Gorgeous Uma and lusty Kalyani Sex Story
The train stopped at Sholavandan my mother’s village early in the morning. I was visiting this place almost two decades later to say goodbye to my uncle (mama) before leaving for the gulf. Ambi as he was called was an old resident of the village and he lived in our ancestral house. I hired an auto to the main street predominantly occupied by Brahmins and reached my uncle’s house. It was the biggest one in the street with raised platforms in the front, a huge oak main door led into the inner courtyard and the corridors and the rooms and through the rear door to a large back yard. Two flights of stairs led to the rooms on the upper floors and to the two levels of terrace.
There were just four occupants in the house apart from the live in servants. My mama Ambi, his wife Parvati and their two lovely daughters Uma (22) and Kalyani (21); they were born just 15 months apart. Uma had just had a baby and had come for the delivery of her first child and Kalyani was engaged to be married to a cousin from her mother’s side.
As I alighted from the auto and entered the front yard through the wicker gate, Kalyani looked up from the Kolam she was drawing and her face lit up in recognition. She darted inside the house calling out to her mother. In a trice the entire family was out at the main entrance and they received me with great warmth.
“You recognize Uma and Kalyani?” asked my mami
“Ofcourse, I do, how lovely they have grown up to be!” I exclaimed.
“Your father is against consanguineous marriages, or else I would have got one of them married to you, Uma would have suited you fine, both of you are so fair and good looking!” said mama.
While Uma blushed, Kalyani’s face fell. She was the darker of the two but had such fine features that it would take one’s breath away. She was tall, slim at the waist and wide at the hips, dark eyes, a sharp nose and full pouting lips accentuated her facial features. Her breasts were rounded and large. The blouse and the bra she wore were struggling to contain them. She had lovely flat stomach and the shapeliest navel that I had ever seen on a woman. Looking at her gave me an erection. I wondered whether I would be able to kiss her let alone fuck her.
Pleasantries over Kalyani showed me to my room on the first floor. There was short flight of stairs up to the first level and another flight of stairs led to the second level terrace. The room opened out to one side of the terrace from where you could look at acres of paddy fields, banana groves and betel leaf groves that Ambi Mama an affluent agriculturist, owned. The others in the family were all sore with mama for taking over the entire ancestral property allegedly using forged documents, so not many in the family were in talking terms with him. He enquired about the well being of all a little ruefully.
“When will you be leaving for gulf?” asked Kalyani as she was leading me upstairs.
“Next week” I said, eagerly watching the seductive swaying hips, her flat stomach, navel and her breasts through the sides of her saree.
I unpacked, stripped off and pulled on my shorts and walked to the open terrace overlooking green fields. I heard a humming sound and turned find Kalyani putting her clothes out to dry. She had come in through the stairway at the back after having a bath and did not notice me on the terrace. Hidden from view I watched her put her clothes out to dry. She had tied her hair in a loose knot and wrapped a towel around it to let it dry, she had an inner skirt that showed wet patches of her juicy ass cheeks, she had covered her top with a towel and when she raised her arms to the clothes’ line I could see hairy underarms and shapely breasts. She was drying her hair when I sneaked up from behind and let out a low whistle. She looked around startled, saw me and quickly made for the stairway. In two rapid strides I was at the head of the stairway. She had no place to go so quickly darted up the stairway leading to the second level terrace. I followed her up there. She was silently staring out of the terrace when I approached her and hugged her from behind. She quickly turned to face me and hugged me. I bent down to kiss her, she eagerly responded and opened her mouth to meet mine and we kissed passionately. I led her to an alcove and seated her there and sat beside her. I kissed her again and gently tugged at the towel covering her breasts; she let me take it off with a slight whine of a protest. She was bare breasted and the juicy well formed breasts and the nipples were so inviting. I was determined to take her before any other guy laid hands on her. I fondled and squeezed her breasts. She let out an ‘aaahhh’. I kissed her a little more deeply and then kissed her neck, her shoulders and her cleavage and sucked on her nipples, moved down to kiss her stomach and navel.
“It’s rough here!” she said when I tried to lay her on the floor.
“Where do we do it then?”
“She brought her finger to her lips and led me toward an old camp cot on the terrace. She pointed to some old sarees that were on the clothesline and gestured to me to bring them over. I obliged. The bed was now ready and she beckoned to me in a sexy manner. I took her in my arms and kissed her all over her body and sucked her juicy breasts. She put her hand inside my shorts and felt my cock, “Oh my, how hard it is!” she exclaimed in a hushed tone.
I slipped off my shorts and tugged at the string of her inner skirt. It came off easily and I slid it off her revealing rounded well shaped ass, thighs and hairy pussy. She closed her thighs when I reached for her pussy. With a little coaxing she opened her thighs and I rubbed her pussy; she opened her thighs wider and as I rubbed her pussy dripped wet, she hugged me and rapidly thrust against my palm and fingers. All the while I held tight round her waist and sucked on her breasts. She was breathing heavily and I could feel her having an orgasm. I gently lay her down on her back, pulled her inner skirt all the way down and off her legs, spread her legs, put them over my shoulder, positioned myself between them and in one swift thrust entered her; she squealed and gasped, then pursed her lips tight, there were tears in the corner of her eyes. I thought I hurt her and tried to pull my cock out.
“No, No, keep it inside and thrust slowly” she said.
I slowed the pace of my thrusts and concentrated on in and out movements near the mouth of her vagina. ‘Aiiiiiiiyyeoo’ she said having another wave of orgasm. This time I thrust my cock inside and buried it deep. She grimaced but the expression turned to pleasure when pain was replaced by pleasure. After a series of rapid thrusts I came inside her. As I was lying exhausted on top of her breathing heavily she asked, “You came inside, you know I could become pregnant!”

“You could have stopped me!” I said
“You guys sound so sensible after you have released!” she said making a face
“How many guys have you fucked?”
“Eh, you are the first one, didn’t feel my virginity!”
“Oh yes, I did!”
“Don’t worry da, it is only one day before my period so nothing will happen!”
I liked her confidence. She quickly gathered her inner skirt and towel kissed me with a loud “uummma” and darted downstairs to attend to other chores.
I lay there on the camp cot for some more time enjoying the afterglow of the sensational love making session. I never realized that I would end up fucking within 4 hours of my arrival in Sholavandan.
Presently I got up and walked down to the first level terrace. I found the older sister Uma putting her clothes out to dry. She too was dressed or should I say undressed in the most provocative manner. Inner skirt with wet patches, hair tied loose in a towel and nothing on top except a wet towel across her shoulders that failed to cover her awesome milk tanks. I watched her for a while and then moved down the stairs. She heard me come down and turned back to see me and frowned. She realized that only a little while ago Kalyani had darted down and now I follow her. She smiled knowingly and gestured at me to stay where I was.
She peered over the stairs and called out, “Kalyani take care of the baby for while, won’t you?”
“Okay” called back Kalyani.
Uma darted up the flight of stairs towards me came close to me and said, “Your body is so well formed, you do yoga?”
“No, I go to the boating club”
“No wonder, you are so well shaped!” she said and felt my biceps and forearms.
“You also look terrific!” I said looking into her large eyes.
Uma was fair, dark curly hair, sharp nose with a black mole on her upper lip, full lips and well formed breasts, ass and waist. She had put on a little weight after the birth of her baby and looked a little plump around the middle and hips. Her breasts were large and full of milk.
She blushed and looked away.
“If you had married me, I would have taken you away to gulf”
“I always wanted but your father was against marriage among blood relatives,” she said ruefully.
I put my hands on her shoulder and pulled her gently towards me. She looked up; my lips sought and found hers. In between deep passionate kisses she motioned me up the stairs to the second level terrace and to the same cot that I had used to fuck Kalyani.
She looked at the cot and the crumpled clothes and asked me, “You did it to Kalyani?”
I nodded.
“You know she is engaged to Sundar?” she said in an accusing tone.
“But..” I protested
She put up her hand and said, “As a penalty do it me now!” she said with a naughty grin.
“This is the finest penalty ever imposed” I said and hugged her. She took the towel off her breasts and I was awestruck at the amazing size of her breasts. She pulled me closer and thrust her breast into my mouth and said, “Now, like a good boy, suck me!”
She made me suck alternatively at her breasts till they ran dry and moaned with pleasure when I was sucking them. “The child has to make do with powdered milk, now that the older one has sucked my dry” she said playfully pinched my cheeks.
I pulled her close and kissed her and undid her skirt revealing shapely thighs, buxom asses and hairy pussy. She held my cock and said “Seems Kalyani has sucked you dry, it will take some time to get it up!”
She made me lie on my back, bent over me and took my cock in her mouth and sucked expertly.
“You suck your husband’s cock?’ I asked
“Aiyeeo, that fellow cannot do at all, in the darkness he quickly pumps up and down, puts some juice into me and snores away.”
“I am here for one more day, come to me tonight, I will make you happy” I said.
“That will be second round, do something now!” she commanded.
“You like me licking pussy?’ I asked
“Never had it before” she said
I lay her on her back, bent her legs and spread them apart; leaned forward and nuzzled her pussy. Regular oil-baths, use of incense and turmeric had given her body an exotic odor. I inhaled deeply and thrust my tongue into her pussy and moved it in and out and licked the sensitive areas in the mouth of her vagina. Before long she grabbed me by hair and thrust rapidly into my face. My face was smeared with her juices and she groaned with pleasure. I wiped my mouth and face on her skirt; my cock had also got up to full glory by then thanks to her ministrations with her mouth and hand. I spread her legs again and thrust into her. She had had a baby so it was easy, she closed her thighs a little saying, “You won’t have much feeling otherwise, normal delivery know!” I thrust into her rapidly and vigorously and each time the thrust was harder bring out a “ouch, aiii, ammmaaa” out of her. Finally, I also came gushing inside her. Spent I lay on top of her breathing heavily.
“I have to go now; mom will be wondering what was I doing in the terrace for so long!”
“Tell her you were chatting with me!”
“OH, she is very shrewd, she knows I have the hots for you and would put 2 + 2 together!”
Within a space of two hours I had screwed two lovely women.
Kalyani offered to escort me to the temple; the normally chatty Kalyani was quiet and serious.
“Are you worried about what would happen?” I asked
“No, why?”
“You are so quiet, I thought you are worried”
“mmm I feel jealous, I know you also did it to Uma!”
“Well, she gathered that I did it to you and compelled to me do it to her also”
“Annhh, I know, I know, you wanted to do it to her also, so when you got a chance gladly fucked her”
“You always liked Uma more know?”
“Since you mentioned it, I always found it difficult making a choice, you are both so beautiful and sexy that I would have love to have both of you as my wives!” I said mischievously.
“Like the God there!” she said digging into my ribs with her elbows and pointed to Lord Muruga with Valli and Devayani.
“Indeed, Uma is the fair and gorgeous Devayani and you are the dark and earthy Valli, both having their own kind of sex appeal”
She laughed uncontrollably and said, “I will come to you this night again”
“What about the people at home?”
“Oh, the servants sleep in the outhouse, appa on the outside platform, mom in her bedroom, it will be easy to smuggle into your room, and I will ask Uma to keep watch just in case!”
“What will Uma say?”
“Oh, we share secrets you know, she told me long back that she had the hots for you and she also told me about her flopped sex life”
“But then, knowing she has the hots..” my voice trailed off.
“The only thing is you will have to fuck both of us before you leave for gulf!”
“No man has so much energy”
“Look! do it to me at 11 and to Uma at about 4, she will also suck your cock well and get it up”
Sholavandan goes to sleep pretty early, not many houses in the street had TV and those who had switched it off, middle class mentality, saving on electricity. Ambi Iyer retired to his cot on the outer raised platform, he loved natural breeze, and Paravti mami retired to her room on the ground floor. I later gathered that mama and mami had stopped sleeping together for more than 10 years now. This was after mami caught mama with the maid. Mami didn’t raise a stink; she quietly dismissed the maid and banished mama to the outside platform while remaining married for the public view, no wonder Uma called her mother shrewd.
There was a gentle knock on the door and as I looked up I saw the silhouette of Kalyani in the darkness. She came in quickly and noiselessly, she had taken of her silver anklets and walked on her tiptoes. I was in my pajamas and even in the darkness the bulge was discernible. She came into my arms and we hugged and kissed very passionately. The intensity of her passion took my breath away. I was only hoping that her fiancé would keep her satisfied otherwise it was going to be difficult to restrain this lusty woman. She pulled at the strings of my pajama and removed them; she took my cock in her hand and moved the foreskin forward and backward pushing me to heights of ecstasy. I tugged at her saree and it came off in a trice, she had worn only a half-saree so removing was ridiculously easy. I undid her blouse buttons and with each pop of the button her breasts sprung out seeking freedom. She did not wear a bra, I slid her blouse off her shoulders and had her naked till waist. I looked hungrily at her.
“What are you looking at, never seen breasts before?”
“Not such juicy ones” I said took a nipple in the mouth and squeezed her other breast.
“Ahh, slowly” she said, “are you kneading dough or something?”
I squeezed a little more softly and this time she moaned in pleasure.
I tugged at her skirt string rolled it down to her ankles and took it off. There she was in total nude except for the gold chain, the bangles, a nose stud and ear rings. I lay her down on the bed and moved on top, spread her legs apart and gently rubbed her hairy pussy. It was dripping wet already and my rubbing made it wetter and she started moaning in pleasure. I kissed her from forehead downwards concentrating on all her erotic zones, lingering over her breasts, navel and as I approached her vagina she stopped me, “chee, don’t put your mouth there!”
We stiffened when we heard a knock on the door. My cock rapidly shrunk in size, Kalyani said “sshh” and moved to a darker side of the room with her clothes in hand, she could leave through the door to the terrace in an emergency. We were relieved to see Uma standing at the doorway with her babe in her arms.
“What the hell are YOU, doing here?” hissed Kalyani, “your turn is later!”
“I was feeling lonely down there; moreover I wanted to see you both do!”
Kalyani was pensive; presently she dropped her clothes on the floor and came back to bed. She motioned to Uma to a sit at the foot of the bed. Uma laid the child in a comfortable couch, supported him with cushions and patted him to sleep and took a position from where she could watch us do.
I stared open mouthed at the sisters. Uma was sitting a little too close for comfort. Kalyani came to me and took my cock in her hand and said, “See how small it has become, I’ll get it up for you” and started moving the foreskin back and forth. She pushed me down gently on the bed, lay on top of me and kissed me while working with her hands on my cock. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations. She kissed me deeply and passionately and hugged with both her hands and tried to get me to enter her by pelvic thrusts alone. She licked my earlobes, bit my chin and worked with her tongue on my nipples and I was reaching heights of ecstasy and my cock was growing large. I opened my eyes with a start as I felt another hand on my cock gently moving the foreskin back and forth and trying to put into Kalyani’s pussy. Both the sisters laughed softly at the startled look at my face. Uma brought her finger to her lips indicating that I shouldn’t be making much noise and before long brought her mouth down on mine and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth smothering me with her kiss. I reached out to her also and realized that she had already taken off her clothes. The sisters were now sleeping on either of my sides; Uma to my right and Kalyani to my left. I put my arms around them and pulled them close to me. They put their faces on my chest and while one played with my balls the other held my cock and moved the foreskin back and forth. They were kissing each other in the mouth passionately.
Uma now moved to the centre and pulled me and Kalyani on her sides. She kissed each of us in the mouth passionately and at one point all three of us were kissing each other passionately in one go; lips and mouth sucking and tongues darting in and out. Uma moved our heads down to her breasts and Kalyani and I sucked on each of her awesome milk tanks, we quickly changed breasts to suck from the breast that the other was sucking on. The warm, sweet secretion that oozed into the mouth was delicious. The sisters now laid me down and came on top of me and thrust their breasts alternatively into my mouth. It was now Uma’s turn to go down and she took my cock in her mouth and sucked till the sensation built up. “Don’t come now!” she commanded and held the tip of cock till the sensation died down. She now mounted me and inserted my cock into her and rode for quite a while, stopping once in a while to squeeze the tip of my cock to see that I didn’t come. While Uma was riding me Kalyani smothered me with kisses and thrust her breast into my mouth. Uma was finger fucking Kalyani.
They quickly changed positions. This time Kalyani got on top and tried inserting my cock into her; she had some difficulty as she had done in the morning only for the first time and the pussy was a little tight. Uma fingered Kalyani’s pussy till it became wet; she rubbed the juice on her hand to my penis and guided my cock into Kalyani’s pussy.
Kalyani squealed in delight and rode cock slowly first and vigorously as she got used to my thrusts from below. Uma reached for my cock at intervals and squeezed the tip to ensure that I didn’t come quickly.
I was pretty exhausted by now; making love to two lusty women had taken its toll. I hadn’t bargain for fucking them together.
“Lick my pussy” whispered Uma to me and sat astride my face and pushed her pussy into my face. The musty smell of the pussy with that of incense and turmeric was exotic. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and she manoeuvered herself well to ensure that she was licked good and proper. All the while Kalyani was riding cock like there was no tomorrow.
The sensation in the cock had reached the limit and I came gushing and sprayed all inside Kalyani; she was moaning with pleasure. Uma had also by this time worked up an orgasm and my mouth and face were smeared with her juices. All three of us were totally exhausted.
Kalyani cleaned up Uma’s juices from my face by licking them clean and Uma went down on me and sucked and cleaned my cock of my come and also Kalyani’s juices.
After exchanging a few kisses with me, the sisters left quietly.
I had had a great fucking session and slipped into dreamless slumber.
I was returning to India after 2 years since I went to the Gulf. During this period I had made it well there and had started a partnership for asset management and trading in Europe. Very often when alone in the Middle East I recalled the wonderful time I had with the sisters Uma and Kalyani. During the trip to India I was keen to fuck them again but since Kalyani was also married. I was not sure how I could get both of them together.
The first week in India was a hectic period of socializing and catching up. I could finally establish contact with Uma, she was in Pondicherry and I gathered from her that Kalyani had since moved to Chennai. I called on Kalyani without calling ahead. I knocked at her door and the maid opened the door and called out “Akka somebody at the door”
“Who is it?” called Kalyani
“Tell your mam, it is a surprise visitor” I said to the maid.
The maid went in and returned with an impatient looking Kalyani. One look at me and Kalyani couldn’t control herself. She rushed to hug me unmindful of the maid. Presently she dismissed the maid and we got talking.
“You arrival is Godsent” said Kalyani.
“Why haven’t you got in touch with our relatives here” I asked
“You know, we are not in good terms with many of them because of property dispute, that’s why”
“What’s this about me being Godsent?” I asked
Kalyani broke down and told me how her marriage was a flop. Sundar her husband was typical south Indian mama’s boy; his mother controlled him so completely that he would take is mother’s okay to sleep with his wife. In the two years she hadn’t got pregnant and was being subjected to all kinds of taunts by her mother-in-law. The problem was with Sundar said Kalyani. He couldn’t get it up properly and wouldn’t initiate at all. Kalyani had to initiate sex all the time and that too couldn’t ever be done properly as he would ejaculate quickly or would quite simply not be able to get it up. She saw no scope of getting pregnant and that’s why she thought my arrival was Godsent.
“You expect to make you pregnant?” I asked
“You’re the only person who can do something about it, don’t disappoint me” pleaded Kalyani.
We talked it over and set a date that would fall between 11 to 14 days from her LMP. She set it up so that t would look like she was travelling to Pondichery to her sister Uma. I quietly took an omnibus to Pondy and checked into a hotel. I dialed Uma’s number.
“Who is this” it was Uma
“You can’t recognize me Uma?” I asked
“Hey, it’s you, great speaking to you and I am happy about what you are doing for Kalyani” she said.
“What about you Uma, you know how much I love you!” I said.
“I too love you dear and I will come to you once you are done with Kalyani, do something, otherwise her mother-in-law will drive her crazy.”
“Why doesn’t she take a divorce?”
“Apprehension about social acceptance and then Sundar is a cousin, I think it is now a problem for life” she said ruefully.
Kalyani then came on the line. I told her where I had checked in and that she could come with a small bag so that we would look like a couple on a holiday. Kalyani joined me shortly and we spent some time walking along the beach and sipping green coconut. She looked so alluring in her fawn colored saree complimenting her dusky complexion. In place a simple gold pin stud she wore a three stone diamond nose stud, diamond ear rings, gold bangles and a mangal sutra in a single chain and a double string gold chain. She was bedecked in gold jewelry. She hadn’t changed much otherwise. She had large pear shaped breasts, wide hips, a narrow waist, flat tummy, deep navel, straight nose and full lips. I felt a rush of blood and held her hand and squeezed them.
“Looks like you are in mood now!” she said with a sexy giggle.
We walked back to the hotel and hit the bed. I switched on the ‘do not disturb’ sign, drew up the curtains and drew back the bed covers. She came out of the wash wearing her skirt and the blouse unbuttoned. The white bra underneath was unhooked and I could see her large breasts bouncing gracefully. I wondered what kind of guy is this Sundar who can’t get it up at the sight of this diving creature. She lay down on the bed and stretched her arms out invitingly. I walked into her arms and kissed her passionately. We sucked on each other’s mouth, lips and tongue making loud “ummmaa” noises. I slipped her blouse off her shoulders and then slipped her bra off. There she dark and deadly waiting with promise of great sex for the next three days. I tugged at skirt string and took off her skirt; I then rolled down her panties and took them off. He pussy and armpits were hairy. She unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off, took my vest, undid my trousers and rolled it down along with the briefs. There she was totally naked except for jewelry and I totally naked. I removed her bangles, her toe rings, chains that she was wearing round her neck and then finally the mangal sutra. She undid her hair and lay down with her legs spread wide apart. I lay on top and kissed her first on the lips and then all the way down her body lingering on all her erotic zones arousing her completely. She was soaking wet down there and as I nuzzled her vagina she said, “Chee don’t put your mouth there, use your cock!”
I chuckled, went over on top, held her ass cheeks firmly and thrust into her as she guided my cock into her. “Your cock is slim and sharp like a spear. I heard people have thick ones” she said holding my turgid and swollen cock in her hands and moving the foreskin back and forth.
“What you do with it is more important” I said “Spear like cock can give more pleasure.” I said and thrust into her.
She was a virgin when I did it to her in Sholavandan; though married for two years she was still tight as she hadn’t been explored sufficiently. As I thrust it in she gasped and said “aiyeeo, ah ah amma!” I continued thrusting forcefully and her squeal of pain turned to pleasure and she started moaning, “Ahhhnnggg great, so some more, faster and deeper!” she urged me on and thrust from below.
I increased the speed of my thrusts till I felt sensation building up then stopped and lay on top with my cock inside her. I sucked on her breasts and kissed her. When the sensation ceased the cock had become softer. She made me lie on my back and put her head on my stomach and worked on my cock with her hands. It started swelling again and became hard; with a squeal of delight she sat rode me and thrust my cock into her and rode with rapid up down and circular strokes again building up the sensation to a peak. We stopped and she started working on my cock again and made it hard this time using her mouth and tongue.
“Come on top” she commanded and rolled over on her back.
I moved on top and thrust into her again. This time she not only spread her legs up also bent her knees and brought them to her chest and after a series of rapid stroked she lifted them up over her head giving me maximum penetration. The sensation started building up again and as I tried to slow down she said with urgency, “Don’t stop, keep on pumping and release inside me”
I humped rapidly and release all my juice into her and snorted and groaned in satisfaction. The cock was becoming softer; “pump all the juice into me” she said thrusting back from below.
“Annnhhgg” we said in unison and I emptied myself into her.
“Do like this 3 times a day for the next 3 days and I am sure I will be pregnant” said Kalyani and went to sleep. I kissed her eyelids, covered her with a blanket and retired to the armchair from where I could watch this beautiful piece of creation sleep.
We slept for a couple of hours and when we woke up we were ravenously hungry. Uma called and wanted Kalyani to return before it was too late. She didn’t her husband (Uma’s) asking awkward questions. It was 3 when we completed a quick lunch. Kalyani had two more hours in hand.
“Can we do it again before I leave?” asked Kalyani.
“I feel a little too tired” I replied.
“You have to get me pregnant, so please do it again now, I will come back only tomorrow for a further fuck or two” pleaded Kalyani.
Too much of anything is too bad and sex with Kalyani wasn’t as exciting as it was in the beginning. She wasn’t here to enjoy sex but to get pregnant.
“Eh, va da, please!” (come) pleaded Kalayani.
We went back to the hotel room. Kalyani started undressing quickly and after a quick pee and wash she was in bed waiting for me. I drew the curtains and darkened the room, undressed and went to loo and returned after a wash.
“Look I will do it from top till I come” I said
“Okay, I don’t much entertainment, just fuck me and put some juice into me” said Kalyani.
She lay on her back and spread her legs. I mounted her from the top, the cock was not as hard so she did a hand job and made it hard and thrust it into her. I thrust deep into her and slammed into her with a series of vigorous thrusts. It didn’t last very long and I came.
“There’s some juice left” she said holding my cock in her hand and did a gentle hand job. My cock grew big again. She pulled me over on top and inserted my cock into her pussy again. She gripped my ass and pushed me firmly into her. I thrust deep into her and pounded her with great force. I couldn’t hold back much longer and came inside her again.
I had a burning sensation in my cock and took it out of her pussy. I washed it with cold water before it became normal again.
We slept for a couple of hours. At about 5 she woke up, dressed and left for Uma’s house.
Our fucking continued for the whole of next day. She came in early and wanted to be fucked every 2 hours. Her obsession to get pregnant was bugging me. However, I obliged her as promised. Each time the fun in sex was going down and the ejaculations were also coming down.
“Look, let’s take a break for a day and do it properly tomorrow” I said.
“No, do it as much as possible today, tomorrow I will have to return to Madras” said Kalyani.
So there it was fucking every two hours. I adopted the male on top position and just humped away till I released semen into her. We wound for the day, I checked out and left for Madras, she joined me in journey back. I bade her goodbye and left for the Gulf in about a week.
100 days after (Jan-Feb 1980)
I received a handwritten aerogram from Kalyani. She sounded delighted. She had tested positive for pregnancy and there was rejoicing all round. She indicated a fixed time when I could call and speak to her.
“Hi this is me from the Gulf” I called at about 4 p.m. India time.
“Hi, it happened, thank you, it is yours” she said.
“But what about…” I trailed off
“Oh, I made him do twice in between, he somehow managed and he believes he has done it”
“Good luck!” I said.
“This is our little secret”
“What about Uma?” I asked
“Oh, I lied to her that my session with you didn’t work out; she also thinks Sundar did it”
“Great, it is indeed our little secret” I said.
I monitored her progress carefully over the next 6 months and arranged to be in India at the time she delivered the baby. Elders say that the expectant mother would want to see the father of the child before delivery. I checked on which hospital she was in and reached there. The visiting hours were much later and I bribed the ward lady (ayah) to let me into her room.
I knocked and walked in. Kalyani was alone and her face lit up like a 1000 watts bulb.
“You look so delighted as though you have seen your husband” said the ayah.
“He is my dear cousin” said Kalyani spreading her arms towards me.
I hugged her unmindful of the ayah’s glances and kissed her in the mouth. The ayah left the room discreetly. We kissed, I rocked her in my arms, patted her swollen belly, fondled her breasts; they were anyway large and pregnancy had made it even larger.
“This is for you and this is for the baby” she said indicating towards each of her breasts and giggled. She suddenly clutched her abdomen and squealed in pain. It looked like she was in labor. I rushed outside to fetch the nurse. She informed the doctor and made all arrangements to rush Kalyani to the labor room.
I left discreetly and requested the ayah not to talk about my visit to anybody.
“I understand” she said.
Kalyani delivered a baby boy after being in labor for one hour. It was a normal delivery and the boy weighed about 7 lbs at birth. I gathered from Kalyani later that the boy took after her.
I visited Kalyani 5 days after child birth this time well beyond visiting hours. The same ayah was on duty. She shook Kalyani awake and left us alone for some time. I leaned forward and kissed Kalyani on her forehead. Through the gown I could see huge tanks that were oozing milk. I fondled them. She unzipped her top and showed them to me, “want to taste?” she asked. I looked around to ensure that there was nobody around. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked; a sweet secretion oozed into my mouth.
“He hasn’t been sucking, there is so much and it is painful” she said. I sucked as much as I could. I quickly took my mouth away when I heard the ayah’s footfalls.
“See how your son looks!” said Kalyani in a whispered voice as the ayah picked up the child and showed him to me.
“I am leaving for gulf tomorrow” I said and at this Kalyani’s eyes swelled with tears. She was getting more and more attached to me emotionally specially after child birth.
“Be discreet Kalyani!” I said, “I am always there for you but we can’t rock the boat”
I kissed her again and left. As I turned to thank the ayah, she said, “You ought to own what is rightfully yours, take your wife and child away with you!”
At this point I realized that I started loving Uma in the first place and ended up loving Kalyani. I was in an emotional turmoil and walked away head down not knowing what to do.
Nothing much happened for the next two years except that I called Kalyani once every month from the Gulf. In October 1982 I came to India to attend a wedding in the family, I met Kalyani; her son (our son) was about two years old.
During a break in the wedding ceremonies Kalyani and I smuggled ourselves out and had a great time; details to follow.

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