Drunk Vidya Balan ki Chudai
This is an incident happened between me and my cousin vidya balan. Am sure that the name rang a bell in all ur minds. Yes, am one lucky guy to have her as my cousin. This incident happened after she became an actress. I used to visit her at times and mostly after her becoming an actress. Though I found her attractive before too it was after her film stint that I started seeing her as sexy. I dont remember how many times I have seen the love making scene in parineeta. She started ruling my dreams after that.

I used to visit her whenever I got a chance. I even used to stay at her apartment in bandra for a coule of days. She liked me. I knew. We used to have our nice chit chats and to be honest let me tell u she has a very nice sense of humour. I used to crack some harmless sexy jokes with her and she always took in the right sense in a sporty way. She never showed any attitude like she has now become an actress and everybody should behave like that with her. but it was that simplicity that was her sexiness. she was still a mystery to me. Her smile always seemed to be concealing something. It was like telling u ' hey I know certain things that u don’t and so am superior'. I don’t know wat that means but still that turned me on big time.

Once I was visiting her. her parents don’t stay with her and they too visit once in a month or so. And I knew that she will be uncomfortable in having me around if she has to invite some guys for dinner or so. So I always used to call her before asking whether I can come. There were very few times that she asked me not to come and most of these times she cleared her part by saying she has to go for shooting outdoor and she can hand me the key if I want to stay.

This time when I reached her apartment there was no one except her bai. She opened the door for me and informed me that 'memsab' has gone for shooting and will be late and has asked me to have dinner and sleep and not to wait for her. I said okay. I went into the guest bedroom. I acted like I forgot bringing my towel and I went into vidya's room pretending I was searching for a towel. Actually my intention was to go through her dress and have a nice session with her undergarments. When I was searching through I heard a knock on the door. It was the bai. I suddenly changed into the towel removing my pant. I opened the door. Bai was there. She asked me whether she can go home early tonite as she got a call from home saying that her husband was not well. she said she made food and finished all other jobs and will clean up the dishes tomorrow morning. I excused her and told her that I will explain it to vidya. I returned back to her room after locking the door. I was now free to do whatever I want as it was only 9 30 and I knew vidya wont be back till 12. that was her routine if she had gone for any shooting. So I was having a good time searching through her panties. She had some new ones which I havent seen before. But mostly my 'activities' were on her used ones. I took a nice red one with good designs on it. I was looking on her picture on the wall (she has a big portrait of herself on the wall wearing a sleeveless kameez and showing little cleavage). I thought of her as wearing the one in my hand and started fantasizing. i was now standing stark naked before her picture and carrying on with my pleasure activity. To my surprise just then I heard the bell ringing. I was not sure who that would be. I thought it would be the bai who came back for some reason. I put on my towel and went to the door thinking that I could buy some time saying that am in the middle of a bath and by that give some time to my dick to go back to the unharmful state.

I reached the door and saw through the peep hole. It was vidya. She was leaning on the door and something told me that she was not well. I told her 'vidya am in the middle of a bath. Can u wait for sometime'. She said no, she needs to get in inside asap and to me open the door. I had no other choice left. My dick was still not down yet. But I had no option and I opened the door. As I opened I slid my body almost back to the door so that she wont see me in this state. I was not worried about she seeing me in this half naked form. I was more worried about her seeing me aroused and wearing her towel at her home. She may even ask me to get out and tell my parents not to send me again to her home. I had to be carefull. She entered the room. But she was stumbling on her feet. I was now on her back. I didn’t knew what happened to her. I suddenly closed the door and went to her side. I asked her ' vidya di are u drunk'. She turned and smiled at me. 'no we had a party and some one had fun by mixing alcohol in my drinks. I had a few glasses of that and now my head is burning. Come help me to the couch'. I would never miss a chance to touch her. by the way she was wearing a blue jeans and white kurtha. I knew that this was her own clothes not the ones from shooting. I held her both arms from back. She was now leaning on me and her ass was pressing on my dick. This was not helping my effort to get it down but I was enjoying it a lot. I helped her on to the couch. When she sat down I couldn’t believe my eyes. All the top buttons of her kurtha was loose and I can see her boobs through that. She had a white bra on her. I understood that she should be pretty high as I know she never gives anyone any chance to see any of her assets. I have tried a lot a before but succeeded very few times. As she was on the couch and I was standing I was getting the best view of her milky boobs. They seemeed to be inviting and I wanted to touch them very badly. But I controlled myself as I couldn’t do anything rather than watching it from a distance. I went inside the kitchen and brought her a chille bottle off water. She drank the entire bottle down. I asked her ' vidya di u never told me that u drink'. She said ' I told u na I don’t drink. This is someones idea of a joke. And since its my first time am feeling it strange. Am not able to concentrate'. She was stammering in between her talk and was giving some small giggles. She looked at me and asked 'y r u standing naked'. I replied ' I was going for a bath when u came and by the way I am not naked. I have this towel'. For that she replied by a giggle and said ' I thought u were having other intentions on me'. I was surprised by the comment and hoped if I got a chance I would show her my original intentions. After a few minutes she asked me to help her go to the bathroom. She stood up by herself and was about to fall. I suddenly grabbed her and by mistake my left hand got hold of her breast. As she was out of balance I had no choice to move my hand and had to held it hard till she gained balance. My dick was all in the game again. I had to hide it from her and so I helped her walk like the way I helped her from the door to the couch. We reached the bathroom. I pushed the door open and held my neve. I didn’t turn back and followed her in. I was still holding her that she lifted her kameez and opened her button. She then turned to me and said ' I don’t thik I can get it off by myself. Help me'. It was something I used to see in my dreams. I looked at her and she was serious. I pulled her jeans down. I was seeing her thighs in close range. They were not lean. But the exact size that can turn on any man. She stepped out of her jeans. I looked up from her feet and I saw her black panty. I could easily spot her pussy as it was showing its shape throug the panty. I was all aroused. There was a huge tent on my front. I didn’t want to hide it anymore. I was so excited to see her pussy. This was going to be the end of my desire to see her 'holy hole'. I was waiting for her to remove her panties. She then looked at me and said ' what are u looking at. Turn away'. That was unexpected by me. I had to turn around. I could hear the noise and I understood that she had slipped of her panties and was sitting on the closet seat. I was waiting for it and then I heard that sound. 'sssssssssssss'. She has started pissing. This was driving me more mad. I felt I will cum there itself without any pressure on my dick. I couldn’t control myself and I turned. The scene was awesome. Her pussy was widespread in front of me and piss was coming right through her hole. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was not shaved. There was no hair on her thighs or other part of the legs. So I had expected her to be shaved there. But this view was surprising. The great beautiful heroine Vidya Balan was sitting with her hairy pussy opened and pissing in front of me. Her black panty was lying onto the side with her jeans. by then she finished pissing and took the hand shower and started forcing water onto her pussy lips. All these were happening when I least expected it. I was standing staring at the scene and was not even blinking my eyelids. Just then she finished and looked at me.' Hey havent I asked you to turn around'. She asked me in a very drun k voice. I said sorry and turned around. ' what is the use now, come help me stand up'. I held her on her arms near to her shoulders and lifted her. she was leaning towards me and suddenly she slipped and was going to fall back. My one hand suddenly tried to hold her by her waist but my hand was on her ass. She didn’t fall and my hand was on her ass which was wet by the sprinkling she did with the hand shower. She removed my hand from her ass and asked me to take her to the room. We were walking then she suddenly stopped and looked at the shower. She said ' I better take a shower then only I will get out of this'. Hearing that suddenly I said ' I will get a towel for u'. my intention was simple. When I return with the towel the door wont be closed and I would be able to see her stark naked. I can see her nipples and her boobies without anything between us. That can make me cum for atleast 10 more minutes!! Suddenly she held the towel i was wearing and said 'no need to go I will use this'. And she pulled that off me. Now it was my turn to be a showpiece. I was standing there naked in fron of her. she atleast had some kind of clothing on her. I had none. She looked at my dick and said ' so u got a hard on by seeing me huh, never knew u had that feelings for me'. I was unable to speak. I didn’t know whether to cover the place with my hand or to run back and find some clothing. Anyway I remained like that itself. It was also feeling good. We both naked in the same place. She was walking towards the shower. She switched it on and was standing under it. she then called me towards her. her white kameez was fully wet and her bra and her waist area was clealy seen. I reached hr and she asked me to help her remove her top. I was waiting for it. I helped her pulling her to tghrough her head and then she unbuckled her white bra. She was totally naked. She started enjoying the shower. She was just standing under it. I took the shower gel in my hand. I knew I must make a move now. Cos if she happens to get out of this high then my visit to heaven may get cut short. I started applying it on her back. She didn’t say anything. I moved down and started soaping her ass. The feeling was awesome. Soaping vidya balan's ass!!. When I reached her ass crack she widened her legs. I was cleaning the entire length and as I put hand in between her legs I had the first touch of her pussy. I rubbed it as I was cleaning. My dick was rubbing against her ass. I also touched her cunt as her legs were wide. She then turned and I started washing her front portion. I played with her big brown nipples. I pinched it slightly in between. Also rubbed her pussy to satisfaction. But when I was taking more han enough time she used to turn and never gave me enoug time to be pleased. I dried her body with the towel and mine. She went inside the room. I used the same towel to dry myself.
The scene waiting for me inside the room was out of the world. She was lying naked on her bed with her knees bent and her legs wide. The scene was inviting. I reached the bed and looked at her face. her eyes were closed but she wasn’t sleeping. I lay on my stomach in the bed and bent my face to her pussy. I kissed there. There was slight movements on her body. I started eating it with all the passion I had. She was moaning beautofully and that sound kept me going. I climbed on to of her and entered her. she wasn’t too tight or too loose. She was perfect for me. I started moving inside her. she kept her moaning. It couldn’t last long. I was on the highest ecstacy and I came in her. to my surprise she too came. I never expected her to cum this fast. After that we lay together on her bed and slept.

Next day morning I felt something on my body and opened my eyes to see her playing with my dick. She didn’t say anything to me. She smiled and took my dick in her mouth. When she finished she said that was for taking care of her last night. After that she climbed on top of me and took me inside. She came close to my ear and said. 'but this one is for me'.

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