Hot Neeraja Aunty – Part II
This story is about me and my hot neighbor aunt Neeraja . The story starts here. In front of our house there was a family of 4, Suresh kumar in his early 40s.He works in government office and has real estate business, Neeraja a housewife in early 30s and two kids Sumpritha and Akash.

Let me describe Neeraja aunty for you, she has color of wheat ,5ft 3inch tall has a perfect structure and shape. She can be compared to Konkana Sen for the body. She was very sweet to me since my childhood. Since both my parents work I used be alone in house and used spend time in TV and PC watching porn and such stuffs, and used play with neighbor friends. Even Neeraja aunty used to join us when we played badminton. This was in our early days. This story started when I was 18.

Neeraja aunty used to alone in her house all time except night because kids used to go to tuitions after school and they used to go to their granny’s house which was near their house every day since both our family knew each other very well. Their kids coming to our home and I going to their home was common. Since her kids were small she used call me for help when I was around. I was very horny those days. I never missed the chance to see her naval or cleavage when they were exposed. Sometimes I used get caught by her but she never complained to anybody.

Sometimes she used ask me to take her to temple of for shopping when uncle was not available. Sometimes we used to go in car, sometimes in bike. My early vacation started I used to spend my time in her house if I was free , even she enjoyed my company . She was very friendly with used to tease me whenever a girl give a look to me or when she see a text sent by a girl in my cell. One day when she was changing I went in her bedroom with knocking. That is when I saw any women for the first time in her only undergarments.

I think she was checking herself in the mirror. Straight away my dick was saluting her by forming tent in my pant. She observed it and I went out by saying sorry. Days passed and one day I heard that uncle is having serious back pain, was advised to not to strain himself. After that he stopped working in his garden which he used to do daily and he used to walk to his office which was at walk able distance and was asked not to drive by doctor. Actual incident comes now. One day I overheard the conversation between Neeraja aunty and her friend that she is not happy with uncle that he has no made love to her for more than 3 months because of his back pain.

She was very depressed for that. From then on I observed changes in her behavior with me. She used expose her treasures to me frequently and when someone else comes she used to adjust her dress. That’s when I came to know that she is trying to gain my attention. One day I was having bath in my house, since I was expecting my one of friend any moment I dint lock the door I was bathing in common bath and both main door and bathroom doors were open. I don’t know when she came in, the moment I turned to the door which was opened she was standing there staring my body.

Since I used to go to gym I had good shape and muscles. She came in bathroom took soap from me started to wash my back. Her hands were going till my ass, she was feeling my ass chicks. Thank god I was wearing my boxer. She was doing that for more than 15 min. My dick was making a tent. She observed it and asked me to finish and come fast. My sixth sense was telling that something is going to happen. So I quickly closed the door masturbated there in the bathroom, finished bath and dried myself and when out.

She was seated on sofa and was waiting for me. I told her that I will get ready and went into my room. I heard the sound of main door locking and within she was in my room staring me eyes all of the sudden she smooching me by holding my face in her hand. I broke the kiss and pushed her aside and took my cell. She was frozen for a second thinking that I am telling everything her husband, I called my friend and told him that I ll not be available now in home and ll meet him in the evening.

Now I pulled her to me started smooching her. Both of us were in fire, we were madly kissing each other. I just had towel around my waist and she was dressed in sari. She removed my towel in one go and I removed her sari. She was in blouse and petticoat, I pushed her on to wall and kissing all over her face ears neck cleavage. She herself removed hooks of the blouse, I pulled string of petticoat in one go, now she was standing only with her undergarments. I turned her face towards wall and removed the hooks of bra and kissing her back madly.

Now she pushed me to the wall and kissing me all over my face and she went to my chest licking my nipples and my belly, navel, and she took my cock in her mouth and sucking my cock. I pulled her from my cock now and threw her on my bed removed her panties widened her thighs and buried my face on her pussy and licking. She was moaning like hell. I stopped licking and got up, she tried to pull to her pussy but I asked her to wait. I switched on my stereo system and again I continued the action. She was pushing my head more towards her pussy, her breath was getting harder,

She started to move her waist up and she came on my face. I got up wiped my face from towel. Again I went in between her legs, positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and in one go I pushed my cock inside her. Since this was my first time I was not rhythm right, my cock was coming out. She sensed my problem she locked her legs around me and now I got it right, Since I leaked earlier when was in bathroom I dint cum fast. She was in full heat and cock was feeling heat I her pussy. She was moving her hips in rhythm,

I fucked her like that for 10 min, and almost both of us came at the same time. I collapsed on her body and my cock was still in her pussy. After sometime she pushed me aside and got dressed and kissed me on lips and my cock and told me that we ll do this whenever we get chance and left. I was still on the bed for some more time and got up and had bath again and went to meet my friend. Guys this is my story please bear my mistakes and give me your feedback. As I told you earlier, story is fiction but characters are real.

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