Fucked In the Bus by Bihari Strangers
Hi! My name is Priyanka. I live in New delhi. I am from a well to do family. I studied in Delhi Public School. I have been driving a Honda City since I was in 9th class. Guys in my school asked me out all the time. I usually dated only my seniors. This incident happened when i was in 11th std. I was 16 at that time but my body was quite matured. I had a great figure and my boobs were bigger according to my age. Guys were crazy about them. My first boyfried used to tell me that i had the best pair of boobs he had ever seen. He was a senior and the most popular guy in school.

This happened when my car suddenly broke down one day. My boyfriend was sick and my dad was on a business trip. So i called my friends but everyone was busy. So i decided to take a bus. Since i went to my friend’s home direcly from school, i was still in the school uniform i.e. white shirt and a skirt. I used to wear a very short skirt. It was 9 o’clock in the night. I was waiting on the bus stop when two guys in a bike just passed through there. They looked at me and smiled and just passed. Then they came back, parked the bike behind the bus stop and came near me and started to wait for the bus.

The bus came in about 10 minutes and it was too crowded. AS I tried to get into the bus, one of those two guys just jumped ahead and went into the bus before me and the other guy just kept standing behind me. I knew there was something fishy about it but i thought it will be alright since there will be so many people in the bus. So i got in and the other guy came after me and stood behind me.

The bus started to move. After a while, the guy standing in front of me turned around and now he was standing facing me. The bus was too crowded, so I was totally pushed into him and my whole body was touching his body. The guy standing behind me was also pushed towards my back and i could feel his cock pressed to my ass. The guy standing in front of me was a bihari. In fact most of the ppl in the bus at that time were bihari labourers. The guy in front of me moved his face to my ears and whispered, “Meri baat sun.. Mere paas chaaku hai, chup chaap jo hota hai hone de” and then he moved his right hand between my thighs under my skirt. I was very scared but did not shout. Now he knew his coast was clear and gave me a wicked smile and said, “You are gonna enjoy this.” The other guy then put his hands inside my skirt and started to move them over my ass. Both the guys were pushed into me and there was no room between me and any of the guys. I was helplessly sandwitched between the two of them. The guy in front of me then moved his hands a little up and rubbed my pussy over my panties. I wanted to cry and the only sound that left my mouth was a low moan “aahhh!!” Then he moved his hands a little more to the north and inserted his hands inside my panties and then moved them down through the insides of my panties so that my panties moved down along with his hands. The guy in the back helped him to get my panties down to my knees. Then the guy in the front put his shoes over the portion of my panties between my legs and pushed the all the way down using his shoes. He pulled each of my legs up one by one to get the panties totally off of my legs and in one motion of his shoes, moved the panties under the seat on the left.

The bus stopped with a jerk and i was pushed towards the guy in my front first and then to the guy in the back. My head collided with the head of the guy in the front and started to hurt badly. More people got into the bus and we had to move a little forward. But since the guy in my front was not moving and the guy at my back was pushing me forward, i was pressed even more between the two. The bus started to move again and the guys were back in action. The guy in my front then placed his hands again on my pussy and started to rub it while the guy in my back opened his zipper and placed my hand on his huge dick. Both of the guys were bihari and quite masculine. The movement of the hands of the guy in my front was making me moan “AAhhhh!! UMMmmm!!!” I was biting my lips. And moving my tongue over them at the same time coz my lips were getting too dry.. “Please don’t!! Someone will see.. “ohhh!! ahh!! Nahinn.. please.. ahhh!! ufff!!” The guy in the front said “Mera naam bol.. bol main teri randi hoon ravi.. mein tera lund choosna chahti hoon.. bol saali!!” And i said that. I said “I’m your bitch ravi..Ahh!! Fuck me ravi.. Fuck your bitch..Ummm… OHHHH!!oh fuck!! fuck!! ahhh…!!” His hands were moving up and down on my pussy and he moved his fingers in and out of it!! “ahhh!! oh nooo! pleaseee! ohh!!ahhh ahhh ooooh shit!!” I was trying my best to keep my voice down.

The guy in my back shouted in my ears, “Saali randi, mera loda hath mein pakde rahegi kya, maalish toh kar!!” And i started moving my hands over his cock while the other guy was rubbing my pussy.. Ahh!! ohhh!! Oh Godd!! please no!! The guy in the back put his hands inside my shirt over my breasts and started crushing them with his hands.. I could only moan.. Ah!! noo!! not in the bus please!! ah!!! okay!! atleast not that hard… ahhh!!oooh!! no!! But he kept on crushing them harder and harder. I kept on moving my hand on his dick and ravi kept on fingering and rubbing my pussy with his one hand.. Now he pulled out his cock using his other hand and his cock was totally pressed into my body due to the crowd.. he told me to hold it with my other hand.. I dod that ..I was in such a bad situation.. I was rubbing two cocks with my two hands while my boobs wer being crushed and my pussy was about to explode.. “AAhhh!! ohh!! nooooo!!” The guy in my back told me to stop massaging his cock.. He Signalled his friend and both of them smiled. They told me to let go of both their cocks. I did that, thinking that its all over. The cant fuck me here. But i was wrong.

As i let go of their cocks, the guy behind me took his cock in his right hand and lifted my skirt with his left hand. Then he inserted his cock into my asshole. I cried loudly at that moment.. “AHHHHH!!” It seemed everybody around me knew what was happening but no one did anything. The guy at my back then placed both his hands on my boobs to get support for his thrusts and started giving jerks to his cock that was in my asshole….Ravi then told him, “Ruk yaar, mujhe bhi toh daalne de.. AAj toh saali ko poori rand bana dete hain..” Then he inserted his cock in my pussy from the front. Now i was having a cock in my pussy and one in my asshole. Ravi moved his one hand into my hair round the neck and other on my waist.. Then both of them started to fuck me.. The both were giving me jerks. from front and behind.. When i was pushed forward, Ravi’s cock was pushed deep into me and when i was pished backward, the cock in my ass entered me completely. I was in deep agony. Both of the cocks were huge and both my holes were being fucked by them mercylessly.. I was crying loudly now.. “AAAAHHHHH!!!! AAAHHHHH!! AHHHHH!!! OOOOHHHH!! PLEASE STOP IT!! AHHH!! PLEASE NO!!! AHH!!!! OOOHH!! UFFF!! ” I was breathing heavily.. “Saali chilla aise rahi hai jaise hum iska rape kar rahe hon aur shakal to dekh kaise chudne ke maze le rahi hai..”

They were fucking me continuously. Their cocks were going in and out of me one at a time. MY pussy was hurting badly and so was my asshole.. My tits were numb due to being pressed so hard.. And all of a sudden, Both of them spilled their juices inside me simultaneously like they had planned it too. I Was helpless the whole time and i din’t like one bit of it but i was still horny. They took their cocks out of my holes. The guy in my front kissed my lips harshly. I did not resist. Then he pinched my nipples and the guy in my back removed his hands from my breasts and came close to my ear and said, “Ye le 50 rupaye aur agle stop se auto karke ghar chali jaa. Itni raat ko bas mein akeli ladki ka safar karna theek nahi hai”. Then they both got off the moving bus. The people around me were looking at me with thirsty eyes. I got of the bus on the next stop and took an auto and went home thinking why didn’t i take an auto in the first place.

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