Helpless Mother Fucked
I never thought I will jump up with joy when my uncle called me from India and said my dad had passed away!I almost said "Yes" on phone but controlled myself and continued being sorrow! It was not because my dad was abusive or something! He was the best dad I could have! For that I was greatful to him! The main reason I was happy on his death was my mom! Yes my mom!

I had my eyes on mom eversince I hit puberty! My feelings triggered when I saw two dogs fucking outside my house. Me and my friends joked about it then but in few hours time, I was jerking off on my bed thinking how good it will be fucking a cunt! As I was doing it, my mom barged into my room. She quickly saw what was going and then went back saying sorry! I was pretty embarassed then but my mom's body caught my attention! Since then my mom was my lover during my wanking!

I felt guilty about it all the time but never stopped thinking about fucking her! Three years ago I came to US to do my MS after my engineering. I thought it would go away but infact my lust for her increased!And then about an year ago I discovered Mr. Double! The mother-son stories in here grew more on me and aggravated my lust for my mother more and more!

About six months ago I went to India to see mom and dad! I have to confess, for the first time, I felt sexually aroused when my mom hugged me at the airport. All the tiredness of journey vanished and I really wanted to molest her and kiss her on her lips then itself! But I controlled myself but my mind was constantly looking for a opportunity to grope her! As we got into the car, dad got in first and moved to the far end of the back seat. Then I got in and sat beside dad. Then mom got in holding my hand. As she got in and turned to sit beside me, I moved my hand around her waist and rested my hand on her midriff. All this part happened naturally but as I touched her naked flesh of her midriff, my pervertness took over. Unknowingly, I caressed her midriff and pinched it a little. I donot know if mom observed it but was busy sitting properly in the car.

Dad, mom and the car driver were busy doing their stuff while I lustfully played with mom's midriff.I kept my hand around her as it got squeezed between mom's naked back and the car seat. The touch of her naked flesh was driving me nuts! Mom and dad kept talking to me.I was answering them but I kept enjoying mom's body! I never enjoyed touching mom till then! I never thought of touching her lustfully before either!

That was the first day I touched mom with lust and since then I wanted more! And I never missed an opportunity when I got one! It was then I realised how much dad is around mom! He is retired now and almost all the time he is with her! He was always there when she changed, when she was taking shower, and even when she is in kitchen bending over to pickup something! Everytime I gawked at mother, I could feel his presence. That way I missed many opportunities and I could not enjoy mom's show! Whenever mom did something sexy dad was always there! How can I ogle at mom when he is around? I was afraid I might get caught! I got frustrated all the time.

But I always used 'natural' ways to feel her assets to get around dad's presence. At one instant, in our corridor, we were going out and somebody was moving a big fridge on wheels. It was occupying almost all of the corridor and coming our way.Mom wanted to get back into house but I told her to just squeeze. As I saw mom hugging the wall, she looked vulnerable! I took the chance and lined myself against her bum and pushed her a little towards the wall. I had instant hardon as her arse pressed against my crotch! Unknowingly, I thursted my crotch a little into her but I quickly took off after the fridge passed and hoped she didnot realise my bulge.

All the touchings infact increased my lust for her than appease it! As I grew restless I realised dad was not leaving her alone at any moment of time! I was obsessed with mom by then but could not get a single opportunity to take advantage of her!I was so obsessed I was even ready to rape her if I had an opportunity. At one instance, dad went out to get some milk in the morning and mom was still sleeping. As dad left, I closed the door and went and checked on mom. She was sleeping like a baby on her side. Unfortunately I could not see any of her naked flesh except her midriff but as I watched her I grew more horny! At that instant I really wanted to go and rape her.

I planned quickly and intensely on how to do it. My objective was mainly to fuck her cunt. So my easy way was to loosen her saree and lift her pettycoat. If I could do that, then I can restrain her and spread her legs. I took off my sarong and got close to the bed. As I was climbing the bed, dad knocked the door. I was irritated and put my feet back on ground while mom got disturbed and turned my way. I got startled and took my sarong and got to the door while wrapping it. Dad did ask me why I took that long and I said I was pissing.

That was the closest I got to fucking mom. Dad never left her even for a moment and my obsession for her grew more. It became somuch, I said no to my marriage.

Mom and dad were really keen to get me married and were very dissappointed. I am thirty now and they were very worried I may not get any girl. I was desperate for a cunt but they cannot marry me with that cunt because it belongs to my own mother! But to please my parents, we went and saw some girls and I turned them all down. Mom was so tired with my turn downs, out of frustration, she asked me what kind of girl I was looking for! I told her I want someone exactly like her in freudian style! Mom was flattered by my words but said everyone is different! I said I will wait! She was not happy but I was adamant too!

So a month later, I am back in US! No wife but with a lot of unfulfilled luggage of lust towards my mother!It grew more over these months as I rang and talked to them! I wanted her somuch that when I felt like fucking her I used to ring her and masterbate while I talked to her.Nothing sexual or kinky but having mom on the otherside asking me how am I doing was enough for me fantasize that she is riding my cock! I was in control most times but when I loose it and moan on the phone, I used to say I was excersizing or something!

But I could not fool mother for long! Two months after my coming back to US, one night when I was masterbating talking to mom on phone, she told me to ring her the next day few hours earlier. I asked her why and she said she wants to talk to me then.

Then the next day, I rang her up! This time I was not masterbating as I thought it might be serious!After sometime mom said she wanted to talk to me in private! I asked her where dad is! She said he went to bazaar! Then I asked her what does she want to talk! She came right to the point! She said "I know you are masterbating when you are talking to me!"

I was shocked!Instinctively I denied it! I asked "No!...Hell no!... what gave you that idea?" Shame and guilt struck me! She said "You cannot escape from your mother! I know you do that! I even know your deeds with me when you came here!"

"What deeds?" I asked.

"I know everything Ramesh! Those peeps when I am changing! Those 'brushings' against my body! I know!"

I was sweating by then! All the things I thought I escaped from were infact being counted by mother!

I felt I was caught and I came clean! I said "Sorry mom!"

She said "I didn't wanted to say anything because your dad was always around. All these days I have been thinking but expected they will stop! I explained myself may be you missed me somuch you got attracted to my body! But seeing you continue after going back was a bit awkward to me! Initially when I guessed you are masterbating talking to me, I felt disgusted. But as you were continuing, I had to talk to you!"

Before I said anything she said "I know its hard for you Ramesh being unmarried even at thirty! But we gave you options and you rejected them!It is unhealthy to think about your own mother as an object of desire! It is also sinful!"

"But I love you mother!" I came to the point.

"I love you too! But our love cannot be forbidden!"

"But I want to be close to you as dad is!"

"You are already close to me more than your dad Ramesh! You are born from and fed from me! Your dad cannot be as close as you are to me!"

"But I want to be closer on bed too!" I bit my tongue!

"No Ramesh!" Mom asserted. "Mother and her matured son don't get closer on bed!"

"Why not?"

"Because it wrong!"

"Why is it wrong?"

"Because I am you mother! Because I am your dad's wife Because..."

"But people commit incest, people commit adultry!"

"But I am not!"

There was a brief silence between us.

"We should get you married!"

"I will not marry."

"Its not your decision anymore!"

"It is mother!As same as your decision on adultry!"

"Adultry and marriage are not same you idiot!" mom screamed.

"They may be different but making decision about them is same!"

"Why are they..."

I interrupted her saying "I am not listening anymore mother! I will not marry anybody and I love you! I love you....I love you....I love you! Don't ask me and bug me again!" and I hungup on her.

I was not very dissappointed as I sought of expected that response from her. But I was determined I would not call her again until she gets back to me. I knew she would get back to me as she is my mother!

But two weeks passed and there was no call from mom and dad! I sought of missed talking to them. I started feeling I might have hurt mom bad! I wanted to give them a call but my ego said no! After three weeks or so, I got an email from dad's friend saying dad wanted me to call home.

That evening I rang home and mom lifted the phone. I immediately asked her to put dad on! Mom asked dad to get the phone. I knew dad lifted the second phone as they always talk in parallel to me. I asked dad all the stuff. He asked me why I am not talking to mom and I said theres nothing like that. He said mom was sad that I did not ring her for solong. I said I got busy. Mom tried to talk to me but I didnot reply her. I kept talking to dad!
After a while mom went away for a while and came back saying she put teapot on the stove. We kept talking for a while and then mom asked dad to go and check on the tea. As dad went away, I wanted to hang up but dad told me to hold. Mom then said in low voice "Okay..Okay you win! Call me this tuesday when your dad goes to market!"

I said "Yep! You say like this and then preach me!"

She said "No not this time! I won't!"

I said "Okay!"

Dad came a little later and lifted the other phone and said "So you are back talking now!"

We kept talking for a little more and then hung up. That day was a Sunday and I eagerly waited for tuesday.

I eagerly calculated my time that tuesday evening and rang mom up! Mom pickup up and I asked if dad is gone! She replied he did! I then asked her whats the matter! She said she has been thinking about my buttheadedness all those days! "I knew what you were asking is forbidden and unlawful!" she said. "But I do realise how much you must love me to stay celibate rather than marry somebody! So I decided I will let you have your way!"

I couldn't believe what I heard! I said with excitement "Really mom! You will..."

"Yes!" she said. "I had enough of silence from you! I would rather accept rather than go without talking to you for months!"

I knew I caught her by not ringing her! "Tell me you are like me mom! You can't live without hearing my voice!"

"You won't understand a mother's love Ramesh!" she said "All these physical attractions are beyond her love!"

"I know mother!" I said smiling. "But you cannot live without hearing my voice!" I teased her.

"Whatever!" mom said. "Seriously Ramesh! I realised how important your call is for this mother!"

"Important than your chastity mother?" I was still cheeky.

"To a mother, her son is more important than herself! What is more important in this physical world?"

I became serious too! I said "Thanks mom! Now you realise how important you are to me!"

"Then why do you want my physical body?" she spurted out.

"To union with you once and for all mother!" I was surprised for my own answer!

"Wow! Great way to say I have hots for you mother!" she said smiling.

I felt dumb!

"So you have hots for me huh?"

"Yes...."I said shyfully.

"You dream everynight?"




"But you didnot see me naked anytime? Did you?"

"No! But I have my imagination!"

"You think I am sexy?"

"Sexier than love goddess!"

"Wow! Thats a complement!"

"No mom! I swear!"

" do you always have .....?"

"Have what?"

"You know!" she hesitated. "have sex?"

"Yes mom!" I said with shy.
I felt awkward. I quickly changed the subject. "So why did you decide to accept my offer mom?" I asked.

"Because you wanted me to! Didn't you?"

"Yes I did! But you weren't before!"

"Well I missed your calls and I thought I might as well give you what you want to keep me happy! A little phone sex wouldn't harm anybody!"

"Phone sex?" I was puzzled.


"You mean you will just talk to me on phone and nothing else?"

"What else?!"

I knew she is smiling inside enjoying taking me for a ride.

"Then I don't want it mom! I am hanging up!" I said affirming.

"NO..NO...don't hangup! I was just kidding!" mom laughed.

I laughed with her too and then mom stopped laughing as she heard dad come in. We stopped talking our topic and I ended up talking to dad for a while before I ended the call.

Since then, tuesdays have become my talk-kinky-to-mum day with mom. I used to jerkoff talking kinky to her!

For the next two months we kept talking everything from xxx jokes to erotic stories on mr.double. I sent some money sothat they could get a computer. I got her a private email and started sending her sex pictures. It was a dream to share my sex pics with mother and it came true. Mom managed to watch them when dad was not around her.

My lust for her increased even more! At some instances I just wanted to go to India just to fuck her!

I have come to a situation where a thought of the word "mother" would give me a hard-on. Then on that fateful day, my phone rang. Infact I was masterbating when I got the phonecall about my dad's death.Thats why I was jumping with joy! Although I cursed myself being so insensitive later!

I had to confess that more of my lust than my sorrow took me back to India. I knew I needed atleast a month to take care of everything there!I didnot know the mental status of mom! I thought even if she grieved for the first two weeks, I could seduce her in the next two weeks! But I got only three weeks of leave. I was dissappointed but I decided I will not return to US without having her pussy juices on my cock! Worse comes worse, I decided to rape if she rejects me.

As I was on the plane, the nakedness of my mother surpassed my thoughts of dad. I had to seriously make effort to remember my best times with dad over and over again to make me sorrow when I landed in India! Mom didn't come to the airport but my uncle came. We went home and mom collapsed in my arms. There was nothing sexual then. Infact I became a normal son as soon as I saw her cry!I cremated dad, and performed lots of rituals the next day! I watched mom cry all the time, hugged her a lot more times but no feelings.

But that evening when I told everyone that I got only three weeks leave, I realised I have to hurryup if I wanted to conquer my mother on bed! The thought of it got my attention onto mom's body and I insisted to sleep with mom that night!As incestuous as it seemed for me and mom, others thought its just the son in me speaking. They said they understand me but they said I am tired and cannot handle my grieving mother! I thought of it for a while and did not put pressure.
So that night, I slept on my parents' bed all by myself. That gave me an opportunity to sniff my mother's pillow and masterbate on my mother's underwear! The nextday morning I was woken up mom's whisper. As I opened my eyes and looked at her beautiful face, she smiled and said "Give me my underwear before anybody sees them!"

Those words brought me back to this world. Before I said anything she continued "Wait until this evening! Don't spoil until then!"

We had dad's third day ceremony that day and it was very busy! I didnot have time think about mom's body except few times when I saw her drop her pallu once and her curves from her side as she bent to handover something to the priest. I could see her blouse lined breast curves and her naked midriff clearly. I was performing my ritual to dad at that time but couldn't stop thinking about his wife sexually!

By that evening people started leaving us one by one consoling us not to cry anymore! By about 5pm everyone was gone and house was very silent when we saw off my uncle and aunt.

We closed the door and both sat on the lounge silently for a while. After a while mom asked "Did you sleep well lastnight?"

As I said "yes" to her she continued "Saw you kept my underwear very wet!"

I didn't knew if she meant it in a sexy way!

She then said "I thought you became normal as I expected you to molest me when I hugged you the day you landed! But I realised you were acting before when you said you wanted to sleep with me lastnight! Gosh! So eager to sleep with your dad's wife on the night of his cremation?" mom smiled.

Before I opened my mouth she continued "I knew you didnot come for him! You came for me! Thats why I arranged for you to sleep alone on our bed! I knew the next best thing of me is my bed and my underwear! Thats why I had to getup early today because I was afraid that somebody will figure out that you are spilling your cum on my underwear! I donot know how many times you cummed on them but they were very wet. I quickly had hide them away!"

"What can I do mom? I got only three weeks!" I said.

"So then its true that you have come to bed me not to cremate your father!"

"I have come for both mother!" I confessed. "I know when I cremate dad, I will only be the man in your life!"

"But even then you thought three weeks will not be enough to steal your mother's chastity?"

"I knew you probably would be grieving on dad atleast for two weeks or so!"

"But still you tried to sleep with me lastnight! Do you think I give you what you wanted?"


"Then how did you expect that I will sleep with you yesterday?" mom became serious.

"Since I have less time, I thought...I could...force you" I hesitated.

"What?" mom screamed! "You thought you could force me? You mean rape me?"

I was silent.

"Answer me Ramesh!" mom became fierce.

"I am sorry mom!" I apologised.

"You wanted to rape your mother that night you cremated your father?"

I was silent.

After few seconds mom said "Do you know I kinda guessed the samething too?"

I was surprised and looked at her. She said "Yes! As soon as I heard that you are coming here, I knew my chastity is on the line! Given your obsession for me, I expected you would get me to sleep with you despite my grief! I sought of expected you will rape me if I protested! Thats why I thought you will take advantage of me when I hugged you but surprisingly you didn't!"

I smiled at her!
She smiled and said "So you thought I would grieve for your dad for two weeks only? He is my husband Ramesh! I would grieve for him all my life! But I am a mother too! I am sad of loosing my husband but I have a son too! And I have to take care of him! They both are different!"

I was happy hearing those words from her and said "So will you take care of your son mother?"

"Well, if he demands!" she said smiling.

"Then he needs your care now mother!" I gotup, knelt on the floor and crawled on the floor towards her.

"No! I can't I am greiving right now!" mom said smiling.

I then held her legs with my hands and pulled her down saying "You can grieve while taking care of me!". She screamed and slid towards me from the sofa to the floor.As she slid her saree crumpled up to her thighs along with her pettycoat revealing her hairy legs and her thighs.

I further pulled her towards me and I got closer to her. She was still leaning on her neck against the sofa as I said "He wants you now no matter what mother!" and then pulled her pallu off her chest. Mom was smiling shyfully as I was amazed by a look at her cleavage. She then said "Will you rape her then?"

It was then I realised she has a hole between her thighs as he saree crumbled up and formed one lump. I then put my right hand on her inner thigh as I ogled at mom's cleavage and slowly moved up her inner thigh. I could feel mom's breathing got harder as her chest started expanding. I held mine to concentrate! After a while I could not wait any longer so I quickly grabbed her naked pubic mound and looked at her face. Mom gasped as I firmly held her hair covered mound and said "I can do whatever I want with you and nobody can stop me!"

Mom said nothing. Possibly started enjoying already. I leant forward and kissed her on the lips while pushing my right hand between her legs to explore her pussy. She tried to widen her legs but were constricted by her clothes. I waited until I had full pleasure of my first lustful kiss with my mom while still rubbing my hand against her pussy. Then I realised I was going nowhere down at her pussy and also how frantic I am! Everything, my first woman, my own mother,cupping my mother's mound and then the kissing... everything shot me to heights. But then I decided I will have to make my first time with my mother last longer.

As I paused to cool down a little, mom opened her eyes trying to find out why I stopped! I asked her gasping "Do you want to do it here or shall we go to bed?"

She said "Your wish!"

I was very excited seeing her in her present position.Her uncovered blouse brought her older tits together and gave me a nice cleavge view as she sexyly leant on the sofa edge balancing herself with her two arms either side. Her saree and pettycoat was crumbled up to her upper thighs as my right hand feeling her mound between her legs. I dreamt of scenes with mom but never thought they will be real!

I looked at her and said "Lets takeoff our clothes here and then we will go to bed!"

She then sat straight and started unhooking her blouse. I could not believe she was doing everything I say! I looked at her tummy and started pulling her saree tangles off.Its easy to disrobe a saree! Just pull out the front tangles and three-fourths work is done. While I was doing it she told me "takeoff your clothes..they will take longer!"

I guessed mom was right! I was wearing a lalchee pajama. Both are long and tight but I was quick in pulling them off! As I took off my lalchee, I took off my underwear with it. My cock sprung out as it got loose!
I threw my clothes on sofa and looked at mom! Mom by now completely removed her blouse as her breasts were hanging out a bit. They were a bit smaller than I last saw them few years ago. They were a bit wrinkly but still possessed that sexyness. As I got lost in her toplessness, I realised she removed her saree and untangled her pettycoat and was about to push the pettycoat down. As it came just below her pubic hair line. I asked her to stop. She stopped and looked at me. I said "I want to uncover my mother's forbidden genitals myself!"

She said "Good! I am having hardtime pulling it off!" and balanced on her arms to lift her hip gently! I then knelt before her and pulled off her pettycoat. As it revealed more of her womanhood, I was watching at it in awe! As her triangular part completely came to view, mother sat back on floor and I pulled off the pettycoat off her legs and threw it on the sofa.

As I looked at mom's forbidden area, mom got a little shy and got her legs together. I looked at her and said "Now we are real mother and son mom! No clothes between our flesh!"

As she looked at me with shy, I stepped between her legs and knelt pushing her legs apart. Mom was still trying to keep her thighs together as I eagerly leant forwards to suck her breasts. As I leant forward, I kissed her between her breasts and took her right nipple into my mouth.As I sucked and started licking her nipple, I cupped her other breast with my right hand and started gently squeezing it. Mom closed her eyes and started moaning a bit.

After a while, I interchanged the breasts. Her nipples by now are rock hard and protruded out. After having enough fun with her tits, I slowly started moving down by kissing her tummy. As I reached below her navel area and to her pubic area, mom started widening her legs. As I reached her pubic bone, I lifted her legs by her knees and spread them.Mom slided rightwards and then laid on the floor saying "I thought you wanted to go to the bed!"

I said "We will...for the climax!"

Mom opened her eyes and said "I thought you finished kissing!"

I said "Not yet! my sexy mother!" and then headed straight to her clit and caught it with my lips. Mom moaned loudly in pleasure as she didnot expect it and few seconds later, she orgasmed. I kept playing with her clit as her moans increased. After a while, I then started licking her pussy lips and then pushed my tongue into her. Few moments later she orgasmed again! I could feel her pussy getting wetter. I actually thought woman have dry vaginas after menopause but mom's excitement was getting it wet enough!

Mom was moaning like hell as if her own husband is having sex with her! I heard her moans when dad and her were having sex but never this many and this loud.As she gave another moan to signal her another orgasm, I stopped licking her and looked at her face. A moment later she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

I smiled back holding my dick with my right hand. She looked at it
and asked me "Do you want to go to bed?"
I said "Yes!" and stoodup. I then leant a hand to lift mom up and then hugged her close and kissed her. After the kiss we slowly started moving together to the bedroom. Mom asked me "Where did you learn all that?" I said "Books!" and kept kissing her shoulders while taking small steps to to the room. "It was a great experience!" mom said. I said "Why? Dad didnot do it?"

She said shyfully "No!" By then we reached the bedroom. I got off the our hug and said "You mean dad never had oral sex with you?" She went and sat on the bed while I closed the door and said "You were the first one to lick my cunt!"

I turned to her and said "Poor dad! He missed tasting your sweet cunt!"

She laid on the bed the bed saying "I could be sweet one for you and yukkie for others!" and smiled.

I came to the bed saying "Your cunt! Yukkie! Impossible!"

Mom said restlessly "Just get on the bed and make me your wife!" while rubbing her cunt.

My dick sprang up more as I saw her rubbing and jumped on the bed and knelt between her knees. She spread her legs wide as I said "Do you want me to lick you again?"

She said "No! Just shutup and put your rod in me!"

I felt proud as she begged me graciously to fuck her! I then held my dick with my hand and lined it up with her hole! I then pushed forward as my dick pierced her cunt lips to bury itself inside her! Mom moaned again as I dig deep in her until my balls touched her body.

The moment I have been dreaming for years was finally before my eyes. My own mother is underneath me, naked, and my dick is fully buried in her cunt! She closed her eyes as if meditating on our ultimate union.My mother, my dear mother who brought me to this world as a tiny 4kg baby is now taking my manhood inside her as a normal woman! The same cunt muscles that pushed me out are now massaging my cock! I never thought it would be real!

As I instinctively pulled out my dick my first action of fucking my mother began! It was a starting of whole new relationship with mom! It was start of whole new life for my widow mother! I had to close my eyes too and concentrate myself on our union too! The union of female and male! The union of yoni and lingam!

As I concentrated and thrusted my cock deep into her, it was as if I was in dream but only the fucking is real. I increased the speed as I gained more control.As I reached my utmost speed I opened my eyes to see mom looking at me. Her whole body is vibrating as her tits were showing it more clearly. Then I had my whole nervous system loose on me as my dick, for the first time, orgasmed in a real cunt! I pushed my dick in and grunted as first load emptied into her. Then my dick spasmed as it dropped my other loads and I fell on to her huffing and puffing.

I donot know how long we laid on top of each other while we gathered some breath and my dicked emptied itself in her. As I got some energy, I looked at mom. Mom smiled at me as always! I then said to her smiling "You are mine mom! You cunt is mine!" I wanted to tell her I can talk raw with her!
She smiled and said "I have no choice!Remember I am a widow!"

I said moving onto her side "The day I heard dad passing away, I knew you will be mine!"

"But you didn't expect to fuck me on the third day did you?" mom asked.

I said "Yes! I thought will take atleast two weeks!" as I settled myself on the bed.

"Do you know I was thinking of you the evening your dad died?" mom said adjusting herself.

I was surprised and said "No! How...?"

As I came home from the hospital, you uncle and aunt came with me. I was very depressed but you uncle told me to get to bed. While I walked into this room and closed the door, his memories all came to me. As I slept on the bed, I looked at his side and felt a big void. I remembered all the things we did right from our marriage to getting pregnant with you. It was then my thoughts changed and I reminded of you. Then as I looked at your dad's side of the bed, I swear, I saw you there smiling at me! I was excited and ashamed at the same time! It was then, I thought, your dad's place will not be vacant for long. I was ashamed of myself thinking about you and that too wrongly on your dad's death. I tried to stop my thoughts and worry about your dad but the harder I tried the intensive were the thoughts."

I was listening to her with awe while she continued.

She said "I liked the perverted side of my thoughts! I imagined you sleeping naked with your widow mother!But then I realised it could become true! I remembered you saying you didnot try because dad was always around! Now that your dad is dead and you were coming from US, I became a helpless woman! I realised it would be matter of when rather than an if that I would be sleeping with you like a wife rather than a mother! It was then I also thought you will probably rape me if I protested you! At that instant the pressure of loosing my chastity to you took over my grief of your dad!"

I got serious and said "I am sorry mom if I made you feel that way!"

Then she said "But as guilty as I was, I enjoyed thinking about you and me! At one instant, I even thought by that time next week, I will probably be sleeping with you with your semen in my vagina! And that took me overboard as I shamelessly touched myself! There I was on the night of my husband's death, sleeping on our bed and masturbating thinking about my son doing me! How kinky and slutty can I get?"

After a breif silence, she said "It was not until I had my orgasm, the grief hit me in full force! I cursed myself and cried and cried. It was then I decided I will keep thinking about my life with your dad always! Ofcourse it wasn't hard in the mornings as everbody was there! When I saw you the next day, my thoughts came back but I couldn't with hold myself without falling into your arms. Your passiveness calmed me down a bit but your proposal to sleep with me lastnight brought my thoughts back! Before your uncle said no, my heart was running fast as I thought 'this is it!' They donot know your motto but I do!" I said "So you thought I will rape you that night?"

She said "Yes!I knew there is no escape from my horny son once they put you and me in this room and close the door! I knew I was destined to sleep with you but I was afraid it would be leakedout to our relatives. I could shut my mouth and let you spread my legs naked on this bed but could not imagine it being leaked out! What would they say? That I am a son-lover and slut who get fucked the day after her husband's death! How would they know I have been raped when I silently let you rape me?I was ready to accept you as a lover but not ready to get branded a slut and a son-fucker among our relatives!"
"I would mom!" I said.

"You would what?" mom asked.

"I would love to be branded a mother-fucker!" I said. "I would love to say to that world that I fuck my mother and will fuck her forever!"

"But you are male Ramesh!" mom said.

I kept quiet.

She continued "You are male! You can say anything you want to the world. You can tell them you are fucking your own mother and even pull me to the street and rape me when everybody is watching! You will fill me up, wipe your dick, and walk away from me! But I will be lying there raped and will be picking up the pieces. The next day, you will be a hero that conquered your mother's motherhood! But I will be a slut! Every man's eyes will be on my breasts and my crotch ogling at me like I am a hooker! They won't even think I am old! Everybody will want a piece of me! I am sure even my own brother would like to strip my saree!"

"So you don't want me to tell anyone about us?" I asked.

"No!" mom looked at me as if I am stupid! "I am sleeping with you wilfully doesn't mean you can tell the world about it!You are in India Ramesh not US! No one will know except the three of us!"

"Three of us mom?" I asked., me and your dad!" mom said.

"But dad is not here!? You mean you told him before?" I asked.

"No I didnot tell him but your dad will certainly know!"

"You mean dad would be here with us now?"

"Yes! I am sure your dad is with us now!" mom said.

I felt spooky!I said "So you think he saw us having sex?"

"I am sure he did!"

"Don't you feel bad?"

"Bad? No! Infact I want him to see! He is the one who left me alone and he will feel for leaving me helpless!" she said.

"But you also enjoyed our sex?!"

"Yes I did! But my helplessness dragged me into this!If he was here then it would be him sleeping with me and you would sleeping in your room!"

Before I said anything she continued "But he left me now! He didn't come when you pulled me from sofa to the floor! He didn't come to rescue me when another man's hand cupped my mound! You even challenged him when you named your mother's mound as yours! He is nowhere to be seen when feasted on your mother's forbidden breasts and pussy! He didnot even obstruct you when you took me to his bedroom! You parted my thighs and inserted your manhood into me and he didn't say a word! You brutally committed incest with your mother and adultry with his

wife, he did nothing!So why do I care if he is here?" "Nice description mom!" I said twisting my dick as it started rising again. "But he might be helpless too!"

"Then let him watch his wife getting fucked and be helpless" mom said. "Infact, I want him to watchyou disrobe me and fuck me like your wife! I want him to see my orgasms with you and how many time you fill my cunt with your semen! I want him to know I was thinking of you the day he is dead!"

"He probably knows by now mom!" I said. "Because you said it already!"

She said "Thats why I want our relationship to be between us only!"

"It will be mom! I promise!" I said "Now give us a kiss!"

As we kissed, suddenly a garland from dad's photo hung on the top of the bed fell on both of us! We both were shocked. Mom looked shocked and I had to say something before she get hysterical. So I said "Do you know the meaning of this mom? Dad approves our relationship!"

Mom got scared realising dad could be really around! I could see her fear on her face! She said "Then..then he is around and I am.."

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