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Hi readers.It is the best site i have seen ever.i am the regular reader of i am posting my story.plz give ur response.Iam a callboy from chandigarh.I am 6 ft tall and good looking guy of 20 years. This incident happened 1 years ago with my ex girlfriend when we were deeply in love with each other. That time we used to meet almost daily but we never went beyond kissing and fondling each others body, so much so that we never saw each other day naked till that day. My girlfriend Neha(name changed) was very fair and good looking girl. Her figure was 36 30 34. I would not say she was very sexy, she was little bit plump but had the sex appeal and sweet face which can make any man go wild. The best part of her body were her breasts which were just like ripe mangoes and very firm . I just loved to grab them and fondle them. As usual we met on one day and decided to go the ice cream parlour. She was wearing salwar kameez of mauve colour and was looking very sexy that day. The kameez was having a low cut due to which her breasts were visible when ever she used to bend a little and was also loose from the front. She told me that she have got this type of kameez done only for my pleasure so that I can enjoy more and play and fondle her breasts easily.

Anyways we reached the ice cream parlour, it was winter time. The sitting arrangements in the parlour was on the first floor. When we entered the parlour after taking our ice creams on first floor, it was already 8 pm and we didn’t find anyone inside the parlour. Anyways we just sit on a table facing the river . We were having our ice creams, suddenly something struck in my mind and I pour some ice creams on her arms and start licking it. She felt very good and drop some ice cream from her spoon my face and started licking it and simultaneously biting my face and smooched me. We both just went mad and forgot totally that we are sitting in a restaurant and anyone can come at anytime. Anyways after that we started to have our ice creams when I suddenly drop a full spoon of ice cream on her left breast which was little bit visible from her dress and rub it on her full breast and the valley between her both the breasts by inserting my hand in her dress as it was loose enough for that and started licking and biting her breast like a hungry man. She started to moan and was pressing my head on her breasts and asking me to bite more hard. She was getting hot. She lift my head gave me a long French kiss while I was fondling her breasts furiously, meanwhile I again started licking her breast and it was getting more and more difficult for her to resist now. She asked me to pay the bill and go to the car as she wants more. We left our ice creams, paid the bill and immediately went in the car.

I drove the car to an isolated place near by that ice cream parlour which was a safe and dark place to park the car without any disturbance and park the car over there. Since it was winter time it was fog outside and no body could see the car in that dark from the distance.

As soon as I parked the car Neha hugged me and started kissing me soon I reciprocate and hold her face and gave her deep French kiss while fondling her left breast with my right hand. We smooched for 10 minutes then I turned her around and started fondling her both the breasts from back over the dress, slowly I lift her kameez from my right hand and insert both the hands inside her salwar and kneading her breast over her bra and simultaneously kissing her face, neck and back one by one. I insert one hand in her salwar and started playing with her already wet pussy. So I was doing three things at a time, fondling her left breasts with my left hand, fingering her pussy with my right hand and smooching her. She gone mad immediately and was feeling very aroused. She got herself free from me and started unbutton my shirt I helped her and got myself naked. She kissed my chest, neck, bite my chest and got mad by seeing my 7 inches full erect and thick cock, she took my cock in her hand and started playing with it. Immediately I removed her clothes also and we were both naked and it was the first time that we saw each other full naked. She immediately got on top of me, I was sitting on the driver’s seat, she rested her back on the steering and hand on the back rest of the seat and place his pussy on tip of my dick and was trying to push her pussy slowly when I suddenly pushed my dick in her pussy with full force, she shouted loudly and to remain unnoticed I took her mouth in mine and started kissing her. We remain in that position for 2 minutes and when she felt a bit relaxed I started moving her body up and down slowly but gradually by holding her hips in my hands and kissing her. Then I lowered my back rest for her convenient and full enjoyment, now she herself started riding on my dick forcefully by keeping her hands on my chest and increasing her pace with each and every thrust Was fondling and playing with her breasts and kissing and biting them when ever she leaned a little bit forward. She was riding on my dick with full force and moaning loudly when I hold her and moved her on the side seat and get on top of her. I lifted her legs and insert my dick in her pussy and started moving in and out slowly but with full force. In the mean time she started shivering I understood she is coming and there she comes I hold on for a minute and started moving my dick again but with this time with increased pace and with every deep thrust I was giving she was getting more wild and moaning loudly and moving her head left and right by holding my back with both of her hands. She was feeling so much pain with pleasure I was giving her that she started to scratch my back with her nails but I didn’t make complain as I was also enjoying that very much, I increased my speed and was moving in and out my dick much faster this time when after 5-7 minutes of hard ****ing, I felt I am coming I pulled my dick outside and sprayed the sperm over breasts and laid on top of her. We remain in that position for 10 minutes when I saw the time in my watch and it was already 9.45 pm. We got ourselves dressed and left the place and all along the way while coming home she was resting her head on my shoulders and kissing me in intervals. We both were feeling very relaxed. We kissed each other for the last time for that day when I dropped her at near by her place.

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