skin was brownish. She had a reasonable height and weight must be around 60 kgs. Her feature was her breast and arse, just tight and hard, 30-36-38. She never had kids. Her husband on the other side was not much educated and was working as a peon in a small company. Malini aunty used to talk very less to me. I noticed that her husband used to come very late in the night. I had no sexy feelings about aunty in the beginning, but gradually I started to admire her shape and beauty. I used to watch her when she used to go market or shopping. She used to wear only saris. Gradually she started talking with me by saying hello and enquiring about my house people. I had never been to her house. After a week or so, I had developed a habit of seeing her daily or her face. But that day I didn’t see her at all. I was wondering what must have gone wrong with her. In the evening I decided to go to her house. I went and found out that she was having high fever and she couldn’t even stand. I asked her whether her husband knows about her health. She said, he knows about it, but he loves his job only. I told her to come with me to doctor.

She hesitated in the beginning, but later agreed. I took her on the bike and doctor examined her and gave some tablets. I paid the doctor and reached her home. I made some tea and bought some biscuits for her from my house. She thanked me for the trouble I had taken. I told her not to worry about anything and if she wanted anything she can approach me without any hesitation. Next day in the morning, she was back on her feet and doing her house routines. I was on duty that day and in the evening when I came back; she bought some samosas to eat. That was first time she entered my room. She was looking around my house and she said you have TV also. She doesn’t have a TV, that’s why she was surprised looking. As the days went by, we became close to each other as friends. One day she asked me whether I would take her to see a movie. I asked about her husband, she said that would not mind me taking her for the movie. We decided to go for the matinee show, which was at 4pm and I told her to be ready. Till this time, I had no bad intention at all. Around 2.45 I went to her house. The door was shut but not latched. I slowly pushed it and looked for her, without making any sound. I was about to reach her bedroom, the door was open and she was dressing. Her back was towards me and she was removing the towel wrapped around her breast. I saw the black straps of her bra from the exposed shoulders and thighs were shinning since she had come from a shower. She threw the towel on the bed.

I was shocked at the scene; she was wearing a blackish green cotton panty, which covered most part of her arse and a black bra. My 8 inch cock was hard as I started rub my cock. She was busy in her dressing, she applied some powder to her armpits, to her inner thighs and started to put on a black blouse and matching petticoat. I quickly moved away from the scene and tapped the door from the entrance of the house. She came out stilling wearing the sari and told me to sit and will be ready in a minute. Then we left for the movie. She sat far away from me on the bike. I was still thinking of the scene I had seen. I was hot and I wished she hugged me and kissed me. But that was not the case. I was expecting a lot inside the theatre, but was disappointed, since she was busy watching the movie and never bothered to touch my hand or any part of my body. After the movie, we were back home and she thanked me for taking her. My mind was still on her sexy body and I wanted to fuck her badly. That day I couldn’t sleep well and I didn’t know how to get her. Next day, I had night shift, so I went to her house in the morning at around 10 am. She was busy cooking. I asked her whether husband said anything about me taking her to the movie. She told me that he is not bothered to look at my face and what he is going to ask? And she was quite. I already had a plan, so I asked her if she would come along with me to the shopping , as I wanted to buy her some dresses. She was quite and I caught her hand and told her to get ready and we will have lunch outside. On the way, I asked her what dresses she preferred? She told me she liked wearing salwars and also midi skirts, but she said and kept quite. I knew that her husband was a useless and never fulfilled her wishes. I first took her to dress section where there were lots of salwars and saris. I told her to select two salwars for her, she was very happy and she also tried them out. Then I took her to inner wear section, where transparent nighties, cotton nighties, and lots of Bra and Panties were displayed. She looked at me and she felt shy and I told her to choose which ever she liked and I will wait for her at the counter. She finished her shopping and came. I paid the bill and put the bill in my pocket. She was very happy and then we lunch outside in a nice hotel. After coming home, I was getting late to go to work.

While working, I suddenly glanced at the bill, and found that she had purchased imported nighty, bra and panties. I was hot and my mind was not at work. I finished my duty and saw her husband was still at home and at around 8am he left. I was so excited that I wanted to see her in those inner wears. After some time I went to her house, she offered me tea and breakfast. I asked her, aunty did you show your husband what we purchased yesterday? No she said. As I was sipping the tea, I asked her, aunty are the dresses fitting you properly, please wear and show me aunty. She was shocked, but she smiled and came wearing one of the salwars, she was looking beautiful and I appreciated her beauty. She was very happy and she changed to the second salwar, this had a long cut for the kameez and she was wearing salwar. Then I told her to show the rest of the things she purchased. She hesitated in the beginning and she came out wearing a cream color nighty, which transparent and I couldn’t see her bra and panty clearly. My cock was hard and she was looking down, I got from my place and approached her. I lifted her face, she looked into my eyes, Malini aunty you are beautiful I said. I hugged her tight and she also responded holding me tight and she was shivering. I kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and lastly kissing her hungry lips, which was licking all the saliva from my mouth. Both were so hot and both did not want to be separated from each other. We both closed the door and entered the bedroom. I gently placed her on the bed and we kept kissing for some time, then she started to moan heavily and was saying; Plz nandha put your tounge inside my cunt, I am hot. I removed her nighty and she was wearing a light pink lacy bra through which her nipples clearly seen and white lacy panties, which showed a bush of hair around the crotch area. What are you seeing Nandha? She said, I bought them for you, I never knew you like me so much till you took for shopping, I LOVE YOU NANDHA, AND YOU ARE MY HUSBAND FROM THIS MINUTE AND MAKE ME YOUR WIFE, I AM YOURS, DO ANYTHING WITH ME AND SATISFY MY BODY WHICH IS HUNGRY FOR A MAN LIKE YOU, WHO IS SO CARING AND LOVING. I was melted hearing these words, Malini aunty I said and hugged her. Call me Malini she said. I was still wearing my lungi and banyan. She loosened my lungi and removed my banyan. I was on top of her with underwear-covered Lund brushing her crotch covered by the lace panties. I pushed her bra straps to the sides of her shoulders and kept kissing and licking her nipples along with the bra. Nandha remove my bra and suck my nipples and she turned to her side helping me to unhook her bra. I was sucking her nipples hard and she moaning heavily. I slowly drew my hand towards her crotch and inserted my middle finger inside her cunt, which was so tight. Her cunt was in-between a dense forest covered with lots of hairs. Malini’s eyes were close and she was in heaven, so was I. She put her inside my under wear and drew them half way down to my knees and started to play with my cock. She said your cock is big and fat, it will tear my cunt she kept saying and moaning in the same time. I wanted to feel her lips and mouth on my cock. So I stopped sucking her nipples, offering my cock into her mouth, which she instantly accepted, while I pulled her panties down. We were sucking and licking each other’s organs, I spread the bush of hairs from her cunt, spread the lips of her cunt and gently licked her cunt. Her hot mouth was on my cock, she sucked it with great taste and kept pressing my balls gently. After some time she started making sounds UMMMMMMMMMMMM UMM UMMMMMMMMMM. I knew she was about reach her orgasm and I also was about to explode my semen inside mouth, I made a noise as I exploded in her mouth and she too came pouring her juices inside my mouth. She kept sucking till my Lund was dry. She said she wanted to taste her juice and started licking my lips and tongue deep inside.

My cock was getting hard again. She rolled her tongue on my nipples and my Lund was ready now for a bang. I made her sleep on the bed, she put her legs around my back and my 8 inch cock went inside her wet cunt. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she moaned. Nandhaaaaaaaaaa COME ON, FUCK ME HARDER, YOU HAVE A BIG COCK NANDHAAA! SHE WAS TALKING ALL SORTS OF THINGS. She was really happy that she had a man fucking her cunt. I kept fucking her harder and harder. She was so excited that she reached climax. She knew I had not come, so she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking hard that I came immediately and she drank all my semen. She was so happy that she was kissing all the time and told me that her husband had some problem with his cock and his cock was all the limp and small. I had many sessions .

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