Fuck my Neighbor
Hi, this is Neel frm Mumbai. I am a great lover of middle age women’s as I think that they are mature and can satisfy young men. The incident I am going to tell you is about my auntie. Her name was Asma. Now let me inform u all about her, she was about 5’7. She had average breasts She came to Karachi little while a go with her son after her husband died, and she was our neighbor and I had a very good friendship after a couple of months she shifted. I was 17 yrs old when the most memorable incident took place. She was around 38 at that time. I always use to stare at her breasts and a big ass whenever I got a chance. I use to accidentally touch her from behind whenever climbing the stairs as we were living in apartments. She never said anything and react that nothing has happened.

One day, I was standing on a bus stop to go to my College. It was not so long waiting for a bus when suddenly my auntie came to the bus top and we greeted each other. I asked her that why is she going in a bus as she has got a car then she told me that her car has some problem that’s why she going in a bus and in the same bus in which I am going. After a while bus came and all the people rushed in the bus. I also went in to the bus thru the ladies compartment because the backside of the bus was fully loaded. My auntie was seated and there was one seat empty near her, which she offered me. I said ok and sat near her and felt her body for the first time because I never had sit with her. As soon I sit with her I felt something in pant and I was getting horny and wanted to brake all the barriers and fc-uk her in the bus but I controlled myself and got much closer to her as I thought It is the last time I am sitting with her. I wanted to feel her whole body but I cant suddenly the speed breaker came and we both jumped from our seats and I took the advantage of the moment and suddenly placed my hands on her boobs which were soft. She didn’t said anything to me and I was encouraged and then placed my hands on her thighs and started talking to her. As we were talking I slightly pushed my hands little upwards and she didn’t said anything. Now she asked me about my college and how are my studies going. Suddenly she changed the topic and asked if I have got any girlfriend. I was a bit surprised but I controlled myself and answered that no. She with a naughty smile said that u haven’t got any girlfriend how is this possible u have got one sitting next to u and grabbed my hand and said that am I right or wrong.

I felt an electric shock in my body and especially in my pant. I answered that yes you r right. After this she asked me that whether I liked her or not. I replied her with a bit of hesitation yes I like u and u r very beautiful. After saying this she said thank you for the compliments and then she said that her office has come and meet u in the evening and while standing she released my hand and placed her hand on my rock hard cock reacting like she was pushed from behind as the bus was fully loaded. While getting down to the bus she once again gave a naughty smile and the bus went forward. After all this I was very excited and wanted to release myself so I also got down from he bus and went to the house and masturbated. I passed my time by watching T.V and waited for the evening and came out of the house when she will arrive b/c I knew the timings of her. After a while she came and saw me waiting for her. She asked that why r u standing outside in reply to which I said that u said that meet u in the evening. She said that ok lets come inside and lets watch a movie which she has brought with her. I said ok and went in with her. Then she said that she is a bit tired and also hungry so in the mean time she prepare Some snacks please place the cassette in the VCR. After five minutes she came with two cups of tea and snacks. We sat on the bed and she asked me to play the movie. The movie started and after half an hour of movie I noticed that it is romantic movie and it is describing the relation b/w a young and a old women. After sometime she said that u watch the movie as she is going to take a bath. After a while fucking scene came in the movie and firstly there was a kissing scene afterwards they started to have sex with each other and the moans of the women started to came which were very loud. I was very much aroused by the scene and placed my hands in my pant and started to play with it. Suddenly I noticed that someone is standing behind me I turned around and saw my auntie watching me masturbating. She asked me that what r u doing. I was very confused and couldn’t said anything and wanted to go to my house but then she said that “Omar tumhe yeh sub accha lagta hai”. I gathered some courage and said that I feel some strange things when I see these kind of things. She asked “Kiya tum ne aaj tak kisi nangi ladki ko apne saamne dekha hai. Maine kaha nahi. Then she said “kiya tum dekhna chaho ge” . I said yes. Then she said that I will show u my body and give u the sex training if u will not tell this to anyone and will obey my commands. I said ok. Then she said ok come forward and I will let u know how to kiss a women. Then she kissed me and placed her hands on my tool.

She said ok now let the show begin and said that I will put down ur clothes and u put down my clothes while kissing each other. Now we both were naked. She praised my cock and said that I have got a very big cock about 8″inches which is much bigger then her husband. I also said that u have got a very good pair of boobs and a nice shaved pussy. Then she asked me “tum ab kiya karna chahte” ho I said that “mujhe aap ke mamme choosne hain” she said ok then I put my mouth on her breasts and took it inside but they were big then she pushed my head more towards her boobs and said “inko pura mun main lailo aur achi tarah se choos lo” in the mean time she was rubbing my cock in her hands. I placed my other hand on her pussy and started to push my finger in her pussy which was very tight as she had not sex for about ten years. While I was finger fucking her she moaned and said “ahhhh omar beta aahista se dalo bahut dard ho rahahai” but then I inserted my second finger also and that was too much for her and held back and her boobs came out of my mouth. She said that she can’t wait much more and wanted me to enter inside her. Then I said “Auntie ek baar cock mun main le kar to dika dain she said that hasn’t take the cock in her mouth in her life but I said plz then she took the head of the tool in her mouth and put her tongue around the cock and during this I was out of control and I pushed her head towards my tool and now it was till her throat and now she was screaming. I took my tool out she said that she is having breathing problem and it will be ok after some time.

During all this my cock was fully erect and I caught hold of her and took her to the bed and opened her legs and asked her to plz guide it inside her pussy she said ok. But then I said I am cumming she said “koi masla nahin mere mun main daal do aaj tak kisi ki muth nahi chakhi ” then I put my d**k in her mouth and she drink all the cum and said ” Omar yeh to bahut acchi hai ab agar aaye to dubara mun main daal dena aur plz meri chut main muth nahi daalna” Then she caught hold of my cock and inserted it inside her chuut then she said” Omar aahista aahista andar push karte jao and then she started moaning ahhh Ooooohh ui umma ahh . I was very much excited about all this and started pushing my cock hard inside her and increased the speed now she totally out of her control and was moaning loudly ahhhhhhh ooooohhhhh Omar beta padh daal is chuut ko yeh tere liye he I love u” I was very aroused by all this suddenly I felt that I am going to cum and I informed her about all this she said “Omar jaldi se nikal kar mere mun main daal do” I took it out and put it in her mouth and she drink all of that and in the mean time I saw that something was coming out of her pussy. Then I took my tool out and we both got in 69 position and I started to lick her chuut which was very tasty she was taking my lund in her mouth. After a while she said she wanted to pee I said ” no problem auntie thora saa mujhe apna peshab chaka dain phir jaa kar peshab bathroom main kar lain” She said ok and started to pee which I tasted and then put my hand on her pussy and said now u can go to washroom. Then she went to washroom and I went behind her and started to feel her from behind and as soon I was trying to fc-uk her ass she turned around and said that she don’t want to be f**ked in her ass as it is very paining and may some other time then she said she want to be f**ked once again I said ok but I want to fc-uk u while taking a bath she agreed and I f**ked her . After fucking we cleaned ourselves and were dressed and then kissed each other and went to lie on the bed and then auntie said ” Omar mujhe bahut maza aaya tumhare saath kyoonke main ne apne shohar ke saath aisa sex kabhi nahi kiya aur jab kabhi tumhe kuch aisa karne kaa mahsoos ho to foran chale aana I am always ready and then I went to my house. After this incident I played with her many times and she enjoyed it toofor more stories n mms clips ne female can mail me for fun

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