Hot Kareena Kapoor Got Fucked
Hello!!!!!! gals & lesbians(hello! guys),writer wishing you a very happy & This is horny day. I welcome U all to read sexual incident happend really.This isa true story which can happen in real life.

One friday night i went to bed early in a happy mood as the next day was a holiday for my college. In my sleep i was dreaming like i was sailing in a luxury ship in some unknown sea. I was taking a walk along the deck, in a dark night, when i saw a young sexy woman standing alone in the corner of the deck. She was facing away from me & she look splendid in a green color skirt which came upto her knee revealing her sexy white legs & her structure, her big ass & everything disturbed me. I walked towards her to make friendship with her. Suddenly she turned back. WOW!!! it was the gal who distrubed many youngsters, I couldn't belive myself it was the sexy slut KAREENA KAPOOR. She looked pretty horny in real life, with a big boobs & a impression of her nipple inside her T-Shirt which made me sweat.

I was in craze of her when i saw her with skimpy clothes in ASOKA & her rain dance in CHAMELI. I felt eroctic when i saw complexion, her tender boob & that lovely navel etc. I felt hard-on whenever i saw her pics.

She smiled & asked "Where are we?". I stammeringly said some place which i dont' remember. She indicated the clouds & said "Will there be a storm today? I'm afraid of rain & thunder!!!". I said in a much better voice "it seems, but how did you manage in CHAMELI?". She giggled & said "That's artificial, bye-the-bye what's your name?". I said & she continued "I feel lonely here & no-body knew me, I felt glad when i saw you. I came in this ship after my holidays in Singapore.". Then we chatted for some-time on cinemas, bollywood, our personal life etc.when drops of rain fell & soon caught as a big rain. We hurried into our cabins before we got wet.

Then i went to sleep after dinner thinking of the sweet moments with kareena. Then a sound of bike was heard(??!!). When i woke up startled, i found myself in my room & on my bed, NO KAREENA, NO SHIP, NO CHAT, NOTHING. Smiling to myself, i tried to sleep, but i couldn't. So i spent the rest of the night thinking the continuation of my strange & sexy dream as follows.......

When i was sleeping(in the ship). I heard noises of thunder & people running in panic. When i got up, the ship was rocking severly & water began entering into my room. Terrified i packed my suitcase & went out. I froze to find me alone on the deck. Rain was slashing hard & it was pitch dark outside. Suddenly the ship caught fire & began to sink. Blaming my fate & believing my luck, i jumped into the sea & began to suffocate inside. Water entered to my nose & i thought i was going to die & decided to stay still, seeing the cold hand of death before me. Luckily a wooden wreckage floated my & i clang tightly to it with my suitcase & fell unconsious.

When i woke up(still in the fantasy), i found myself ashore in a small island. My hands searched for the suitcase & soon felt it nearby. I was tired & didn't want to get up. As i was lying down, i saw a figure running towards me, i can't see who that was but it came closer & closer & kneeled besides me, & shouted in joy "It's you!. Thank heavens! i got company!". That voice, that's her Kareena. I sat up startled & looked around.

It was a small island & no one were found nearby. No sign of mankind. But the island was full of trees & berry bushes. with a lake in the center. WOW! perfect for a holiday. Now only i looked at kareena. OH! she was awesome, her wet T-shirt showed her oulines of her bra & her skirt was extremely wet & sticky, revealing ample thighs & a well shaped legs. Soon i got up & we went deeper into the jungle.

It was a calm & quiet place. It was plenty of resources, making life a pleasure. Kareena broke the silence "Glad! i saw you. Iam worried about getting home. But it all depends on our luck. We need a house to stay here. We should build one as fast as we could. But first i need to bathe, I' feeling muddy all over". I was in a half asleep state listening to her say in a husky voice. She walked quickly towards the sea with her clothes. I too walked towards the other side, thanking heavens for such a situation. I planned to seduce her somehow within the ships come searching.

After bathing i saw her coming in a tight jean & a sky blue tight tops which came upto the lower hip. I was still dazing at her with wide eyes. I cannot take my eyes off her juggling boobs & her soft white hips. She asked me smiling "READY?!". I nodded & we began to work. We collected woods from nearby & began to build. Man!!! it was a huge task. Our bodies touch eachother often, which sent waves of pleasure through ourselves. Sometimes it lasted much longer. She was not used to such a task & sweated a lot. The drenched tops revealed the outline of a white bra making me hot.

Finally we completed & threw the luggages inside & sat down to relax. She lied down in tiredness. The tops moved up revealing her big & sexy navel, which i had seen only on the screen. She soon got up & asked "I have a idea. Why don't we write a big S.O.S on the sand?" & without waiting for me. She ran out & wrote a big SOS & came back. I smiled at her & said "Do you like this place?". she said "YES! I feel fresh. No cameras, no tensions, no fans etc just calm & peaceful. I like it." Then i said "OK! then what about your companion?". She was amused "HEY! I like you very much! I was afraid when i found myself alone here, but soon it was gone when i saw U." & continued "How do you feel?". I replied "Just! wonderful!, you know being alone with a beauty. this is the perfect situation where the filmi world show a hot item number". She laughed & said "Yes! i love item numbers. I feel aroused when the hero just grazes around my neck, grabs my hips & does stuff like that. I just long for those." I felt rather aroused & said "Hope! i was alone with my girlfriend here(i didn't have one. to seduce her i used this number), I would have had romance till we are bored of it & looked at her longingly". She too understood. "HO! so you long for sex isn't it. Am i not your GF?. Will you not seduce me?, fuck me & take off my virginity?. I long for romance & hard-core fucking. U know, i like U & i feel eroctic when i saw ur erection & when ever you touched me. I LUV U. Let's enjoy the game of sex alone here! come on! sexy". in a sweet & moaning voice.

YES! that's it. The moment of truth had arrived. With trembling hands i touched her hands & moved towards her shoulder. She came closer & she caught my zipper & opened it, pulling out my erect dick. I removed her tops & just snatched her bra to taste those tender melons. With a eager look i placed my hands on her slender white breasts & began to massage it. She inturn massaged & pulled my cock. I squeezed the boobs & rolled the dark nipples between my fingers. She gasped hard & the cock squeeze got more vigourous. I sucked the sweet nipples & enjoyed those plump tits to the full extent. We had a hot french kiss, with the toungues meeting each other. She massaged her breasts hard when i explored her neck & fondled her earlobes.

We lied down & we quickly undressed, becoming completely naked. We lied down on the cool sand. I slowly moved down towards her stomach & kissed her navel, dipping my tongue into it. I receded further south & caught her virgin pussy & played with it. She breathed hard, caressing her boobs & twitched her nipples. I explored her inner vagina & kissed hard her labia & her red, deep cunt. Enough of it now! I wanted to enter inside her. Slowly but surely i pushed my hard meat inside her. She moaned hard "AHHHH!!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!!! FASTER!! FASTER!!!". & twitched the nipples even hard.

I began to make to & fro movements, fucking her hard till she gets satisfied. I exploded my semen inside her which flowed down on the sand. I drew out & she sat on the doggy style. She caught my dick & led it towards her asshole. It's asshole fucking now. She moaned in pain but enjoyed the pain. I made the movements faster & faster i could. This went on for nearly 15 minutes. We overturned & tried out the 69 position. We caught eachothers' favorite spot & washed it with our mouth, exploding in eachothers' mouth. Satisfied we went inside the house & continued again like this for the whole day spending nude the coming days.

What a dream!. The dawn came. I got out of the bed thinking about the dream & longed that it would become true one day. It can't be possible i know. But you gals & lesbians can make it possible.

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