Father and daughter,husband and wife
The night after my papa fucked both me and Hema, I sent Hema home as he requested. She wanted to stay to see more excitement, but I told her it is best if she goes and she said okay. Her pussy was sore anyway and she didn’t think she could do sex with such a big cock again. I made her promise again not to tell anyone, not even any good friend or her family because they would think badly about this. She said of course not, because now she has done sex and that would give her a bad name. When she left in the afternoon, I took a clean back and did some studying. Papa had gone to do some errands and said he will be coming home later. I started to get bored so I tried on some new clothes I had bought, then went to Papa’s room. I remembered I had seen something there and it interested me. Papa’s room was in the back part of the house. He had a big bed he used to share with my mother, and a big TV in there also. I went to the TV and looked at the dvds he had around. There were a few hindi films, English films, but then I looked through them and found something different. The cover of these videos had naked ladies on them. This must be what my Papa watched at night time. I opened one case that had a young girl and young boy on the cover, both naked. It was titled, “Suhaag Raat.” I put it in the DVD player and went to my Papa’s bed. I pressed play on the DVD and saw the story unfold. It was a normal story, it began with the couple doing the rounds of the fire and getting married. They are very dark and thin people. Then they go to the groom’s home and he seems to be not very rich, and he doesn’t have many family members, because they do not do regular puja, games, etc that happen when girl goes to the family home. Instead, the boy is somewhat shy but he leads her to a big room with a bed. He keeps the light on, and begins to kiss her face roughly and squeeze her breasts hard. She is shy and is trying to help him, but it is clear she is very innocent, as is he, and they both don’t know exactly what to do. The boy begins to take off the girls clothes, and now I can see his penis is hard under his clothes. The girls sari unravels and the boy leaves it on the floor. She is left in her petticoat and blouse and few wedding jewels. The boy then unhooks her blouse and takes it off. The girl is wearing no bra and is shy and tries to cover her nipples which are very hard. The boy moves her hands and begins to lick her nipples and I can see she is enjoying. He licks then and licks them, then stops to take of her petticoat. Underneath she is wearing panties, and he makes her sit on the bed while he takes his clothes. When he is full naked his penis is not as big as my Papa’s. I realize then Papa must have a very large penis. The girl looks shy again and won’t look at the boy, but I think the boy doesn’t mind. He tells her to lie down and she does, then he comes on the bed and removes her panties. She is shy and closes her eyes. The boy looks very excited and he opens her legs and gets between them. I can see he has trouble finding the hole, and I feel this really is the first time doing sex for both of them. He feels, and struggles, and feels her area, and she is becoming aroused by his probing. Then finally he finds it and puts it in. She makes small small noises and he begins to hump her like a crazy animal, grunting and sweating. She does not seem to feel the same type of pain I felt, maybe because his penis is smaller, and soon she begins to make noises too. Then he takes his penis out and I can see his penis spurt out a white liquid onto her belly. He is very tired, but the camera person says to him that she has to suck his cock if he wants to make money.

So the boy brings his now smaller cock to the girls mouth. She doesn’t want to do it, but he pushes it towards her and she lets it in. The boy gets surprised with the good feeling and pumps her mouth. He is hard, and the camera person says to him to cum again on her boobs, like he did on her stomach. After few minutes he takes it out and cums on her boobs. Watching this movie is so fascinating… And it’s made me wish my Papa’s cock was near. My pussy is becoming wet and I am feeling hot. Since no one is home I take off my clothes and begin to touch my pussy, like Papa does when he touches me. It feels good so I keep doing it, and keep watching the video. Now the man behind the camera says to the boy that he will pay him more if he can fuck his wife too. The boy says no first, but then the camera man says he will pay an amount equal to $1000 US dollars. The boy looks to his wife who is agreeing, and he says yes. I rub my hard pussy nub as the camera man puts down his camera in a location so it can keep recording. When I see him, he is a white man, and I get more excited that this girl will be fucked by two men in one night! I squeeze my clit and rub it with more pressure. My pussy is so wet it’s too slippery so I wipe some wetness with my Papa’s sheet. The white man takes his clothes off and he has a big dick. The girl is surprised. The man takes the girls head and brings it to his cock and makes her suck it. For that much money, the girl does it, though she is not experienced, he enjoys it. Then he lies down, and tells her to lie down on top of him. She does, and he spreads her legs to either side, and he makes her to sit on his cock. I guess now she felt the same pain I felt when a large cock came into my pussy. She tries to move, but the camera man calls her husband to help. Her new husband comes and holds his wifes hips, and makes her to bounce up and down on the man’s cock. The man lies back, and enjoys this dark girl’s pussy. The girl too is now enjoying and is making noise while bumping up and down. This is too much for me, and I have an orgasm and fluid drips down my pussy. I feel a need inside, like it needs to be touched deep inside, but when I put my finger in I can’t reach the spot. I am so busy that I don’t notice the time and don’t notice when my Papa comes in. I just hear him as he enters his bedroom and is surprised.

“Oh!” He says, as he sees me. He smiles and I blush because I am so embarrassed.

“Sorry Papa!” I say as I try to sit up and turn off the TV. He is still smiling, and now taking off his clothing.

“It’s okay my baby. I was saving this as a surprise for tonight. This is what I wanted to show you. These movies, to help you understand more what we are doing and help you enjoy more and try more positions.” Now he is naked and he gets into bed with me. “What are you watching?” He asks.

“Suhaag Raat. It’s very strange, because the boy is letting another man watch him have sex and then let’s him do sex with his wife.”

“They are very poor people, Naina,” my father explains. “They don’t have money, so sometimes westerners will take advantage and offer a small amount and they will do it. In this video the couple don’t have any family to help, so they accept the offer. For them it is a lot. What were you doing while watching?” He asks, looking at me.

“It was making me feel like touching myself,” I said. His cock is big already.

“Come on,” he said, “let’s do something.” He makes me lie down, and then straddles my chest, sitting almost on my boobs. He hard cock is at my lips. “Suck on it, please Naina.”

I take it in my mouth and begin to suck, putting it in and out like I had seen on the movie. Papa is enjoying, and doing it is making me very horny also. He takes it out, and then moves down and begins to lick my pussy. I feel so good instantly and I orgasm right away. Papa keeps licking and I feel so good. It’s almost too good, and I orgasm again, and I can feel hot juices coming out of my pussy. Papa stops, and makes me turn around so I am lying on my stomach. He spreads my legs, then I feel his cock nearing my pussy lips. I am so horny and I wish he would do it faster. He lies on top of me, and pushes his cock in. It doesn’t hurt this time, instead, it feels very good. While Papa is fucking me, I am in heaven, and I can’t hear his grunts and groans. My head is feeling only pleasure with each pump and I wish I could pump him back, but he is lying heavily on top of me and I can’t move. I can feel his balls hitting my clit every time he thrusts in. Within minutes, I am orgasming again and my body becomes stiff and my head looses all thought. Papa doesn’t stop, he keeps fucking while I am orgasming and I begin to moan and cry out in pleasure. Papa begins fucking harder, and the whole bed is moving. There is no pain of friction because all the orgasms have made my pussy very wet. I have about two more orgasms before Papa takes it out, and I feel his hot liquid drop down my ass and asshole. He pulled it out, just like in the movies. “Naina,” he said, lying down beside me. “You’re so hot, Naina… I even can say you are just as good as your beautiful mother, if not better. I don’t think I can ever give up doing this. I have an idea, Naina, we can move to another city, we can move to some smaller place where we don’t know anyone, and we can live as husband and wife. What do you think?” I didn’t know Papa was going to say this type of thing… But when I think about it, I like it. I love my Papa, and he has brought me happiness, and now even a different type of happiness. After seeing the video, and talking to the girls, I think this might be the best penis and best sex I can ever get in life. Plus with my trusted father, who I feel so comfortable with.

“I like that,” I said. He smiles.

“Once you are finished school. Until then, we will do it secretly like now. Education is more important than anything.” He begins to squeeze my boobs. I can see he is getting horny again, and soon we are doing it again, in another new position.

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