First experience of a tamil boy with mallu aunty
Pakkathu veetil oru aunty irrunthanga, avangalukku oru maglum irunthal (I had a neighbour aunty lived next to our home and they had a little daughter).I use to teach Mathematics to her daughter.
One day suddenly uncle’s mother at Kerala was very sick and he was asked to go immediately. He asked my parents to send me to stay in their house till he comes. Since I was so close to them and they are also very nice people, my parents sent me to their house. At 9.30pm I finished my dinner and went to their home.

Aunty was wearing a pink light and transparent nighty which was revealing her inner parts. Antha positionla parthadume enakku oru mathiya irrundhadu. Enn abdomonla ennavo oru feeling, oru butterfly parrakara oru anubavam.Enna seyaradhunnu theriyama appidiye ninnutten.
She noticed it and she invited me to come inside with a naughty smile. Vappa, enna appidipakkara, come and join me for dinner she said. Nan sappittidhan vanthen auntyinnu sonnen but

She requested me to give company. I went with her to the dining table and she started her dinner. She offered me food and I said I have finished aunty. Konchum company kodu moneeeeeee!!!!!! Innu ovru madhiriya sonnanga.The voice was something different. Kayye vai kitta konduvandhu, korricha edduthukko, gyan ootividatte??? Innu sollikonde, she brought her hand with food to my mouth. Eppidi errikku innu oru madhiriya kettanga.

Nannaittindu auntyinu sonnen. Edu, chora illa enda kayya innu kettanga. Rendumnnu sonnen.Innu venumo innu kettanga.I was silent, but she came nearer to me and started feeding and told me “enda kayya kadikenda itta?”,infact after hearing that I bitten her hand slightly and she said, “Kalla”.

We went to bed at 10.30pm.Her daughter was in the next to their master bed room (in the single cot). I told her aunty I am taking Rathi and put in your bed so that I can sleep in this cot. Immediately she said don’t disturb her, once she gets up she will not be able to sleep again. You sleep in this cot itself, she showed the master cot.

Nan bedla paduthavudane, aunty light off saidhuddu, vandhu, how do you feel innaga? Edhu aunty? Ellam? Ellam inna? Food, enda kay kadichadhu, pinne, endodu ivida thaniyaydhu padukkaradhu. Very nice feeling aunty innen.

Raghu, auntye ishtemo?Yes aunty I said. Ethra ishtem? Ethra ennu ennoda kayya viruchi kattinen (streching my both hands).

She asked me, do you know how much I like you? I don’t know aunty, I said. Do you want to know? Ya I Said. Vudana ezhundhu, endola mela vizhundhu azhuthi oru mutham kodhuthanga. Antha mudhal anubavam ennala ippa ninachalum, adi vayithula ennavo pannum. Oru vithamana anubavam.
Ippa, nee kattu evlo enna love pannudhu innu kettanga (Can you show me howmuch do you?). I just kissed her on her cheek. This much onnnnnnnlllllllllllyyyyyyy????. Eppidi katradhunnu therilla endren. Nide prama enthra unndunnu Gyan nokkatte (shall i see?) I saod ok.

Immediately she pulled my lungi and under wear and my dick was already in 90degree up and it was so much errected??? Hey, you have so much lengthy one, my god, you really love me so much by telling she held tightly in her hand and suddenly she started sucking it. I was not able to control and stated enjoying and moaning. I was feeeling the best of my life and I never felt such a feeling. A kind of betterfly flying with in my abdomen. All part of my body was so stiff it became. Ahhhhh, aunty, nalla errikkudhu, oh, I am enjoying it endren.

She removed her nighty and it was so nicew feast for my eyes. I was shocked to see aunty completely nude before me and since she was so much beautiful and colurful, it excited me much more. Without any cloth on her body, i was enjoying so much and I can not explain in words of my feeeling and the joy I was enjoying. She pulled my hands and put it on her boobs.Touching the boobs first time made me mad. She asked me to press it. It was so smooth and started pressing and the nipples became very hard. Iummeditely she asked me to bit the nipples. I was bitting it very hard. Hey Rahu, heyyyyyyyyy it feels so good. I love you so much man.

Do it do it do it, still still she was moaning. I was also in full joy. Monne, I love you so much, innum konchum vegama kadi, kadida, innum, innum.

Suddenly she pushed me under her leg and asked me to suck her pussy. Since it was first time I was not knowing what to do. Monne, nakku ula podu, thamadam venda, please…….I started licking and it was so sweet. I enjoyed like anything. She was sheavering and said Raghuuuuuuu you are killing me….. It is so nice. Nalla irrukku, innum pannu, innum pannu. I havnt experince this joy with uncle also, it is something new for me. You are soooooo goooood. I love you love you, come on come on she started moaning but I was enjoying my part.

She came down and asked me, please put your cock inside, I cant wait, please, she was pleading me…..

First time in my life my cock inside a cunt. It went very smoothly since aunty was already lubricated and mine was also lubricated a little. I just pushed inside it went inside very smoothly. I started pumping slowly.I was in heaven and she was infact crying, fast raghu, fast, please do it fast. I increased the spedd little by little and the speed went fast. I alomost lost and told aunty I love you love you and started telling auntyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy all my cum came very fast and went deep inside her cunt.
Both of exausted and slept side by side for few minutes without a word.

After few minutes, aunty hugged me and said I had a joy of my life today. I never had such a feeling of joy. Though uncle satisfy me I never felt this joy in my life time.My body and mind is full of joy she said. I was very happy for that and told thank you so much for your love aunty. I also told, aunty I too never felt such a joy in my life and I am so happy. She just higged me and told, man!!!!, The moment I heard that Uncle is going to his native

Infact I have desided to give this to you today itself without fail to show that how much I love you and for that I only asked uncle to ask permission from your parents to send you hear to sleep in our home. The moment uncle said he is going to his native, suddenly I had something within me and thought whatever may happen I have to show you how much I love you and I dont want to miss you for any reason.

To show that love I didnt find anyway except this and then decided to give myself to you. Now I am fully satisfied and happy and though I know it is not right in the sight of our society I made up my mind to tell and show you how much I love you. I was excitted about that love and tears started flowing from my eyes knowing about her love towards me. By seeing the cry she just hugged me and started licking the tears from my eyes, suddenly my dick started lifting up and it touched aunty’s tummy.

Heyyyy, you are ready again. She atrted holding the dick on her hand and started pressing very hards. I was enjoying it. I pushe her down and started going up and started pumping her. She asked her can we go doggy??? I was not knowing what is doggy??? She laughed and told me come down. She went back on the cot and asked me to come behind and then I got it what it is? I pushed inside and started pumping very hard, we both had full cry. Hahahahahah come on man, I also started crying hahahahahahah, both were shouting like mad people and finally I pushed very hard and all my cum has gone deep inside. Both fell like that only for few minutes. The started talking and sharing our feeelings. The whole night we were awake.

Again the little fllow was ready and he was dancing. Aunty saw it and laughed and gave the signal, go ahead, all is for you. I ecame mad and was so much errotic and started again. Whole might we had in different positions and different styles. 7 times in different positions and different style we could able to enjoy.I enjoyed the full extend that night. Aunty too enjoyed it and she said I feel as though I got married yesturday. I was very happy for that I told thank you so much aunty for this happyness and joy you have given me.

After that we both never wanted to get our respective family life to get into problem, so we never tried anything in any manner but few times when uncle and her daughter were away, we had some time of joy but that did not bring that much joy for both of us as we had the first time. My first experience was so sweet.

They left to Kerala with family to settle there since uncle strated a business ther; I got married and I got a job in a MNC in Bangalore and settled.

I am so much crazy for sex and my wife cant give that to me as she was not able to do it. Many a time I masterbate myself.

Anyway ennoda mudhal anubavam oru marakka mudhiyaqdha anubavam (my first experience I never forget) which gave me so much joy and happyness and I always I remeber aunty’s love and concern she had on me and that night always comes to my mind and that was my real joy which I can’t forget. Indha anubavam enn vazhkayin mudhal mathramillay, marrakkamudiyadha anubavum kuda

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