Hamari Kaamwali
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I asked Aunty to bring some oil. Aunty poured oil on her ass hole and massage my erected penis. I suddenly put inside her hole. It was too tight. But I was pumping. Saroj started to moan in Punjabi and dirty words.

Saroj: Oh madar chod meri bund na mar, bahut dard honda hai. Assi kadhi bund na marwayi...meri phat jayegi...main bekar ho jaungi...tu nahi jhara to didi ki choot mar le.

I : Kaise chhod du? Teri jaisi gand kisi ki bhi nahi hogi.
Saroj : Didi mujhe bachao….ooooooooouuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaa mujhe mar dala , uffffffffffffffff bahar nikalo plzzzzzzzz mein mar jaon gi ,mein mar jaon gi plzzzzzzzzz babbbal bahar nikal iii mmaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr dalaaaaaaaaa , hai meri bund phat gai offfffffff mein to mar gai rey uuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aram sey karo na ,…hoon mannu maza aan laga hai.

Aunty rubbed Saroj clit with one hand and with other hand’s fingers were inside the vagina.

Aunty : Babbal aj tak tumne mer gand kyon nahi mari. Ab meri gand bhi aise hi marna. Saroj sach bata maza aa raha hai ki nahi.

Saroj : aho…..Hoon mauzza hi mauzza …. Phuddi tou zyada…..oo maro zor nal jitni zor nal mar sakde ho ……babbbal…....hai twadda lund.... pelo aur pelo….aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss mein teri saali hoon... bibi hoon…randi hoooo….maam hoon…. Aunty hoon….. bahan hoon…. oooooon jaisay chahooooooo chod sakdey ho , hiiiiiiiiiiii kiya maza aa raha hai, rukna mat….zor nal aur zor nal..... ajj tak mein ney apni bund nahi marwai, mannu ki pata si ki is mein itna maza honda hai .

Saroj was getting out of control and at last she came with thrust ….I also came inside her…. with my cum, and my cum were oozing from her ass and getting mix with her cunt juice and all collected on the hand of aunty who was fingering Saroj at that moment. Aunty rubbed the Saroj’s hips with the juice she collected in her hand saying that she was putting the best cream on her hips. Suddenly one idea came to my mind. I asked aunty to arrange some cream next day so that we could enjoy together.
Next day morning Aunty came to my room to ask what to do with cream as Saroj was shortly leaving for Ludhiana. I suugested to Aunty to persuade Saroj to leave after two hours so that we can enjoy cream fucking. I told aunty that I would drop her at Bye Pass from where she can take bus to Ludhiana.

Then I went to their room. Saroj was waiting for me in her nice purple Punjabi Suit.
I: Main aapke bade bade mammo ek baar phir dekhna chahta hun, yeh mujhe bahut achhchhe lage.
Saroj removed her Punjabi Suit underneath there was no bra. I saw her beautiful maasive tits and took off my clothes. Saroj was just glancing on my erected cock with greedy eyes. She got up from sofa and took it in her hand. My hands were sliding down and palming Saroj’s ass lightly. She was pressing herself tightly against me. Her hands were roaming over my back and shoulders. Her face got flushed red and the wetness between her legs was growing. My hands were brushing against her soft skin. I was kissing her breasts. My hand slid between her legs, cupping her sex triangle. I dipped my head and licked between her soft folds. Her hands grasped my hair as her knees went weak. She leaned forward using my body as a support. I sucked her engorged clit and she moaned softly, trembling. She dropped to her knees to return the favor. Kissing my stomach, nuzzling my hardening cock, her tongue snaked out, licking the head softly. Her lips closed around the head and she sucked my length into her mouth. I put my on her head, tangling in her long hair, twisting, and pulling. She sucked harder. Suddenly my hands on her hair pulled her mouth away from my cock.

Saroj : Mennu bas chod de, mennu yeh khel nahi pasand , mennu tera loda chaida hai.

I asked Saroj to control for a while and advised to apply cream first. I was putting cream on Saroj's boobs and she was putting cream on my cock. Then we saw Aunty was putting cream on her massive frontals and was laughing as me and Saroj were playing sexy holi with cream. Then she joined Saroj with lot of cream in her hand and massaged me. I was massaging their huge boobs and thighs and they were massaging my tits on chest and my cock.

We took more and more cream so that it became total slippery. Then I taught them sandwich massage. I was really very hot experience of getting sandwich massage between two booby ladies. Saroj was lying on floor, I was lying on her body and aunty was lying on me with her breast pressing against my back. It was too slippery that I could not enter Saroj’s pussy. Whenever I tried, I could simply swim between them. I changed my position with my cock between Saroj’s boobs. We played almost in all positions but Saroj was not able to control.

Saroj : Meri phuddi wich apne lund pa de. Chod de, mennu, yeh khel nahi pasand, main aur bardasht nahi kar sakdi.

I was enjoying this game fully but I had no other option. I fucked to her satisfaction. She gave usual sex noise in Hindi-Punjabi. After I came in Saroj’s cunt, my dick became limp. Soon Aunty became active and took my cock in her watering mouth. She gave me a blow job of an hour till I came into her mouth. I felt relieved and so felt both sisters.

Saroj looked very exhausted. Later I went to drop Saroj at Bye Pass for bus to Ludhiana. Saroj sat on the pillion of my motorcycle. Her boobs were pressing on my back. That was very exciting. She came a bit closer to me holding me by my waist giving more pressure of her fleshy and spongy boobs on my back. But agony is that I was going to drop her with separation feelings. On the she had my promise that I would visit to her house in Ludhiana and we would have great time again.

When I came back, Aunty was very happy and received me at door.

Aunty: Tune mujh par bada ehasan kiya hai Saroj ko chod kar. Uske pati ka karja chad raha tha mujh par.

I: Yeh to mera farz hai. Aap meri makaan maalkin hain. Aap ka kahana to main taal nahin sakta.

Aunty: Achhchha to tu mera ek kaam aur kar de. Meri ek Cream Sandwich chudai aur kar de.

I: Uske liye to ek ladki aur chahiye.

Aunty: Nahin Nahin, main chahti hoon ki tu apne kisi dost ke saath mera sandwich bana. 2 ya 3 lund se meri chudai honi chahiye, taaki main lund ka maza moonh mein, choot mei aur gaand mein ek saath le saku.

I: Ise sandwich massage nahin, burger massage kahte haim. Achhchha aunty kuchh sochta hoon.

Then I came back to my room with huge thoughts. How to find two strong males for my Aunty?

It was going very smooth and sexy with my aunty but it was interrupted one day when her nand (sister of landlord) came to stay there for one month. Her name was also Meena. Aunty introduced me to her as her new tenant and as a computer engineer. Meena wanted to know more about computer. Aunty told her that she could see it later as she is in Delhi for a month time.

Meena was a beautiful lady with thin structure but with proportionate breasts. She must be 34-22-32 and she used to wear saree and old designed full sleeve blouse that covered her tits. She should be in her late twenties. Her lips looked very fresh and juicy. I used to call her Buaji. Aunty cautioned me: “Meena ko apni chudai ke baare mein kuch nahin batana.”

I: Par mera man to use chodne ho raha hai.

Aunty: Tu pagal to nahi hai. Aisa mat karna. Wo Banaras ke paas ke gaon Gopalpur ki rahne wali hai. Shahar ki ladki nahi hai.Wo nahi khulegi.

I: Par is land ka kya karoon, yeh baithta hi nahin hai.

Aunty: Jo bhi karo, mauka dekh lena aur dhyan rakhna mera naam badnaam na ho.

I started thinking of fucking her if I got chance. I played all games of exhibitionist sex to her... showing my body, sometimes bulge in my underwear or towel. I saw her half blushed smile and thought this cow will definitely give her milk some day. I used to watch her taking bath but she used take bath in petticoat and blouse. After very difficulty I could see the roundness of her hips, curves of her boobs and sharpness of her pointed nipples through her wet clothes.

15 days were gone in just watchng her. Then I made a plan with aunty and asked her to go to nearby market.

Aunty: Meena, aaj tu babbbal se computer seekh le, main market ja rahi hoon, phir thodi der tere bhai ki dukan par baithungi.

Meena: theek hai bhabhi.

Meena entered my room with red silky saree with red blouse.

Meena: Zara aaj computer to dikhao, bhai ... bahut suna hai iske barre mein.

I was looking at her lustfully from tip to toe. She was not wearing bra under blouse as it was very hot.

Meena: Yun kya dekh rahe ho?

I: Aap bahut sunder hain, buaji.

She smiled. I was also wearing only white pyjama and nothing else. I started talking about all functions of computer and finally ended with web and sexy sites. I showed her the pictures of Saroj which I have taken during love making. She was getting excited and sweating. My cock was making tent in the pyjama. She was watching it very keenly.

Meena: Iska matlab ki tumne Saroj bhabhi ko choda hai?
I: Buaji, ismein bura kya hai? Wo bhi chahti thi aur mein bhi.
Meena: Meri bhabhi ko bhi choda?
I: nahin bua, nahin nahin. wo to bahut badi hain. Unke mamme dekhe hain?
Meena: Mamme matlab?

I lightly touched her boobs over her blouse and said this. Meena smiled.

Meena: Oh....choochiyan...aisa bolo na

I: Han choochiyan...aunty ki choochiyan itni badi hain, mein to haath mein nahi utha sakta...Chodne ka sawal hi nahin...
Meena: Saroj ki choochiyan bhi to badi hain?
I: chhoda na auron ki baatein, buaji, apni baat karo

She was totally blushed with sexy smile. I went forward and took her in my arms. She whispered in low and sexy voice:

Meena: Koi dekh to nahi lega?

I kissed her on her cheek and then took her in my arms and then carried her to main gate and bolted from inside and took her back to my room.

Meena: Ab chhodo na?

I: Kya matlab, Buaji.... Chhodo na ya chodo na.

She was laughing very loudly.

I: Batao na, bua ji kyon hans rahi ho?

Meena: kundi lagane ke liye mujhe utha kar gaye. Mein bhag thoda rahi hoon. Aur ye mujhe baar baar buaji buaji kyon kah rahe. Ek taraf to mujhe chodna chahte ho aur dusri taraf bua kah rahe ho. Bua ko bhi koi chodta hai kya?

I showed her some incest stories between mother and son, dewar bhabhi, sasur (FIL) and bahu (DIL), brother & sister and said it very common and more exciting. She was surprised over all this.

I: Waise bhi Buaji aap koi meri asli bua thoda hain. Aap kahein to main aap ko didi ya sali ya bhabhi ya biwi banakar bhi chod sakta hoon. Par pahle aapki ki ek photo le loon...

Meena: Mujhe badnam nahi hona.

I: Ok ..sirf tumhari choochiyon ki loonga... aur tumhari shakal nahi ayegi.

I showed her many faceless pictures and somehow persuaded Meena and she agreed. I set the camera in my hand asked her to remove blouse and show boobs. Very reluctantly she lowered blouse and pushed up her one boob out. I clicked. I was very excited see good nipples on nice boobs. I requested to show another one. She put it back in the blouse and showed right one also.
[Image: 113m19s.jpg]
[Image: 565m2GG.jpg]
[Image: 331m3mDG.jpg]
[Image: 779m46No.jpg]

I requested her to be totally nude. She refused and covered her bosom with saree. Then I dowloaded her pic on computer and showed to her. She started watching them with keen interest.
Meena: Are tumne to mujhe heroin bana diya?

After seeing the frankness of the village lady, I could not control myself and put down camera. I leaned over her so that I can touch her beautiful navel.

[Image: 576Bua7.jpg]
Then I started kissing her lips, cheeks, neck, ear lopes. I took her juicy lips in my mouth and sucked them. She was holding me tightly in excitement. I placed my hands on her bosom. I pressed her boobs over her blouse. It was really a great touch on my palms. Her breasts were fully swollen. I pressed them for quite some time and then I started removing her sari. Then I unhooked her blouse and kissed her boobs again. I rubbed my mouth on her fleshy boobs. She was just moaning. I slowly pulled down her petticoat.

Meena: Akhir tumne mujhe nangi kar hi diya....main jaanti thi..
I: Phuphaji kya bina nangi kare chodte hain?

She smiled sexily. She was looking at my pole in pyjama tent. My cock had become hard and stiff by that time. She was looking at the bulge.

I: To aap yeh janti thi ki aaj main tumhein puri tarah nangi kar hi doonga?

Meena: Kyun nahin janungi? Main kya koyi doodh peeti bachchi hoon jo yeh baat mere samajh mein nahin aaye? Main jab nahati thi, tum mujhe ghoorte the aur apnme kachhche mein apna khara loda mujhe kisi bahane se dikhate the, tabhi main samajh gayi thi aap mujhe chodne ki phiraq mein ho. Khair chhodo, ab apne mujhe nanga dekh hi liya hai to ab apna loda bhi dikhao na.

Then I pulled down my pyjama. She looked at my fully erect stiff cock stood in front of her. She smiled and tongued her lips looking into my eyes showing that she liked my cock.

Meena: Kya loda hai?
I: Delhi mein ise lund kahate hain.
Meena: Par main loda hi kahoongi....

Then I took her in my arms. Oohh, her body was really hot, soft and silky. My cock got further erected and stiffened. As I moved my mouth towards her lips, she moved her lips towards my mouth and offered them to me closing her eyes in ecstasy. I took her juicy lips in my mouth and sucked her lips. I kissed her lips for quite some time there. She also kissed me in great excitement. At the same time I was caressing her tits. They were very firm and tight. I went on playing with her tits.

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