Fucked aunty daughter after permission
This is a true story which happened some time back when i had just begun my career working in Hyderabad at the age of 21 years. My name is Ravi

My aunt Bindu (name changed) was very close to our family consisting of my 2 brothers and 3 sister. She was very good looking and had a very round ass and 2 water melons which were not very big but very nice to look at. She used to wear excellent saris (cotton) and used to carry herself very well. She had a very good looking daughter named Priya (named changed) who was around 16 years when i started working.

They used to visit our often and usual come home every Saturday and Sunday. Radha’s daughter Priya used to also come home with them. I used to be very friendly with her. We used to talk for long hours and she used to sleep on my thighs when ever she got the opportunity to do so. I used to feel very shy and at times my Lund (penis) used to start rising but somehow i used to control my emotion since all my family members used to be in the house.

I was in sales job and my area of sales and marketing was in the western suburbs of Mumbai. My aunt and her daughter Priya used to live in one of those areas with her husband. Priya used to study in Class 10 at that time and was going to a school very near to my house. She used to have holiday on Thursday and Sunday. I worked all the days of the week except Sunday.

Now the actual story begins. I was on my rounds to work and fortunately on that day my work to me to the place where Priya stays. Being Thursday it was holiday for her. I thought my Anut Radha will also be at home so on Thursday when i was near their house i finished the work and went to meet my aunt and have a cup of tea in their house. It was around 12 noon. I reached their house and rang the door bell. I thought my aunt will open the door but to my surprise Priya opened the door and she was wearing a short skirt and a loose top.

I entered the house and asked her where is her mother. She said she has gone out. I than went and sat in their hall and was talking to Priya. She spoke to me for sometime and told me to wait in the hall as she was going to have her bath. I asked her when will her mother come. She informed me that she will be back my 5 pm. I than asked her what will u do for lunch. She replied lunch has been prepared by her mom. She went to her bedroom and took her bra and panty and entered the bathroom. She was carrying a pink panty and black bra .I just went to use the toilet and saw that she had forgotten to close the bathroom door. It was slightly open. I went the look and while coming near the bathroom just peeped and saw she was enjoying her bath singing some Hindi songs and was rubbing her cunt and boobs with soap.

I went back to the hall and waited for her. She finished her bath and than i heard a voice calling me Ravi. I went near the bathroom and asked her why did she call me. She told me that she has forgotten the towel in the bedroom and requested me to give it to her. I went to the bedroom and picked up the towel and told her to open the door. She opened the door and i could see her two boobs which were very nice to look at. I started to get horny but was thinking how to start it. She took the towel and then went to the bedroom.

I saw the bedroom door was also not closed. I thought that she is doing it deliberately to entice me into something which i was looking forward too. I than went near the bedroom door and opened it slightly. There she as standing naked with her back to the door and cleaning her body with the towel. I could see her ass. It was the sexiest ass i had seen of a women. My Lund started to get up.

Than i asked Priya have you finished dressing up. She said Ravi i am still getting ready. Than i asked her can I come inside the bedroom? I never expected the reply that i got from her. She said RAVI please come in. There she was standing wearing her panty and bra without the hook on. She requested me to hook up the bra bottom. By this time my Lund was nearly erect. I thought this is the best time to take advantage of Priya and have my first sex session with her. Then i asked her should i dry your hair. She said ok and now i was standing face to face with her and cleaning her hair and her body. While cleaning her body i came near to her boobs which were still wet. I started caressing it as if i was cleaning her body.

She too was not telling me anything and looked the other way as if nothing had happened. Then i slowly came down her navel and checked her waist size. It was only 22. Thank i started wiping the area around the navel and came further down to her pussy. She was wearing a panty i could not see her cunt but i took my mouth and nose near her pussy and started smelling and also wiping the near by area of her body. Her pussy was smelling great and my dick had come to full erection by this time. Then mustering courage i told her to lie down on the bed and i will give her a nice message with my hands. She readily agreed and than i started to message her body near the boobs and than the navel and the legs and than slowly i came near her boobs and started messaging her. She was feeling shy but also enjoying it. I asked her did anybody messaged her like this before.

She said no u are the first person i have allowed to touch my body. I asked why so. She said for the last 3 years she started having fascination for me. She reminded me that during her visit to my house she used to lie down on my lap and at time she has realized that my Lund used to get erect and she had know about this but being only 12-13 of age she did not tell me then. Now i started feeling the bombs. It was soft as a orange and the color was also turning slightly pink. Now i started messaging it more vigorously and she started doing Ahhhhhhhhhhh Oooooooooo. She too was enjoying it and than slowly i told her i want to message her pussy area and she will need to remove her panty. She first told no need but on insistence she agreed and removed her panty.

There I could see her pussy with little hair on it. I started to give her a circular message around the pussy area. She was getting horny and told me to do it more. During the message i asked her if she has any boy friend and has she had sex before.

She told me she does not any boyfriend but few boys in her class want her to be close but she has kept her distance. She also informed me that she has not had sex and is still a virgin. I was feeling as if i had landed on the moon. My feeling increased more since i was thinking that i am going to fuck a virgin girl. I do not know how she is going to take it. While messaging i asked her can i suck u boobs. She said but do it slowly. I started to caress her boob and slowly the nipples which were small started getting hard and than i started to suck it. She too was enjoying and told me to suck the other breast and slowly i started to suck the other breast and by right had was slowly going down to her navel area and i started caressing it. Priya was enjoying my sucking and caressing.

Now i took my right had near her pussy and started messaging it once again. Then slowly i stated to insert my finger in it. The moment i did so she said RAVI slowly it is paining. I told her it will pain since the hymen is closed it will happen. She was not knowing much about hymen and I explained to her in detail. Then i asked her can i suck her pussy. During the act of caressing and sucking her breast her pussy area became wet. I knew that she is going to come to heat any time. I started licking her pussy.

I first told her to get the legs apart and than put my head near her pussy and started opening the vagina slowly. I could now see her cunt and it was pick in color. I started first kissing it than i put my tongue and starting licking it slowly. She was enjoying it and told me to increase the speed I than bit her clitoris and she gave me a jerk but i held on to her and started to tongue fucking her. I than turned around and kept my Lund near her mouth and my head was inserted between her legs. I told her to take my Lund in her mouth. I was already horny and the precum liquid had started to come out. She took by Lund in her mouth and started giving me a good blow job.

This went on for 10-15 minutes and here i was still sucking her cunt. Now i could realize she too was about to eject her fresh juice and I kept open my mouth and than i could see the juices flowing into my mouth. I enjoyed every bit of it. In the mean time i was about to cum and i told Priya I am going to remove my liquid. She requested me not to remove my Lund from her mouth and in the process of telling i shot my cum right into her throat. She took everything inside and than both of us fell down on the bed.

After 15 minutes i told Priya now i want to fuck you. So please be ready. She took my Dick and started giving me blow job and within seconds my Lund became erect. This time I went on top position and slowly started inserting my Lund into her vagina. She started screaming as the penis was about to tear the hymen. I slowly did it as i did not want to hurt her. But than this is what most ladies will have to undergo in their sex lives as when the hymen tears there is going to be pain. By now by Lund was almost tearing the hymen and in one shot i put my Lund and tore the hymen she shouted in pain and i held onto her tightly and started going in more.

By now she became ok and told me to increase the fucking. I started increasing my speed and than i also started kissing her lips and pressing her two boobs. I was really enjoying my first fucking in life and that too with a virgin. Now i could hear Priya shouting Ahhhhhhh Oooooo Do it more i am enjoying it. I never had anything like this before. I now increased my speed and she began shouting more but at the same time i could realize she was reaching orgasm. Within few minutes her liquid started flowing and my Lund became wet. I than increased my speed further and told her that Priya I am about to cum. She said no problem you can cum inside me.

I was telling her is this not risky but she never listened to me and i just released my cum into her extra wet pussy. I could feel a jet of liquid flowing inside her and she too was feeling the same and enjoying it. Now both of us fell on the bed and started lip kissing her. I than thanked her for the real enjoyment she gave me in my life and told her that i will be looking forward to such session in future if i am alive. She too thanked me for the enjoyment and than both of us had a wash and by now it was 2.30 pm and i left for work.

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