Enjoyment in Bus
These days the bus is crowded like anything and I need to travel by a hectic crowded bus everyday. Most of the days we get nice enjoyments.

After my bus reached the 3rd stop from my get in, the crowded started increasing and 3 ladies & 2 men started falling on me as they were not able to stand properely.
So I had to move to extreme back. There was one more lady – bit fat in her 40′s was standing. One more person pushed my right hand away when she tried to stand properely while the driver overtaken another bus.
My hand was between the 1st ladies legs and I was facing her. Another lady started pushing to adjust her standing position and we were touching (1st lady) each other so close.
I tried taking out my hand but it was not coming as my lunch bag got stuck somewhere.
My thumb was near her lovehole, I could make out frm the heat. I started massaging that area with my hand as that was the only thing I could do. She widened her legs bit as to ease my movemet. Now although my bag is free, I did not want to take it out and pretend to be in the struggling in the crowd. With the other hand I brought down and started massaging her bunny ass.
She pretended as nothing is happening while I reached under her pyjama as inserted my 2 fingers thru the love hole. Amazing lady i duno how she stood although her breathe was bit heavy (she tried contr0lling breathe) and face was reddish.

My other hand moved up and cupped one boob although it was difficult – I love those mounts very much – for me.
Itouched the pantie hose with other hand and given nice deep thrusts iside.
by that time another lady got up and this lady got a place to sit. but she did not dis-satisfy me, I too moved behind her and stood infront of her. Pretending as holding on the bar, she kept her hand near my bulge ane I was standig too close to her. In between she bend down to check her bag and that time I touched her nipple thru the pyjama. (As the bus was too crowded, everyone was into their business).
Any how by that time the bus reached near my office and I had give a last massage and go.

Please let me know ur comments. Ihave so many experiences in buses – but never try to go and thrust on them if a “no” body language. But I really enjoyed at least 7 trips in this year itself.

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