Fucked Mother While Daddy’s Sleeping – Part II
I am lying in bed reading a magazine while my husband sleeps next to me. I hear a car pull in our driveway, and I am happy that my son Tommy came home before midnight. I hear him come in the house, take a shower, and then it is quiet.

I read my magazine for a few more minutes, and then Tommy appears in the doorway and says “Mom is it okay if I come in and talk with you for a while?” I reply “Sure Tommy, but be quiet. Your father is sleeping.” He walks over to the bed and begins to sit down, but I say “Tommy stop! You will get the bed all wet! Don’t sit on the bed, at first take off the towel you have around your waist and wear something dry.”

Then he smile and suddenly took off his towel and came under my blanket (where my body was also completely naked). I felt wonder by his sudden work. I told him not to play with me like that because his father may wake up at moment and see him. He ignores request and starts fondling my breasts!

I say to him “Tommy, your father is sleeping right next to us! He could wake up at any second!” I try to push his hands away, but he grabs both my wrists and holds them while he tries to kiss me. I move my head back and forth to avoid him, so he starts kissing and sucking on my neck instead. This is very pleasurable to me, and he knows it. I relax and start to moan softly.

Jesus Christ, I am letting my son fuck me while my husband is sleeping right next to us! I must be out of my mind! All of a sudden, Tommy comes between my legs. I say “God Damn you Tommy, you can’t fuck me on the bed while your father is sleeping! Leave me for God shake! I am your mother.” I struggle to get out from underneath him, but he grabs my wrists again and prevents me from moving.

Listening to my words he stares at me and says “Mom, I am not going to fuck you! I just want to sleep over you for a couple of minutes like I used to sleep in my childhood, and then I will go to bed. I promise!” I feel very shy for what I was thinking about. Considering the current situation that things are getting to be louder I calm down, and then reply “Oh my son I’m extremely sorry, well, okay! You can sleep over me for few minutes, and then you have to go to bed! It is getting late and you have to get up early in the morning! Now sleep over me.”

He just mounts over me and sleeps over my body. At very moment I felt a hard and rigid thing touching my vaginal area. I saw my son sleeping over me, his upper portion of body resting on me but it’s looking very odd that his butts rise up. When I tell him to sleep properly, as he lower his waist I felt that rigid thing shoved into my vagina. Suddenly I feel there is no cover between my secret part and my son’s dick.

A loud groan comes out my mouth, “aaahhh, oh! My God!” he makes a jerk and about to shout, “Off maa,” I press his mouth on my breast. It is clear to me that nothing is left to be done; the rigid thing is nothing but his prick and now completely inside me. We are now one body. He raise his head, make eye contact with me and harshly says, “Mom we are plunged.” I console him, “It was my fault, I shouldn’t tell you to lower your waist,” and started sobbing.

Then he strokes my face and tells not to cry as we forget the incident afterward. We are still, there is no movement of our lower body. I am stroking my hand on his back. We are whisperingly consoling each other and crying. But gradually the passion growing up as I feel unknowingly my hip starts moving, but he is standstill. Suddenly I feel his body starts shivering, slowly his waist starts to move front and back. “Sorry mom I can’t stop any more”, by saying this he moving his hip. “Again it’s my fault son”, I said.

Suddenly, my husband turns over so he is facing me! Oh shit, he is going to open his eyes and see Tommy on top of me with his big cock buried all the way inside my pussy! I panic and begin
to push Tommy off me, but he puts his hand over my mouth and holds me still. He looks over at his father and quietly says to me “Mom, he never opened his eyes. Just calm down and relax.” I
reply “What do you mean relax?

How can I fucking relax when you have your cock all the way inside me! I cover him completely by the blanket only my head can be seen. Now the passion takes over we starts sex passionately. It is the most pleasurable forbidden sex in my life, as I am taking pleasure from my own son. By thinking this I get hornier.

Our moaning gets loud to louder. Things are going to out of control as we are on the verge of our most intense orgasm. Realizing that I tongue kiss him. We couldn’t make sound from mouth but in pleasure both farted loudly. I scratch his back by my nails as me having my orgasm. The very time I feel him also spurting his semen inside me. “Oh! God. What an erotic moment. We are done. Finish.

After a couple of minutes, as we get sense I start push him away from me! “Sorry maa, I am really very sorry, I shouldn’t have done that”, saying this he went from the room. What happened between us thinking this I again start crying, but tiredness make me fall into deep sleep.

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