Forced to have Sex with Mom and Aunty
My name is rahul and 23 years old, this incident happened a few months ago which changed my life completely. I will introduce myself a little bit here, i have a family of 4, parents and one brother and me, although i admit that i have been into incest for a long time now and fantasized about my mom and aunts. But that was only at the fantasy level never practical.

My mom is housewife, normal life and everything, she usually wore shalwar kameez. I did not create incest fantasy all of sudden, from young age i always had an eye for mature women and use to watch mature porn. And i used to think of fucking my aunts but not my mom. It happend a few years back when for the first time i saw my mom naked, we live in a small house so there is not much space in the house and i can easily see my moms room from my bed. i was sleeping that morning and was about to wake up, wen i saw my mom standing in the room with a dress,i thought she was only cheking them out and i woke up half asleep and sat on the bed, as i started to stand up i saw my mom take off her kameez, she probably thought i was asleep, i dont know what happend to me and instead of moving away from the view i laid on the bed and pretended to sleep and watch my mom change her clothes, she was wearing a white bra and i had the side view of her bra, but facing backwards, at the age of 38 she had firm boobs i cud guess the size like around 36c, i slept there watching her and my cock started to grow harder and harder, the she took of her shalwar and thts the part wen i lost all control even at the age of 38 she had an tite ass, i just keep watching her butt in that white cotton panties of hers and then onwards i had an urge to have sex with my mom.

From that day i started noticing my mom in the house, i never knew my mom could be so fuckable, sometimes i felt guilty about it but wen seeing her tite and round ass i wud loose the guilt and think of just fucking her in that ass. But those were alll just fantasies.
The incident happened a few months ago, me and my mom went to my aunts house, she needed some clothes picked up so i tagged along with her. Let me describe my aunt (Maami), she is same age as my mom, but a little fat and very fair skin, she has the biggest boobs among my relatives and everytime is see her i just keep looking at her big boobs.

Anyway me and my mom went to my aunts house it was afternoon so probably no one was in her house except her,my mom was wearing cotten shalwar kamiz and the fabric was thin so i could easily see the white bra she was wearing. We arrived at my aunts house, after greeting and all she they went in the room and started having conversatoions while i was just sitting there. After a few minits the door bell ringed and my aunt went to open the door, she was standing at the door and suddenly two men pushed her in and closed the door behind her, i ran to help her but they showed a gun to me and i just froze there in panic my aunt already started crying in panic and my mom just stood there shivering.
my aunt started shouting and begging them, telling them to just take what they want and leave. i knew they just wanted to rob us so i told my mom and aunt to stay calm, they will just take what they want and go. But they had other intentions, they pointed the gun on us and told us to move to the room, we followed order and moved to the other room, they made us sit on the bed and for a few minits they just stood infront of us and stared at us. At that point i knew something was wrong and i saw lust in their eyes. One of them kept staring at my mom boobs, the second one then pointed the gun on me and told me to stand up, my mom shouted out of panic, "plz dont hurt my son" the one guy said, so this is your son han, i sensed something fishy in his voice. He told me to sit on the bed and enjoy the show, i cudnt figure out wat they meant by that, they seemed very calm and i think they exactly knew wat they wanted. The next thing wat they did shoked me as hell. They told my mom to stand infront of the bed and my mom did. They told my mom that if she does not do what they as they will kill me and told me that if i dont do what i am asked they will kill my mom and the same went for my aunt.

That moment i knew that they just didnt want to rape them but wanted to enjoy every bit of it. The two guys started murmuring something to each other finally they said referring to my mom " Open your hair, i was confused for what they were asking, the next thing shoked me, they said "stand rite and cup ur boobs with both ur hands, i closed my eyes hearing this, the other guy screamed at me in heavey voice that he wiill kill my mom if i dont open my eyes, i had no choice but to do as asked. They stopped there and took my mom to a different room, they kept her in there for fifteen minits and again came in the room where my aunt and me were held. i was thiinking like what happend in there for fifteen minits, did they rape my mom, these thoughts in my mind started to make my horny as much as i wanted to kill them i was enjoying myself. Then my mom came in, stood infront of the bed and cupped her boobs and started massaging them, without any orders given.

I guessed that they told her wat to do. she started massaging her boobs and making faces like a pornstar, i was in complete shock by looking at this, my mom looked like a professional pornstar and i cundnt let my eyes off her boobs, she then took of her kameez.

My mom took of her kameez and was standing infront of me only in her shalwar and a white bra, i had a sudden erection seeing my mom like that.... she was looking like a slut mature bitch in her untied hairs and white bra. she then paused there for a moment and looked at the other guy in fear, the other guy moved a little close and said something to my mom, my mom got a bit scared and nodded her head. I knew they had alot in their mind. My mom slowly turned around, and then bent down so that her ass rose up..and her round tite ass was facing me. i cud not take my eyes off her ass and was lost in lust. One of the guys noticed my erection and the lust in my eyes but didnt say anything. my mom turned stood rite and turned around and looked at me, she was like about to cry but controlled herself. Now this is where things got a bit more serious, one of the guys who noticed my erection said to me... u love seeing ur mom like this han..dont worry u will have wat u want. Then he turned to my mom and told wat we told u to mom replied but he is my mom have some mercy...they didnt care and threatend to kill mom agreed to them, she controlled her tears and acted normal..then again cupped her boobs and massaging her..and making faces like a pornstar...i could hear a moaning in her voice...the next words came out of her mouth stunned me...cupping her breast she said "ummmmm oh son u like to see ur mom, u like to see ur bitch mom cup her breast... cmon see ur mom massage her big boobs. i just kept looking at her in horror...she then took of her shalwar and told me to get off the bed and told my mom to lie in the bed fully naked. i stood infront of the bed as my mom was mom lieing on bed started to touch her pussy...her pussy was hairy and that was the first time i saw her was already wet...she started to finger her pussy and making noises....i cudnt beleive my own mom was masturbating rite inront of me.

The other guy shouted at her, do it like we told u it like a whore u bitch... my mom was masturbating and forcing herself to moan but i cud tell that she wasnt enjoying it much...the other guy came near me and told me to take my pants off...i did it but this time not it fear but in excitment. My dick hard erected and hard as a rock pointed towards my masturbating mom...the other guy ordered my mom to look at my dick and masturbate.. she first she only had glimpses of my dick and turned her eyes away..but i sensed a pleasure in her moaning and she was frequently looking at my of the guy shouted..."yeh cmon fuk ur pussy with ur fingers and hold ur tit while u do it...she didnt waste time and did it..and her moans started to get louder...i thought...did she start to have pleasure in masturbating after she saw my lund....other guy...cmon u whore say the moms moans became louder and these words came out of her mouth........ummmmm ahhhh yes fuck....u enjoy it..u enjoy ur moms fingers in her own pussy....ummmm cmon tell u like it....i was lost it lust ..if it wasnt for those guys with a gun i wud be fucking my mom like savagely rite now. Just imagine..ur own mom lying on the bed with open hair...fully naked....legs spread wide and one hand on her hairy wet pussy and other on her tits...and moaning and raising her butt on every thrust of her finger like a whore and u cudnt do anything but just watch.... her moans became louder and louder...then finally she had an orgasm. My aunt on the other hand just sitting there and looking at a mother and her son naked infront of each other and enjoying each other... they ordered my mom to stand up and get dressed i thought it was over...but i wasnt thanking that it was over but upset that it may be over....but they had other plans in their mind. They took my mom and my aunt in other room and stayed there for about 20 minits....i had no idea wat was coming to me.

Then after 20 minits they came to the room where i was lying on the bed.... they didnt say mom and my aunt stood infront of the bed.... sideways as looking at each mom slowly and gently put her hand on my aunts big boobs...and i said NOWAY im goona see fuking lesbian action!... i cudnt sex hormones raging inside me... my mom gently and softly carssing my aunts boobs...and she kissed her on her aunt resisted it for a few sec but then opened her mouth to my moms lips... and they started kissing each other with their tounges. i thought of myself very mom and my aunt kissing each other infront of aunt cupped my moms breast in both her hands and pressed them...hugged titely i cud hear my mom moaning. They were both pressing eachother boobs and massaging them.slowly they took each others kammez off...for the first time i saw my aunts big boobs in a black bra..they were a size of a water mom took my aunts bra aunts big white boobs hanging down...precum leaking out of my hard mom starting sucking on my aunts boobs.....then the other guys told me to stand infront of the bed giving space for my aunt to lie down on her aunt lying down on mom then took off her bra was like watching a live lesbian porn.

The way my mom was doing things she seemed like a professional pornstar who knew her acts very well...i just stood thier with my dick hanging seeing everything....and noticing my mom having glimpse of it every now and then.. after taking her bra off she took her shalwar off and her white cotton panties off too....the first time i saw my moms nude ass and only a feet away from me...i dick hard as rock and precum dropping from it on the she walked towards my aunt..i saw her ass swinging like a models ass...she had only average flesh..she wasnt chubby on her ass...and had a wide ass...she then seductively walking towards the bed..bent down on the bed like in a doggy position and moving forward towards my aunt...her ass facing me..haveing a wide ass..i could clearly see her pussy and her black ass hole from behind...she went on and kissed my aunt on the lips while still in a doggy position. my aunt still looked mom slowly started to get low on her....licking her neck with her tongue and then sucking my aunts boobs...she went down all the way to my aunts crotch and took off her shalwar and her panties...started licking my aunt on her thighs and slowly moving to her wet pussy...she inserted her two fingers in my aunts aunt had light mom started to inserting her fingers more rapidly and put her tongue inside aunts moans became louder and louder and her butt raising in mom savagely inserting and sucking my aunts pussy.
Seeing my mom licking and suking my aunts wet cunt had me going on...but i never it seemed i wud never get a chance to put my dick in that which was facing me...but that changed after a while..the one guy ordered my mom to stand a side of the bed...and told my aunt to kneel down before me...i had the idea about wat they were doing..l knew i was about to have a blow job from my aunt..i wanted to fuck my aunts mouth with my lund but my eyes were stuck on my aunt came near me and kneeled down...she slowly put her mouth on the tip of my lund and started liking it with her tounge...

my hot aunt...fat but butiful..started suking my dick faster..but i kept staring at my mom who was lying in bed naked...overrun by lust i held my aunts head and started face fuking her harder and harder..i was so deeply involved looking at my mom that i didnt realize that my aunt was choking.... i knew my mom was getting hornier seeing her son getting his dick suked...i knew she wanted to do that but the guys had different aunt after suking me dry...climbed on the bed in the doggy pos..and i knew wat i had to do...i went behind her insterted my dick in her wet pussy and started to fuk her...pressing her big melons with my mom cundnt take my eyes off me...i kept thrusting my hard dick in my aunts wet cunt...spanking my aunt with my hands as hard as i mom lying there on the bed just a few inches away from me...then she went infront of my aunt on the bed and lied down before her so her wet cunt was on the face of my aunt and i was still fuking fuking my aunt from behind and my mom lying infront of my aunt getting her pussy suked...the other guys enjoying themselves....saying...cmon bitch u forgot u dialouges...u want ur son or mom saying..yes i want my son...yes i want my son to suck my cunt...oohhhh yes son come suck me hard...spank me like ur aunt..spank my tite mom moaning in pleasure and screaming the words....ohhh yeh fuck cmon my son come to ur mom....i finally cudnt control it and collapsed on my aunt..and there my mom had an orgasm...

They ordered us to stand up and rest for a while...while they make other plans...after 20 minits or so they came in the room again...i thought finally i will get a chance to fuk my of the guy pulled a strapon out of the bag...i my mind rushed to the scene..thinking wow i think my moms goona fuck my aunt...but that didnt happen..he ordered my to get on the bed and take the doggy pos...i didnt know what wud happen...and told my mom to wear the mom did as they guy said...u know what to do u fuking mom came close to me wearing a strap on...i said no fuking my mom gonna fuk me...i never had something in my ass and the idea that im going to get fuck by my own mom got my sex hormones rushing into my mom pressed my butt...and slowly was caressing my asshole with her finger...she came close and i cud feel something wet on my was my moms mom was liking my asshole...

it was a real pleasure getting my asshole get licked by my own mom..she inserted a finger to losen my ass hole...i was in a bit pain but it didnt matter...after lossing it she lubricated my hole with her spit...and slowly inserted her starp on dick in my ass...i was moaning in pain but enjoying every bit of it...the thrust got faster..but the next words that came from my moms mouth shoked me more then ever...even the guys did not order her to say anything and she went u know what it feels like to have a lund in a hole...u fuk..u enjoy ur mom fuking ur asshole....u want mommy to spank u like u spanked ur aunt...cmon answer me...and i said yeh mom do it...she started spanking me hard...i was in complete pain from her thrusts but in pleasure....she told me to iie on my back and raise my legs...i did as i was told...she put my legs on her shoulder and inserted her stratpon dick in my ass....and fuking me harder..i cud see her boobs jumping on every thrust....saying...u like it han...u like seeing ur moms boobs jumping like that...she looked like a extreme pornstar saying all those words and making faces like a whore...i enjoying it got completely broad with her...moaning and saying...ohh ye mom fuk my ass...u look like a fuking her that way...her open hair on her shoulders and boobs jumping...ohhh yeh mom fuck me...fuk me u bitch...i cudnt take it anymore in my ass and started to getting tired of mom pulled out of my ass....and went to my aunt..she held her by her hair and pushed her on the bed saying...u enjoyed my sons session now its ur turn u bitch....i cunt belive her...lust had taken over aunt layed down on her back..and my mom inserted her fake dick in my aunts wet hot cunt...and wasting no time my mom was pushing her dick in my aunts cunt rapidly.....i cudnt control myself either and i didnt wait for any orders from the guys..i jumped on the bed...and put my dick in my moms started suking my like a professional whore....until i cummed in her mouth.

I knew it was now or never....this was a chance of a life time....i started to suck my moms boobs....her light pink nipple staring at me and i was pressing her boobs vigrously...i held her by her open hair and gave a wet and passionate kiss on my moms wet lips...she responded by opening her mouth and kissing me back...exchanging saliva ..she pulled her strap on dildo out of my aunts cunt and lied on the bed on her back i knw what she was asking... i wasted no time and removed the strap on...and inserted my hard dick in my moms wet pink pussy....her pussy was so wet i didnt had to work much my dick just slided in her cunt...and i started fukking her like an animal..oh the words that came out of her mouth likie....ummmmmphhh..yeh fuck...put ur lund in me...u motherfuker...u liked it didnt u...i quikend and hardened my thrusts laying on her putting my mouth on her face kissing her...responding to her words...i said...yeh mom i wanted to fuck u...u bitch yeh....ill fuck u in the ass mom shivering on the bed making loud noises...then turning her up in the doggy position...i smelled her asshole..and licked it putting my tounge as far as i could in her ass...fingering her...she had an tite asshole...proabably never opened to anything...somehow i managed to put my dick in her asshole...and the one thing i fantasized about my mom came true..i pulled her hair back and put my dick all the way in her ass....she was screaming in pain like crazy but it sounded more like a pleasure moan...finally inside her....while my aunt wore the strapon to her...and i wanted to have my ass fuked by my aunt...i stood by the bed bent down putting only my hands on the edge of the bed..exposing my ass to my aunt thrusted her strapon dick into my hole...and started fucking me her big boobs jugling and making sounds...but as she was fat she cudnt do much pounding....

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