Fuck Mom Please
The following story is real which happened in tamilnadu. I am Ajay 21 years of age with perfect toned body having a 6’1” feet height. I am from tamilnadu having 7 inch long dick with huge 2.5 inch thickness. I am working as a lecturer. My mothers name is Manjula and she is a typical south Indian women. She is aged 40 and she wears always saree with blouse and bra. She is only 5’1” tall she is lemon in color and wears a low cut blouse both in front and back. She has a round shaped ass. She normally has a falling pair of boobs that is quite medium in size with pointed nipples. Her boobs fall while she bends to clean the floor. She resembles actress tabu.

My fathers name is Thiru and he is working as a clerk. They both had a happy life but not in sex. While during night time I could not hear the sound of moaning. I have wondered many times why this is not happening. One day wile searching for my college documents I had found one medical report. This report was given to my father. I don’t know what it is for. It might be for his checking of regular health.

But the reason given there made me shell shocked. It is dated 10 years ago and shown as HIV +. I am blundered by this result. During one evening I went and asked to my father that whether he has aids. He said yes. He replied that for this reason only he doesn’t have sex for past 10 years with mom. Oh god for 10 years that’s quite unbelievable and I wondered how much sex starving that my mom has.

All of a sudden my father asked me son can you
Do me a favor. Yes father I replied. Can you satisfy your mother’s sex desire he said. I replied to him that it is a sin and I am really happy to hear it. My father said that it is the only salvation that he can do for the sin what he had made for his wife.
I said ok for sex with mom. Later that night I am standing near the door to hear the conversation. Mom too accepted it.

Next day father asked me to be ready. I didn’t have guts to face mom while she was serving for dinner. I finished and went to my room. Dad took mom to my room and went away. She is wearing a white cotton saree with tight blouse. I went near her kissed her cheeks. She went away crying. Son we are doing a sin she replied me. I said that this is my duty and I have to obey my father’s words.

Mom: son I can’t do it
Son: mom this is not illegal. This is quite common in western nations. I am here too
Help you. Pchhhhh (kissing forehead)
Mom: I am doing a sin for your father.
Son: are you still worrying for that dammit. He had cheated you and got aids. This is
Not a sin it is a gift for you mom. I know your feelings. For your truthfulness god have given you a virgin son for your pleasure
Mom: (silence)
Son: mom cans me? (pchch kissing lips)
Mom: but son…
Son: what but mom
Mom: I mean the light. I am feeling shy.
Son: naughty mom
(Both smiling)
Son: I want to see your treasure mom.
Mom: mhmmm my lovely lovable son. I love you (kissing forehead)
Meanwhile I kissed moms face and licked her cheeks. I pulled her lips and began to suck her lips. We are kissing in a passionate way. We were lip locked and my tongue is playing with her tongue. My dick got hardened and her boobs are crushing in my chest. I went to her neck and started kissing her neck.

I removed her pallu. All of a sudden she closed her curvy blouse covered breasts with her both hands. I removed my shirt and stood in front of her bare chested. I lifted her chin and again kissed her lips. I removed her hands and kissed her cleavage. She kissed my chest and I went to her back side. I kissed and licked her back side. I unbuttoned her hooks and played with her back.

I took the honey and poured it on her back and started licking it. I unbuttoned her bra. Her gorgeous came out of the bra falling with a half a inch nipple. Wow! What a scene? I raised her hands and poured honey on the pits.
It tasted so good with the sweat fragrance. I hold one boob in my hand and started caressing it. I sucked both of the nipples like a hungry calf.

Son: apchhpchhch (sucking breasts)
Mom: shah wait son no milk will come. Better I will give you some honey
(Dipping her nipples inside honey bottle). Go on honey
Son: oh yes pchhhpahhpchh mmgmm (sucking again)
I went to her navel and kissed the hole. I wetted it with my saliva. I loosened her petticoat.

Mom: let me play on you son.
Son: ok mom.
Mom: oh god I am so lucky at this age. Look what a well built body.
Son: I am for you mom.
Mom: (kissing on abdomen).
Mom started kissing on underwear where my cock grows harder. She removed my under wear and was very amazed to see it. She took the shaft and shacked it slowly. She kissed it gently and went to kiss my balls. She kissed my dick head and swallowed my dick. She started to suck it in a gentle way.

I poured some honey. It is a good to and fro motion. I automatically gave her a mouth fuck where I tried to insert my whole dick inside her mouth but I failed. She struggled for breath. My father watches this from the door side and shows me a thumbs up symbol
Mom: don’t treat mummy badly
Son: sorry mom.
Mom: just for fun boy. This is great. Do you fuck any girls?
Son: no mom I am a virgin yet. I don’t need somebody since you are my dream girl.
Mom: I will help you don’t worry and we will continue this daily.
Son: ok mom.
I removed her petty coat to see the holy place where I was born. It is covered with bushy hairs with feminine aroma. I kissed her clitoris and begin fingering and sucking it. She moans like a hell. All her juices begin to flow down. I fingered to find the path where the holy pleasure is there.

I steadied my self and inserted my dickhead inside. After struggling I inserted half of my dick. I slowly moved too and fro in a gentle motion. I got my momentum and started picking up my speed. After 5 minutes she had her orgasm. I spread her legs widely and began to fuck her in a missionary position. I made the complete insertion of my penis and I am just fucking her wilder.
Faster ahhhhhhh mmmm she cried. This continues for 4 minutes.

I put an injection where no sperms will come for half an hour. She bends down and inserted my dick inside her ass to fuck her in a doggy style. I rode her like a pony by giving slaps on her butts. I am making faster movements now.
She had her orgasm again.
We gave a 10 minutes rest where I sucks her boobs while resting. She caresses my dick.

Mom: son you are the master of sex art. You are so good.
Son: thank you mom.
Mom: son I want to ride over you.
I positioned my dick vertically where she sat on my dick. I inserted my dick inside her pussy. She moves up and down which is an intense pleasure. She got mad and fucks faster than expected. I fondle her boobs which are jumping up and down. After a whole 30 minutes I have decided to finish my blowjob.

We made a 69 position where she released her juices over my face. She kneels down and gave me a hand job. She sucks my dick faster. Now I am ready to explode my gums. I exploded my gums inside her mouth where she is struggling to take every drop of my cum. My dick jerked for nearly 8 times and I fell down on my bed.
We fucked for nearly 5 times that day and continue that joy every day.

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