Didi ki Chudai
This is true story of my life. I have changed the places and the name of characters. My name is Riz, I am 34 and married. Since my childhood I always fantasized fucking my own elder sister. My sister was/is 7 year older than me. It means that when I reached puberty at 14 and started masturbating, she was at the prime of her youth and the first to come in my fantasy when I started jerking off my cock. I was very close to my sister and knew that she had a hot pussy and wanted a good fuck. Sometimes I wanted to tell her that I had a big hard cock to fuck her to satisfy her lust but I never had enough courage to actually say it to her.

She got married when I was 16 and moved to a different city after marriage. We still met on regular basis but after her marriage she had a husband and got pregnant and I stopped fantasizing about her for a while until she got divorced 3 years ago. By the time she got divorced she had two daughters of age 14 and 13 (now 17 and 15). I had meanwhile moved to U.S.A. for higher studies and eventually got settled there. Meanwhile, I also got married and lived with my family (wife and two children).

The story which I am going to share with you happened when I went to visit India on a business trip recently. After her divorce, my sister had already moved to the same city and neighborhood where I live (when I visit India).

I went for business trip for a week to India, I visited my sister’s place and started chatting with her. I had to do some shopping for my wife so I asked my sister (Sonia) to help me in the shopping. So we both went to the market and started shopping. When we came back to my house it was very late at night. I invited my sister to stay with me since I felt lonely, first she said her daughter would be alone at home but then agreed to stay when I insisted and said that her daughters were old enough to take care of themselves and that she lives with them all the time while I was here for just a week and we never know when we have an opportunity to see each other again.

This is after a long time (about 6+ years) that we had met and feeling so close once again as we were when she was not married. Then I told her that even though I had spent so much time in America and other places, had so many friends, girl friends and eventually a wife but I never felt myself mentally so close to anybody as I felt close to her. So we went to bed. Now the bed was a double bed, although she could go to the other room but we decided to sleep in the same room since we wanted to talk.

We had interesting conversation on different topics including our life experiences. We were talking about our past relationships and friendships etc. At one point in the conversation, I said, I always felt that you were the closest friend I ever had since time and distance could not change the joy we seek by spending time together. She said that she felt the same way. Then I said, sister I loved you so much that had it been socially acceptable I would have married you.

She laughed and then teasingly said, are you serious? I said; sure! I am. Then I said jokingly, would you marry me? I saw a glare in her eyes and she responded in the same way, Sure! I would. I said, oh if we both agree then what is stopping us from marrying, why don’t we do it right now. She said; sure! So it means tonight will be our wedding night, I responded. Oh you naughty boy, she replied. My heart was beating hard and cock was getting bigger and tickling as the conversation reached this point. But I was still not feeling enough courage to make physical move.

We remained silent for a while then I said, shouldn’t we sleep now. I said it in such a seductive tone that Sonia immediately looked into my eyes as she was trying to read my mind, and to tell you the truth I made all efforts to make it easier for her to read. She smiled and said yes, I am feeling tired. So I tuned the lights off and laid on the bed. We did not speak for about a minute, then I said, Sonia! I wish I could love you tonight. She said; but I am your sister. I asked, what difference does that make? We can’t have sex together, she responded. Oh, and why is that? I asked. You just accepted to marry me. I said. But that was a joke.

Why that joke can’t become a reality. Because you are my brother, she responded again. So it was OK to have sex had we not been brother and sister? I asked again. I guess so, was her response. Does it mean that you would let someone else who is not your brother touch your body and enjoy it and not let your brother do it, who do you love more, your brother or that some? I questioned. Offcourse I love you more brother but this is immoral.

Sonia don’t be stupid, all moral values are created by society, if society accept the incest as a normal thing this will become normal bur just because society treats it as a taboo and dogma so you don’t do it. As a matter of fact, tonight will increase our love and we are not going to make a baby. This thing will always remain a secret between two of us and we can enjoy the memories of this time spent together. With that I had my arm around Sonia and I my lips locked hers. She responded in full warmth

We just hugged each other tight for quite some time. Her sexy smell, soft touch of boobs and movements of her hands on my back were enough to make me mad. I just moved my hands inside her shirt from back side and rubbed her soft back, touching her bra strap.

I entered my tongue in her right ear and moved it in circle. She just moaned slightly and tightened her grip around me. She was also pressing her thighs and lower abdomen against mine. I then kissed on her neck and started slowly licking it. She just threw her head back and welcomed my kisses and licking. I moved up licking and kissing her chin, cheeks and chewed her ear lobes. Now I put my lips on her and she took my lower lip in her lips and made it wet before biting it. She then gave me her tongue and we sucked each other’s tongues and lips. I then entered my hands in her shalwar from backside. I was aroused more to feel the size and softness of her butts.

I pressed then hard and parted them as much as I could. She was loving it and moaning loudly by now. We then undressed each other and lied on the bed. Her breasts were of slightly larger than normal and were creamy white in colour with light brown nipples, which were fully erected by then. I simply lied with her and put my right leg on her stomach. I started playing with her nipples and kept on rubbing my leg on her thighs and vagina. I then sucked her boobs and she rubbed my penis, which was by then hard like rod. I then moved my hand to her pussy, which was dripping with her pre cum juices. I entered my middle finger in her pussy and started rubbing.

She became out of control and was biting me and scratching me with her nails. Her moans were becoming louder. I decided to let her blow off once, so that she is a bit relaxed. Soon she reached on climax ……… she was moaning …… aaaaahhhhhhhh oooooooogggghhhhhhhhhh please fuck me, I can’t bear it any more. She turned and came on me, but I did not leave rubbing her clit. She was badly jerking and crying with joy and urge of sex. I then licked her wet pussy and she was becoming mad. I increased my moves and she discharged with a great aaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Why did not you fuck me when I was younger. Oh I love you so much, you are not my brother but my husband from now on. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

She had a clean shaven pussy with dark pinkish lips full of her love juices, which just came out. I rubbed the head of my too on her pussy lips and then opened her legs fully. I tried to enter and was able to enter half of it, soon I was able to enter completely. Her pussy was red hot from inside and my tool was tightly gripped by her pussy walls. I started slow moves while I kept on sucking her nipples. She slowly tightened her legs grip around my waist. It was a clear indication that she is again about to cum.

She was crying “Behn Chod” Aaahhhhh, why did not you become Behn chod earlier. Her boobs were dancing with my each jerk and her voice slurred. I was also about to release my load. I finally hold her tight and started giving full throttle. I used to take full cock out of her pussy and then again insert it with a jerk. She started crying with great joy. She came with a loud scream and I could feel her hot love juices around mu tool. I gave few heavy jerks before I released my massive cum in her pussy. My tool was getting jerks after jerks and discharging cum like a shower.

The whole night went fucking my sister afterward.

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