Foursome Fantasy Comes True
I am working in a MNC with a good position and so my wife Shalini. We both are working in US at same location .So we are lucky enough to be together and lead a very good marital/sexual life unlike most of the other working couple here in US. This story is about our sex life and our fantasy comes true.
She is so beautiful with modern look. 5.2¡¨ height, 34d -27- 34 figure. Dusky in color and having aesthetic taste. I am lucky to find a girl like her as my wife. Because she is really a very good cook and skillful in bed I have ever met. As I am so much hyper in bed and she is the right match for my entire urge and satisfy my hunger for sex.

We do sex most of the nights if she feels good by health and in mood. She is 27 years old and I am 31. We got married 3 years before. Our sex life was really good and satisfactory all these days. We both are very much anxious and adventures to adapt new ideas in our sex life. In early days of our marriage, truely speaking we were just get tempted by touching each other and ended in having a hard and wild fucking session. With the time passes on , we realize we need to do something more to make the fucking session more interesting and erotic.

Then we keep watching Blue film in internet before our fucking. She had never got any chance to see any blue film freely before our marriage because of our conservative society in India. So its pretty sure that she didn¡¦t like these blue films in her first watch and didn¡¦t enjoy. But when she started relating the style of our fucking position with the blue film stars. Then she start enjoys it most. After somedays we started to watch orgies, wife sharing, threesome and foursome with wifes and hubbys videos. These videos really kick our nerve to get sudden excitement and lead to a wild fuck with loads of orgasm. She started like to imagine me fucking another girl and it kicks her and sametime I started enjoying by thinking somebody fucking my wife so hard.

Then we start thinking in our imagination of real fuck with real people and in our fucking session we start imagine other people and couple fucking us and each other. We started to count all people around us and who personally known to us. My wife Shalini was more interested and always imagines that I am fucking her own her sister and her close friends in various positon & sometime threesome with them. I noticed, while pushing my cock slowly into her pussy and pulling out, she likes that way to be continued with erotic imagination and dirty talk, that time I tell any imaginary story of threesome of two male fucking her wildly..She gets an erotica and a huge orgasm. That kicks me too and I ejaculate by thinking any of my friends is fucking my wife from back and me from front and vice versa.

My best frind Samir who is a small businessman in India and got married Mita 4 years back. Mita is a housewife with gorgeous look with long hair. Very fair, height is 5.2¡¨ and figure is almost same as my wife with slim and trim body with a round and big(compare to her body) Ass . I like the swinging of her round ass in saree very much. I have only seen her in saree. Most of the time before my marriage, I used to masturbate by thinking that I am fucking and pumping her round ass with slim waist. As we are best friend since school days, Samir don¡¦t mind to discuss his sex life with me. So it always gives me lots of stuff to think about her in bed and stroke my cock. She has great respect and affection for me as I am her hubby¡¦s best friend and successful in my life. I know she has a very soft corner for me and she keeps special interest in me most of the time. After y marriage, I introduced my wife Sivani to Mita and from the first meet, Sivani started liking Mita. My wife and Mita got along with each other and became very good friend. I and Samir also are happy by seeing that our wifes are got along very easily.
When me and Shalini start to talk about other ladies and man while fucking. I used to tell about Mita and my obsession for her. My wife really enjoys these and she like Mita to be in threesome with us all the time. She has a fantasy to lick her boobs while I am fucking Mita¡¦s pussy hard and rubbing Shalini¡¦s clit from her back.

In other hand we friends (me and Samir) always talk in phone about the fucking story with our wifes and Samir gets jealous by listening all the moves my wife does in bed . The way Shalini cooperate me in fucking and suck my cock and ass hole and my balls. Also her interest and stamina, she shows while taking my entire cock stroke and pumping in doggie and standing position. The way we fuck in bath tub etc etc. I know he must be thinking of fucking my wife in his dream. He told me one day that he was talking about our fucking style to his wife Mita and she shown a lot of interest in that and that night they fucked really great . After listening that, my urge to fuck Mita grew like anything. Same time I fear that she is a housewife and looks like traditional in all ways. So it may not be possible to move any steps for fucking her. And I guess same thing must be going on in Samir¡¦s mind that he is a village guys and my wife Shalini is a modern lady, so it can¡¦t be possible in real.

After four months of marriage I got the onsite assignment so I moved to US from Bangalore and Samir was busy with his business at our small home town. Both of our family used to talk in phone in those days .I moved back Bangalore last October 09 for 3 months to train and build up my team for my next assignment and I had to comeback again to US in December. I rented a furnished house in Bangalore near Electronic city. It was a 2BHK apartment with all modern facilities. My wife took a ¡§Leave without pay¡¨ for these 3 months from her company by showing some personal problem and lucky she got approved for her leave so I was lucky again to have her in my India trip for these 3 months.
In our stay in India I invited Samir to visit Bangalore with wife so that we can spend some good amount of time with each other. Actually it¡¦s been a long time since we left college, we haven¡¦t spent any time and enjoyed together, he also agreed with my proposal without second thought. Shalini was also excited and felt happy by thinking that we gonna have fun together for a week. My Parents were coming to live with us as I couldn¡¦t go my hometown due to the tight schedule of my job. So I planned accordingly and ask Samir to visit before my parent¡¦s visit. Samir got all railway reservation as per schedule and plan. When I was talking to Samir on phone regarding the travel date and plan, he gave it to Mita for some time that night , she was very much excited and anxious to meet us and having fun without any bound like a free bird at least for couple of days. So she wanted to encase all these moment to a memorable one of her life.

Finally they arrived Bangalore on the same date on Sunday morning and we received them, hugged each other and felt so happy. Shailini had already set the other room for Samir and Mita and for their comfortablilty. We reached home and Samir and Mita freshen up. As it was the Sunday, we were bit lazy that day and wanted to get some food outside for our lunch. So I and Samir came out to pack up our lunch from any restaurant nearby. We were meeting after 3 long years so were talking too much about ourselves, future planning etc. and as all of you know that men always talk about sports. Politics and SEX. Samir said ¡K yaar . you are so lucky of having such a hot wife like Shalini. I smiled at him and told..Man!! You too. Mita has great figure and you must be crazy fucking her in doggie.. and he laughed .
After lunch we took some rest. In the evening we were sitting together in our living room and sipping a cocktail with Samir an watching TV and discussing some nonsense things. Shalini and Mita were busy in kitchen and in between they were joining us for some minutes time to time. We were making fun of each other and became so much free and frank with each other. Mita didn¡¦t mind if I touched her accidentally and so my wife Shalini. Samir was bit conservative and was not so free in touch boldly and make fun of my wife. Same time he doesn¡¦t mind if I touch her wife in front of him because it looks so gentle and without any intention. We had dinner and. on Dinner table Shalini get some wine for both of them. I and Samir were already on high that time. Mita hadn¡¦t tasted wine before and was thinking not have this.. But seeing my wife taking wine and as we all insisted her, so with out any thought she was ready to take wine. and complete the whole glass of red wine with our dinner. She was really in mood, that we noticed by her breaking talk . So Winked Samir and wish him a good luck for tonight .
We put of all lights and put on the night bulbs in all room and went inside our respective rooms. I don¡¦t like to close my door of my bedroom and also we don¡¦t mind because in next room my best friend is sleeping with his wife so I insist not to close the door and let¡¦s sleep.

On that night..My wife changed her dress and wore a sexy night gown and came to bed ¡K I grab her and kissed like crazy and started caring her back and smooching
She was on high with the effect of wine. So she was reciprocating the same with me. I started caring her clit and kneading her boobs and lick her nipple. She started care my cock with her hand and make it up and down. I put some spit her clit and run it.. she was really in high . We were sleeping side by side facing each other. She started pulling cock towards her pussy and tried to insert it .. It was tight and push it slowly .. when I was fully insde her pussy . I started fucking her slowly with one hand caring her ass hole and other hand in her right boobs. It was very erotic and hot moment for her and she was enjoying everything in full mood. Then I started dirty talk and asked about Mita and Samir. She was also excited to have such conversation in that time. She told me.. Yeah.. Mita has really great figure.. I asked what did u like about her ¡K she told. ¡§ her boobies and Ass are very erotic to watch , If I get a chance the definitely I would love to lick her nipple it must have small areola with pink nipple. I said , ¡§yeah , I am also thinking same .. Samir must be fucking now. Shalini said.. yeah Samir must have very big dick and Mita must be enjoying every inch of that cock inside her pussy now. I said ¡K I don¡¦t about his size but looking at his body .. he must have a big cock. Let me tell you my cock is of 6 inch long and 2.5 inch width, Shalini really enjoys and always love to be fucked with my cock but as you know everybody likes to enjoy something different what they usually have and it is always more erotic of thinking of that too and So Shalini has always a urge to be fucked with a bigger cock then mine and I too always tell her .. that I do like to see somebody fucking my wife with a big cock . And she get aroused in no time to have a huge orgasm. That night we were very excited as our fantasy people are sleeping in our next room and whole day we were seeing each other so our fantasy was something different that time. I made Shalni doggie and she showed her ass to my cock like a rocket launcher and put her head in a pillow. It¡¦s awesome postion . I just put my cock and started ramming her pussy from back in a half standing position for 5 minutes. and she started screaming loudly. While fucking I told her to think Samir is fucking you from behind and stroke hard. She screamed loud and got orgasm in next moment and jerk her Ass like something bigger is happening inside her pussy and moan like crazy. That expression led me to ejaculate a huge load of sperm inside her pussy. She was trembling after that fuck. she kissed me madly and smiled with lot of satisfaction in her face. We had a great fuck that night and slept naked.

Next Day morning, I started my day and prepared to go office. Samir and Mita also got up early and they planned to go for shopping with my wife as I am going to office. When I wished Samir ¡§good morning¡¨..he was smiling and said ..¡¨ how was last night . We heard your screaming.. You must be a great fucker buddy.. We got arouse by listing Shalini¡¦s scream and Mita too cooperated me like there is no tomorrow. We had a fuck like we never been in last 4 years .¡¨ I too smiled at him and left for office .

In that night.. in my bedroom . My wife told me, ¡§ Mita and Samir heard our Love talk last night ¡§ ¡K I said ¡§ not talk darling ¡K its your scream ƒº¡¨ .. Anyway what was Mita telling you ¡§ . Shalini said , ¡§ She was so aroused and effect of wine driven her like sex crazy and she really enjoyed last night ¡§. I asked .. ¡§is she that open to have wild sex ?¡§ . Shalini said, ¡§ oh yeah .. she looks like traditional but she is so sexy and really enjoy sex at utmost level¡¨. I said ¡§ oh yeah!! baby I am feeling jealous at Samir ƒº¡¨ My wife pinched me and said ¡§You !!! Bloody fucker ¡§and kissed passionately. We again have a great fuck by imagining Samir and Mita .

I took two days off on that week and roamed around Bangalore and all nearby places and had a lot of fun together. We were so close in those days and doing all discussion openly because we were so frank day by day. Sometimes we cracked some non-veg joke of our college time and Shalini & Mita were laughing unstoppable with that joke. We were so open with each other couple and sometime were kissing in front of them and didn¡¦t mind to do that and so as Samir. he was also opened much to care Mita¡¦s back and kiss her in front of us and Mita was really enjoying all these freeness , what she hasn¡¦t got in all these days since her marriage. Shalini, Mita and Samir were going for shopping when I had to go my office all these days and they shopped dress and others household from mall and enjoyed fastfood together , Shalini and Mita were became very good friend and loved each other very much these days . Shalini bought and gifted some nice sexy night wears to Mita on Friday. And she was so happy by wearing these and in order to this freeness in all these days. and as we are in same house since last couple of days , so Samir had already seen some glances of my wife in her transparent night dresses and became very casual to allow his wife too to wear night dress in front of me .. I was so happy seeing the real asset of Mita through those night dresses. Samir could read my admiration to his wife¡¦s figure through my eyes. I threw a smile to Samir and told .. What a hot girl you have buddy and he also told me same.. Shalini is gorgeous than Mita .. yaar .I love to see her swinging around in these dresses .. It s really exciting and mind blowing watch shalini in night dress around. And truey speaking after seeing Mita in those sexy low cut night dresses, I urge a high desire to fuck her like a mad man. I was lust by seeing her swinging ass and bubbling boobies . She was looking so bubbly that day. She has opened her hair which was just touching her ass chick and se was looking stunning with the fluorescent light in my house. Shalini was also giving healthy competition and looked gorgeous. She also wore a nice sexy night dress and looked sexy in all aspect.
I opened the whisky and Samir took it from me to make two pegs. I asked Shalini for munching. From kitchen Mita came with plate of chicken Pakoda and throw a beautiful smile to me and Samir. She was looking stunning with her sexy night dress . I could see a glance of her cleavage and whiteness of her 34dd boobs. Samir was preparing the whisky and I played some light music. I had lust in my eyes and was totally in mood. While Mita was serving pakoda in my plate, I hold her hand and said¡¨ its ok¡¨ .. I felt a current in my body and got a sudden arouses.
Shalini prepared two glass of wine for her and Mita and join us in living room. We were sipping and discussing about all bollywood movies and couples in bollywood, sex scandal etc etc. In that big couch I was sitting at one corner and next to me Shalini and next to her Mita . Samir was sitting at other corner of the couch. Coffee table was in front of us with whisky, wine and pakoda on it . We were involved in all gossips and some sexual jokes. It¡¦s the effect of alcohol, two voluptuous women dressed with sexy dresses and light music and moreover all sex talks since last 5 days. It was sufficient to give us the instant urge for sex in mind. Shalini was leaned on me and I was caressing her hand and hair while talking to Samir and Mita. Mita was also slowly leaned to Samir. Shalini started adjust her in sitting because of my cock, which was erected and throbbing her from back . She already read, what was in my mind. I kissed Shalini on her chick and she also returned me . With all talks and seeing Mita¡¦s thighs, boobs and red chick and her body with the night dress , I couldn¡¦t control and smooched my wife and continue to eat her mouth for a minute . Which was sufficient for Mita to be open up and she started to caress Samirs chest with her hand. Samir is also intelligent enough to get along and I know he has all weakness for Shalini¡¦s move and for him..He is watching his sex goddess in front of him . So he started kissing Mita with full mood. Which give us extra openness and I started to press and caress Shalini¡¦s boobs being from back . I and Shalini was facing to Mita and Samir who were already indulged in kissing . Samir get down to Mita¡¦s boobs and started eating those beautiful softy boobs with her dresses. Shalini was so excited and started rub her hand on my jeans. She was feeling the hardness of my cock . from outside was looking like a rod inside my pant. While Samir sucking Mita¡¦s boob, I noticed Mita was staring the hardness of my cock and Shalini¡¦s hand in a lust eyes. When my eyes contacted with her. She smiled and closed her eyes. Wow what a moment of my life. My bachelorhood sex goddess was in front of my and getting sucked by my friend and I was enjoying all these in my naked eyes. For Shalini. it was a life time experience to see another couple making love in front of us . Shalini had developed a lot of weakness for Mita¡¦s boobs. I entered my hands inside shalini¡¦s dress from down and start open the bra and feel the skin inside her dress and started to caress her boobs and kissing her neck. She was in heaven that time and wanted me to come in front of her . I came in front of her and threw her bra. it was amazing to see the naked boob inside the transparent night dress. Samir stopped his kissing and stunned by seeing the naked boobs of my wife through the night dress. I can see the lust in his eyes for my wife. Shalini threw a smile to both Samir and Mita and started enjoying my boob sucking . I kneel down and my face was in between her legs and I started kissing her naval and slowly bite her mound with the dress and panty. Shalini moan and suddenly hold Mita¡¦s hand with a great excitement.Mita wasn¡¦t prepared for that and felt a current inside her body. Mita was out of her mind that time and gave the reaction to Shalini and leaned to her with excitement. By seeing me Samir also kneel down and started licking Mita¡¦s navel and finger her pussy on her panty. For Shalini, its dream comes true; she started caressing Mita¡¦s face and touching her boobs. While Samir kissing Mita¡¦s boobs. Sometime he was kissing Shalini¡¦s hand also and when he noticed that shalini was also enjoying the roughness of his face. He started eating her finger along with Mita¡¦s boobs. Samir didn¡¦t waste any time and open the bra with the night dress in one go. Oh my gosh¡K..I was stunned by seeing the beautiful assets of Mita. Mita was sitting with only Panty in front of me .It was gorgeous and of milky color with pinkish nipple on it. Shalini¡¦s eye glowed by seeing these beauties. She can¡¦t resist and started licking her left nipple. And Samir was licking her right nipple. When Shalini wanted to lick her right nipple. Samir left it and started to open her shirt and gave a smile to me. I also winked him. I asked how was it buddy. He was speechless and thankful to me. I also thanked her for opening Mita¡¦s treasure before me.
Shalini was mad at that time while sucking her boobs and in next moment Mita started mouth kissing and they started to eat each other mouth like two sex starve goddess. I undressed the night dress of Shalini and Samir was standing and seeing Shalini¡¦s asset and rubbing his dick on the pant. By seeing Shalini¡¦s boobs, Samir couldn¡¦t control and drank the rest of the whisky in his glass. Shalini¡¦s boobs are like Mango shaped, where as Mita¡¦s boobs are round like small watermelon and pinkish nipple on it. It was our luck to see two different set of boobies and have chances of enjoying it. Both Mita and Shalini were on their panties before us and we are with our pants. After drinking the glass of whisky, Samir started undress his pant and he was with her undies . One can imagine his tool inside his undies . It was like a hot rod and he was rubbing on it . Shalini was busy in smooching Mita. And I was licking her boobs. I come up to try my luck and try to kiss Shalini¡¦s neck and slowly moved to upward and join the kissing of Shalini and Mita. Mita could n¡¦t control herself by seeing me kissing Shalini¡¦s neck in front of her and closed her eyes. Shalini was eating Mita¡¦s lip and in other hand she was screwing her nipple. I tried to join them and Shalini gave me the chance to get Mita¡¦s lip to kiss. I gone mad and started kissing Mita¡¦s lip and eating her mouth to let our tongue meet. Mita was gone mad by getting me and returning my every love bite . I could say that she was out of her mind and totally forgotten everything in the world.

Shalini was licking my neck and got down to my waist and started opening my zip. She opened my erected cock and grabbed it in her mouth till the end of my shaft and suck passionately. Samir was stunned and aroused strongly in sex pain and couldn¡¦t even imagine to his eyes that what is going to happen today. He was more excited than me and feeling like in heaven that we friends made it true in our life and enjoying the fullest of our life. He was also happy that his wife was also enjoying our play of sex. Same time he was gathering all his courage to move a step towards Shalini to grab her and fulfill his sexual desire, he has collected for these days towards her. I got Mita¡¦s boobs are so soft and I told her , I had a dream to lick these nipple since the day I saw her . She hold my hair and pull my head towards her boobs and says.. ¡§ohhhhhhhh, I am honoured ¡K. Lick me ¡K. Aaaaaahhhhh¡¨ . Mita was rubbing her clit herself and got her first orgasm. Shalini was licking my cock head and my cock was covered with her saliva and when she was sucking it fast. It was sounding slurp¡K¡Kslurp ¡K..Slurp¡K. . Mita raised her hand and tried to touch my balls and started rubbing it . My wife saw this and left my cock for her and started licking her boobs again. I left Mita¡¦s boobs for Shalini and move to back of Shalini and tried to open her Panty so that I can lick her pussy. I opened her Panty slowly and noticed Samir was looking at her ass and throbbing his cock. I opened her panty and put my mouth to lick shalini¡¦s pussy and Shalini was busy licking Mita¡¦s boob. Mita put her hand inside her panty and rubbing it. Samir Could n¡¦t resists more and open his undie and come directly to Mita. and wanted to drive Mita¡¦s mouth to grab his cock . Shalini was licking Mita¡¦s nipple and suddenly saw Samir¡¦s huge cock infront of her. It was 8¡¨ long thick like a corn with sexy cock tip like mushroom, I can say its ..Shalini¡¦s dream cock . Mita grabbed Samir¡¦s cock and suck it like no tomorrow. His huge balls were swinging like pendulum . Shalini was licking Mita¡¦s boob and seeing the way Mita was sucking Samir¡¦s cock with a lustful eyes Shalini couldn¡¦t resist more by seeing the sexy and masculine cock in front of her .

Shalini has always weakness of sucking cock .she loves the aroma of cock and she can suck a cock whole night. Samir was also heard from me that Shalini just loves to suck cocks and he wanted to try his luck this time. Shalini raise her head with Mita and wanted to get the piece of Samir¡¦s cock . Mita didn¡¦t mind to let her to suck Samir¡¦s cock . Wow..What a scene. Shalini got the tool , she Always wanted for all these days . She was so happy and lick the cock head and Samir was in heaven. Shalini was giving him a royal treatment by sucking and licking his cock and balls. I was busy licking shalini¡¦s pussy and her clit . It was sufficient for Shalni to get her first orgasm and she was screaming with cock in her mouth and got her first orgasm . Mita was seeing this and come down towards my cock and started sucking it , It was time to concentrate on Mita , my dream girl. I left Shalini their and took Mita with both my hand and come to my bed room. and throw her in bed
Also winked Samir to follow me. Mita was so excited by seeing all these activity and grab me and kiss me passionately and tried to lick whole of my body. I was in mood to treat her like slave, as long as Samir is not in the room. I grab her head towards my crotch and force her to take my cock to the end of my shaft. She was gagging and I was mouth fucking her. I made her to lick my ass hole and and she did with out any hesitation. I love the generosity of her. And when I saw Samir is taking my wife with her hand and coming to bed room to join us . I put my cock in Mita¡¦s mouth.. Mita was so amused by treating her like slave in the absence of his husband. Samir threw Shalini and started licking her pussy. Mita was so excited by seeing this. Mita show her ass to me and started licking Shalini¡¦s Boobs. By seeing Mita Ass in front of me. I could n¡¦t control myself. It was like dreams come true for me. All these days I was only dreaming about fucking Mita¡¦s round white ass and now it¡¦s in front of me. So I didn¡¦t waste any time and started licking his pussy from behind to make it wet , she got aroused a lot. I started licking her clit and finger fuck her for 10 minutes and she got her 2nd orgasm. I stood up and push my cock into her pussy. And started stroking slowly and increase my speed like a piston. Mita started screaming. Samir was surprised by seeing her wife screaming with ecstasy. I said Samir¡K Buddy its not always about the size of cock . It about the way you are making love. He took it as a challenge and made sure , he would give a life time fuck to Shalini. Shalini understood that and turned back and shown her pussy to Samir in Doggie position. Samir was looking forward it. Shalini was also dyeing and feeling the itching sensation inside her pussy and ready to take this rod of meat into deep inside her pussy. Samir didn¡¦t waste any time and was trying to push his cock slowly inside my wife¡¦s pussy . When Samir was inside her with whole of his shaft, Shalini had a big ¡§O¡¨ in her mouth . and she was enjoying the whole inch of Samirs huge cock inside her pussy . Samir started fucking slowly. Its like me and samir both riding two horse in one bed. Whole room was scented with the aroma of sex and sexy scream and moan like ..uuuuuu¡K¡Kum¡K ahhh¡K ohh¡K. Love¡K.. it ¡K right there ¡K like that ¡K..mmmmm ummmmm ¡K ohhhh¡K. Luv u honey ¡K.. fuck me whole night¡K. Was Dreaming abt it ¡Ksince a long time¡K¡Kshalini was saying¡K.its too big¡K¡K wanted to be fucked whole night with this rod¡K.. lucky you Mita¡K..

Mita was screaming like hell.. I was fucking in round motion with sudden stroke. and each time she screaming with a big ¡§O¡¨ and saying thanks to Shalini to let her fuck with me . She had already got two orgasm since that evening and I was hyper for her.. She never expected this kind of fuck and treatment in her wildest dream. It was seeming like Samir had never tried all these move before, Mita was trembling with her third orgasm and screamed loudly and fell in bed with her ass taking my cock inside her pussy and started requesting me to stop, that she couldn¡¦t take more. I laughed and stopped for a moment and again started ramming.. I was in full mood to erase all her itchiness inside her pussy, so that she would be dreaming about my cock for whole life. she was screaming like hell. and Samir couldn¡¦t resist by seeing this and shoot his load inside my wife¡¦s pussy .. My wife enjoyed the squirt of his sperm in deep inside her pussy and she also cum at same time again . It was me . who left with high .. And I didn¡¦t want to spare Mita like this . I put a pillow below her waist and set her Ass to more height and pumped like crazy. She was screaming with tears in her eyes and I was fucking mercilessly. Shalini was tired and so Samir . Samir was lying on my wife¡¦s with her boob in his mouth after the huge ejaculation and still his cock inside her pussy . Mita was screaming and pleading me to stop the ramming. I wasn¡¦t listening and grab her hair and stroke her pusssy in deep from back properly . her ass was throbbing in front of me and I was spanking on her ass chick with my right hand . Spanking her white Ass, it became red and it was making me more crazy to fuck mercilessly. My balls were stroking her upper part of her pussy which turned her on again for another orgasm and she started enjoying all these pain and started push her ass towards my cock . Wow ¡K what a return.. and I love the sound coming out of that collision of her ass chick and my thighes. Now it was my time and I shoot all my load in deep inside her pussy ¡K she too cum once again along with me and trembling with ecstasy. I was feeling her pussy was squeezing my cock inside and sucking out all cum into it. We were so tired and four of us slept naked with each other wife in same bed. Mita was so satisfied with the fuck and I felt she was kissing me in her sleep and a smile in her face.

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