Enjoing Sex with Sister
I am studding in college, I m 24 year and my little sister 16 years old I am looking avg and I have avg body shape but my sisters looking great also she have good figure and little boobs and rounded small ass so after reading this type of story I attract with my mom and sister but I don’t have chase and cou-rage but after some time I decided to first start with little sister if she agree with me then we both en-joying so after passing some days my parents go outside of town for attuning marriage so I think that it’s a golden chance to do that with my sister and also we have two days holiday so I planning everything and also we have one little dog so mom tell me that give food on time to zerry(dog) I tell mom ok and after they are going to attending marriage and they come after two days so now I m free to talk and chat with sister so after take dinner in night I talk with my sister after that I watch movie on TV and my sister come with me to see movie and sit with me so I can’t lose chance and grab her behind and take her closer with me and rubbing her shoulder so my sister tell me what are you doing brother so I tell her sister can u do one thing for me so she tell me what I tell her that I have to do sex with you so she shocked and tell me it’s wrong I m your sister after that I tell her that don’t worry u don’t have any problem and we both enjoy sex . but she is very confuse and say no and tell me I am very scared with this and I don’t know anything so it’ll her just come with me and I take her in my room and on pc and showing her some porn movie so she is exited but she have only in mind that sex is wrong thing so she say no so I get one idea and tell her ok then we play doctor and she agree and immediately we starting this play and I became a doctor and after continue she come to my clinic for routine check up so I behave like a doctor and I tell her please sleep on the bad and I check you after that I start to check up first I put my hand on here boobs and press she tell doctor I have pin so I tell her ok so I press it again and again and enjoying after I come to stomach and I press and come to down and check thigh and inner part but she wear a nightly so I can’t get but I rub my hand on it I feel amazing and after that I tell her pleased open your clothes so she shocked but I tell I have to check up but she say so I tell her then I don’t want to play so she agree and take out all clothes and I take her panty and I show her pussy its clean with shine hair and little boobs and after that I can’t control and rubbing my hand everywhere and press here boobs and take into my mouth and suck it and after some time she moaning aaaaaaaaa ayyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and after I give her French kiss and smoothing and she like this and after I tell her you like she say I like so I continue and starting to kiss everywhere on here milky skin body I take her little thigh and give some hard kiss and after I touch her pussy she shouted and haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and I stared to liking and sucking and after some time I enter one my figure and I got that her vigina is very tight so after that I tell her come get up and take my cock in your mouth so she say no but I tell her if u want got pleasure then take it but she not agree so I just picked her mouth and enter my cock I feel so tight lips and I feel her tongue after some time she like it and she giving me masturbating and I feel good and I throw all cum in her mouth and tell her to take it she tell me if I got pregnant I tell her don’t worry u cant so after she very comfortable feel and tell me I feel hardness in my pussy so I understand she don’t know but I know she have to take my cock so I take some oil and rub on her pussy so she say why u rubbing oil so I tell her I have to put my cock in side this because its center of sex and after that you feel good otherwise you don’t feel good so she don’t tell anything and see me what I do and I take some pillow and put under her back side and I go to upper side and sleep on here and take her hand picked up tightly and suck her boobs and after I take her lips in mouth and starting to give smooching because I know if I don’t give here kiss then when I take cock inside she shouted to I first take all lips in my mouth and enter my cock inside here pussy but I can’t because of tightness so I aging put some oil and also I put my cock in oil and after don’t waste time and put my cock on here pussy and give one jerk and I just enter my top cap of cock and I don’t release here lips but she try to talk but I can’t mind and give some powerful stroke and I enter my whole inside it and after I also feel tight like and I also can’t control and after there is lots blood comes out and she is crying so I wait 4 some time and release her lips she crying and I tell her it’s ok its normal when u doing sex first time she tell me I have lots of pain but after some time she feel great and I started stroking and I feel mighty pussy and I am also excited and she also giving me pleasure and give me reply of stroke and after she grab me with her hand and also give me kiss so I increase speed and she also enjoying and making sound gggggggggggggggggggg ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ouchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so I am exited after hearing this and I increase speed and in between she get cum and tell me now stop but I can’t because I can’t get cum so I continue short and after some time I m also get cum and I immigrate take out cock and put in her mouth and give some stork and I got whole cum in her mouth and after this I just sleep on her and toughing her and give kiss and after sleep beside here and give her hug and picked up tightly and she sleep with me and whole night we sleep together and in the morning when I get up she is not there so after that I take bath and come outside room she making breakfast so go there and picked up from being and ask for last night she tell me I like too much and we don’t have side effect if we do it so I tell her no if we doing safe sex so is very excited and tell me bhaiya we now playing this game because I like this type of game so I give him kiss and take breakfast and after that no one at home so we go to my room and I play some movie in which we got animal sex so I m very exited so I decided to do it with her and when she coming I show her this video but she is not agree and tell me am scared about bad things so we search on internet and we got that dog is safe so I tell her it’s a safe so after that I check for pregnancy but we don’t have pregnancy with animal so I tell her so u don’t get pregnant and when we doing sex u like to put all my cum spread in you pussy but I can’t but dog doing sex and he can spread cum on your pussy so u got full feel after that she agree and I take out zerry my dog is promotion so its avg height so I have to first treat so I take out all clothes of my sister and take zerrys mouth to my siter pussy but after some time of licking with tongue dog not doing anything so go to kitchen and take some jam and rub on sister pussy and after take zerrys mouth and after that zerry licking like a machine and my sister not control and shouting with pleasure so I am naked and go upper side and sleep on sister and starting to give kiss and pressing boobs and she also take my cock in her hand and giving masturbating me so we all exited and honey after that my sister tell me she got cum and she spread all on dogs mouth but dong can’t stop and licking and licking after that I got up and tell my sister come and give pleasure to zerry so she don’t agree but I take zerry on her mouth and tell her so she try to rub zerry part and after some time of licking and torching zerry cock come out side and we both exited to see zerry cock because it’s like shorter to bigger so it’s easy to come inside pussy after that she liking and zerry also make sound after that I tell her just spread your legs and I take zerry at her pussy and give hints so zerry got and try to enter in pussy but can’t do so I put form part of cock in her pussy and after zerry try to give stroke and put inside but my sister tell me she hurt from zerry legs nail so I go inside and take shocks and put in zerry legs and after no problem and I also exited so after some time of hard work zerry put whole cock inside her and I got also exited to I go take sister and zeery and I sleep on my upper side my sister so I got easily put cock in her ass and at the top zerry doing fucking so I picked her both ass and give some powerful jerk I put whole cock inside her ass and after I give short form get ass and zerry form pussy and she enjoying form both side fucking and after some time zerry don’t have cum and doing fuking but sister tell me she got 3 times cum zerry don’t so she also waiting for moment of final so after I got cum and I feel her whole asshole with my cum and I just sleep and press her bob’s and give kiss form back side and trying to feel her pussy but after that zeey spread cum inside her pussy and her pussy feel with dogs cum and after that she tell me it’s amazing to spread cum inside my pussy so see tell me you have to spread it in my pussy but know so I tell her we can’t if we doing it then change to pregnancy so it’s a safe side to enjoy with like that so she agree and give me and tell me I love you so after that we are tired so we sleep together like that and after that in afternoon we got up and take bath together and I give one standing shot there and after that when we come outside zerry is there and when she show her aging he come and try to lick it but we don’t mind and go ……………………..
After that we enjoy like that and doing fun and sex when nobody in house but after come back my parents we both can’t do it because of we both have separate room so in that day I got one idea in night I take zerry in my room and turn off light and take some jam on my cock and try to take it to zerry mouth and it’s amazing zerry take it and suck it with his tongue and I feel like French but in middle jam is not there so zerry stop so aging I put some more jam so zerry lick it but I can’t get enough pleasure so I take zerry and try to do sex with zerry so I put dog safety mouth and picked from back and try to put my cock inside his ass but he is very uncomfortable but I not leave and put my cock inside zerry ass and giving stroke after some time zerry don’t move so I enjoying and also zerry enjoying and I leave whole my cum on zerry ass and after that I leave her and clean all and go to sleep

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