Gang rape of virgin
Hi people.i am from Pakistan. I am a regular reader of stories on this site. This is the story of my friend, sana. She could not get courage to to write that incident. So i am doing so on her behalf. Now read the story in her words. I am 20 years old, graduate, 5’7″ tall, 34-22-36 figure, very light weight, very fair, medium length black hair and blue eyes. This event occured when i was on a tour to usa few months back along with my few friends. At that time i was virgin. It was monday when we reached usa. We spend the whole day taking rest after a long journey. We spent few days visiting tourist spots. It was saturday when we decided to go to a night club. I was dressed in a red sleevless top and black mini skirt. The atmosphere of the club was very nice. Their were both whites and blacks. I heard that a lot of sex used to took place near the club. We were enjoying the environment for sometime when 2 blacks came towards me. They were very tall and large. They gave me a drink saying that it doesnt contain alcohol. I drank it but i started feeling uneasy. They asked me to come out so that they can help me. When i went out with them there were 2 more blacks like them. They forcibly took me in a van and drove away. I wasn’t able to run away as they got hold of me tight. I didnt knew where they took me as they blindfolded me. After sometime they removed the cloth blindfolding me and i found myself lying on a bed in a large room. The lights were dimmed. Now there were 10 blacks in that room. They all were large and looked wild. I became nervous seeing them. One of them asked me to have sex with them but i disagreed with him. The other one warned me that if i didnt do sex with them then they would forcibly rape me and then killed me. He even took out a pistol. Because of fear i said ok. He said to other men lets start. They all came near me and started to kissing my whole body. I felt it difficult doing this with 10 men. They removed my top and bra and tow of them started sucking my boobs. Of the remaining one was kissing my lips, one kissing near my neck region, two kissing over navel, two kissing over my back. A current was passing through my body. I was moaning. I became hot.

The other two removed my skirt and panty. I used to keep my pussy shaved. One of them inserted finger in pussy. His finger was very thick so it pained. But soon i enjoyed his finger fucking. The other one inserted his tongue in pussy and started moving it in and started fucking me with his tongue. It gave a very nice feeling to me. I felt as if i was in heaven. Soon i got my first orgasm. Then they all took a break and got themselves nude. I got shocked to see their very thick about 2 feet long cocks. They were very hard like an iron rod. They appeared as a weapon to kill someone sexually. I really got nervous to see their cocks. One of them told me to suck his cock and other started to kiss, suck and bite my body. His cock was going very deep in my mouth and i was not able to take it completely in. Soon after some time he removed his cock and other one gave his cock to suck. After sucking it for sometime he also removed it. Now came the real pain. They all made me lie on bed. The first cock which i sucked came over me. He put head of his cock on my pussy. I was thinking how it will enter my pussy. He started applying force but it was not getting in. After trying alot it got about one inch in. I shouted with pain. He was thrusting it in. I was shouting very loudly and soon blood started to come out of my pussy. Now half of his cock was inside me. He took a gap and again thrusted it in. Now maximum of his cock was in my pussy. The second cock came and he tried to insert it in my ass. The same case happened here. After a lot of force it got inside my ass and i was shouting out of pain. Now the other person gave his cock in my mouth. They all started stroking my holes hard. In begining i was shouting but after sometime i started to moan. They were doing it very fast. My whole body was shacking. I became really hot. I got another orgasm but there were no chance of them getting any orgasm.

It was about 45 minutes of fucking that they shot their load in my holes. They removed their cocks and i felt better. I was completely exhausted by this only. But their were 7 more cocks. In same manner three more cocks got inside me. They were also fucking me very hard and i was enjoying them too. They also lasted about 45 minuted. Then the rest of the cocks fucked me. After completing the order of fucking they took some rest. But this was not enough for them. They again started ramming my wholes. I was asking them to stop but they said that they would take full advantage of me. As a result i got fucked for few more hours without getting a break. Now it was about 5 in the morning that they stopped. They took me to the restroom and washed my pussy and ass. They brought me back on bed. I was completely exhuasted and lost my consciousness. After sometime i regained my consciousness and saw them lying nude over me. They all said that they really enjoyed fucking me. They got a nice white body to fuck. I was not able to move my body. They got dressed and even got me dressed. Then they picked up me and took me back to the club. I got a taxi from the club and went back to my hotel. The next 2 days i remained in my hotel because i was unable to do anything. Next week i returned back to pakistan.

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