Home Alone With My Friend’s Wife
After enjoying an evening with my friend Dash I returned home at late night. I was tired, which usually happens after you have a sensuous evening with someone. I retired to bed, the next morning I could not get up to go for a walk and not surprisingly Dash was at my doorstep asking for my well being.

I invited him in and asked him to relax. While he was there I went in to refresh myself. I got out in less than ten minutes and we both started walking. Our morning walks continued normally but the talks were more erotic than ever. He used to ask me to invite some of my friends to his house since it is open and we three can enjoy together. But I was unsure as I did not have anyone known to me, in the city. I am a reputed physician and I can not indulge in such activities which will bring bad name to me. So I denied him.

One day his wife came back. Dash was sad. Because we could not have another session of sex. But then he kept asking me to invite him to my house so that we can have some intimate fun. But thanks to my busy schedule I did not get time to do this. One evening, after a little relaxed work force at the clinic I decided to call Dash home and spend some time together. I proceeded to his house. After a long calling bell his wife appeared. As we both were known to each other, she pleasantly opened the door for me. As I settled for the couch she informed that Mr Dash got an emergency in the cantonment and had to leave.

I was sad. I got up to go and when she started chatting this and that, all the womenfolk do. I also enjoyed her chatting. She insisted that I had dinner with her. As Dash was away. I could not say No. Let me tell something about Mrs Dash. She must be around 27-28 and very fair, little plumpy and very well mannered and cultured lady. She knew how to behave with whom. I never had imagined of having sex with her, until now. I don’t know how but I got this thing coming again and again to my mind that I can fuck her.

Casually I asked, “Dash Babu said, you watch Blue Movies together? Is that true?” She blushed and laughingly said, “This man can not keep a single secret.” I also laughed, while my eyes were doing a survey of her body. She had a perfect breast. I always admired, such type of breasts like soft, pecky and milky.

I said Dash is lucky to have got an understanding wife like you. He also said that you both enjoy sex daily. She laughed and said, “No. He must have joked.” I said, “No he said this to me. Infact he wanted to know how he can become a father.” She smiled and said “Oh my god, this man is impossible.”

Then she went into the kitchen to do some work while talking from there while I sat comfortably in front of the TV. I started to watch FTV, knowingly and started commenting the models. She soon joined and I said, “Why do not you try modeling? You have such nice assets.”

She laughed and said “Stop Flirting Doctor Saab.”

I said, “See these anemic girls do not have even a pair of Breasts and they walk the ramp like they are the most sexiest women. I do not know why these people like to see these carom boards.”

“Huh” She exclaimed “You seem to be enjoying them very much. Why do not you get married?”

I laughed and said, “Only If I get someone like You. I sure will.” She blushed. Then changing the way of the talks I said, “I would have really fucked you every night, unlike Dash. He is not a man enough. I think you know he is …” She stopped smiling. Quietly she left the room and went into the kitchen.

I was sorry for my talks and so I followed her to the kitchen and said, “Please do not mind me speaking all those rubbish. I did not mean to hurt you. I am so so sorry.”

She looked at me, she had tears on her eyes. I pushed a hand forward and cleaned the drops of tears from her eyes. And while I was taking my hand back she grabbed it and came close to me and held me tightly. Her hands were grabbing my back tightly and her pecky breasts were pressed on my chest. My penis got an instant erection which I was sure she was feeling between her thighs.

After a few seconds she looked up at me and closed her eyes forwarding her lips anticipating a kiss. And I did not wish to leave her wishes unfulfilled. I planted a kiss on her lips and before I could make any steps she had started biting into my lips and sucking them harder and harder. Our kiss had become an intimate pleasure we both were enjoying. My hands had started searching her body for all pleasure spots.

After few minutes she insisted we went to the bedroom and enjoyed this evening, while I denied that and said we better have it here in this room, while some good XXX movie is on. In no time the room was dark and the TV was running a hot XXX movie. She was nude and seating on the sofa with her thighs on my shoulder while I was on the floor with my head in between her thighs and my tongue tasting her sweet cunt. I was licking her pussy harder and she was moaning. And my tongue was teasing her clit often creating vibrations on her body. While I was sucking I bit her clit and she went to a violent vibration and shred silent after releasing her juice. Her cunt had become very slippery and she wanted me to push my dick into her cunt.

I stood up and indicated her to give me a good blowjob and she eagerly put my dick into her mouth and started sucking it really hard and fast. In some ten minutes I pushed her back while my semen wet her chest and face. She went to the toilet to clean herself. When she returned we sat on the sofa nude in arms. She was silent and me too, while we were watching the Blue movie on TV my hand was busy tickling her clits and I could feel her hole becoming slippery. While she was stroking my dick with her hand.

In some fifteen minuted my dick had become hand as rock and I asked her to get a condom for me. She slept on the sofa and I rode her. I pushed her legs in air and pushed my dick into her love hole, which was not so tight. Of course dash rumped her daily. So I went on slow with my pumping and running. She had grabbed my waist and was [rushing it into her vagina as forcefully as possible. I stroked her slowly for some time. Then my speed started to take off.

I was getting tired, and she was getting sick sleeping on the sofa so I asked her to ride me and she eagerly jumped and sat on my dick and jumped up on me, that was very painful but was enjoyable. I enjoyed her riding me. But I would no longer be able to tolerate the pain and so I asked her to kneel down on the floor with her arms on the sofa and entered her from back as I did with Dash while fucking his ass. And this gave both of us some relaxation and I was happy fucking her while grabbing her breasts in my hands.

I pushed her on bed and slept by her side and putting one of her breasts in my mouth I started cupping the other and this made her moan and groan and I knew this is her erotic spot and so decided to kill her by biting the nipples while fingering her cunt and in less than five minutes she was violently shaking and it is then I again pushed my rod into her cunt and this time started stroking her hardest. And in ten minutes we both were cumming together. She had become silent of tiredness and me too. She quickly got up and ruched to the bathroom to clean herself while I lay there on the sofa.

After ten minutes She was ready in a new dress and fresh, and was asking me to serve the dish for diner and I laughingly said I want to eat you and she said with some shyness, Oh sure you can, but first have some dinner and make some energy. I am not going to leave u home tonight. Unfortunately I had to leave her alone that night as I had to return to my home. But then our relationship had become very strong. Every morning we would walk together. And although I am not getting time to meet Dash due to my busy schedule, I never disheartened Mrs Dash.

You Know you must not dishearten a lady.

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