Exposing sleeping wife
My wife is 36 years of age and I am 40, I have a dear and close friend. We have no secrets and whenever we get together to talk some how the talk drifts to women and how we would like to fuck a lady other than our wives. One day while the talk shifted to fucking outside marriage, I asked Vinod, how about letting me fuck his wife Meena. He was game and jokingly said if Meena has no objection you can, I became serious and told him I would do the same for him and that if possible he can fuck Priya (my wife) if she permits. Then we thought our wives being prudes, would never let others screw let alone touch them. So our minds started working on how to fuck them. I asked Vinod one day if he would come late to my house on the pretext to discuss some office matters and I would ask him to stay over. So on the Saturday evening at 7 he dropped at our house and we started going over office files.

Meanwhile Priya was serving us tea and other goodies to eat, at about 9 pm Priya said its time for dinner, Vinod are you leaving today, he said I shall leave now as its late, I intervened and said, don’t go its already late and we have not finished our work, he said ok. Then we went to have dinner and during dinner I slipped into Priya’s plate powdered avil 75mg tablets without her knowledge. I told Vinod while Priya was listening that Vinod you go ahead and finish your work, your bedroom is near the hall, and we are sleeping upstairs, so if u require anything just call. I then went and helped Priya with the vessels cleaning , she started to feel a bit drowsy and she said I am feeling sleepy, I said ‘don’t worry, I shall finish, go ahead to bed. The moment she left I too followed suit and entered the bedroom along with her. I embraced her from behind and she said come on I am tired and feeling sleepy, let me go to bed and I want to go to the bathroom before sleeping , she removed her panty and unhooked her bra.

Then wearing only the nighty she went to the bathroom in the bedroom, and then came to bed, meanwhile I got naked and sat on the bed trying to act as if I was horny, she came to bed and I again embraced her and acted as if I wanted to fuck her and in the process removed her nighty and laid her down, in 5 minutes time she was asleep. I then took my mobile and sent Vinod an sms saying come upstairs Vinod, take off your clothes get naked and come cause the rustling sound of clothes might wake Priya, in 3 minutes Vinod was outside the room and he lightly knocked on the door, I opened the door partially and saw that he was standing only in his underwear, he said he was shy , then seeing me naked he took off his underwear too, and walked into the room, I showed him my wife Priya lying naked on the bed, he was hard now and knelt on the floor near the bed and sniffed at her pussy then put out his tongue and licked her pussy lightly so that she wouldn’t wake, then her licked her breasts too lightly, later he stood watching her and jerked off on to her panty which I laid on her pussy. He was happy and agreed to do the same for me at his house, well that had happened yesterday and I shall let you know about it tomorrow

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