Fucked My Friend’s Wife Payal
So let me get back to the main story. Payal and my friend had love marriage and they always used to fight over almost every thing. So one day my friend came to my house and we were boosing. My wife had gone to my parent’s house. So he was crying and telling me what all happened between them(fight). So I toild him to make her understand and don’t fight. He asked me to help. He told me to talk with payal and just make her understand everything.
So the next day I went to their house and she was alone and she gave a cup of tea and we sat on sofa and I started asking about the problem. She told me you wont understand the problem. I said atleast tell me the problem. I told her that he came to me last night and he was crying and really missing you there too. GUYS you know what she told me “I know what she is missing, he always misses me at night only” I was stunned to hear that. Then I told her so what if he misses you at night, even sex is a part and parcel of life. Then she added “lekin wo woh bhi to theek se nahi karta hai” MAN I was like stoned. Although I wanted to talk on that topic because I started to enjoy it but I thought to cut it and just told her not to fight and live happily and came back home.
After one hour or so I got the call on my cell, it was her. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I just reached home and about to take lunch. She thanked me and told me that she has got everything what I told her and now on she wont fight with her hubby. And she asked me that if she can call me anytime if she want to take my opinion. I readily agreed and she hung up the phone.
At about 10:30 in the night I just had my dinner and was watching TV and she again called me. I was little surprised to see her number at that time. I wondered how is she calling me at this time and where is my friend. So I picked up the call and she asked me if I was sleeping. I told her that I was watching TV and I inquired about my friend. She told me that she is at her parent’s house and she is calling from there. I thought to myself “hey ANDY today is your lucky day”., then she asked me about my wife and I told her that she is gone out of town. “are you missing her?” she asked me. I said YES! How much? She said. I said “I miss her it doesn’t matter this much or that much”.
Her next question bowled me completely ”what do you do when you miss her” . I started getting a hard on in my shorts and I started playing with my PAPPU. I asked her what do you do and she straight told me that I finger and with that I heard a very slow moan. Maine samajh liya ki woh fingering kar rahi hai. I asked her” kyat um mere saath masturbate karogi phone par”? to usne kaha ki maine uske liye hee phone kiya hai, maine tumko bohot baar hint dene ki koshish ki lekin tum nahi samjhe. Aaj jab tum ghar par bhi aaye the to maine jaan boojhkar sex ka topic cheeda par tumne koi interest hee nahhi dikhaya. I told her ke tum mere dost ki biwi ho aur mera mann nahi maan raha tha par ab main tumko nahi chodunga. And she started moaning on the phone and told me that she has inserted her finger in her cunt. I told her pls take three fingers because my lund is very thick and one finger will not satisfy you. In the mean while I also took off my shorts and started rubbibg my dick. I asked her about her breasts and she told me that she has white full of milk breasts to feed me and she told me to suck hard and with bthat she started pressing her boobs herself and I was rubbing my dick. We masturbated three times that night and next morning she was at my house at 10 in the morning. The moment she entered the house I started sucking her boobs above her t shirt and within no time I removed her t-shirt and almost tore her bra apart and started sucking her breasts wildly.
She held my head and pressed hard against her boobs and started saying, JOR SE PLS, AUR JOR SE. I removed her jeans and panty and licked her naval and her back. She was moaning .. aaaaah, bohot maza aaraha hai Andy, mujhe pura chaat lo. Hummmmmmmm. Phir uska haat mere lund par chala gaya and she removed my shorts and started licking my thighs and my balls and then the next second I saw my whole dick disappeared in her mouth. Maine uske baal pakad liye aur usko bola ki agar isko choosna hai to phir jab maal girega to usko bhi chaat lena nahi to leave it. She looked into my eyes with my dick still in her mouth and then she started giving me blowjob of my life. She sucked it and it felt so good with the feeling that today I will ejaculate in her mouth I splashed every drop of my cum in her mouth and she like a baby licked all the cream off my dick. Now it was my turn. Main bed mein late gaya anr payal ko bola kit um mere muh ke upper aakar baith jao. And she did what I said. And she started rubbibg her choot on my mouth. I opened my mouth and started licking her hot and red choot. I was sucking her hole wildly and within few minutes she came on my mouth and I licked each and every drop in and around her choot.
Now we started smooching each other and the mixture of each other’s fluid was adding fun to that. I told her to come on top on me and told her ki tumko jaise chodna hai chodo jor se ya slowly and I will suck your melons. And she started her jerks and with in no tome she was riding me as if I am a horse. She came thrice while fucking me and I came once but out side her choot. Once she was completely satisfied she got up and started to dress up. And she promised me that when ever she will get time she will come and have another wild session with me and left.

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