Forced Sex with sister
Kamran’selder sister Hiba was 21. She had married last year and moved to her husband’s farmhouse last year. Kamran missed her dearly, she was his best friend and confidant. When summer came, he made the journey during the holiday’s to spend time with his sister and her husband.

Things went well, the 1st few days, Haroon his brother-in-law was a good man and they got on fine. One night, Kamran could not sleep, he sliped outside to have a smoke and wander the gardens. On the moonlit night, he felt at peace and ease. Passing by his sister’s room, ne noticed that the bedside light was on and the curtains open. He glanced inside and was shocked to see Haroon fucking his sister. Till now he had never considered his sister in any way apart from how brother’s normally consider their siblings. Sure he had been inquisitve, and had spied on her once or twice, but that was just part of growing up. Now what he saw excited him.

She was bending forward over the bed. Her marvelous brown tits, hanging like ripe lemons, smooth with pointed nipples. They swayed with each thrust of Haroon’s powerful buttocks as he rammed her from behind. The window was open and he could hear his sister asking for more, harder, fuck me harder she moaned. They were standing in side profile to the window and Kamran watched unobserved. He crept closer to get a better view. He couldn’t believe the slut his sister was. Kamran banged her for nearly 15 mins, before he emptied his juice into her. In that time she must have cum 3 or 4 times, but her need was not yet satisfied. As Haroon pulled his huge cock from her pussy, she spun around and kneeling on the bed, on all fours, she took the hard rod infront of her and started to suck. She had her hands wrapped round haroon’s arse, her melons were dangling again. He seems to be in extacy, neither noticed Kamran move closer to the window, he was practically in the room.

Suddenly a twig snapped under his foot and Haroon turned round to see him standing there. Frozen in Shock, Kamran’s tried to get his feet to move, instead, he stumbled forward, having to use the window sill to break his fall.

That was all the time Haroon needed to grab him by the collar and yank him into the room through the window. Only 18 yrs old and quite thin, Kamran was no match for his stronger brother in law. He felt his feet leave the ground and the next moment he was flying through the air as Haroon tossed him onto the bed.

Hiba yelled, trying to cover herself. The next thing he saw was a massive fist flying through the air to his face, then nothing. When he came round his head was on Hiba’s knees, she was shouting at Haroon, who was shouting back. Still naked he looked like a bull in rage. His sister had draped a dupatta over her chest, she was holding his head and Kamran felt a dull pain on the side of his face.

What the FUCK were you doing out there you pervert Haroon shouted as he saw Kamran’s eyes open. I should beat you, then send you home in shame. Kamran whimpered, and pushed his body back. He was going no where.

Leave him be Hiba pleaded, he’s just a child. Please.

Kamran was about to lunge again, but seeing his tender wife pleading with him stopped him. He was still angry, but he loved his wife and she could melt him with the slightest look.

He has to pay for this, he said, less force in his voice.

What were you doing out there, you pervert. Were you lusting after my lund? are you a cock lover? Or were you jerking off to your own sister? Kamran couldn’t reply, but on hearing his sister mentioned his eyes automatically went to her breast. The dupatta she had thrown over her shoulders did nothing to hide her beautiful assets from where he was lying. Despite his situation he felt his cock harden. Haroon saw the direction of his look and and bulge risin gin his sweat pants.

In one fast move Haroon had grabbed the fabric and pulled his pants down to his knees. Freed from the constraints, Kamran’s immature cock stood up. Though not thick, it was quite long and it wavered in a salute. Look at him. He has the hots for you said Haroon. Kamran tried to cover his cock. Touch that and I’ll break it in two, shouted Haroon.

You want to fuck your sister? Is that it?

He was frozen, words would not come out.

Speak to me you bastard. Hiba was trying to protect her brother, she drew him closer and his head rested against her breast, the nipple poking the side of his nose. Despite himself, Kamran felt his rod hardening.

I’m I’m sorry he managed to blurt.

No you are not, look at you, you are fucking aroused. Your brother is a fucking pervert. Boy, you are inches away from a beating and you are showing me a fucking erection. Haroon reached forward to grab hold of Kamran, who tried to twist and rise at the same time. All he managed to do was stumble on his knees and ended up with his face planted squarley in his sister’s naked breasts. His arse was now sticking up in the air. Suddenly Haroon started to laugh. He laughed so loud that tears cam to his eyes. Though he was a huge man and the anger he showed was real, he was actually a gentle and fun loving person. This last display of terror and fumbled attempt to escape snapped him out of his anger and his normal self took over.

Hiba relaxed and pushed her brother away. No matter what happened now, Kamran was not in any mortal danger, the tension had passed.

You know what you have done is bad don’t you Haroon said.

Yes nodded Kamran, still not able to believe that he would be torn apart and fed to the dogs.

Do you have a girlfriend he asked Kamran, he shook his head no. Have you ever fucked a woman?

No again.

Seen one naked?

Still no. I mean yes, no. just now.. I mean ….

Ok Ok. I suppose it is normal, and Hiba is after all so beautiful Haroon said smiling. Hiba was now getting embarrased. the danger over, she tried to find something to cover with.

No stay as you are, Haroon commanded. She knew that tone of voice meant that there was no discussion. The boy can’t unsee what he has seen. Better to sort it out then try to bury it. Stand up boy he said.

Kamran stood, his cock still naked and frustratingly still semi errect.

He called Hiba to him and sat her on his lap. He made her face her brother and parted her legs. She tried to resist, but was no match for Haroon’s strength. His cock was pressed into the crack between her arse, pushing her pussy lips as she sat on it. The head was poking past her clit.

He started to massage her breasts with one hand, the other was between her legs. Despite the situation, she was getting hot again. haroon had the touch that could get her horny even when she had no intention of screwing.

Look at you beautiful sis, boy. Do you think she is good looking?

He tried to look away, but his cock was now hard. Ok, OK, don;t think of her as your sis. Do you think this girl here is hot?

Kamran nodded. Yea, so do I. Look at these breasts. Best in the world. Take a good look boy. Kamran was ogling now. To his surprise and delight he saw that Hiba was pushing her pelvis forward, so that she could show him her pussy. He licked his lips at the sight of her moist cunt. Hiba’s hand moved to her free breast, not to cover it, but to caress it. Her eyes were closed now and she leaned into her husband. You are making me so hot she whimpered.

Haroon motioned Kamran to come forward and placed his hand on Hiba’s breast. she shivered under the forbiden touch and bit her lip. He had a hand on both breasts now and rolled the pea sized nipples in his fingers. Suddenly she was holding his head and drawing him to her breasts. Before he knew it, he was sucking his sister’s tits, biting them, licking them. All the while Hiba was rocking and bucking on Haroon’s cock.

She pused his head lower, to her navel. Kamran licked this too, poking his tongue into it. She was moaning now and thrashing against her husband. His cock was truing to cleave her pussy and she wanted more. Kamran went down further and Haroon picked up his wife so that her pusy was hanging in mid air. She palced a foot on each shoulder as her brother crouched down. From here he could see her beautiful love hole, slick from the earlier action she had exerienced. She made her brother stand, and took his cock in her hand. She kissed it and Kamran came immediately all over her face and breasts. She wiped her hands over her chest, then licked her fingers before pulling Kamran’s long shaft into her waiting mouth. This time he fought the urge to cum and was rewarded with a long slow blowjob. Hiba’s tongue was magic and Kamran enjoyed the way it flicked across the underside of his cock.

I’m about to cum sis, he moaned. She pulled him out, then took it all the way in as far as she could handle. The fist spurt of warm juice hit the back of the throat, the second filled her mouth and she swallowed it all. He picked her up and took her to the bed, He put her on her knees and put his hard cock to her mouth. She took it greadily and slobered as she ate his meat.

Fuck her like you saw me doing it, Haroon told Kamran. He neded no encouragement now. He pushed his cock into her pussy from behind and started to stroke in and out. She puched back with each of his thrusts and continued to suck. Fuck her hard Haroon ordered. Harder. Kamran picked up the pace and was breathing hard now. His balls were contracting and he shouted that he was going to cum. Deep inside her pussy, her orgasam erupted on hearing this and she washed her brothers cock with hot pussy cream, this was all he needed and he too ejaculated. his warm seed penetrated deep into her and she moaned with delight. haroon too lost his spunk and Hiba swallowed it.

She didn’t stop. Her hips kept moving and Kamran found a second erection building. When he was good and hard, she turned round and like a bitch on heat took him in her mouth. Haroon took a good look at her dripping cunt and went in with his thicker tool. Their positions reversed, Kamran enjoyed his second blow job and spurted his seed into his sister’s mouth. She savoured it for a long time before swallowing it, then went back to her husband and jerked him off by hand. She was soaked in sweat and jizz by the time she was sated and took her men to the bathroom to was together.

That night Haroon, took the spare room and let brother and sister sleep naked in the bed. It was quite some time before they had finnished caressing each other and exploring their bodies with their hands and tongues.

When he woke in the morning it was to the wonderful sensation of his cock bieng stroked, by his sister. She was sucking her husband who stood over the bed. Do you think you can fuck her before breakfast Haroon asked?

I’ll try replied Kamran with mock fatigue.

That evening Haroon explained to Kamran that he couldn’t get Hiba pregnant, I had thought of asking my brother Farhan to do the honour, but somehow it didn’t feel right. I suppose you will have to do. You can screw you sister as often as you like till she gets pregnant. After that we will see.

2 months later it was confirmed. Kamran had returned to Karachi by then, but fully intended to return in 9 moths time.

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