Gang Raped Wife
My wife left the house that Tuesday morning as if it were like any other.

My wife is Andrea. She is slim attractive, brunette, in her early thirties and she has a good job in marketing. I left her that morning with a kiss while she was still in her underwear, and I remember thinking at the time how horny she looked.

Andrea quickly got changed and went to work herself where the day was routine and dull.

At lunchtime Andrea met her friend for dinner and as usual Andrea took them both in her car to a pub not far away. Andrea ordered her dinner at the bar and as she turned around she bumped into a man of about 40 standing behind her. "Sorry," she said and he exchanged the same apologies and Andrea went down and sat with her friend, and he with two other men of about the same age.

As the two women sat talking Andrea's friend noticed the table of men were looking over at them. The girls couldn't decide who the men were looking at but took little notice. "You could be in there," her friend said. "Not really my type," she laughingly retorted. The two friends then finished their lunch and went to move towards the door, and as they did the table of men got up and left at the same time, but again the woman took little or no notice.

The woman got into Andrea's car and they noticed that the men got into an Audi. As Andrea turned into their estate her friend said, "That Audi has just driven past." "Take no notice, loads of people work around here. You're becoming paranoid." Andrea snapped.

Andrea left work at the same time that night at 5 o'clock and made her way home. On the way she had to turn off the main road and drive down a badly lit country lane. It was already dark by the time she was on the lane and she was following a white transit who was driving very slowly. She noticed a car gaining on her quickly and before long it was right behind her. Why doesn't it overtake she thought to herself. The car followed her for about two miles. Andrea kept looking in her mirror, she checked her rear mirror, the car was still behind her. She looked forward and the white van had braked. She braked but it was too late. She had hit him up the back. Not bad, but there would be enough damage, she thought. Andrea got out to check her car. The man in the van was already out, a man in his early thirties.

"I'm sorry." she said. "Don't worry. The insurance will pay for it." he replied." As long as the back doors open so I can use it for work there shouldn't be a problem."

He grabbed the handle of the back door and opened them. As Andrea was going to say, "Oh, that's good." she was grabbed by two men from behind and pushed into the back of the van. The doors were then firmly closed and locked. Andrea was banging on the doors to let her out, but the driver was already on his way,. The passenger from the car behind, (which was the Audi from earlier in the day), got into Andrea's car and followed them. It was completely black in the back of the van and the journey seemed to go on forever. The van slowed and pulled onto a country lane that was very uneven and bumpy. The lane was almost two miles long and led to a large house, with a gravel drive, a wood to one side and fields to the other. It was completely black and not a sound could be heard. The van parked with the doors facing the front of the house, the Audi parked next to it and Andrea's car was parked 50 yards away. The men got out of their vehicles to be met by several other men. They were all part of a "rape gang" who select attractive women off the street for their pleasure and profit. The gang were 10 strong with 8 white men and two black men, one of the men was holding a professional TV camera. He was going to film the rape and show it live over the internet where 1000's of people had subscribed in advance to watch. The men all gathered around the back of the van. "Right. Is that camera working and are we on line ?" "Yes we're all ready here." The doors were then opened and Andrea emerged from the back of the van squinting as the TV camera was shone in her face. She was still dressed in her office attire of a black jacket and skirt with a white silk blouse.

She stepped out and stood looking at the group of men who were all looking at her with lustful, perverted eyes. One of the men stepped forward, "What's your name?" "Andrea." she nervously replied. "Well Andrea as you may have guessed you are in a lot of trouble." "Do you know what you have been bought here for?" "No, I don't." she whispered. "Well if you haven't guessed yet we are all members of a rape gang, and everyone here wants to fuck your fanny, arse, mouth and anything else they can think of."

Andrea's mouth went dry and she was feeling uneasy on her legs. The man continued, "However, as well a rapists we are also sportsmen, and we would like to give you a sporting chance to get away." "We will give you 30 seconds to get to your car which is parked about 50 yards away, your car keys are in it and if you can get to it go up this drive for about two miles and you're on a main road." "You won't know where you are but shortly for you anywhere will be preferential to here." "Do you agree?" the man said to her. Andrea nodded back. "Right. Go now. After 30 seconds we will be like a pack of hungry wolves after you." Andrea turned and ran towards the car as fast as the gravel and her stiletto heels would allow her. She made it to the car and as the man had said the keys were in the ignition. She frantically depressed the accelerator and turned the ignition. The car turned over but wouldn't start. Shit she thought she's probably flooded it, but she kept turning the ignition. She looked up and to her horror the men were already hastily moving towards her. She preyed that it would start but it didn't and as she looked up a man was standing by her drivers door. The man with the TV camera was on her bonnet filming her through the windscreen. The back door opened and anther man got in, and then as she went towards the passenger door, that opened and the man she had bumped into earlier in the day got in next to her. "I bet you didn't think you would see me soon." he said smirking. Andrea said nothing. The man held up the car's high tension lead, which stops it from firing." You really are a silly fucking bitch. Do you really think we would go to all this trouble to get you down here and then give you a chance like that to escape ?"

Andrea just looked at him. "Right, you know what we are here for, and by now you know what your pampered fanny is here for so start taking your fucking clothes off." he barked. "Fuck you, you bastard." Andrea said hatefully. "Excellent, I would rather tear them off anyway." The drivers door then opened and Andrea was grabbed by several pairs of hands and her head was pushed down towards her lap. The man in the passenger seat produced a pair of industrial scissors and cut the material at the back of her jacket. Andrea struggled and swore but the jacket was soon in two halves and they were pulled from her arms and tossed to the grassy floor. Her white silk blouse was then grabbed at the front by a strong pair of hands and ripped open at the front exposing her pretty white bra. The scissors then cut at the rest of her blouse until it was just rags and it was pulled off her and again unceremoniously thrown to the ground. The man who was in the front told the man in the back to grab her arms and keep her still, I'm going to cut her skirt off. As he repeatedly tried to cut her skirt she kicked and wriggled, "Will someone hold this bitch's legs still so I can cut her skirt?" he yelled. At that, two strong hands grabbed her knees firmly so the scissors could do their work again. Holding the hem of her black skirt he cut up the front of the material. Higher and higher he cut until there was only an inch of material left and at that point he ripped it wide open and pulled the material violently from under her. "Fucking Hell! Lads, we've hit the jackpot here. Come and look at this fucking slag!" he shouted.

The rest of the men gathered around and looked in at her dressed now in just natural lacy toped stockings with white suspender belt and almost sheer silk thong. You could see her pubic hair through the thin material and that seemed to really turn the men on. Her bra was next and two quick snips from the scissors saw her bra quickly yanked off and for the first time her firm ( ) tits and large nipples were exposed in the cool night air. Many hands grabbed at her tits groping and fondling harshly, pinching at her nipples.

The scissors moved down to her thong and was just about to cut it up when Andrea shouted, "Wait! You said I could take them off and I will rather than risk getting cut with that thing," as she gestured towards the scissors. The arms that were restraining her then let her go, and she climbed slowly out of the car. Dressed in only her stockings and suspenders, her shoes and a small thong she felt cold whether by the temperature outside or the fear she was feeling being watched and leered over by so many men. She took hold of the hem of her silk thong as if to pull them down, and then turned and ran across the wet fields towards the woods. Her tits and arse giggled up and down as she ran. The men watched and filmed her feeble escape for about 10 seconds before two men ran after her. Andrea could feel them getting closer and closer as her stiletto heels were digging into the soft grass. She could now hear their breath and she was still a long way from the woods. The next thing she knew she had been tripped up and she fell face forward, almost naked, into the cold, wet muddy field. Her two pursuers picked her up and from marched her back to where the rest of the men were waiting.
Andrea was placed in front of the gang with mud over her face, tits, stockings and thong. "That was very naughty. If you run like that, you would have spoiled our fun." the man laughed then went on."but if you knew what was going to happen to you I don't blame you , NOW GET YOUR FUCKING KNICKERS OFF" he shouted at her. Another man butted in, "What the fuck are we waiting for. Lets rip her fucking knickers off and fuck her." The men then all grabbed at her, her knickers were soon ripped off her body. Her tits were being groped, she was being forcibly kissed, her legs were being forced apart and her pussy probed by fingers. She could feel her arse hole being fingered. It hurt, but struggle as she might she could not do anything about it. Her situation was hopeless. The man fingering her arse suddenly shouted."Fuck me! Lads, her arse is tight. Get her on all fours. I'm going to fuck her arse."

She was man-handled so she was on all fours and the man who was going to bugger her had already dropped his trousers and pants and a nasty looking hard on sprang up in front of him. He knelt behind her, he wet his finger and shoved it up her arse and then replaced it with his cock. He pushed his cock into her anal opening and thrust forward, "No no no," Andrea pleaded as he pushed his cock further into her virgin arse. The tears were rolling down her face with pain as his cock showed no mercy and it pushed in as far as it would go. "Fuck me! She is tight, I'll be bolting my load soon," as he banged her faster and faster. Andrea complained that her knees were hurting from the gravel drive, but he took no notice and continued fucking her arse. After a couple of minutes he grabbed her hips and thrust deeper into her arse. She let out a yelp as hot spunk filed the depths of her arse. He took his cock out and rubbed its spunky bell end around her arse. "OK lads get her up and get her inside. It's getting cold out here." Her arse was red and sore and as she was helped up to her feet her knees were bleeding and the material of her stockings around her knees was ripped from the gravel drive.

The men frog-marched her into the house, dressed in just her stocking and suspenders and shoes. The rest of her clothes lay in tatters strewn around the garden. The men took her to a bedroom where they tied her hands together with handcuffs and then with another pair tied them above her head to a brass headboard. The men then circled the bed. She looked up at them they looked at her menacingly. She knew she was in trouble, but no one in the world could help her now. The men drew lots to see who would fuck her first. One man cheered as he drew the short straw. He pulled his trousers and pants off and knelt on the bed in front of her, his cock was thick and long it looked menacing to her with a long wire like vein running down its length. "OK grab her legs and hold them apart," her legs were forcibly grabbed and her legs prized wide apart. "Get a close up of her fanny now and we'll compare it to later," the man said casually. He pushed his cock towards her now gapping, neatly trimmed fanny. He pushed deeper and deeper inside her, she squirmed and it went in deeper, "Fuck me she's tight," "you should get your husband to fuck you a bit more love, no point having a tight cunt at your age." His hips started to thrust as his cock went deeper and deeper inside her, Andrea shut her eyes with the pain, the camera catching every bit of action. Suddenly he let out a shout as his hips thrust forward and spunk emptied deep into her cunt.

As the man got off her it became a free for all, another man was now on top of her fucking her, she was being made to suck two cocks and another cock was being wanked off between her tits. The rape went on for hours, the men taking it in shifts to fuck her. By the end of the rape it was the early hours of the morning and she had sucked 10 cocks and taken 7 lots of spunk down her throat, and took five men up her arse. She had had two cocks in her mouth, two in her cunt and one up her arse at one time. Before this night she had never swallowed spunk or had anal sex, in fact her husband was the only man she had properly slept with. Andrea lay on the bed exhausted, and the cameraman told the men he was almost out of power. "just one minute." A man said. He walked over to the bed, she was covered with spunk it was coming out of every orifice and oozing from her fanny. The man inserted two fingers, then three, then all his fingers then his whole hand he was fisting her well used cunt, his whole hand was inside. The cameraman told everyone the power was off and the man took his hand out, but her cunt did not return to normal it was still gapping open. One man asked how many people had logged on to watch, 5692 was the reply wow at US$ 100 each that's a nice profit. It was then asked what they were going to do with Andrea, and they were told that she would be dumped with her car near where they abducted her. "I have a friend who might buy her for prostitution" one man said "I mean she's nice looking and we could get some more money out of this."

Next morning the man turned up looked her over and gave the men £ 1500 for her. He threw her a blanket and grabbed her by the hand to take his prize away. Andrea resisted, and then she found herself being carried and dumped in the pimp's car boot. I did not hear anything from Andrea until well into the next year. One night I received a phone call telling me my wife was in a hospital in North London and to get there as soon as possible. The call ended abruptly and it did not leave its number. I got in my car and within 35 minutes I was at the hospital. I went to the reception desk, "Hi I'm John Thompson. You have my wife in here, Andrea Thompson" They couldn't find a record of my wife initially, and then what the receptionist told me rocked my world, "Oh yes your wife is in the delivery room." A nurse took me to the delivery room. She told me that as a husband I could either look through the glass window or be in the room itself. "No I'll look through the window and please don't tell my wife I'm here." It was my wife but she looked tired and thinner than I remember. The staff were taking her blouse off I could now see her massive stomach. They removed her trousers and knickers, she had got a shaven fanny. They then put her feet in stirrups. The nurse came out to me and told me it would be a while yet and advised me to go and eat and come back in a couple of hours. I left my wife in the delivery room, my wife, who now seemed like a stranger. I went to a nearby restaurant, my head was spinning with what had happened to my wife. The time flew and before I knew it three hours had passed, and I made my way back to the hospital.

I was met at reception by the same nurse, "Ah Mr. Thompson. Come with me please." The nurse took me to the baby care unit, and we went inside, the nurse looked a little sheepish as she said that this cot was ours. I looked at the name above the cot, it was Andrea Thompson I looked down at twins, black twins !!!!

It seemed she had been used as a prostitute in a black area and even when she was heavily pregnant she was still "working." When she was due to give birth they blindfolded her and dropped her at the nearest hospital.

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