Doodhwale ne Mera Doodh Piya
I m Pooja Gupta.I m 24 years old married last year to Ajay who works as a Software Engineer in a local firm. I had 2 lovers before marriage & both had fucked me.I was & I am a hot girl who loves sex a lot.As we both had a liking for sex we share a good sex life.Ajay has made me try out all types of sex positions.Our favourite position is when he fucks me from back.Ajay satisfies me fully in sex & I also see that he gets maximum pleasure from me.

Ajay has to go on tours many a times for days together.So during that times I have to use my fingers or candle to satisfy my sexual pangs.And it's during this time I m very vernarable to trying sex with anyone(as any women in such condition will agree). It was during this period I had sex with my
doodhwala (milkman).

Ajay had gone for a 10 days tour.He went 4 days back & was to come after 6 days.Before he left I had my periods so I was 8 days without sex. Absence for sex for so long was making me very horny.Ajay ke saath mai raat ko nangi soti thi kyonki usse raat bhar mare nange badan se lipat ke sona accha lagta tha aur jab woh jab chahe mare jism ke khel sakta tha.My sleeping naked had now become my habit because now even when Ajay went on tours I started sleeping naked alone.So it was only early in the morning when the doodhwala
used to come I used to wear a gown with no bra or panty & go to take milk from the doodhwala.I was very careless about my gown then because when I had to bend to take the vessel, the doodhwala could see my hanging naked boobs(I m 36-26-34).Pehle pehle mujhe yeh sab malum to nahi padta tha par jab maloom hua mujhe bahoot sharam aaye & I started wearing a housecoat
over the gown.

The doodhwala named Abdul was a good looking man of 28-30 years,nearly 6" tall having a good body & used to wear a dhoti & a loose shirt.Slowly as I began to notice Abdul closely I started liking him.So now I started talking to Abdul during talking milk from him.He was good natured & we used to talk for some time every day.Then I decided to try & seduce him if possible.I started my seduction act by discarding my housecoat. And the day I discarded my housecoat I could see a twinkle in the doodhwala's eyes.Abdul now started to scan my whole body throughly.He used to talk a lot & from last few days he would crack a few funny rustic sexy jokes which had double meanings to me.His jokes were mostly of dewar-bhabhi & jija-saali types.I also noticed that from the last few days he was trying to get more physical with me like touching my hand more often,which I didn't mind.Since I used to be hot also, I started showing him more of my body which made him want me more &
more.Mujhe maloom tha ki mare aaisa karne se woh garam hota hai par mujhe us baat ki koi chinta nahi thi balki mai to wohi chahati thi ki woh garam ho. Aur ab to Abdul ki himmat isse bhi jyada bhad jayegi kyonki ab woh kai baar bindhast meri mammo ulte haath se dabata bhi tha doodh ka bartan date waqt.Par maine kuch jyada nahi soocha uske is harkat ka,aur to aur mujhe bhi uski yeh harkat acchi lagti thi.Hamara yeh khel ab kariban haar din subah chalta tha.Jab mai aadhi nangi jati thi doodh lane tab Abdul mare badan se khelta tha.Hum dono ko isme maaza aane laga tha.Ab mai uske saamne aate waqt aapne chest ko aur chouda karke khadi rehti jiske wajah se meri gown ke andar ki nangi chuchiya Abdul ko aur tanke nazar aati thi.Mai to ab doodh late waqt aapne kapdo ka jaan bujh ke bilkul dhyan nahi rakhti thi aur ho sake utna gown open rakhti thi. Mujhe Abdul ke saamne aapne badan ki numaish karne accha lagne laga tha.Maine to ab short length ke gown layee thay jo ki mare knees tak hi aate thay. Mujhe aaise kam kapdo mai dekhke Abdul mare
badan ka aur acche se darshan kar sakta tha aur ab to woh bindhast mujhe choota bhi tha.Aur to aur ab to woh mare samne bina jhijhak aapne khade lund ko sehlata bhi tha.Abdul ka meri chuchiyo ko chuna aur aise lund sehlana mujhe aur betaab banata tha.

Being so hot from last so many days,today I decided to try to find out the limit to where we can go.As it was I was horny, so on that day I opened 2 buttons of my gown & tucked the gown in between my thighs a little when I went to take the milk.So on that day Abdul could see my navel when I had bent & also my cunt when he sat down to measure & pour the milk.He got horny seeing me like this because I could make out his semi-erect dick in the
dhoti.Jaise hi maine Abdul ka aadha khada lund dekha meri chut mai hulchal hone lagi.Maine socha ki agar yeh mast lund meri chut mai gaya to bada maza aayega.Isliye maine soocha ki Abdul ka kya irada hai yeh bhi dekhu. Scratching my left boobs (as if some insect has bitten me there)I said to him "Abdul aaj kaal tera doodh bahoot patla hai. Kya baat hai?" Getting little
confused he said "Nahin nahin Memsaab jaise pehlewala doodh tha waise hi hai yeh ussi bhais ka hai yeh doodh". Smiling at him I said "Lekin Abdul yeh aasal mai bhais ka hi doodh hai na.Mujhe lagta hai ki tujhe aasli doodh kaisa hota hai maloom hi nahi hai." Then looking at my boobs I,shamelessly said to him "Abdul tune kabhi kissi ka yeh doodh dekha hai kya?Tune kabhi nikala hai kya yeh aasli doodh apne haatho se." Now understanding where the topic was leading to Abdul came a little more closer to me said "Mai ek baat bolta hoon aapko Memsaab. Asli doodh to mare pass nahi hai jaisa aapke pass do-do jaga hai.Maine aajtak 2-3 'aise' (meri chuchiyo ki taraf ishara karke aur haalke se unko choote) aasli doodh dekhe to hai aur nikale bhi hai.Lekin meri yeh bahoot dino ki iccha hai ki mai aapke 'inme'(meaning my boobs) se bhi doodh nikalu.Ab aagar aap chahe to mai apke poore jism ke saath saath 'inko' bhi (matlab chuchiyo se) apne hatho se nanga karke aur dabake aapke 'isme' se (meaning my boobs se) aasli garam garam doodh kaise nikalta hai yeh dekh bhi sakta hoon aur doodh nikalke uska swaad bhi ke sakta hoon. Mai to aapne haatho ke bajai mare muh se hi inko choosna chahata hoon.Mai aapko bhais ka doodh deta hoon aur aap mujhe aapna doodh dena."

By saying this Abdul made his intentions clear.During saying this he was looking at my boobs.I started enjoying it.I also moved a little near him & stood in the door directly in front of him with hardly any distance between us & said "Abdul mare pass kahan doodh hai abhi? Tare bhais ka diya hua doodh pike hi doodh aata hai mujhme."

Abdul smiled & daringly poking his finger in one of my boob said "Memsaab yeh kya apke pass doodh ki 2-2 badi badi aur bhari bhari handiya (pots) hai aur aap kehti hai ki apke pass doodh nahi hai.Aapki in mast handiyo ko mujhe mare haatho se nichodke aur muh se chooske doodh nikalne mai bahut maaza aayega." Saying this Abdul made the action of milking my boobs.Abdul was being direct to the point which I liked.It was making me more hot to have such a vulgar talk so replying to him in his language, I pointing to my boobs said "Aare Abdul lekin in dono mai doodh kab aata hai maloom hai kya tumko?" (Milk comes in boobs only after delivery).Abdul was not expecting such a reply from me but he understood what I meant.He directly put both his palms on my boobs & caressing them softly said "Memsaab mujhe maloom hai ki Ajay sahab in handiyo mai doodh lane ke liye din raat apko chodte hai taki aapke pet mai unka baccha aaye aur in handiyo mai doodh aur jab unko kaam ke liye tour pe kai din jana padta hai tab aapki chut betaab ho jati hai koi bhi lund se chudwane ke liye.Memsaab aur aaj jab Ajay sahab ghar mai nahi hai to aagar aap kahe to kya mai Ajaysaab ki jagah lake koshish karke dekhu jise apki chut ko shanti milegi aur in chuchiyo mai doodh jaldi aaye aur mai usko pi saku?"

I didnot expect him to touch me so openly & nor expect him to be so direct in his approach.I was stunned to hear him say that.It meant that Abdul was now openly asking me if he could fuck me. Also he was directly referring to Ajay fucking me & now that Ajay is not here he wants a chance.I didnot reply directly but I badly wanted him to stay & fuck me so moving back a little I said "Abdul tujhe aaisa kyon laga ki mai tujhe Ajay ki jagah lane dungi? Aakhir mai Ajay ki patni hoon, lekin teri kaun lagti hoon mai?"

Seeing that I was not refusing his offer Abdul became more bold.Opening the third button of my gown,Abdul removed my boobs from the gown & caught both of my naked boobs.Playing with both nipples for sometime Abdul then put one hand on my chut & rubbing it with his middle finger said "Memsaab mujhe to bus aapki taqlif nahi dekhi jati isliye mai aapki madat karne chahata tha. Bhale mare wajah se aapko baccha hua to kya hua.Woh baccha aapko hi mubarak.Mujhe to bus aapka yeh nanga jism chodne ke liye chahaye.Memsaab aapka badan to garam hai aur yeh chuchiya badi mast hai.Aur aap mujhe Ajay saab ki jagah isliye lane doogi kyonki aapko mare is lund ki bahoot jaroorat hai.Maine kai dinose aapko mare lund pe nazaar lagate dekha hai. Is baat ka saboot yeh hai ki aap mujhe bina rukawat idhar aapke badan ko nanga karke khelne se mana nahi kar rahi ho.Aur rahi baat ki aap meri kaun ho to ek baar jab mera lund aapki chut mai jake aapki chut ko chod chod ke behaal karega tab aap kabhi nahi poochogi aap meri kaun ho ulta aap hi batayegi ki aap meri kaun ho**** kya kehti ho Memsaab mare is mast lund se aapki garam chut ek baar chudwake dekhna hai kya?"

As it was I was hot already but as Abdul started talking dirty & playing with my boobs & chut I couldn't control myself & said "Abdul kaam se kaam andar to aao.Aagar aaise humko kisse ne dekha to?Tum aandar aao mai chai banati hoon.Kya tumko chai pena hai?" Pushing me inside the door he took my hand
& put it on his lund & bending down kissed my nipple & said "Aasli doodh ki kya mare doodh ki?" Getting excited I also shaking his lund said "Jo tumko mangta hai us doodh ki chai doongi". Smiling at me Abdul pressed my both boobs hard 2-3 times & keeping his hands there said "Memsab mujhe to aasal mai sirf yeh doodh chahaye lekin aagar woh nahi de sakti ho to aapne koshish se in dono handiyo mai doodh aur pet mai mera baccha lake us aasli doodh ki chai pini hai".

Feeling more hot due to his vulgar talk & hard touch I pulled out his lund from the dhoti.I could see his 9" long red head shining lund eager & ready to fuck
any chut.I took his lund in both hands & playing with it pressed my chest more on his hand & said "Abdul aasli doodh to abhi nahi hai.Lekin jab tum yaha
(pointing to my chut) aapna yeh ( pulling his lund on my chut) dalke aur isme lagi aag ko apne pani se thanda karoge aur jab idhar (pointing to my stomach)
apne masti ki nishani daloge tab idhar (pointing to my tits) jo doodh banega woh doodh bhi pilaungi aur us doodh ki chai pilaungi". Hearing my reply Abdul
samajha ki I was game, so he removed his hands & said "Memsab aap chai banao mai yeh 4-5 ghar mai mera doodh dake aata hoon. Phir aapki doodh ki chai peene aata hoon. Chalega aapko?". I pulled his hands again on my boobs & said smilingly "Abdul tum un 4-5 gharo mai ka doodh dane jaa rahe ho ya un gharo mai se mujh jaise aaurat ka doodh pine ja rahe ho?" Before I could realise anything Abdul bending down kissing my both nipple said "Memsaab har ghar mai aap jaise sundar aur bindhast aaurat nahi hoti hai. Aap jaise to hazaro ghar mai ek hoti hai.Aur aagar mujhe aap ko chodne ka mauka milne wala hai to mai kisi aur ko kyon dekhu." Putting my hand on my tits I said, "Accha baba ab jaldi jao aur jaldi aao." Smiling & licking his lips Abdul said haan.I said ok come in 10 minuites.He said ok & went.
Now I started to think how to proceed further & after thinking decided to let him take the lead & I will fall in line as per his wishes.I went in the bedroom &
removed my panty (the bra was already out) & waited for Abdul to come.My nighty was made of thin cotten material showing most of my body.I went & prepared tea for both of us.After 10 minuites the door bell rang & I went to open the door.

I opened the door expecting Abdul but found that it was my kaamwali.My kaamwali is a 15 years old girl.She usually comes at 11 o clock but she that day she has to go for some function so she decided to come early & just sweep the floor & do some kitchen utensils in 15-20 minutes & go.I didnot understand what to do as she started to do her chores.I was praying that Abdul is delayed for sometime.I began thinking on some plan just in case Abdul comes early.Jab ek aurat ko kisse paraye mard se chori chupe chud wana hota hai to uska dimag aur tej chalne lagta hai.Just in 5 minutes I had the plan ready.I went in the inner room from where I could see the main door & any person standing there could see me.The the bell rang again & the kaam wali opened the door.It was good that Abdul's hands were holding the doodh ki handiya else he would have taken the kaamwali in his arms thinking it was me because I had made him very hot.The kaamwali asked what he wanted.He was looking here & trying to find me.The moment he saw me I signed to him saying to say that he had come for the milks payment (maine apne mamme apne haatho se uthake waisa ishara kiya).Abdul understood what I meant & told the kaamwali.She asked him to come in & sit.Meanwhile I went to the bathroom.Shortly the kaamwali came to the bathroom door & said "Memsaab Abdul doodh ke paise lane ko aaya hai." I said I was taking a bath (which I was really doing) & told her to tell Abdul to wait till I finish my bath.I didnot come out for long giving the kaamwali time to complete her job.After 10 minutes the kaamwali came & told me that she has finished & is going. When I was sure that she has gone I came out in the hall wearing the same gown. Maine mera badan poocha bhi nahi tha is liye gown gilla hoke mare badan ka har hissa saaf dikhai de raha tha.Mare baal bhi bilkul gille thay.

Abdul was happy to see me.I told him that I will get the tea for both of us.I went to the kitchen kept the tea on gas to warm it.1-2 baar jab maine piche dekha to maine paya ki Abdul mera piche ka nanga jism jo ki mare transparent gille gown se jhalak raha tha usse dekh raha tha.I could see that he wanted to fuck me then & there only but was afraid I suppose.Mai phir chai lai aur Abdul ko chai date waqt jhuki. Meri latakti chuchi dekhke Abdul ka lund tan gaya tha.Mai Abdul ke saamne baithi.Chai pite pite Abdul mera poora badan nihaar raha tha.Abdul mera badan dekhke garam ho gaya tha kyonki woh mare saamne bina koi jhijhak dhoti ke uppar se apna khada lund sehla raha tha. Meri chuchiya,chut aur gaand is patle gille gown mai saaf jhalak rahe thay.

Mujhe pata tha ki Abdul mujhe chodne bekarar tha.Mai bhi to uska lund aapni chut mai dalwane bekarar thi par maine usko aur tadpane ke liye uske samne khadi ho gaye aur apne jism ka nazara usko dikhate kaha "Abdul kya tum 10 minit rukh sakte ho.Mujhe apni bath poori karni hai aur is bich aagar koi phone aaya to mujhe batana.Aur agar kisi ne door bell bajai to darwaza mat kholo." He was wanting me very badly so after I said this he had a sad look on his face but somehow smiled & said "Thik hai memsab." I went to the bathroom & pulled out my nighty again & poured water on my body.Then using the my mobile which I had kept in the bathroom called my home number.As the bell rang 2-3 times I heard Abdul calling me.I wore that transparent wet gown again which showed my full wet naked body & opened the door & asked him what is the matter. Seeing me in such a sexy wet gown clinging to my body reveling all my assets Abdul became so engrossed that he forgot to say anything.I again asked him & he said that the phone was ringing.I said ok & came out walking in front of him swaying my ass picked up the phone said something & kept it back.Then turning back I said "Abdul bus ab mai jaldi hi nahake aati hoon."

I also saw his dick at full attention under the dhoti.As I came to the bath room Abdul called me & said "Memsab mai ek baat bolu?" I said "Haan bolo Abdul." He said "Aap is gille gown mai bahoot sundar lag rahi hai Memsab. Mujhe to aisa lag raha hai ki mai aapka nanga badan dekh raha hoon." I said in a sort of sexy tone "Oh shukriya Abdul.Tum thoda waqt ruko,mai naha leti hoon, phir mai tujhe mera bilakul nanga badan dikhaungi bhi aur tu jaisa chahe woh karne bhi doongi." Now he was on fire now . He said "Memsab ab bahoot ho gaya natak ab mujhse raha nahi jata.Aap baad mai naha lena lekin mujhe abhi aapko chodna hai." I was sweetly shocked by his direct approach but turning to him said "Abdul itni bhi kya jaldi hai. Mai jaldi nahake aati hoon phir jo karna hai karo.Ab tum jao hall mai mujhe nahana hai." Saying this I turned to go in. Before I could enter the bathroom Abdul said "To mai bhi aata hoon na aapke saath nahane." Now I decided to let him take the lead & remained still.I heard him coming near me & then Abdul's hand's came & pulled my near him.Abdul piche se dono haatho dalke meri chuchiyo ko dabane laga aur mare gardan ko chumne aur meri gaand pe aapna mast lund dabane laga. I got very exited with his action but to tease him a little more I said "Abdul kya kar rahe ho? Please ruko na thoda time." But in reply Abdul started to lift my gown from down & said "Memsab jo karneki tamanna mujhe aur aapko thi wohi karne jaa raha hoon mai.Aaj mai aapke jawani ka ras pine wala hoon aur mare is lund ka ras aapko pilane wala hoon.Ab mujhse raha nahi jata.Aapke badan ne mera lund khada kiya hai aur ab mai aapko chodunga." I turned & took him in my arms & said "Abdul kya mai tumko itni acchi lagti hoon?" To this Abdul removed my gown totally & kissing my nipples said "Haan Memsab yeh to mera ek sapna tha ki mai aapna lund aapki chut mai dalkar aapko chod chod ke aapna pani aapke chut mai chood doon.Mujhe yeh maloom nahi tha ki apko mare lund se chudwane kaise tayyar karu par aapne hi meri yeh mushkil aasan kar di. Aapne yeh badan ka jalwa dikhake aur mujhe is badan se khelne diya aur ab aapka badan chudwane bhi diya." Removing Abdul's dhotis knot I
took his 9" cut hot hard gorgeous lund in my hand & said "Aaisa kya hai mare mai Abdul ki tum mujhe itna chahate ho?"
First playing with my boobs for quite long Abdul turn my back to him, rubbing his lund on my gaand & playing with my boobs again said "Memsab thumhara badan kya mast hai.Yeh badi badi chuchiya,mast bhari hui gaand.Memsab mai bahoot dino se thumhe chodne ke liye taras raha tha.Aaj thumhari mast chut chodke apne lund ke pyas bhujhaunga."

Hearing Abdul's dirty language I too became very hot & started rubbing my gaand on his 9" cut lund. Mera gown utarke aur khud ki dhoti nikalke Abdul ne pehle mujhe phirse ghumaya.Phir meri ek chuchi maslate aur doosre ko usne choosna shuru kiya.Maine uska sir aapne sine pe daboch liya aur uska lund sehlate kehne lagi "Hai Abdul aur chus aur masal meri chuchi. Jab mare chut mai aapne lund ka pani dalkar mujhe tera beta dega to meri chuchi mai jo doodh aayega woh tum dono baap bate ko saath saath pilaungi.Ek chuchi bate ke muh mai aur doosra baap ke muh mai.Bol dega na mujhe tera beta?"

Tab mujhe niche floor pe lita ke Abdul bola "Memsab such mai thumhe itna chodunga ki 9 mahene ke baad tum mare bate ko janam dengi." Tab Abdul meri chut sehlane laga aur phir meri chut ko choomne laga aur meri nangi jhango ko sehlane laga. Mai pagal ho gayee aur boli "Hai Abdul chat meri chut ko.Hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii Mare mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa." Tab meri chut ko failake Abdul ne apni jaban meri chut mai daldi aur meri chut ka chutpaan karne laga. Mai tadapke boli "Abdul ab raha nahi jata .Daalde tera lund meri chut mai aur chod mujhe zor zorse."

Tab Abdul ne mujhe ghumaya aur meri gaand ko sehlate kaha "Memsab yeh aapki gaand mai sabse pehle marunga aur phir thumhari chut chodunga." Mai ghabra ke boli "Nahi Abdul gaand nahi.Meri gaand phat jayegi." Tab Abdul ne uski ek ungli meri gaand mai daldi aur bola "Memsab mai to teri gaand dekhke hi garam hota tha to pehle teri gaand marunga."

Saying that Abdul made me bend on the basin then he went & took oil bottle from the shelf & lubricated his lund.Then he also put oil on his finger & inserted them him my gaand oiling my gaand too.Phir Abdul ne dono haath se meri gand failai aur uska lund meri gaand mai aahista aahista dabane laga aur jaise jaise uska lund meri gaand mai ghusne laga mai madhosh hoone lagi.Mera pati bhi meri gaand chodta tha par Abdul ka lund mare pati ke lund se kafi lamba aur mota tha isliye mai zara ghabrake apni gaand chudwa rahi thi.Jab uska adha lund meri gaand mai gaya tab usne phir meri kamar pakdi aur ek jor ka jhatka mara to uska poora lund meri gaand mai ghus gaya. Mai chillai "Abdul aaramse dal na meri gaand phat jayegi." Tab usne mare mamme dabate kaha "Rani wohi to irada hai na mera. Tu jaise teri gaand hilla hilla ke chalti hai woh dekhke to hijade ko bhi thujhe chodne ka dil karga aur mai to mard hoon.Aajse teri gaand aaise marunga ki mare lund ke khayal se teri gaand aur machlegi."

Maine yeh dekha ki ab Abdul mujhe Memsaab nahi bula raha hai balki woh mujhe tu, tum, teri ya Rani keh raha hai aur kabhi kabhi ek aam aaurat jaise bula raha hai. I felt as if my legs didnot have any energy so I requested him to let me lie down & then he can fuck me.Abdul moved a little back pulling me with him & then made me lie on the floor.The floor was cool.Then taking my boobs in his hands Abdul said "Ab thik hai na Rani.Ab dekh mai kaise chod dalta hoon teri yeh mast machalti gaand. "Saying this Abdul now started fucking my ass like a well oiled piston. Uske dhakke se meri chuchiya bathroom ke floor pe ragdi jaa rahi thi to mujhe aur maaja aata tha. Now I was very hot with his lund fucking me & shouting I said,"Uuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffff Saale chod meri gaand aur zorrrrrr zorse. Saala Abdul tera lund meri gaand mai ghuske mujhe jannat dikha raha hai." Jab
Abdul ne meri chut mai ungli dalke usko bhi hilane shuru kiya to mai boli "Haan mare raja meri chut mai ungli karke do saath mai chod raha hai.Tera lund to
bada mast hai re. Ab mujhe roj chodega na tu?" Pinching my nipples Abdul said "Memsab ab to har din doodh date waqt meri teri in doodh ke gubbaro ko
dabake teri doodh piyunga.Degi na teri doodh mujhe." Putting my hands on his ass I said "Haan raja ab har din subah subah tu meri chuchi choos aur mai tera lund sehlaungi." Then as Abdul started fucking me fast,I knew he would cum now.After giving me 20-30 hard strokes Abdul ne mujhe zorse dabocha aur aapne lund ka paani meri gaand mai chooda.Mujhe to aaisa laga jaise
ragistan mai barish ho gayee.

After some time Abdul removed his lund from my ass.Even after discharging it was good 5" long.Mujhe bathroom ke floor pe nangi bithake,Abdul ne uska sir
mare goad mai rakha aur phir mujhe jhukake chotte bacche jaise mera nipple choosne laga.I couldnot resist so I put my hand on his lund & started fondling it & said "Abdul tune to tera to pani meri gaand chod ke nikala par meri chut to garm hai uska kya." Meri dusri chuchi pe haath pherte Abdul bola,"Memsab meri lund chooso to yeh phir khada ho jayega aur teri chut ko chodega". I said "Thik hai Abdul lekin ab tu mujhe Memsab mat bol, tu to ab mera aashiq hai". Meri dono chuchiya masalte Abdul bola "Memsaab agar aapko gussa nahi aaye to mai ek baat bolu?" I said yes tell me whatever you want I will not get angry.Pinching my nipples hard Abdul said " Memsaab tum kai dino se mujhse jaise behave kar rahi ho woh ek chalu aurat hi karti hai.Tu mujhe subah subah tera aadha nanga badan dikhati hai,teri chuchiyo ko jab maine kai baar touch kiya tune mujhe roka nahi aur aaj tu mare haath se karib karib poori nangi hui main door pe hi.Wahan maine teri chuchiyo se khelke unko choos bhi aur tune meri lund sehlaya.Mujhe itna garm karne ke baad ab tu mujhse bindhast chud wa rahi hai Rani."

I pulled his mouth on my nipples & said "Tu such kehta hai Abdul.Mai kya karu aagar mera badan kitni bhi chudai ke baad trupt nahi hota to.Aur jab Ajay nahi rehta to mai aur bechain ho jati hoon.Pehle anjane mai tujhe meri chuchiya dikhti hai yeh baat mujhe samjhi tab mai sharma gaye.Par phir dhoti mai tera khada lund dekhke mujhe tare lund se chudai karwane ki iccha hui aur isliye mai tujhe lift dane lagi.Yehi reason tha ki maine housecoat pehna chood diya.Thik hai Abdul aajse tu mujhe Pooja hi bula,Memsaab nahi ok?" Here Abdul pulled & pinched my nipples & said "Nahi nahi mai tujhe sirf Pooja nahi bulaunga balki aajse mai tujhe Pooja rand karke bulaunga.Pooja tu meri aashiq nahi meri raand hai samjhi meri rakhail. Ab mai jab bhi aau idhar tujhe chodke jaunga.Ab tera yeh jawan badan mera hai.Thik hai na meri Pooja raand." Abdul ko mujhe raand aur rakhail karke bulana sunke mujhe badi sharm aaye aur gussa bhi lekin jab maine thoda soocha to samjhi ki Abdul jhoot nahi bol raha tha.Maine aasal mai kai dino se uske saath raand jaise hi behave kiya tha.Abdul ka mujhe aaise raand aur rakhail bulane se aur uske mare badan se saath khilwad se mai aur garm hote ekdum chudasi rand jaise usse boli "Haan Abdul le meri jawani ki pyaas bhuja aaj tare is lund se.Aaj se mai teri raand hoon.Tu mare is badan ka maalik aur mai teri rakhail. Ab tu jaisa aur jab aur jahan chahe mujhe istamal kar."

Seeing me like this Abdul made me sit on the stool & taking my head in his hands started rubbing his lund on my face & said "Dekha Pooja raandi ab tune bhi bata diya ki tu meri kaun lagti hai. Chal ab le meri raandi mera lund chooske dekho kaisa mast hai.Aapne malik ka lund chuske lund khada kar meri Pooja raand." I put my arms around his ass & pulling him towards me I first kissed his 9" cut dick with a red head & then started sucking his dick.Abdul started fucking my mouth with his lund.Phir maine uski gaand mai ek ungli dalke uska lund choosne lagi.Abdul was excited by this & said "Hai kya mast choosti hai tu mare lund ko ekdum aasli raand ke jaise.Aaj ke baad jab bhi doodh lane aayegi to chuchi nangi rakhna taki mai usko sehla saku.Rakhegi na raandi aapni chuchi nangi?" Saying this Abdul started mauling my boobs very hard. Mai uske lund ko choomke haan boli tab Abdul bola "Dekh raand tare mast choosnese mera lund khada ho gaya.Ab aa mare niche to teri is chut ko chod dalta hoon."
Phir mujhe zameen pe sulake aur mare dono pair ghutno mai modke aur unko mare pet pe dabake Abdul ne uska lund meri chut pe rakha aur halka sa daba ya to uska lund meri chut mai ghus gaya.

Abdul ka lund mare pati ke lund se bada tha is liye mujhe thodi taqlif hui lekin jab uska poora lund meri chut mai gaya to mujhe bahoot maaja aane laga.Woh jab meri chut main aapne lund se phatke marta to meri chuchiyo ki hulchal dekhke aur pagal ho jata tha. Meri chuchi masalke Abdul bola "Kyon Pooja raandi kaisa lag raha hai mera lund teri chut mai." Tab usko jakhadke mai boli,"Ah Abdul jannat hai tera lund.Tu bahut dinse mujhe chodne ke sapne dekh raha tha na?Aaj nikal le apni pori bhadas meri chut mai.Mai bhi bahoot dinose tare lund ke liye tadap rahi thi.Aaj mauka mila hai to phad de meri chut ko sale harami.Doodh date date mera hi doodh pi raha hai tu.Aur chod mujhe.Tera lund to Ajay ke lund se bhi accha hai.Ab mai zindagi bhar is lund ki gulaam banke rahungi.Rakhega na mujhe aapne is lund ke niche."

So increasing his speed Abdul started giving me hard & long strokes & said "Mujhe maloom hai ke tare pati ka lund mare lund se bada nahi hai.Aagar tare pati ka lund mujhse bada hota to tu aadhi nangi mare saamne nahi aati aur na hi khud ke ghar ke darwazq mai mujhe teri nangi chuchiyo se khelne dati aur na hi mare lund ko sehlake mujhe teri chut chodne ghar mai bulati.Tera itne dino se chinal jaise bartav dekhke mai samajh gaya ki mujhe tujhe chodne ka mauka zaroor milega.Aur yeh bhi pata tha ki ek baar mujhse chudwane ke baad tu meri rakhail banagi.Le aur le saali raandi chuda le aapne chut mare lund se. Pooja aagar tu mujhse aaise razi khushi nahi chudwati to kasamse mai ek din aake tera balatkar karnewala tha. Mujhe tare is badan ne diwana banaya tha saali.Ab roj tujhe chodunga aur aapne lund ki aur tare chut ki pyaas bujhaunga mai.Tujhe to mai mare bacche ki maa banaunga.Haan mai tujhe rakhail banake apne lund ke niche rakhunga."

Tab Abdul ka sina chumte mai boli "Haan raja ab jab mera pati tour pe jayega tab tu raat ko idhar hi so ja aur mujhe chod." Tab chudai ka speed badhake Abdul bola " Pooja ab mai jhadnewala hoon teri chut mai aur usko shant karunga.Aur tujhe mare bacche ki maa banaunga."
Then putting his mouth on my nipple & sucking it hard Abdul started fucking me hard for 5 minuites & then shot his cum in my
pussy grinding his lund on my pussy. I too had cum with him & was satisfied.

After getting up & cleaning ourself Abdul patting my ass said "Pooja kaisa tha mera lund aur mare lund se teri chudai meri rand?" Mai usse lipatke boli,"Bahut mast thi raja.Aaj se har din mai tujhse zaroor chodwaungi." Then Abdul wore his clothes & then kissing me on the chut got up to go.Mai usko alvida karne darwaze tak nangi hai gai****ne darwaza khola aur mujhe kuch samajhne ke pehle mujhe nangi hi darwaze mai khichke chooma aur meri chuchiya masalke chala gaya.

After that Abdul fucks me even now.He stays at my house when Ajay is on tour.When Ajay is at home we have a morning sucking & petting game.When Ajay is in town Abdul comes to fuck me in the afternoon.I have missed my last period making me pregnant. Mujhe yeh maloom hai ki yeh baccha kiska hai,par kya aap bata sakte hai mare honewale bacche ka baap kaun hai?

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