Ek Jawan Ladki ko Netaji ne Choda
This is a true story based on an incident happened during the election campaign for general elections of 2004 for the 14th lok sabha. I am hiding the political party’s name and also the constituency and also using fictitious names for the characters involved in the said incident. One girl student aged 22 years named Priya pursuing her M.A degree in Political Science from Banaras Hindu University is writing her thesis on growing influence of criminal elements in Indian Political system and to complete her work she choose to study the election campaign of a MP Named Munna Khan (not his real name) fighting election from a seat which he is winning for the last three terms and going in for the same seat for the 4th consecutive time. Priya has a special interest in him because he was a famous criminal 20 years back he had committed a lot of heinous crimes and later on turned as a politician he is still a bachelor and says that he had committed his whole life to serve the poor people but actually he is a famous womanizer the last thing is what Priya does not know about Munna. during her research she found out that the general people of his constituency are very happy with him and nobody speaks against him. Before continuing my story I want to give brief description of the main characters of my story Priya and Munna Khan. Priya is the only daughter of a senior IAS officer and she is a very cute girl regularly participating and winning beauty contests in her collage she is also a bold girl and Munna khan is a very big man of about 6.5 ft hight having dark color and very impressive in speech. When the dates for the election are declared and Munna was given the ticket by his party for the 4th consecutive time Priya somehow used her father’s influence to got her meeting fixed with Munna. She reached Munna office at around 4.00 pm in evening she had to wait for about 15 min outside his office then the peon told her to go inside, when she entered the office no one was there so she got herself sitted on a chair meant for the visitors, after 4-5 min a huge person with grand personality comes out the attached toilet and introduced himself as Munna and said,
Munna- I am sorry madam you have to wait for such a long time, you know these are election days and there is very less time left for the election and I was busy in finalizing my strategies.
And offer his hand for a handshake.
Priya- Oh its all right I know you are a busy man.
Munna- by the way, beti why did you came here.
Priya- Sir, I am doing some research work on Indian political system and I want to be with you during this election campaign, Sir I will be so grateful if you allow me to come along with you on your campaign.
Munna- Oh why not it will be my pleasure to be with such a pretty girl during my hectic schedule.
Priya- Thank you sir, but when will you start your tour.
Munna – It will be from tomorrow morning, and listen as you know my constituency is very big the tour will be for at least 15 days and you should come prepared with all your bag and baggage.
Priya- O.k sir I will be here tomorrow morning. Now I have to leave, because a lot of packing is to be done, thank you again sir.
When Priya was leaving the room Munna was looking her swaying ass from behind and was thinking that it will be marvelous to be on tour with such a fine and beautiful lady, and he had started to plan that how to seduce her because he was in no mood to rape her as he know that she is the daughter of an IAS officer and it could be fatal for his political career. Thinking this he got an instant hard-on, he immediately got into the bathroom to jerk himself off.
On the other side after leaving the room Priya was very impressed with the personality of Munna specially his eyes and his voice both of them have depth and were capable of attracting any body in the first meeting she thought that’s why he is so popular among masses in spite of his criminal background.
Next day Priya got up early and left her home with her bag and baggage which she got packed last night and reached Munna’s office. There was a lot of activity going out side Munna’s office because Munna had planned a gala ceremony to kick start his election campaign and a lot of media peoples we also invited to cover the event. The peon of the office recognized her and told her to sit in the front row of chairs as a big gathering was there and Munna is going to address the gathered people and the party workers. Priya was very exited, and that suddenly people start shouting Munna bhai jindabad, jitega bhai jitega Munna bhai jitega etc. Munna got a grand welcome and reached the podium where he was garlanded by a lot of bigshots and businessmen and other people. Then Munna starts his speech with his deep voice and reminded people about the development work done during his last tenure and the about the fulfillment of the promises which he made during the last campaign. At the end of the speech he mentioned the name of various people whom he had made election incharge of various areas of his constituency suddenly he called Priya’s name and said Miss Priya will be my personal secretary for the campaign, suddenly all the people looked at Priya and cheered and all the media camera’s were on Priya and she was overwhelmed by all this attention.
When the convoy of the vehicle started Munna called Priya and told that beti you will be with me in my specially modified vehicle and he led Priya into a big bus with an opening in the roof meant for his speeches that he was going to give on the tour, there was a lot of space in the bus and It was an air-conditioned vehicle with seating arrangement and two different bedroom type rooms with separate satellite television and a common toilet between the rooms, Munna told Priya to shift her luggage in one of the room which is on the rear side of the bus and said that since his constituency is very backward and there are no resthouses or hotels to stay during the tour that’s why this arrangement is done and said you are my special guest on this tour. Priya thanked him for all the treatment he is giving to her and asked him that why he announced her name as his personal secretary he said that it will only help her in her research work because while working his personal secretary she has to handle a lot of election work which will help her to study the election system. Priya again thanked Munna and started shifting her luggage into her room.
The day was very long and Munna had delivered a lot of speeches at various places and Priya was noticing that Munna was very popular among the masses and wherever he was stopping a big gathering of people was there, during there conversation Munna use call Priya beti and never made any advance of tried to touch her but Munna was a perfect womanizer and he was waiting for the night for which he had planned a lot at about 10.pm in the night a nice arrangement for the dinner was made in the bus itself and after dinner the attendant of the bus came in and said to ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) Munna that sir the masseur has came for your massage retire yourself in your bedroom as you must got very much tired and tomorrow will be more hectic, Munna said Ok send the masseur in the attendant left and Priya was shocked to see a young girl not more than her own age was coming in for the massage job but she noticed that there was no shock on Munna’s face as if he was knowing that who is coming for the massage. Priya’s heart start beating fast as she watched Munna leading the masseur lady into his bedroom. With the pounding heart Priya also retired into her bedroom changed in a nighty and got onto her bed. She was trying to listen in the silence of night that what the young masseur was doing with Munna. After a few minutes she heard light moaning sounds from Munna’s bedroom she noticed that these are the noises of Munna. He was moaning lightly after some times Munna’s moanings stops and then there were some hustle bustle sound and that she heard some female moaning sounds and after some time she felt that the bus is jerking, now she was sure that what is happening in the other room as she is no more a child and she knows about the birds and bees she knows what a man does to women as she had a lot of married friends she knows that after getting initial massage now Munna is massaging (fucking) the young masseur drawing picture of what is happening just a few meters away from her Priya startes feeling strange sensations in her body she felt that her nipples become hard under her nighty and something wet is leaking from her pussy she felt aroused in this situation. When Priya touched her own nipples she got another sensation then she reached her pussy and when she touched she got a new sensation which she never experienced, but she was still innocent enough that she does not know what to do next (she does’nt know how to masturbate). She just keeping listening to the sounds coming from the other room she also noticed the moaning sound from the masseur girl become very loud and almost 20 min had passed but the bus is still jerking but after another 5 min she heard a loud grunt sound from Munna’s throat like a bull, Priya does not know what has happened to Munna and she also noticed the bus has stopped jerking then there was silence, Priya was also tired so when there was silence she got asleep. In the middle of the night she again felt that the bus is again jerking and there was a loud female moaning sound coming she looked into her watch it was 4 am in the morning she was shocked that what this man is doing he is fucking the young little girl as if there is no tomorrow she thought that he must be fucking her for the 5th of 6th time during this night. Again she heard a loud grunt from Munna’s mouth and after some 10 min she heard the bedroom door opening that must be the poor masseur going to her home after thorough fucking she got from the bull (Munna) now Priya’s eyes got opened and she understands that he bachelor by choice and he is enjoying himself more that a married person. Priya got up at 6 am and got into the inbuilt common toilet situated between both the bedrooms she noticed that the door on Munna’s side is not bolted from Munna’s bedroom’s side she goes near the door without making any noise and heard Munna’s is snoring loudly after gathering some courage she slightly pushed the door and watched at the night bulb is glowing in the room but shocked to see that Munna’s is lying in the bed naked with his back towards Priya. She noticed that he was a bulky structure with round big buttocks and a lot of hairs all over the body she become curious to see that what his penis will be looking like as she had not seen penis of a grown up man in her life. Her legs were trembling and her hands and forehead were perspiring although the a/c is very effective and the atmosphere is chilled. She again felt sensation in her nipples and her pussy again become wet. Priya immediately closed the door and bolted it from inside and starts freshening herself. Then she came out and wore a fresh dress and came out in the open as activities started outside. Munna comes out of his room at around 10.00 am and was looking very fresh and behaving that as nothing had happened last night it must be a routine for him but the past night was a new experience for Priya as she was shying to face Munna who is behaving normally as nothing had happened and asked beti how was the last night did you enjoyed your sleep as you were also tired yesterday. Priya said hiding her shyness and suppressing her emotions it was O.K sir I am feeling good. This day was also like yesterday, a lot of traveling,speeches,gathering etc. but Priya was waiting for the night and was thinking the whole day that what will be in store for her tonight. Than again after dinner the attendant came into the room looking at me with a cunning grin today, and said sir the masseur has came, when he left Priya was thinking that the same masseur who was there yesterday will come but she was shocked to see that there was another girl and today she was barely 18 yrs of age. Priya was watching her going with Munna into his bedroom and Priya was thinking that if Munna would be a married man than his children would be older then the girl he taking into his room to get massage (fuck). Again the same routine of yesterday was followed there were light moaning sounds of Munna then some hustle bustle but today she heard that suddenly the girl starts crying and saying “bas sahib chhod do mujhe, meri phat jayegi” but Munna said “kuchh nahin hoga tujhe peheli bar aisa he hota hai” then Priya heard a loud cry from the girl and something smothered the cries and girl was making gon-gon sound and the bus starts jerking. After a little while the girl stops crying instead light moans were coming from the room and after 30 min the same grunt sound of Munna and then silence, but today the girl left the bus immediately after the first round. Priya was very aroused in this situation her nipples are hard and her pussy was leaking and she was feeling a very strange sensation in her tender body. After a little while when there was no sound coming from the other room Priya got up from her bed and went inside the bathroom without putting on the bathroom light she noticed that today also the door on Munna’s side is unlocked and bright light is coming from the small gap which means Munna had forgotten to put the main light. She goes near the door and heard the loud snoring sound after gathering some courage Priya peeps inside Munna’s room and noticed that today he was sleeping flat on his back Priya’s heart starts beating very fast on looking this but from the small gap only the upper part of Munna’s torso was visible. With pounding heart Priya gathered some more courage and pushed the door further and got shock of her life time as there was a monster of a cock you can call it a lauda more than 6 inches of black meat even in a limp state and two big cricked ball size testis priya was also surprised to see a dark red color on the monster, the red color was also on the white bedsheet Priya immediately closed the door with trembling hands and bolted the door from her side and got onto her bed. But the view is still fresh in front of her eyes as she had seen the lund for the very first time and that also a very big one but she was also thinking about the red color on the bedsheet.

Next day morning when Priya got up it was already 8.00 am, she hurriedly go through her daily routine, when she come out of her room Munna was having his breakfast he greeted her by saying good morning and invited her for the breakfast, she got herself seated on the chair opposite her, she noticed that Munna has a strange smile on his face today, she can’t understand the reason behind it. After finishing the breakfast Munna ordered his staff to begin the tour. During the day Priya noticed that although Munna’s behavior was normal but whenever she looks into his eyes the same strange smile comes to his face. The day passed as usual. After some rest dinner was ordered and both of them start having their dinner, after dinner Priya was anticipating that the same attendant will come with another girl and Munna will again take that girl to his room for massage etc. but after some wait the attendant come and told Munna that sir I am sorry today we have not found any masseur, Munna got disappointed with this and said today the day was more hectic and it will be very difficult for him get ready for tomorrow’s work without the massage, then to Priya’s shock the attendant said sir you can take help from Priya for your massage as she is your personal secretary and she will definitely help you out am I right Priya madam, Priya was shell shocked with this proposal from the attendant. Without saying anything she turned her face towards Munna, she noticed that Munna was smiling and he promptly said yes this is a nice idea and I know that aa is very good girl and she will certainly help me out in this situation ‘hai na beti tum meri madad karogi na’. Priya’s heart was beating very loudly what can she say, she thought ‘main to phans gai’ and in this situation she said O.K I will help you but only for 15 min because I am also tired, Munna said thank you 15 min are enough for me, the attendant also left the bus with a cunning simile on his face.
Aa followed Munna into his room (chod ghar) with trembling legs her whole body was perspiring and her heart is beating very fast with the anticipation of the unknown. After reaching the room Munna told her to sit on the bed while he entered the bathroom for change, after a few min Munna comes out topless and wearing only a lungi, Priya also noticed that Munna is not wearing his underwear as the lungi was dangling from from due to the dangling cock.
Priya was impressed with his perfect masculine and manly body having a broad chest covered with hairs. As Muuna was a perfect womanizer he quickly noticed that priya is staring as well as admiring his body. But he decided to play the time game as he has full faith in himself he was fully confident that priya will plead him to fuck her within an hour, so he simply lie on the bed face down, and said beti maalish shuru karo. Priya comes to her senses and pick the oil bottle put some oil on one of her palm and started the massage standing on one side of the bed, Muuna said aise nahin beti mere upar baith joa jaise ghode par baithte hein tab maalish ka asli maja aayega, priya shrmate-2 Muuna ke pairon par baith gai aur aage jhuk kar maalish karne lagi but Muuna said beti tum ko to maalish karni nahin aati pairon par nahin mere chutdon par apne chutad tek kar baitho, pehli baar chutad shabd sun kar priya ke sharir mein jhurjhuri si daud gai aur who shrmate hue Muuna ke chutdon par baith kar maalish karne lagi , kuch der pith ki maalish hone ke bad Muuna ne kaha beti pith ki bahut maalish ho gai ab mein karwat leta hoon ab chhati ki maalish bhi kar do, priya Muuna ke upar se uth gai aur Munna palat gaya, priya ne notice kiya ki samne se lungi ka ubhar pehle se kuchh jyada ho gaya tha, Muuna samajh gaya ki ladki kya dekh rahi hai, bich mein tokte hue Muuna bola beti maalish shuru karo, priya ne bed ke side mein khade khade hi maalish shuru ki to Muuna bola nahin beti jahan pehle baithi thi wahin baith kar maalish karo tabhi jor se maalish kar paogi, ye baat sun kar to priya bilkul ghabra gai kyonki jahan par baithne ke liye Muuna kah raha tha wahan ab chutad nahin kuch aur cheej thi uska dil jor se dhadkne laga, Muuna ne phir kaha beti upar aao na (aur lungi ke samne ki taraf ishara karte hue kaha) aur yahan baith kar maalish karo, Priya ghabrate hue dhadakte dil se bed par chadh gai aur Munna kamar ke donon taraf ek-2 pair rakh kar khadi ho gai par neeche baithne mein wo ab bhi hichkicha rahi thi aur saath mein dekh rahi thi ki lungi ka ubhaar kucch aur badh gaya tha, achanak Munna ne haath badhaya au Priya ka haath pakad kar use neeche khincha, achanak khenchne se Priya ka balance bigad gaya aur woh Munna ke upar gir padi aur ekdum se ghbra kar uthti aur sorry bol kar anjane mein wahin baith gai jahan Munna chaahta tha, Priya ne apne kapdon ke andar se he mehsoos kiya ko woh kisi dande jaisi cheej par baith gai hai, uska dil jor-2 se dhadkne laga, Munna ne uski haalat jamjhte hue uske haath mein tel ki bottle pakda di aur kaha beti maalish karo, Priya ne hatheli par tel daal kar chhaati ki maalish shuru ki, maalish karte-2 woh aage peechhe hone lagi aur aisa karne se uski choot Munna ke lund par aage peechhe ragda khane lagi, anchudi kunwari choot ke itni nikat hone se uski khubu paa kar Munna ka experienced lund angdai lene laga ab Munna ka lund samajh chuka tha ki aaj usse ek aur ribbon kat kar ek aur udhghtan karna hai. Maalish karate-2 Munna bola beti meri chhaati par nipples ke aas-paas circle mein ungliyan ghumao aisa karne se saari thakaan utar jaati hai, Priya bechari bholi thi, woh Munna ka kaha man kar uske dono nipples ke charon taraf ungliyon se circle banane lagi aisa karne se Munna ka lund poori treh se khada ho kar tight ho gaya lekin abhi tha Munna ka lund uske pet ki taraf jhuka hua tha isi liye priya ko woh sirf ek sakht dande se jyada kucch nahin mehsoos ho raha tha. Ab Munna bola Priya beti meri nipples ko chutki mein pakdo bholi Priya ne ye bhi kar diya, par aisa karte he Munna ke lund ne ek jhatka khaya jise Priya ne bhi mehsoos kiya aur woh maalish chhod kar peechhe Munna ke pairon ki taraf hat gai uske aisa karte hi ab tak Priya ke niche daba hua karib 10 inch ka mota kala lund ek jhatke se uth khada hua aur lungi se bahar aa kar Priya ko dekh kar fufkarne laga, lund ke is roop ko dekhte hi Priya boli hai raam itni badi su-su, uski is baat ko sun kar Munna ki hansi nikal gai aur woh hanste hue bola beti su-su to bacchon ki hoti hai ise to lund ya lauda kehte hein aur isse ghabrao mat yeh to tumhari itni acchhi maalish ko dekh kar khada ho gaya hai aur maalish karwane ke liye machalne laga hai, beti please iski bhi maalish kar do, ab tak Priya kaafi aage badh chuki thi ab use bhi apne sharir mein sarsarahat se mehsoos hone lagi thi woh apni peshab wali jagah par geelapan mehsoos kar rahi thi par usse kucchh samajh nahin aa raha tha ki ye usse kya khumari si chadh rahi hai sochte-sochte uske haath anayaas hi lund ki taraf badh gaye, Priya ka haath lagte hi lund ne jor ka jhatka sa khaya, Priya ke chhote-2 haathon mein lund ek bada se dande ke saman lag raha tha aur mutthi mein sama nahin raha tha dono haathon ko upar neeche rakhne ke bawjood lund ka bada sa bhaag haathon ke upar-neeche baaki reh gaya tha, priya haathon ko upar-neeche karte hue lund ki maalish karne lagi, isi treh kuchh de maalish karwane ke baad ab Munna ne priya se rukne ke liye kaha aur bola beti ab mein tumhari maalish karke tumhe aur bhi acchi treh maalish karni sikhaoonga.
Ye kah kar Munna bed par se khada ho gaya aur apni lungi utar kar bilkul nanga ho gaya uski is harkat par priya ne dono haathon se apna chehra dhak liya, Munna bola beti sharmao mat maine lungi isliye utari ki kahin isme tel na lag jaye, aur jawan aur khoobsoorat ladkiyan mard ke nangepan se shrmaati nahin uski sarahna karti hain aur aisa balishth badan aur ausa ghode jaisa lund dekh kar to khoobsoorat ladkiyon ki lar tapak jaati hai, aur ab to mein tujhe be nangi karunga, ye sun kar Priya ne haathon se Dhaka chehra peechhe ghuma liya aur jor-jor se sir hilate hue boli nahin mujhe nahin dekhna aapko nanga aur na hi mein apne kapde utaroongi , is par Munna ne kaha accha mat dekho mujhe nanga tum bed par aise he bathi raho mein tumhare peechhe se tumhari maalish kar deta hoon, ye keh kar Munna Priya ke peechhe aa gaya aur apne dono haathon se haule-haule Priya ke dono kandhe dabane laga, mardana haathon ke sakht magar pyar bhare sparsh se Priya ke badan me sansani si hone lagi, Munna baar-baar dono haathon ko peeth se shuru karke kandhon par se hote hue chhati par jahan Priya ki choochiyon ka ubhar shuru hota tha tak le jaa raha tha, aur aisa karte samay Munna bed par ghutno ke bal baitha tha aur jab Munna ke haath Priya ki chhaati par pahunchte to munna ka sharir priya ke nikat aa jaata aur aisa karne se Munna ka khada hua lund baar baar Priya beti ki peeth par chhoota aur usi samay experienced choodu Munna jaan bujh kar apne kulhon ko thoda aur aage bhada kar lund ka dabao Priya ki najuk peeth par badha deta tha, uske baar-baar aisa karne se Priya ke sharir mein ek ajeeb se khumari bharne lagi, aur munna bhi har baar haath chhaati par thoda-thoda karke neeche ki taraf jahan Priya ki choochiyon ke nipples ki aur badhane laga aur akhir mein uske haathon ki ungliyan Priya ke nipples ko chhoone lagi, ab Priya ko ek naya hi anubhav hone laga aur jaise hi munna ki ungliyan Priya ke nipples ko chhooti uske muh se halki-halki siskari nikal jaati. Priya ki halat ko samajh kar Munna ne apne hoonth priya ke left kaan ke paas le jaa kar fusfusate hue pooccha kyon meri beti maalish mein maja aa raha hai na, kaan mein fusfusate samay Munna ne apni jeebh nikal kar Priya ke kan ke chhed mein halke se touch kar di aur Priya ke dono nipples ko apne haathon ki chutkiyon mein halke se daba diya, Munna ki is harkat se Priya ke badan ne jor se jhatka khaya par anayas ki uske muh se nikal gaya haan bahut majaa aa raha hai, Munna ko to bas isi baat ka intejar tha, ab Munna ne agla kadam uthaya aur apna muh priya ke right kaan ke paas le jaa kar uske kaan ke saath hoonth touch karte hue boola beti agar maalish ka ultimate majaa lena hai to apna T shirt utaar do aur phir dekho maalish ka majaa, aur Priya ke haan kehne se pehle hi Munna uski T shirt ko neeche se pakad kar utarne ka action karne laga aur priya ne bhi anayaas hi apne haath upar utha diye aur Munna ne sunehri mauka dekh kar jhat se T shirt Priya ke sangmarmari badan se alag kar diya, upari badan nanga hote hi priya ne sharm se sir jhuka liya, munna uske gore najuk aur sangmarmari badan ko dekha kar dang reh gaya use apni kismet par rashk hone laga, uski lar tapakne lagi woh samajh gaya ye aaj tak uske neeche aa kar ladki se aurat banne wali sabse khoobsoorat badan wali bacchi hogi. Munna ne phir se apni position le li aur maalish shuru kar di, ab Munna ke haath Priya ki nangi peeth par the jinhe woh aage badata hua be-dhadak Priya ki khuli choochiyon par firane laga ab uska lund Priya ki nangi peeth par takra raha tha, choochiyon par haath firate-2 Munna beech-2 mein apni chutkiyon mein priya ke najuk nipples ko halke se daba deta tha jisse priya ke muh se masti bhari siskari nikal jaati thi aur woh apne dono haath Munna ke haathon par rakh kar unhe wahin rok leti ho jaise ishaara kar rahi ho ki please mere nipples par se haath na hatao, loha garam dekh kar Munna Priya ki najuk choochiyon ko hathon le kar aur dono nipples ko halke se chutkiyon me daba kar bola
Munna-beti ye kya hain.
Priya ne sharm ke maare koi jawaab nahin diya
Munna fir se chutkiyon par thoda pressure dalte hue bola beti batao na inhe kya bolte hain.
Priya-(halke swar mein)choochiyan
Munna-Suna nahin beti fir si bolo
Priya-(thoda jor se boli)choochiyan
Munna-nahin choochiyan to shareef ladkiyon ki hoti hain, naughty ladkiyon ki nahin, naughty ladkiyon ke to mamme hote hain,(nipples par pressure dalte hue)kya hote hain.
Priya-(halke se)mamme.
Munna-(nipples ko jor se dabate hue) kya.
Priya-(jor se kapkapati awaaj mein) Mamme.
Munna-acchhi beti.
Ab munna khud pair neeche latka kar bed par baith gaya aur madmast hui Priya ko apni godi mein baitha liya usne Priya ko is prakaar baitha rakha tha ki Priya ki peeth Munna ke pet se sati thi aur munna ki dono tangen priya ki dono tangon ke beech mein thi, aur munna ka khambe jaisa lund Priya ki slex se dhanki choot ke samne se hota hua Priya ke pet tak pahunch raha tha, jiski wajah se priya apni jagah se aage nahin hil sakti thi. Munna ne apni karyawahi aage badhai aur ek haath se Priya ki choochiyon ko sehlata raha aur doosre haath ko priya ke naram pet par ferne laga aur use dhire-dhire neeche ki taraf us cheej ki aur badhane laga jo Munna ka asli target tha aur jo Munna chodu ki harkaton ki wajah se ekdum geela ho chuka tha, ab Priya bhi samajh chuki thi ki uska kunwarapan ab kuchh hi der ka mehman hai kyoki use apni choot ka dushman yani ki Munna ka khada lund lar tapkata hua apni aankhon ke samne najar aa raha tha use to sirf isi baat ki chinta thi ki aakhir ye hawai jahaj jaisa lund uski chhoti se najuk choot mein kaisa ghusega use pichhli raat ko munna ke bed aur lund par lage laal rang ka matlab kuchh-2 samajh aa raha tha. Priya ne mehsoos kiya ki Munna ke haath ki ungliyan ab uski kunwari choot ko sehlane lagi thi Munna ki ye harkatein Priya ke jism mein ek ajeeb se aag laga rahi thi woh to bas itna janti thi use bahut jyada majaa aa raha hai, Munna ne apni tarjani ungli ka pressure Priya ki clitoris ke upar badhaya ye Priya ke liye ek aur naya anubahv tha, Priya ke muh se masti bhari siskari nikal gai shhhhhh. Munna ne achanak Priya ki baglon mein haath daal kar use khada kar diya, Priya ke chutad Munna ki taraf the Munna ne isi position mein Priya ki slex mein ungliyan fansate hue uski slex aur panty ko ek saath neeche ki taraf sarka diya priya ke gol-gol gore chuthad nange ho chuke the, panty aur slex utarte hi Priya ki kunwari choot ki mast mehak kamre mein faail gayi, Munna ne slex aur panty Priya ke badan se alag karke priya ko bilkul nangi kar diya aur kaha beti meri taraf ghoom kar jara apne anmol husn ka najara to karwao, Priya ne sharm ke maare baat ansuni kar di, par Munna bed par se khada ho kar Priya ke saamne chala gaya, Priya ne sharma kar apne tangen aapas mein sata li aur apne dono haath apni choochiyon par rakh liye, Munna ne aage badh kar Priya ke jhuke hue sir ko chin ke neeche apne ek haath ki ungliyon ka sahra dete hue upar uthaya aur aage badh kar apne sakht honth Priya ke najuk honthon par rakh kar unhen smooch karne laga, aur doosre haath se priya ke haath chhaati par se hata diye, Priya Munna ke kiss mein doob gai thi isi position mein Munna Priya ko peechhe ki taraf le ja kar apni baahon mein le kar bed par leta diya, priya jor-jor se sansein le rahi thi aur Priya ki choochiyon upar neeche ho rahi thi Munna bhi bed par aa gaya aur leti hui priya ke bagal mein baith kar aage jhuk kar apni jeebh se ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) priya ki right choochi ke nipple ko chhedne laga aur apne left haath ki chutki se Priya ki left choochi ke nipple ko masalne laga, ab Munna ne apna right haath priya ki nangi choot ki taraf badhaya uski is harkat se hairan Priya ne apni dono tangent jor se bheench li, par munna ne koi jabardasti nahin ki woh dheere-2 jeebh se uske ek nipple ko chhedta raha aur chutki mein doosre nipple ko dabata raha aur right hand ko uski tangon ke jod par halke-2 firata raha, kuchh der aisa karne se Priya dheere-2 apni tangon ko failane lagi ab Munna ungli se uski choot ke teet ko ragadne laga, Priya ke muh se jor-jor ki siskariyan nikalne lagi, Priya ko pata hi nahin chal ki kab usne poori tangent choudi kar li hain aur Munna is baat ka faeyda utha kar ungli se uski gili ho chuki kunwari choot ke darwaje ko kholne ke koshish karne laga dheere-2 usne 2 Inch ungli choot mein ghusa di usne notice kiya ki Priya ki choot ki seal bilkul intact thi. Ab Munna sarak kar Priya ki dono tangon ke beech mein aa kar baith gaya dono haath aage bhada kar dono chutkiyon mein priya ke nipples pakad liye aur aage jhuk kar jeebh Priya ke gili choot par firai Munna ki is harkat par Priya chihunk padi aur boli ye aap kya kar rahein hain, Munna bola beti khel bahut ho gaya ye ab teri chudai ki tayyari hai, pehle mein jeebh se teri choot ko chatoonga phir tu dekhna apne aap mujhse kahegi Munna uncle mujhe chodo, aur ab dhyan se sun meri baat ab sharmana bandh kar de aur meri aankhon mein dekhti reh aur poori randi ban kar chud, Munna ek padhi likhi ek bade officer ki beti ki koi sharam nahin kar raha tha aur Priya se aise baat kar raha tha jaise kisi chuddakkad randi se baat karte hain, Priya ko bhi Munna ki in baton mein majaa aa raha tha, par woh ab bhi sharmai se aankhon se Munna ki aankhon mein dekh rahi thi, Munna neeche jhuk kar jeebh se Priya ki najuk choot ke teet ko chatne laga aur Priya ki baichaini badhne lagi Munna karib do minute tak choot ko chat tar aha aur chutkiyon se nipples bhinchta raha priya mast ho kar sir idhar udhar hilane lagi use samajh nahin aa raha tha ki uska sharir ekdum halka sa kyon hone laga hai, Priya ki kunwari choot facha fach paani ki barsaat se kar rahi thi priya ke charam par pahunchne se kuchh pehle Munna ne Priya ki choot par se muh hata liya aur ghutnon ke bal Priya ki tangon ke beech mein baith gaya aur Priya ki dono tangein apne kandhon par rakh li aur apna khartnak lund ka supada priya ki najuk choot ke muh par ragadne laga, Munna ki is harkat par Priya ko laga ki koi jalta angaara uski choot ke muh par ragda jaa raha hai Priya ki masti ab charam ke karib pahoonch chuki thi ab Munna ne chaal kheli woh choot par lund ke supaade ke char-paanch ragde laga kar lund peechhe hata leta tha, Priya ka haal aisa tha ki use munna ka choot se lund hatana ek pal ke liye bhi acchha nahin lag raha tha par munna tha ki apni is harkat se baaj he nahin aa raha tha woh 4-5 ragde lagata aur lund peechhe hata leta
Priya-Uncle Please kuchh karo na, mujh se ab ruka nahin jaa raha.
Munna-Kya Karoon tum khud batao.
Priya-Mujhe nahin pata par kuchh karo
Munna-Beti khul kar batao ki tum apne munna uncle yani apne khsetr ke neta se kya chahti ho.
Priya-(Besharm hokar aur munna ki aankhon mein aankhein daal kar boli)Neta ji please apni praja ki choot par se lund mat hatao
Munna-nahin Priya beti aise nahin chalega sirf ragadne se to tera kaam banega mera kya hogo.
Priya-Phir aap apna kaam bhi kar lo
Munna-Dekh lo kahin tum yahan se bahar jaa kar ye na kehna ki ek bade neta ne mujhe meri marji ke khilaf pehle ladki se aurat banaya, phir saari raat kai baar choda.
Priya- Nahin main aisa kuchh nahi karoongi.
Munna-Soch lo tum ek padhi likhi bade officer ki beti ho aur mein ek anpadh aadmi.
Priya-are uncle please ab chodo na
Munna-phir pakdo mera lund aur lagao apni choot par aur bolo. Netaji meri najuk kunwari aur padhi-likhi choot ka apne mote kale aur anpadh lund se udghtan kar do.
Priya-(jhat se lund pakadte hue) Netaji meri najuk kunwari aur padhi-likhi choot ka apne mote kale aur anpadh lund se udghtan kar do.
Munna-aakhri shart suno, ye aakhri chudai nahin hai mein tumhe subha ke chaar baje tak chodunga aur choot marwane ke baad tum beech-beech apni choot ko aaram dene ke liye mere lund ko choosogi bhi, bolo manjoor.
Priya-(bina kuchh sochte samjhte hue) Manjoor.
Munna ne priya ki gand ke neeche ek bada sa takiya laga diya jisse uski najuk se kunwari choot ka muh kuchh aur khul gaya.
Munna- to lo Priya madam ek anpadh neta ka mota sa kala lund ek padhi likhi IAS officer ki najuk si beti ki najuk si choot mein usi ke bahut agrah par, Lo sambahlo.
Ye kehte-2 Munna ne apne lund ka supada priya ki chhoti si choot ke muh mein phansa diya, thoda aur aage bhadate hi choot ki jhilli ne rasta rok liya aur jhilli par pressure padte he ab tak mastai priya ke maathe par pasina aa gaya.
Priya- arre mujhe to dard ho raha hai, uncle please nikaliye.
Munna- aise kaise nikal loon behen ki laudi, Itna aage jaa kar mera lund kabhi wapas nahin aata, beti ab to tera udhghatan ho kar he rahega, dekh abhi do second mein tujhe ladki se aurat banata hoon aur subha tak teri is choot ko bhosda na banaya to mera naam Munna MP nahin.
Priya-Uncle Nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
Munna-aah itni tight choot majaa aa gaya
Aur priya ladki se aurat ban gai, bistar lal hone laga tha, Munna ne dheere-2 jad tak lund choot mein bitha diya, ek haath priya ke muh par rakha ek haath se priya ka ek nipple pakda aur aage jhuk kar muh mein doosra nipple le liya aur lund ki dhak-peli choot mein pehle dheere-2 phir Priya beti ki jhannatedar chudai shuru ho chuki thi, Munna ne mehsoos kiya ki Priya ki choot ab lund ki kuchh-2 aadi ho gai hai to munna ne Priya ke muh par se haath hata liya
Priya-Mujhe nahin pata tha ki chudai aise hoti hai, agar mujhe pehle pata hota to mein pehle wali ladkiyon ki chudai dekh kar hi bhaag jaati.
Munna-Nahin meri jaan un dono ki chudai to maine tumhe dana dalne ke liye ki thi, Kyonki mujhe pata tha ki tum jaise jawan aur khoobsoorat ladki mere jaise kale kalute ke jaal mein seedhe-2 nahin aayegi isiliye maine jaanboojh kar doosre kamre mein tumhari maujudgi mein unhe saari-2 raat jor-2 se choda taki tumhari jawani ke armanon ko pankh lag jayen, aur dekh lo aisa hua bhi, tum mera lund apni choot ke andar khae padi ho. Aur ab to roj din raat yahi hoga, mein isi bus mein tumhari research karaoonga aur tum chudai ke subject mein MA paas kar ke he is bus se bahar jaa paaogi.
Munna ki in baton se priya ka dard kuchh kam hone laga, Munna ki khuli garam batein aur choot mein aage peechhe hota uska lund Priya ko ek naya hi majaa dene laga, uska badan halka sa hone laga, aur anayaas hi usne apne dono pairon ka shikanja sa bana kar munna ko pakad liya, Munna ko samajh aa gaya tha ki Priya beti ko majaa aane laga hai, to khiladi ne apni speed bhada di, Munna ke mote ki tight choot mein lagataar gharshan se Priya Climax ki taraf badhne lagi, aur karib paanch minute ki Dhaka-dhak chudai ke baad,
Priya-Uncle please ab mat rukna mujhe kuchh hone wala hai.
Munna-Haan beti tu ab jhadegi.
Priya-Uncle please don’t-stop
Munna-are beti mein to kam se kam 20 minute tak tumhe aise he chodung.
Priya-aaaah ooooh mein gayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Aur is parkaar Munna ke jhadne se pehle Priya beti karib 4 baar aur jhadi
Aakhir mein.
Munna-beti maine tumhe bahut maje de diye ab meri baari hai, isliye tum apni dono chutkiyon se mere nipple maslo.
Priya-thik hai uncle.
Aur Priya beti be Munna Uncle ke dono nipple apni chutkiyon mein pakad liye aur masalne lagi
Munna-shabash beti majaaa aa gaya.
Priya-Uncle ab kya hoga, aap meri choot ka band kab tak bajaoge.
Munna-aaaaah bas ho gaya betiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
Priya-are aap mere andar kya pichkaari si chhod rahe hein
Munna-beti mera paani nikal raha hai majaa aa gaya ye meri aaj tak ki sabse badhiya chudai hai
Uske baad munna ne apna lund bahar nikala Priya ne dekha ki lund par laal rang laga hai aur bistar bhi lal hai,
Priya-Uncle ye kya hai.
Munna—Tum ladki se aurat bani ho.
Priya-Kya matlab
Munna-Mere lund ne tumhari choot ki bali le li aur jab bali hoti hai to khoon to nikalta hi hai.
Priya-Hai raam ye khoon hai mein to mar jaoongi.
Munna-Nahin marogi, ab to tumhare jeene ke din aayen hein.
Is parkaar munna ne priya ko samjhaya aur poori raat kai baar priya ko apna lund chuswaya and subah ke 7 baje tak karib 5 baar priya ko chod-chod kar poori randi aurat banaya, Us raat ke baad karib ek mahine tak Priya us bus mein nangi hi rahi Munna ne use koi kapda nahni pehnne diya, bus mein harami attendant ki siwa kisi ko ghusne ki ijajat nahi thi, Munna bahshan deta rehta tha aur bechare Priya beti niche Munna uncle ka lund choosti rehti thi.

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