Fucked My Aunty Instead Of Cousin -Part I
I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. I’m married and having two kids.

My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change costumes.

I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.

Sometimes what we want we do not get that. Otherwise sometimes we get something but we never want that. There commenced a great mistake by me and for that I had to fuck an aged lady instead of a virgin young girl, bad luck. We had a joint family and my other uncles lived jointly in a big house. In the year 1984, I was then 22, my youngest uncle Sohrab uncle’s eldest daughter Renu’s marriage settled and many of our relatives are invited in that occasion.

Among them there was my Rehana aunty’s (Renu’s mother) first cousin sister Komola aunty and her daughter Maya. Maya was so beautiful that everyone was admiring her beauty. Komola aunty was a widow and she had only daughter Maya. As far as I know Maya’s father died when she was in her mother’s ovary. Maya was a college student of about 18 years.

Komola aunty and Maya’s physique was amazingly same by height and health. But Maya was as beautiful as a fairy. Though Komola aunty’s age was then about 38, but she looked like 20 or 22 for amazingly physical fitness. She had a 36-26-38 marvelous body with about 5’ height. She always maintained a pious life and always busy with prayer.

All looked at her with honor and admired about her piousness that she was passing her widow life for long 18 years and no rumor was heard about her personal life. But I was damn sure that her piousness was a covering and if she got chance she would not refuse and later I got the proof.

Maya was as beautiful as angels, with white complexion and 36-26-38 marvelous body structure with about 5’-3” height. Her appearance was cute and fairy. Everyone carved for getting her, I had also seriously craving for her beauties. But I did not get the idea how I could get her at least for once.

I tried and soon I established a friendly relation with Maya and I was then starving for sex. Moreover, the beauty of Maya made me mad to get her but it was impossible to propose directly. I tried to know the thought of her mind about me. Sometimes she expressed so friendly that I thought she will be gladly accepted my proposal of fucking her.

In the marriage day the house became full of guests and the marriage ceremony finished at about 10 pm. After having dinner the arrangement of sleeping was distributed. Last few days the number guests were less and there was no problem for sleeping. Komola aunty with Maya was sleeping in Rehana aunty’s room. But few important guests had to arrange sleep at that room.

Rehana aunty came to my room and proposed to allow Komola aunty with Maya to sleep in my room. I seemed I am going to reach the moon in the sky, my heart became throbbing and without any hesitation I approved the proposal. Rehana aunty told me I am preparing bed for them on the floor, you will not face any problem.

I soon argued about the decision what are you talking aunty, komola aunty is my honorable person, why she will sleep on the floor? they must use my bed. you don’t worry about that, please let me handle it, I will make all the arrangements, you just send them to sleep, the night is going deep.

Komola aunty and Maya came to my room and Komola aunty asked about my health and expressed apology for my disturb. I ashamed and requested her not to tell such type of word. She smiled and went to sleep. For the occasion of marriage day all the girls and ladies wore white sari. Maya looked more fair in white sari, she once stared at me and I winked at her, she smiled and laid. I carefully noticed that Komola aunty laid at the inner side of the bed and Maya lied at the outer side.

The night went deeper but I could not sleep. I only thought and thought about the chance of getting Maya, this chance will never return. But I couldn’t gather sufficient courage for that. Thinking thus when I slept I couldn’t realize. Suddenly I awoke and nothing could realize about my position, the room was thickly dark, I couldn’t even see my own hand clearly. Then tardily I memorized all. Soon I decided to take the chance to fuck Maya.

I got up and very cautiously walked at the bed where Maya was sleeping. The bed was seen indistinctly. I knew she was sleeping at the outer side of the bed. I silently sat on the floor. Then I kept my hand very carefully on the sleeping body. I understood that she was lying on her flank facing towards me.

I groped on the body and got an idea of the body. I kept my hand at her tummy and touched her flat supple tummy, the skin was so supple that soon my penis erected and became hard like an iron rod. I got the naval hole and inserted my finger into the soft hole. I grabbed the supple skin of the tummy and caressed. Then I stooped forward and kissed on the tummy.

At that moment I seemed she slightly moved. I got my full courage and replaced my hand at the upper side of the body and I reached at the voluptuous breasts. I felt the lower button of the blouse and I unbuttoned it. The lower part of the blouse parted and I unbuttoned the second button. Then I felt the bra which was covering the lovely breasts.

I soon unbuttoned rest of the buttons and the blouse fully opened. I could touch the cleavage of the breasts and that was so soft. I touched my tongue and licked the skin of the breasts. I found the hook of the bra and unhooked that. Soon the bra jumped like a spring and the breasts came out from its confinement.

I took the upper breast and slightly pressed, that was very soft and firm. I touch the nipple, the nipple was long and hard, usually virgin girls’ nipples do not grow so long. Otherwise few girls grow long. I didn’t care about the loneness, I took the nipple into my mouth and began to suck. At the same time I was caressing other nipple and squeezing the breast.

After few minutes she moved and rolled her body and laid on her back. But she didn’t express anything and I got full encouragement. I was alternatively squeezing the breasts and sucking the nipples. After few minutes I started dragging her sari upwards for uncovering her pussy and at that moment she grabbed my and to obstruct.

I became stunned in fear but she whispered, not here, go to your bed, i’m coming. Without any delay I returned my bed and waited for her. I heard some ‘toong tung’ sounds of her glass bangles and within three minutes she reached at my bed. She sat beside me and by hugging she gave a long kiss on my lips. I felt she removed her all attires except petticoat.

I began to suck her nipples and squeeze her breasts alternatively using my both hands and mouth. Then I pushed her to lay on her back and uplifted her petticoat at her waist I bared her pussy. I stooped forward and sniffed her pussy, the sexual scent made me mad.I grabbed the pussy, the pussy was covered with thick trimmed pubic hairs. I began to lick from the upper end of the pussy and gradually I licked the groin area and then pussy lips and lastly I touched my tongue with the clitoris.

It was already drenched by oozing pre-cum juice and I got saline taste of that. I caressed her clitoris with my tongue and then inserted my tongue into her pussy hole and I was moving my tongue to and fro. She became so horny that she began to moan aah aah aah ahh.

I couldn’t hold my carnal aggression and I wanted to fuck the girl soon. So I raised my body and sat between her two legs. I parted her legs widely and she kept the leg bending from the knees. I set my strawberry shaped pointed penis head with her pussy hole and gave a little jerk.

My iron-rod like shaft head easily popped in the well lubricated pussy hole. Then I gave some jolt next and within few seconds I amazingly felt that my whole 8” penis disappeared into the pussy hole. I thought, it would be difficult to insert my fat penis into the virgin pussy but the pussy hole was not so narrow, though the pussy wall grasped my penis tightly.

Then I began to move my penis forward and backward, resting my knee on the bed on the floor. While I was fucking her she became moan and once she hugged me and kissed me. She then told me fuck me, fuck me dear, I’m hungry for this for a long years, please fuck me like a whore. Suddenly I realized how big mistake I had done, whom I was fucking she was Komola aunty, not Maya.

But I had nothing to do in my hand. Once I started I couldn’t stop it or reject it. Otherwise it is better for me to enjoy the fucking. I kissed her and caressed her and she continuously moaning like aaaah ah aha ha aha ha iiissshh uuu aah sssha eeessshh etc.

I was gradually accelerating the speed of fucking and she gradually increasing the moaning. Vigorous sounds were producing from the friction point and my penis touched her womb with every stroke. Then she began to caressing me sona chele, moona chele, amar jaan. I was fucking her with my full energy taking her legs on my shoulder.

After fucking about 10 minutes I rolled her body to laid her on her flank and raised her one leg on my shoulder and ran my penis through her pussy at that position. My penis was inserting into the pussy till its base. I was caressing her clitoris with my finger.

After fucking about 15 minutes at that position I again rolled her body on her back and lifted her legs upwards. I bent her legs touching with her breasts, thus her pussy flourished upwards and I shoved my penis its whole length and that time my penis head seriously hit with her womb and she began to cry.

After fucking thus about 10 minutes or so she began to move restlessness and began to moan more wildly. I realized that she came to her orgasm and soon she gave few jerk and spurted her ejection. I then fucked her for more two minutes and pulled out my penis and ejected on the floor. She then hugged me and caressed me for few minutes and told be ready for tomorrow night also, naughty boy.

She went her bed and I began think about the incident. I could not sleep rest of the night. The next day whenever I eye contacted with Komola aunty she smiled a naughty smile. I thought the whole day about the night incident and al last I got an idea and took the firm decision.

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