Enjoying Sexual Pleasure In A Bus
Hi guys I am raja with a married lady in a bus, she was nearly 30 of age and I am also from the same age ,it happened so as she wanted to have a sex so that no body could get doubt. basically I stay in vijayawada .in order to have sex at night time i booked the last but second row two seats o the left side. it was an ac bus.lady came to me and sat beside me so we chatted some time the bus left ,and we started chatting ,she was wearing a sari with sleeveless blouse and as I was night journey I was wearing shorts and half sleeve tee shirt .as bus was moving I slowly brushed my shoulders to her shoulders .she told me that we should do sex as if we were strangers. i agreed. I already got a bulge I got up for something and while getting up I pressed my dick to her shoulders she saw me again and blushed and smiled and I sat back I asked her whether she like to hear song she said yes so I gave one end on my headphone to her she has to come near as it was short she came near and our shoulders were in full touch she was getting hot and even I was getting hot ,the bus stopped at panvel for coffee and I went outside while getting up from my seat and coming out slowly brushed my hand to her boobs and saw her face she closed her eyes I got a green signal I went outside had a smoke got the coffee and came inside with coffee to her while giving the coffee I hold her hand and slowly pressed it she smiled and winked we both had coffee I offered her window seat so that I can be comfortable and bus started moving again I offered headphone this time I went near her and we again started touching each other slowly I hold her hand she saw in my eyes and smiled I kissed her hand she didn’t object I kept her finger in my mouth and started licking it she smiled and kept quiet slowly I kissed her shoulders she closed her eyes I came to know she was getting hot I whispered in her ears that I want to kiss and lick her lips she told me the reason that lights were still on and smiled so continues kissing her shoulders and made wet she came still closer I kept my one hand on her shoulder and she kept her head on my shoulder it was already 12 in the night slowly I pressed her boob from my hand she moaned a little and covered my hand from her sari and I started to press her boobs on sari and she cooperated me I kept my hand on her waist and started caressing her waist she was moaning with hot air suddenly driver switched off the lights and we both were in heaven slowly she got up and came near me and we kissed passionately and we were licking each other’s tongue and drinking saliva I inserted my hand inside her sari and started pressing boobs from both hands she kept her hand inside my t-shirt and started playing with my nipples I asked her to lick it she smiled and started licking it and she turned me mad she made my chest wet slowly she went down and started licking my navel I liked it slowly I pressed her ass and she jumped from her seat,I whispered in her ears that I want to lick her nipples she got up and opened her blouse and lifted her bra and took my head to her nipples as I touched her nipples with my tongue she pressed my head I started licking like a small baby soon the bus stopped and it was again the time for coffee so we both went down had coffee she also went to washroom and sat in our seats and bus started moving and I pressed her boobs to my surprise she had removed bra and kept it in her bag I saw her she smiled and winked her eyes I started pressing her boobs this time it was completely open I was pressing one boob and went down and started licking the other boob she was moaning like anything slowly I went up and kissed her lips she was totally out of control and kissed me passionately my dick was going out of control but I controlled, slowly I kept one hand between her thighs and pressed her pussy she was completely wet she jumped from seat and pressed my head to her boobs and whispered in my ears please rub my pussy harder I started to rub harder she was moaning like anything I whispered in her ears that I want to kick her pussy she smiled and told me that it is completely wet I told no problem she agreed and took a bed sheet from her bag and covered her completely and lifted the sari I sat between her legs and pulled her panties and started licking her pussy it was very hot she pressed my head to her pussy and started moaning after some time she had her orgasm and I came out and sat beside her and saw her face she was totally satisfied but my dick was troubling me slowly I kept her hand on my dick she smiled and pressed it on my shorts and gave her blanket to me to cover myself I did that she slept on my lap and started pressing my dick slowly she opened the buttons and zip of my short and took out my dick and started to lick in to and fro I was getting out of control and I cummed in her mouth she drank it without leaving a single drop and we both adjusted ourselves as it was 2 in the night and driver stopped the bus for toilet and coffee I told her to become fresh and I wanted to fuck her I don’t know how she told it is not possible in us but let’s see so I went down had a smoke had coffee and she went to toilet and came back and bus started again and I started pressing her boobs again and she was getting hot she was pressing my dick slowly I lifted her sari she saw around and all were sleeping so she allowed I asked her to spread her legs which she did to my surprise she had removed her panty I saw in her eyes she smiled and spread her legs slowly I went between her legs opened my shorts and inserted my dick in her pussy she jumped from her by excitement

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