Fucked Mother-In-Law
Hi I’m Rahul from Delhi, this is a story of me and my MIL, I never use to like her as she was too interfering in my married life and use to give lot of advises which I never use to like, I always had a fight with my wife because of her, let me describe her , she’s 48 yrs in age, 5.5ft in height with round shaped boobs, green eyes with a tight ass. The day I saw her I always wanted to fuck her in every hole of hers. I wanted to teach her a lesson by fucking her.

Finally I got a chance when we visited my wife’s house, she hugged me and all of sudden my inner devil got aroused and it was saluting her like a iron rob, she was wearing black salwar kameez & I could feel her hot boobs when I hugged her. We were initially scheduled to live there for three days. The first night I had sex with my wife thinking I was fucking my MIL, The other morning all of sudden my Father in law got a urgent meeting to be attended in Chandigargh and he wanted to take my wife as well as she was also on the board of director. She said she will be back by evening as she has to leave urgently. Finally my brain started working full time as to how avail this opportunity to fuck my MIL. I was scared from inside that how to DO THIS when I myself know that my MIL was very strict.

My MIL called me for the breakfast and me and MIL all alone in the house were sitting next to each other and enjoying the breakfast, she started talking to me regarding my marriage life and started giving advise how to have a successful marriage , I was looking at here though my mind was thinking how to insert my cock into her tight asshole. I could see her cleavage as she was wearing a tight white suit, I could easily figure her out her boobs, ass specifications and was aroused thinking she taking my dick inside her mouth.

Suddenly I got an idea , I went to the my room and got a special pill which I use to use to be dissolve in the drink , which makes you sexually aroused and somewhat dizzy. I offered MIL if she wanted to have lemon juice as I m expert in making that and I can make for her, first she resisted and then said OK. I went to the kitchen made a Lemon Juice and mixed that pill with the drink. I requested her to watch DVD of Sarkar which I knew was in the bedroom along with the drink . As I didn’t wanted to fuck her in the drawing room. We went to room and she started drinking the lemon juice. After some time the pill worked BINGO. She started giving me naughty smiles and her eyes were closing.

I wasted no time and went besides her and asked her what happened. I grab her mouth and started kissing, she got confused and didn’t knew what to do she asked me to pull back, I didn’t listen and inserted my tongue deep into her tongue with other hand on her boobs. She tried to resist by this time I became uncontrollable and ripped her suit from boobs, she started saying NO what are you doing I am your MIL. I said don’t say anything .let me do what ever I want to do . I took her bra out within fraction of seconds and ripped he salwar , she was wearing black panty which I ripped as well and see now MY beautiful MIL NAKED in front of me begging me NOT to fuck her. Looking her in this way I got wild and took out my clothes immediately,

I was naked in front of her with my 8 Inch tool dangling in front of her. I asked her to take into her mouth, first she sad no , she was lying on the bed I went up to her grab her hair and inserted into her mouth, what a feeling it was she started sucking my cock as she also started enjoying ,by this time she was fully aroused and dizzy and was not able to confront me. I was getting wild, I came to her thigh open her leg widely with both her legs in my hands and pushed my 8 inch tool inside her she started moaning ohh please don’t . I started stroking her very fast and she started moaning more loudly and she started saying please sorry its hurting, I said you bitch you deserve this and started fucking her pussy more hard ,I came to her mouth and loaded my cum onto her mouth , I knew she didn’t like it but I wanted to treat her like a whore.

I fucked her in and out , she was lying on the bed naked suddenly I got attention of her ass and wanted to fuck it hard. I went inside the bathroom and brought some Vaseline, she got the idea what I was up to and requesting me not to fuck her in the ass. I told only on one condition that she sucks my cock and swallow my cum, first she said NO and then agreed as she didn’t had any choice. She started sucking my cock like a whore and started giving moans as well she sucked it for five minutes and I loaded my cum into her mouth what a feeling it was she wasted no cum and drank like a juice . She said are you happy now.

I said yes , after fifteen minutes I said I want to fuck you ass, she said you promised me if she sucks my cock I will not do it, I said Randi saali I am NOW breaking my promise, I grab her from her ass and forcefully pushed toward the bed with ass facing my dick . She was not able to confront me because of my power, I applied some Vaseline into her tight asshole and some on my dick, I got hold of her ass and inserted my 8 inch dick into it, she screamed loudly because of THE pain and said no please its hurting , I was totally ruthless by this time and wanted to teach her a lesson, I started jerking her with speed and enjoying , what was warm ass it was I was really at the top of the world , I started fucking her into full speed and after five minutes of hard fucking into her ass I cummed into her tight ass. What was ASS FUCK it was amazing I recorded all this on my spy pen camera. I could see tears in her eyes and said take this towel and go and wash your self bitch and better don’t say anything otherwise I will upload this on the internet.

She said ok and went to the bathroom and was reacting as my mistress, guys hope you enjoyed and fuck your MIL if they are like mines. GOOD DAY.

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