Desi College Girl Erotica
J.P. College was located in the heart of city of dreams Mumbai.It was a huge college with a rich history behind it.Over the years it produced its fair share of politicians,sportsmen,film stars,enginers and scientists among others pioneer's of the socity.For the past 5 years it was run by Mr.Amit Roy.He was a tall man with a medium build and even in his late 40's was a plesent looking man.His wife died a year ago in a car accident and since they didn't have any kids,it was getting hard for him to live alone.Many of his friends and family members suggested him to remarry but he refused.It's not as if he was still in love with his late wife.Like most marriges love part was over between them just a few years after marrige.In reality he was secretly lusting after the young bodies around him in college.He even has a crush on the hot english teacher Miss.Sneha Rathor.

Sneha was just 25 years old and after her masters degree joined the College a year ago.She was surprised when she got the job over other experianced candidates.She belonged to a middle class family and had 3 siblings all younger then her.Her father was an advocate but lately getting less and less cases.As a result she decided to take a job untill her 3 younger sisters finishes their education.She was a real heart stopper.At 5'6 she has long flowing silky hair,34 d chest and a tight ass that all the boys in the college were lusting after including Jai Singh.

Jai was a tall dark young man with a muscular body.He belonged to a poor family.His father was a peon and the money was always tight around the house.Both of his parents made alot of sacrifices in order for him to complete his education.In a few years he'll change all that with his talent.He was a lightning fast bowler and in a few years time will be called the new Kapil Dev of indian cricket.At that time he didn't knew that.He was in love with her hot teacher Miss.Sneha and was thinking about schemes of seducing her.While all the other girls were just crazy for this star player of college cricket team including Priya Rai.

She was the daughter of the shipping tycoon Mr.Madhav Rai.Madhav Rai had only one daughter and from an early age he spoiled her.Now at age 19 she was a stunning beauty with huge bosoms and hipps which make boys go crazy after her when she walked.Even some of the teachers were dying to fuck that spoilt brat like Mr.Azeem Khan.

Azeem was a short dark man with a face that you want to forget as soon as you see it and a huge gut.Even at age 45 he was still unmarried and was lusting after anything that moves.All the girls and even the female teachers of the college tried to avoid him as much as possible as he give them the creeps.Still he was plotting to get lucky with some of them including Sneha and Priya.....

Sneha was a little bit late that day... She tried so many times to keep her personal problemps away from the college... But the bloody sadness on her marvellous face revealed all this and that going through her miserable life.. It was when she entered the gate when the gatekeepar broke her thoughts," goodmorning madam! U r looking a bit nervous today."
She produced a fake smile at him and moved forward... She did never want to show her grievences to anyone in life.. She even tried to hid her money problem from her family... His old father, her 3 young sisters as well...

Since she had joind the college, her sister's education was going smoothly.. But she too had her own life.. She too had dreams.. For the sake of her family concerns.. She had already sacrified a lot.. She refused to marry a handsome youngman, ketan, whome she loved too much.. The sadness on her face grew as she went in past...

Ketan was so handsome and sincere guy for her to marry. He belongs to a rich family as well... After a long time friendship of
untouched relationship in them, he proposed her to marry...
"Ketan! I love u so much i cant describe in words! But there is a father and three sister in my family.. All luk toward me for their daily need.. For their education... They need me!
...... No, i can't marry u ketan, unless my sisters are not independent... Sorry!"
Ketan tried to convince her," my love! Can't we help them after our marriage...I love you and u better know.. Money is never going to be a problem for me.. Don't u believe me!" he took her hand in his.
" i know ketan but my father has been a self respected man... She wont accept our help after marriage at any cost. Sorry ketan! I cant marry you.

As she started leaving him, he caught her from behind.. His hands were on her
breasts; Although his intention was not bad," pls sneha! I will die wdout u.. You know how much i have waited to get you in
My life."
A wave of sex emotions passed through sneha's body.. She stirred but soon control herself...," leave me ketan! This is not fair!"
And ketan left her at once. She didnt even turn back and since that time she had never listened about him... He had left the city.
Sneha still loved him but her love has overtaken by her sacrifice for the family...

Today, was 2nd of august and she was counting her salary when the peon came to her," madam! Amit sir has called you to his office....

It hard to get over your first heartbreak in life.Not only was she heart broken but also felt betrayed by Ketan.How could he do that to her?All she asked was a little time and he responded like that.She was a survivor though and will even get over this with time.She wondered why Amit ji wanted to see her.When she reached his office she knocked on his door.

Sneha:"May i come in sir?"

Amit:"Sneha yes dear plese come in."

Sneha:"Sorry sir if it's about coming late today i..."

Amit:"No dear it's not about that.Actually here at J.P College all the members of my staff are like family to me.So if i can help them in anyway then i never hesitates.Do you understand what i'm trying to say?"

Sneha:"Yes sir but what has this got to do with me?"She said a little confused.

Amit:"I have been noticing you for a long time now.Not only are you a good teacher but a good person as well.I know how your supporting your family and admire you for that.Sneha if you don't mind i want to ease some of your responsibilaties."

Sneha:"But how's that possible?"

Amit:"You know here at J.P we give 3 scolarships every year.I know your sister Madhu is in our college and want to give one to her.If you don't have any objection."

Sneha:"Objection?Sir i'll forever be in your debt for doing this."She said that while tears started rolling from her eyes.Amit offered her his handkerchief and said

Amit:"No don't be silly and plese stop crying.It's really the least i can do for you."

Sneha:"Sir how can i ever repay you for doing this?If there's anyway i can do anything for you then plese tell me."

Amit:"For now just a smile will be enough."He said while smiling at her.She gave her a dazzling smile and asked for his permission to leave as she was getting late for her lecture.After she left his office he sank back in his chair smilling at her naiveness.Madhu was getting her scholarship on merit and he has got nothing to do with it.It was the board of directers which picked the recipients every year and this year was no different but since Sneha wanted to repay her debt he'll make her do that in his own way.

Priya was looking for Jai since she arrived the college.. She was dying to start a relationship with him like all other sexy young perves in the college and outside," hey seema! Have u seen Jai anywhere in college."
Seema stared at her wearings; top to bottom, she was looking damn hot," aaye haye! Bechare par bijli girayegi kya?"
"just shut up!", priya annoyed at her comment...
"Sorry! I saw him going toward indoor stadium an hour before... May be..." everyone in the college knew about her father's image in the metrocity... Everyone afraid of having a 'panga' with her....
Priya stops her in between," now go and clean ur dirty ass". She made her way to the stadium..
After reaching the stadium entry, she examined herself for a while.. Unbutton the top two of her shirt... The valley peeking out between her juicy breasts was enough only to give a rise even to a 100 years old...
She saw Jai inside Practising his bowling... She had seen him first on the grounds, in an interuniversity match... Jai's rock hard fast bowling collapsed the rival on 31 for all. He grabbed 8 wickets and off them 4 were in a row... Since then, priya was dying day and night to get close to him......

"Hi, Jai!" she came near him...
Jai looked at the pretty bitch... But yet a goddess from outside... 'Jhakkass item!'...," hello!" he moved to his bowling point... It was like insulting her... No other could do so in the whole city...
She again approach him," I am priya rai! The only daughter to Mr..!"

"Koun nahi jaanta!" he stopped her in between her breaths... She was about to weep... She anyhow wanted him for her, AT ANY

"Please listen to me a second!" priya almost begging him..
Jai turned to her... Sweat was oozing out of his 'manly' muscles... 'kathhor chattan par shahad ki boondon ki tarah!...," yes!"

"I want some more of ur free time.... Pls.. This is a fan's request .... A fan's who is also ur collegious'' priya begged
"When it will be safe for you?" looking in her deep open valley, jai commented.
Priya's eyes started glittering at once...," ohhh thanx. When you say, where u say... It is all yours..." priya saw him looking 'in' her but tried not to deprieve him of her god gifted boobies.........
Jai though for a while
and replied," dabbu ki Juice ki dukaan par thheek rahega kya?"
"whattt! Dabbooo ki dukaaan!" priya shaped her lips in surprise...," where this hotel lies on this great earth!"
"That the difference in between us miss priya!" my limit is only up to 'dabbu ki dukan! And u don't even heard of it............

Priya realise her mistake.....
Jai thought for a while and replied," dabbu ki Juice ki dukaan par thheak rahega kya?""whattt! Dabbooo ki dukaaan!" priya shaped her lips in surprise...," where does this hotel lies on this great earth!""That's the difference between us miss priya!" my limit is only up to 'dabbu ki dukan! And you don't even have heard about it............

Priya realized her mistake but recoverd quickly and countered him"there are no differences in friendship.I just want to spend some time with you and if its in Taj or Dabbu ki dukan makes no difference to me."Jai was taken aback by her reply.Maybe he was wrong about her afterall.Behind this brat with a stunning body was a normal humen being just like him.Despite being one of the most popular boys in the college he didn't have many friends.Maybe because most of the boys were jealous of him and he didn't let any girl close to him.It wasn't as if he wasn't into girls but ever since he saw Miss.Snehaall the other girls palled in comparison.At heart he wasn't a bad person.He was noticing Priya for some time now.Despite being so rich and spoiled,she was trying her best to be friends with him.He thought what's the harm behind their friendship?

Jai:"Ok we can go together but let me go and take a shower first."

Priya:"Can i come with you?"She said teasingly.

Jai:"Very funny but maybe later"He winked at her before going.

Wow i did it!Finally mr.untouchable gave in to her charms.Just wait tell the other girls will see them together.They'll have heart attacks.There were no shortage of boys who were after her but she was saving herself for someone special and that's why she was still a virgen.Will Jai be the special one?The mere thought send a shiver down her spine.After five minutes wait Jai came back dressed in a blue jeans and white shirt.His tight muscular body was looking good.She wanted to tear his clothes off right there and start kissing every inch of him.Control yourself Priya she tried to tell herself.

Jai:"So shall we go?"

Priya:"Ofcourse but can you plese tell the driver where this Dabbu's shop is?

Jai:"Baby when your with me then no more driver.Otherwise..."

Priya:"NO no but how will we go then?"

Jai:"Your chauffeur is standing in front of you and his Ram Dulari will take you anywhere we want to go."

Priya:"Ram Dulari???"

Jai:"Let me show you."He said smiling mischievously.While they were in the ground from an empty class room in the building near by a pervert was eyeing Priya's deep cleavage and rubing his wont be long before these melons will be in my mouth Azeem Khan thought.When they reached his Ram Dulari it turned out to be a Hero Honda which has its good years hehind her.

Priya:"Are we going on this?"She said a bit shocked.

Jai:"It's either that or a ride back in your comfortable car back to your mansion."She holded his hand and said..

Priya:"Like i told you i don't care about these things.As long as your with me ride or no ride i'm ready to go anywhere with you."He was touched by her gesture.He was glad that he let her get close to him.He was already enjoying her company.After they sat on his motor cycle she holded her tightly from behind.As she was enjoying the feel of his tight body against her a few girls approched them.

Seema:"Where's the lightning going to strike?"

Priya:"Jahan paani ho ga."Priya said while winking at her as Jai raced the motor cycle away from them.

In less then 5 minutes from college, they reached to a comparatively more crowed locality. Looking thru the type of most of the people, priya hesitate a liittle bit. If only a single option was available, priya had to choose other than coming here.. But she was glad to be wd Jai.
Jai stopped the bike outside a 'dhaba' like
shoppe... Although it is going like houseful but
priya hatred the kind of lower medium class she
was looking inside.
Jai looked toward her," is that ok wd you?"
Priya returned a perhaps 'fake' smile and caught
him by her hand.
"Oye dabboo! Ka haal hain motey?" jai snetched the attraction of 'too busy' Dabboo.
Dabbu had a big fat on his body and jai had
rightly said him," motey!"
Seeing his 'superstar' customer friend Dabboo almost came to him running," oyey laale di jaan!
Kahan gum ho..." suddenly he saw a sexy bite
wid jai and complete the sentense as,"..... Sorry
Sir!... Let me give some pleasure to serve you. Come to my cabin."
"Abey tu kab se sudhar gaya saley... Itni tameej aur tujhmein... Ha ha ha.. Let me give pleasure... Kya baat hai... Ladki dekhkar line maar raha hai kya...?" jai hit his finger in to his belly... Sorry right to be called 'bella'.. A big fatty bella!
Jai's comment made dabbu slightly nervous; after all he had a heart too some side of his giant chest... ," ab mujhe ki pata si yaar, itthhe to jo bi munda kudi nu laike aanda haiga, mainu ah hi dasda si, tameej naal galla karna, ijjajat vadhouni hai!"
( how would i come to know? Every boy comming here wd a gal asked me to give him some reputation to influence the girl.)
Priya understood what he said and laughed loudly... Jai was already bend laughing...
They went to dabbu's cabin, in solitude.. Up to an extent.
"This dabboo is so funny!" priya told jai while sitting in a plastic chair... Laughingly.
"What else we common people have priya! Just a true heart... To welcome all... By heart.." jai was looking toward priya's smile.... not a fake this time..
"What will u take, just for a timepass.. Nothing will be liked by a 'taj going girl'

"What will u take... Just for a time pass! ... Perhaps nothing will be liked by a 'taj going girl here!" Jai was a bit nervous to find the heaven's lady on his 'earth' now.

Priya caught his hand in hers and pressed warmly," please jai! Pls excuse me for my views earlier... I just find here an awesome atmosphere. People just love each other... I will take an icecream!"
Jai ordered a glass of juice and a strawberry of her choice from the nearby shop.

Jai was getting more and more excited wd the time passed... She too aware of the fact ... Infact she need him on. She put her elbows on the table and bowed ahead wd intensions to show him her treasure... Hidden in her bra...
Order was served... Jai finished his juice in a single breath and was looking now again to where his mind forced him in to.. Priya had no objection...
His mind was continuously changing gear... Gear shaft was lying in his pants and
was now in 4th gear...
"Wanna share icecream?" priya made him to deviate from her lovely fruits!
"aaan! Sorry...?" jai asked again.
Priya threw an inviting smile," wanna take some..."
"what?" although jai understood.
"this...! What else?" she dipped her tip of finger in melted icecream to explain him what she were talking about...
"My pleasure...!" jai accepted the offer to share icecream.. Priya headed her hand straight to make the icecream in reach of jai.

Jai caught her by her hand, opened her lips and licked her icecream soaked finger...
Priya closed her eyes in sensation... and a low piched erotic sound produced from her mouth," aaaah!"
Jai's gear move in a positive way, getting the sexiest response," Don't u think the area is too crowded... I think we need some loneliness... Is not it?"
Jai had lost his senses to be sensible... He had indirectly offered her to sex
Jai caught her by her hand, opened his lips and licked her icecream soaked finger...Priya closed her eyes in sensation... and a low piched erotic sound produced from her mouth," aaaah!"Jai's gear moved in a positive way, getting the sexiest response," Don't u think the area is too crowded... I think we need some privacy... Isn't that right?"Jai had lost his senses to be sensible... He had indirectly offered her to have sex...

Priya:"Well well mr.untouchable aren't we eager or what?"She said seductively.

Jai:"Sorry if it came out a little strong.Its just that...well your just so beautiful".She was overwhelmed by hearing that from the man of her dreams.

Priya:"So shall we go?"Jai's heart did a summersault on hearing that.He just couldn't belive his luck.

Jai:"Shall we got to my friends apartment?He lives alone an...

Priya:"Ohh no no that wont be necessary.Papa gave me a flat on my birthday.Guess i'll enjoy my gift today".

Jai:"Ahh papa's little girl has all the answers".She bend forward a little giving him a full view of her huge milk jugs.

Priya:"Not so little anymore".

Jai:"So i have noticed".He said that without his eyes moving from her bosoms.She gave him directions towards her appartment and they went on their way on his Ram Dulari.Once they entered her appartment Jai's eyes lit up by the sheer size and glitters of that apartment.

Jai:"Wow do people actually live like this?"

Priya:"Well you better get used to this and that..."She started kissing him passionately on his lips.

He responded by kissing her back.His tongue was exploring the delights of her hot mouth.He started unbuttoning her shirt and as soon as he grabed her brest it send a shiver down her spine."Ahhhh that feels so good"Priya moaned.That encourged him more and he took off her shirt and started to remove her bra.As soon as her humongus boobs came out of her bra,his eyes went wide with lust.He started sucking and chewing her big brown nipples wildly."Ahhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh yes yes yesssss"Priya's body was caught on fire and she started moaning uncontrollably.He was squezing her brest with one hand and while sucking the other one.After a while as soon as he tried to remove her pants she moved back.

He was a little surprised by that and asked"did i did something wrong?".She was trembling with desire but somehow controled her emotions and said"sorry Jai it's not your fault.It's just that i'm still a virgen and maybe not ready to take the next step.I hope you'll forgive me".Her head went down a little.She was affraid he'll hate her now but he came towards her and embraced her in his arms."Don't worry.I'll wait until your ready but what will i do about him?"he said that while pointing towards his fully erect cock which was ready to burst out of his pants.She was relived on hearing that and loved him more then before for being so understanding."Let me take care of him"she said mischievously and started to release his monster from his pants.Her jaw droped upon seeing his size 8 monster of a cock.

She went down on her knees in front of his huge cock.Slowly she started licking his balls and came all the way up to the head of his dick.She started teasing him by circuling the tip of his cock with her tongue.Man he wanted to hold her by the hair and enter his shaft in her horny mouth but at the same time was fascinated to see her work her magic on his dick.She went down again and started sucking his balls eagerly.He was moaning with pleasure now"ahhhhhh ummmm hummmm".After a few minutes she started sucking the base of his cock and sucked her way all the way to the top."Ohhhhhh plese ahhhh i cant ahhhhhhh take it anymore"he begged for mercy.She looked in his eyes seductively while teasing the head of his cock again with her tongue.Their eyes were locked now and he was pleading to her with them.Finaly she stoped teasing him and took his cock in her mouth.Her lips were locked around his shaft and she started sucking him off vigorously.Her fingers were fondling his balls.He was feeling his cock going all the way in to her throat.After a while she started working on his shaft with a hand while sucking his cock at the same time.It was too much for him to take and after a few minutes he grabbed her by the hair and shooted his semen deep inside her her throat.She kept on sucking him until his dick went limp and cleaned the last drop of his semen off his cock.Jai was feeling like at the top of this world in that fancy apartment getting sucked by this gorgeous siren.He thought in his mind that if he'll play his cards right then all this could be his.

In the meanwhile Sneha forgot her files at the college.She went back to get them.While she was searching for her files in the office someone entered the office behind her back."May i help you?"Azeem khan enquired checking out her sexy hips from behind.....
"may i help you?" azeem asked a bit naughty..
"Have u ever?" sneha knew his disgusting nature.. She took the file and turn toward
the door.
"You haven't try to uuuuse me either miss...!" azeem answered.
Sneha was annoyed," Oh really? Then pls kindly let me some room to go.. I won't interested in you...!"
Azeem displaced himself from her way murmuring," Hum kaaley hain to kyaa huaa, dil waaley hain....!"
Sneha didnt want to destroy her mood anyway.. She had a news today to cheers, her sister madhu had gotta a scholarship, 5000/month for the whole session..

She hardly reached her home when she made a big call for her sisters," madhuuu... Anamika!.. Where the hell have u gone... Come on dears!"
Hearing her delighted voice, all in the family understood that they are going to listen a good news...," haan didi.. Here we
comes.. and they were there in a moment..."Yes! Tell us the good
news...!" madhu asked.
"Where is papa?" sneha wanted to tell this news to her papa.
"He has gone in the market... Tell us pls.. We know there must be a good news.."
Putting her finger on madhu's cheeks sneha broke out laughing," u r given the management
All the hotties from 26 to 18 were bouncing... Really this was a very very big news for them.. For their family...
Escaping sneha's eyes madhu picked up her mobile and went upstairs... She dial and no... And disconnect it to make it a missed call..
In a second only, she got the response.. She receive the fone.. "Hi jaan.. How are u?"
"Pranay! You don't know, i have gotta scholarship... 5000 per month!" madhu shared her happiness with the guy she loved too
"Oh dear! Come on; you r always talking of the silly money. What i have to do with it.. Tell me when r u going to meet me.. Do u remember?
You have promised to kiss me on lips in our next
meeting.." pranay was eager to fuck her...
Madhu disappointed," pranay! U know money is the next best need for us to God... You shouldn't
talk like this..."
"O.K. O.K.! Just Tell me when we r going to meet..." pranay replied....
Madhu sratched her heart a little," I AM NOT GOING TO MEET YOU ANYWAYS..!"
she gave a kinky laugh and disconnected the fone...

Pranay Shety was also a student of J.P College.He was the rebel leader of the college.Whenever there were any protests or demonstrations in the college he was always the one who led it.These were just some of the reasons among many other which made him popular among students.On the other hand all the teachers and even principal Amit despised him for his antics.He was on his last chance and all the teachers were waiting for him to screw up again so can be expelled from the college.He knew that too and was trying his best to stay away from trouble but trouble has a way of finding him on every turn.

Ever since he saw Madhu in college he was after her like a hungry dog.While Madhu was not quite as beautiful as her sister Sneha,she was still a knockout.At 5'4 she had small but perky brests,flat stomach and hips that can make any man a sinner.She tried her best to resist Pranay advances towards her but in the end gave in as she too was attracted towards that rebellious hunk.Still she had the same values as her sister Sneha that were given to them by their late mother.Even after an affair of about 4 months now she still didn't let him kiss her.Still her sexual urges were beginning to disturb her of late and she thought what's so wrong with a kiss afterall?

As soon as she disconected his phone he called her back right away."What's is it now?"She asked her teasingly."Priya I can't wait any longer for you.Plese yaar atleast kept your promise of a kiss"he said a little irritated.She thought about it for a minute.The last thing she wanted was to annoy him to the point where he'll leave her."Ok but just a kiss remember"she said slowly."Yes i know that.So i'll see you in half an hour at the college"Praney said with a cunning smile on his face."Are you out of your mind?How can i come now?Didi just came a few minutes ago"she said worryingly."Babe that's your problem.I'll be waiting for you in the class room so don't be late"he said that and disconnected the phone.Despite being a little nervous a desire to explore uncharted territory took over her.The sexual urge that she was feeling were stronger then she ever felt before.She took her purse with her and headed downstairs towards the door."Didi i got to go and tell my friends" she said out loud and went out despite Sneha calling after her.She never acted like this before but the mere thought of his lps on hers was making her horny.

When she reached the class room that they decided on meeting.It was getting pitch dark.It seems as nobody was in the class when out of nowhere someone hugged her from behind and started kissing her on the neck.Pranay you scared the life out of me.Ahhhhh what are you doing?"she said while moaning as he started to squeaze her boobs from behind.Her sexual desires were taking over her and she was loosing control over her self.He started rubbing his hard cock on her hipps while still kissing her neck and squeazing both her brests.As she was enjoying these new sensations one of his hands slowly went inside her shalwar and he started rubbing her pussy through her thin panties.As soon as his fingers touched her virgin pussy jolts of ecstasy went through her spine."Ahhhhhhh what are you doing?Ahhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmm no plese ahhhhhh stop"she said without any conviction in her voice.Meanwhile he was getting bolder and entered her panties now and started rubbing her clit.That waked her up from her state and she shouted"NOOOOOOOOOOO leave me you bastard".As soon as she shouted somewhere from the corridor a voice enquired"who is it?".Ranay got nervous from her scream and that voice and ran away like the coward he was.She was standing there now trembling as someone entered the room.It was none other then Azeem khan.

As soon as he saw her his dirty mind figured out what was going on a few minutes ago.A pervert like him was always dreaming about opportunities like these.This must be his lucky day as the girl was the younger sister of Sneha."What are you doing here and who was that boy?"his voice thundered.Madhu was even more nervous now.A scandal like that could not only cancel her scholarship but her and her sister's reputations will also be destroyed."Sir plese let me explain"she started saying in a trumbling voice."Lets go to my office first and then we'll talk.I hope you know the severity of the situation"he said loudly."I do sir i do"she responded slowly."Good then follow me"he said and started walking towards his office while she was following him like a slave.Man the things that i'm going to do with her he thought while an evil smile started to spread on his face.......
He sat on his seat after entering his office and once Madhu came in he told her to lock the door.She was too numb to think anything now and followed his order without any hesitation.When he saw her locking the door he said in his heart check and mate.Madhu was standing in front of him now with her head down.He stayed silent for a few minutes to make her even more nervous and then begin

Azeem:"You know Madhu how many students dream about getting a scolarship?"

Madhu:"Ye...yes sir i know"She said in a trembling voice.

Azeem:"Well what you might not know is that some of them came from even poorer families then you.For some it will be the differance between completing their education or seeing their dreams crush right in front of their eyes.What does this means to you?"

Madhu:"Everything sir"she mumbled.

Azeem:"Your sister is working so hard to support your education and put food in front of you and that's the way you want to repay her?"She remained silent and was shaking with fear.He noticed that too and kept on drilling her with his harsh words.

Azeem:"Tell me what will your sister think when she knew that your useing the college property for prostituting?People will even link her with this and might make accusation's that she pimping her own sister".

Madhu:"Sir this is not true.It was pranay who tried to force himself on me but ran away when i shouted.You saw that for yourself".

Azeem:"Did he kiddnaped you from your house?"

Madhu:"No sir i came on my will but didn't knew he was such a bastard.Thankyou for coming on time and saving me".

Azeem:"You don't have to thank me my dear after all i was just saving you for myself"He said that with a evil smile on his face.That hit her like a bullet.

Madhu:"What do you mean by that sir?"

Azeem:"Don't try to act so naive dear.Tell me who will people belive?A girl who came on her own alone at that time to the college or the words of a respected professor?What statment will Pranay give to the police?That he tried to rape you or you came willingly with him in exchange of Rs.500?The fact that i caught you red handed giving him a blowjob will be the final nail on the coffin for you".Her face went white with fear now and tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Madhu:"Why are you doing this to me?"

Azeem:"Oh it's nothing personel dear.Lets just say that everything has a price in this world and if your willing to pay me mine then nothing will change your life.You'll get your schlorship and your sister will remain a respected professor here.On the other hand if you can't then...

Madhu:"I'm willing to dpay you anything sir but i don't have that much money with me right now.Just give me a little time and i'll find a job and will pay you any amount you want".He started shaking his head while laughing hysterically.

Azeem:"Are you really that naive or just acting dumb?I don't want money my dear and you can pay me right now".

Madhu:"But how sir?"She said confused by his words.

Azeem:"For starters by taking off your clothes slowly like the bitch that you are...
Madhu:"But how sir?"She said confused by his words.

Azeem:"For starters by taking off your clothes slowly like the bitch that you are".She strted crying after knowing his intentions.

Madhu:"Sir plese let me go.I am not that type of girl".

Azeem:"It's your choice now.You can be a whore in this room and a respected student outside or save yourself here and become a prostitute for the reast of the world.Your father and sister might commit sucide and as for the rest of your sisters,well they'll be forced to sell their body as well in order to survive.So what is your decision?"Her body was shaking now uncontrollably and tears were pouring down from her eyes.

Azeem:"Don't worry dear.I'll help you afterall we are here to teach".he said while laughing and took off her dupata and threw it away.Her hands went up arond her chest automatically.He took advantage of that and pulled her shalwar down with both hands.

Madhu:"No sir plese dont do it.Let me g....He silenced her by puting his lips on hers and entered his tonge in her mouth.While doing that he teared off her panties and threw them away.Her tears were rolling down but they were making no differance to him.He forcefully pushed his finger in her virgen cunt."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh plese leave me ahhhhhhhhh"it felt as if something ripped her pussy apart.Blood started rolling down between her thighs but her screams were only making that pervert hornier.He took off her shirt and bra and started sucking and bitting on her lips while finger fucking her cunt."Nooooooooooo nooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhh plese leave meeeeeeeee noooooooooooooo"her screams were getting louder but there was no one to hear them.His office was sound prove and besides there was no one there to hear her screams anyway.

He pushed everything that was on his desk to the floor with one hand and spread her on his desk.Despite her state her pussy was dripping wet now with her juices.He put her ankles on his shoulders and placed the head of his 7 inch thick monster on her cunt.With a storng thrust he entered half of it inside her tight cunt."AHHHHHHHHHHH it hurts plese stop ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"it was hurting her even more as her cunt was streaching to make room for his cock and even more blood came out of it.With another strong thrust his shaft was deep inside her pussy and he started pumping his cosk wildly in her tight cunt."Plese...plese more plese.........she fainted away due to pain but he kept on pumping his cock deep inside her cunt"."You like that bitch?Huh you like that?Salli one day your sister will be underneath me just like you are"he was gruting now and as he kept on penetrating her cunt.His balls were slapping loudly with her asshole as her pussy was burning with pain.After fucking her for 20 minutes he took out his cock and cummed over her boobs which were swollen by his bites.She was laying there half dead with pain.After putting his pants up he started dreesing her up again and said

Azeem:"Go home and try to sleep.Take a day off tomorrow with some excuse.Don't worry it wont hurt this much next time and soon you'll be begging me to fuck you everyday.As for now i'll keep this with me".He said that while sniffing her torn panties and put them in his pocket.He opened the the door and left her laying there half dead by now.....

She kept laying there for a long time.The tears dryed up and even the blood on her thighs dryed as well.When she got to her feet the pain came back with a vengence.She knew that she should get back to her home as soon as possible.The last thing she wanted was for her family to get worried about her.They have already suffered alot over the years.She hated Ranay for first trying to rape her and then running away like a coward.She hated Azeem Khan for useing her like a cheap whore but above all she hated her self for dragging herself in this mess.She has no idea how to get her out of this messy situation.She never even wanted to see Azeem's face again let alone let him molest her but how can she stop him?She'll think about it afterwards but for now she must go back to her house.She tried to tidy her self as much as possible before she went out of the college.She took a taxi back to her home.The pain was still too much and it was feeling like her pussy was set on fire but she kept on bearing the pain.She'll do any thing in order to safe the reputation of her sister Sneha.

Sneha was still not over being dumped like that by her boyfriend.On top of that she was geeting annoyed by that moron Azeem Khan.Maybe she should complain about hin to Amit ji.The thing is she didn't wanted to create any unnesessary gossip.Besides she didn't wanted to troble Amit ji with her problems.The poor man already have been through alot in recent time.She was going towards the class room absent mindedly when she bumped with someone and her books fell on the ground.It was the hindi professor Mr.Amir Khan.He was a tall man with medium build and at 28 one of the youngest male professors in the college.He was a simple man who was always clad in a white shalwar qameez.Still most of the female teachers had a secret crush on his because he was so down to earth and his students worshiped him because of his intelligence."Sorry Sneha i hope your alright"he said while helping her pick up her books."It's ok actually its my fault for being so absent minded"she said after getting up on her feet.She thanked him and went towards her class room.While he was standing there seeing the goddess of her dreams walk away from him.How am i kidding?He thought.What are the chances of someone like me with her?

Jai and Priya friendship was now the envy of every girl in tha college.Despite being best friends now they never did anything else after that one hot encounter.Jai was getting restless though and wanted to go all the way with her.She too was waiting for him to make a move.Afterall how much blow jobs she was going to give before finally experiancing the pleasures of sex?All her friends did it multiple times by now and their stories used to make her wet between the legs.She decided that Jai was the right one and was only waiting for the right moment which finally came one day.Her father was going out of the country for a week on a bussiness trip and she decided to make the most of that oppertuanity.She told Jai of her plans.

Priya:"Jai papa is going to Greace for a week.I was wondering how would you like to see my house from the inside?"He understood what she was trying to say and responded.

Jai:"Only if you'll promise me to be a good host and take care of the needs of your guest".

Priya:"Dont worry you wont be disapointed".She said while smiling seductively.

Jai:"I know i wont be and belive me you'll love the gift that i'll give you as well".
Amir lived in a small 2 room flat with her old mother.After his father died 5 years ago he took care of his mother.He was a loner as he didn't have many friends since he was either at his job or at home taking care of his mom.She loved him but at the same time was worried about him.She kept on telling him to not worry about her all the time and live his life to the fullest.She was aware of the fact that he didn't have many friends and no girl friend either.It was her dream to see him marry a nice gil in her life.She told him that and even showed her pictures of many girls who she thought would be a good match for him.He always turned them down politely.How could he explained to her that he was madly in love with someone who didn't even know about this?He saw many men trying to win her affection all the time including that slimy bastard Azeem.He didn't wanted her to think of him as just another loser trying to hit on her all the time but if he wanted to let her know of his love and that's why come up with a plan.He wrote a letter to her and when he collided with her he placed it in her book.Now he was waiting for her response.He knew he didn't have a chance with her but a man can still dream.

Sneha found that letter when she was in her class but opened it once she was locked in her room.She was a little angry as she never expected something like this from him but at the same time her heart was pounding while opening the letter.Why?Maybe because she never had a shortage of men trying to impress her but none of them ever wrote a letter to her.Your first love letter is something like the first time you have sex.No matter how much dissatisfying it is you'll never forget it.It turned out to be a brief one and not as she expected.

Dear Sneha,
Forgive me for doing a cheap stunt like this but i didn't wanted to be the one who'll die one day with regret for not letting the only woman he ever loved know about his feelings.Plese dont ask me why or how i fell in love with you as even i dont know the answers to these questions.It will also be pointless to tell you that your the most beautiful girl i have ever seen as i'm sure you'll be used to hearing that all the time.I know that i'm a nobody.I don't have the wealth or even the looks to impress you but i do have a heart which is filled with love for you.If you'll give me one chance then i promise that i'll always be with you through thick and thin.I'll wait for your reply.

Hmm...0 out of ten for being remotedly romentic she thought and starts smiling but there was something in this awkward letter.It wasn't hard to see that it was written by a sincere man and how many of these are left in the world nowadays?She wasn't angry anymore but at the same time she never thought about him like that before.After thinking about it for a while she started writting a letter for him.

Pyiya changed her plans on inviting him to her house.Even though she knew that none of the servents will report about it to her father.She didn't wanted them to think of her as a slut either.There moron servent Ramu kaka was always raping her with his eyes and the last thing she wanted was to provide him more material for masturbation thinking about her.So she asked her father if she can stay one night with her friend Soniya and Poja at her flat.To her joy she got the permision.She let Jai know about this.He was just happy to finally bang her brains out no matter where it is.He reached her appertment at 8:00 pm as they decided and ringed the bell.When she opened the door his eyes poped out of his sockets.She was standing there in a white see through nightie and her erect tits were telling that she wasn't wearing anything underneath.....

They were in the flat now and sitting on the sofa.Both were a little nervous and waiting for the other to make the first move.Finally she broke the silence.

Priya:"Can i get you something?"

Jai:"Sure,have you got anything to drink?"She opened her thighs a little and said

Priya:"What will you like to have?"He couldn't take her eyes off her milky thighs that were inviting him towards them.He placed a hot wet kiss on her lips and his tonge started to explore in her mouth.She too responded imedietly by kissing him back passionately.His hands were all over her now.He was squeazing her boob with one and her ass cheek with the other.She was enjoying the feel of his strong hands all over her body.She came here with one thing on her mind.To lose her virginity to the man of her dreams.She wasn't shy anymore.He kept on kissing her until she stod up all of a sudden.He was alittle affraid that she might stop him again but all his fears shed away when she took off her nightie and threw it away.She was standing in front of her butt naked and her mammoth bosoms were moving up and down while she was taking deep breaths.He was drooling after seeing her huge boobs with pinkish tits and her cute little pussy which was freasly shaved.Her beautiful pussy lips were giving him the biggest hard on of his life.Finally he came out of his trance and started taking off his clothes.He too was naked now standing in front of her.

Jai:"Are you sure about this?"

Priya:"More then anything else."She said that and embraced him.There naked bodies were burning with passion now.She was standing there with her legs a little parted and he was rubbing his rock hard cock against her pussy lips while sucking and licking her boobs."Ahhhhhhh yes ummmmmm"she was moaningwhile he kept on sucking her tits.After a while she went down on her knees in front of him and took his pole in her mouth.She started sucking his dick while also moving one hand up and down on it.She was also fondling his balls with the other hand and that was driving him crazy with pleasure "Ohh yes ummmmm come on baby suck it even deeper ohhhh yeah ummmmm".His dick was going deeper and deeper in her throat and his balls were slapping against her chin.After sucking him for a few minutes she moved back a little and lay on the floor.She spread her thighs wide apart giving him full access to her vallry of pleasures.He moved like wild dog towards her cunt and started licking her clit repidly."Ahhhhhhhhhhh Jai ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"she was moaned even louder as she reached the first orgasam of her life.It was even more pleasurable then she imagined it to be.He was enjoying her pussy juices and the smell was intoxicating.His cock was so erect now that it was huting him and begging to be relived.He told her to get on her all fours.She did exactly that and gave him full access towards her hot pussy.He put some saliva on the head of his cock and placed it at the enterance of her dripping wet cunt.She bitted her lower lip in anticipation.He thurst his hips strongly and half of his rock hard 7 inckes thick cock went in side her tearing her virgin pussy."Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh phat gai ohhhhhhhhhhh it hurts"the room was filled with her cries of pain as hot blood started driping down from her virgin cunt.He was way too excited now and her cries were only adding to his pleasure.He started pumping his shaft faster and faster in her cunt while grunting with pleasure.After a few minutes her pain eased a little as her cunt streached to make room for his pole.He kept pumping his cock deep inside her tight pussy for about 12 minutes and they reached their orgasams together."Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes fuck me ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"he shooted his load deep inside her hot cunt and finally took out his cock as it strted to get limp.They kept laying there in each other arms.He started getting a hard on after a few minutes but she refused him as her pussy was still hurting after being fucked hard by him.He was ready to wait as he knew it wasn't the last time he'll screw that rich bitch.Oh no he'll fulfill all his fantasies with her.

Pranay was getting angry by Madhu now.Despite trying to call her lots of times and appologizing to her through sms,she wasn't talking with him.On top of that he was noting something strange.She was going often to the office of that loathsome pervert Azeem Khan.Something fishy was going on and he will find about it one way or another.One day he finally cornered Madhu.

Pranay:"We need to talk".

Madhu:"We have nothing to talk about anymore.Just stay the hell away from my life".

Pranay:"Atleast tell me what's my fault?I know i couldn't control myself that night but i'm just a man and make mistakes.Can't you plese forgive me one last time?You know that i love you right?"

Madhu:"Love?Do you even know the meaning of that word?If you love me then why did you ran away like a coward that night?"

Pranay:"I'm on my last warning now and they are waiting for me to make a mistake so they can expel me.Sorry i shoudn't have left you like that but i got nervous and made the wrong decision".

Madhu:"Do you have any idea what happened with me afterwards?"She said that and started crying.He took her in his arms and said

Pranay:"Now tell me everything and i promise you that i'll never leave you again"

Madhu:"After you left Azeem khan came in the class and.........
What she told him was unbelievable but he belived her none the les.After all the culprit was none other then Azeem Khan.A man with a shady past.2 years ago a girl named Mona accused him of raping her but he got away on the bases of no evidence.The girl became the whore of the college.All her friends left her.There was no shortage of men asking her about her rate for a night.In the end it got too much for her to bear and she commited suicide.That did opened the eyes of a few in the college but still people have a tendency to forget about the tragdies that happened with the others.He always hated him because Azeem was one of the most vocal when it comes to trying to expel him from the college.Hmm its payback time you bastard he thought and also a way to redem him self in her eyes.

Pranay:"Now listen to me carefully we have to bust that asshole.I'm sure your not the only one and belive me i dont think you'll be the last one either.So tell me are you ready to do whatever is necessary in order to unmask that bastard in front of the world?"She remove her tears and said

Madhu:"I'm afraid i'm not capable of doing what your asking me to do.My father might die after knowing that and what about my sisters?We are living in a cruel world and people are more interested in scandels then the truth.Last but not least how can we prove that even if i wanted to?Do you think they'll belive the words of a student over a lecturer?As for you we both know what everyone thinks about you.If anything it'll even harm me more then helping".

Pranay:"I know we are living in kalyug right now.Still in the end truth always comes out on top.Whatever i did till now was my fight against injustice.If i can't even fight for the injustice that happened with the only person that i love then what can i do for the others?"She saw him in the eyes and said

Madhu:"I'm not good enough for you anymore.Dont waist your life for damage goods.You can still have who ever you want."Her eyes fell down and tears started rolling on her cheeks.He lifted her chin with a finger and said while locking his intense eyes with hers.

Pranay:"In some way i'm also guilty for what happened with you.Let me fis what went wrong because of me.One last thing,my love is above all these things.I'll keep on loving you no matter what".Both of them embraced eachother after that.

Pranay:"Now let me tell you what you'll do.Everyone is affraid of going in his office behind his back and that's why he keeps it open all the time.Take this he said that and handed her his mobile.I know you have a mobile but the picture quality is not that high in it.Just go in his office and hide it somewhere after presing the record button.let him do whatever he wants to do with you and when he leaves his office then take the mobile back and hand it over to me.I'll do the rest".

Madhu:"I dont know it sounds so risky and what if he saw the mobile?"

Pranay:"It's a risk that we'll have to take now.So will you do it?"She moved her head in agrement.The next day while he was giving a lecture she sneked in his office and hide the mobile in the books shelf and waited for him.her heart was pounding but she kept on repeting Pranay's words in heart and they gave her a new found strength.He came about 7-8 minutes after her in his office and when he saw her he locked the office from inside.The fact that he spend a small fortune in order to make the office sound proof helped him alot over the years.He saw her with an evil smile on his face and said

Azeem:"Remember i told you that you'll start to enjoy yourself after a few times.Even i didn't knew that it'll be so soon.So what are you waiting for get on your knees and take my meat in your mouth".He said that while taking off his pants.Now he was standing in front of her with a seni erect cock.She got on her knees and closed her eyes.In her mind she pictured the only man she loved and start sucking his dick passionately.The taste was foul but she still kept on sucking it.He holded her from her hair and started pumping his dick deeper in her throat"ahhhhhhhhhh yes your a first rate cock sucker ummmmmmmm".He kept on gruting and pumping his cock.Sometimes she gaged by the disgusting taste but kept on sucking him anyway.He was really enjoying it and after fucking her mouth for 8 minutes shooted his cum deep in her throat.She drinked all his cum and kept on sucking him till his dick became limp.He took out his cock and started putting on his pants.

Azeem:"Next time came after college hours.The best i can do for you right now is let you suck me.So meet me anytime after college hours tomorrow and i promise i'll rock your world".He said that and left her behind him.She took the mobile out and stopped the recording.Your games are over now Azeem she thought and went to find Pranay.She handed him the mobile and when his eyes asked her a question she simply noded her head.They decided to meet him tomorrow after college hours just as he instruted her.When they entered his office the next day he was waiting for her but his eyes widened after seeing Pranay with her.

Azeem:"What the hell is he doing here?"His voice thundered.

Pranay:"Keep your voice down if you know what's better for you.I have something for you.Belive me you dont want to miss this".He said that and took his mobile out of his pocket and started the movie.The fear that they saw on his face was worth going through all the pain.He started talking with a trembling voice

Azeem:"Wh.. what do you want?"

Pranay:"Just one question?Kya mill kar le ga yaa jail mein jaiga?"The room started to spin in front of Madhu's eyes.
Pranay:"Just one question?Kya mill kar le ga yaa jail mein jaiga?"The room started to spin in front of Madhu's eyes.He had his reasons for doing this.He could have fucked her by telling her that how much he loves her and he could have expelled Azeem by showing the video to the principal.On the other hand by having Azeem khan on his side he could destroy the file that could one day lead to his termination from the college.Having someone like him on his side will help him in more ways then one.Azeem khan was smiling like a manic now and a heart broken Madhu was crying.

Madhu:"How could you do this to me?I thought you loved me."

Pranay:"Well you thought wrong.I was only interested in fucking you like the cheap whore you are."

Azeem:"Congragulations Madhu it seems as your holes are about to be stretch even further"Both of them started laughing hysterically.She was about to face more pain then she ever thought was possible......

The next day when she she saw Amir she handed him a book and said thanks for loaning this to me.He never loaned any book to Sneha but understood that it must contain a letter from her.In the letter she told him every thing about herself.Like how's she supporting her family and how the man she loved with all her heart left her.Then she asked him does he wants to be with someone for whom he'll have to wait quite a few years?He wrote a small note and placed it in the book.Later that day he handed it back to her.When she opened it there was only one line in it."Meet me at Lotus Cafe at 6:00 pm"Amir.Her heart started pounding in anticipation.

Although her body was trembling with fear she still tried one last desperate attempt to free herself from these two monsters.She tried to calm her nerves as much as possible.

Madhu:"Enough is enough.I wont let you bastards use me anymore.Do whatever you want but i would rather commit suicide then letting any of you touch me again"

Pranay:"I think you still dont understand the situation you find yourself in darling.The video of a barely legal hotie like you sucking the pole of an aged dark guy will send the internet in frenzy".

Azeem:"In any case even if you'll commit suicide it will not help you family one bit.It wont be hard for me spread around the news that you commited the suicide because your sister was whoring you around.When the results of your autopsy will prove that you wasn't a virgin everyone will belive us.In other words dear there is no way out for you unless you want your whole family to suffer.So why dont you just cut the crap and start taking your clothes right now.Pranay lock the door from inside".He did that and was rubbing his cock in anticipation.

Tears were rolling down as she got up on her feet and started to take off her clothes.There mouths were drooling once a fully naked Madhu was standing in front of them.Pranay pushed her from behind and she fell on her all fours.He started licking her cunt and anus from behind while Azeem pushed his road in her mouth.With in no time Azeem started pumping his cock faster and deeper in her throat.On the other hand Pranay learned from the most experianced whores of Mumbai.His tongue licking technique was not only making her wet but also made her reach her orgasam.They noticed it too and Azeem winked towards Pranay and said"looks like the bitch is really enjoying this".Her face went red on hearing that and she was ashemed of her self for cumming like this but she had no control over the sensation that her body was feeling whenever Pranay's tongue licked her cunt or anus.Now they exchanged positions as Pranay started fucking her mouth and Azeem entered her cunt.She was so wet by now that all of his shaft went in at once.Both of them were grunting and fucking her wildly now.After fucking her for a while like this both of them took their tools out of her.Azeem was laying on the floor as Pranay pushed her on top of him.Her slippery cunt took all of his cock in her.He hugged her as well which made her anus clear for assult by pranay.When he placed the head of his cock on her anus her eyes widened with fear"no plese not here i'll die no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO".The room was filled with her cries of anguish and hot blood started to drip from her anus.With every stroke he was conquering more and more of her anus until all of his rod went inside it.Both of them were fucking her with a rhythm and even her anus was fully stretched by now.Finally both of them filled her holes with their semen.This will not be the last time she'll have to face this humiliation.

When Sneha reched Lotus Cafe Azeem was already there waiting for her.She was looking ravishing in her black dress with her her curvacious body making every male of 16 to 60 looking at her with lust in their eyes.When their eyes locked with one another it send a shiver down her spine.What has fate instore for them?

They were sitting in the cafe but both of them were nervous and hence silent.They ordered beverages and some other refreshments.Finally he broke the silence

Amir:"Sneha ji thanks for coming here today.I know it must have been difficult for you and i hope your not angry with me for inviting you out like that".

Sneha:"I would have never come if i was angry with you.A little surprised?Yes because always seemed to me.....

Amir:"Boring and ordinary?Even us boring people have hearts and on top of that mine has only you in it.I know there's a world of differance between us.I mean just look at you.You can have who ever you want in your life and on the other hand i'm a nobody."

Sneha:"Plese dont be so modest and i never said your ordinary or boring.What i meant was shy.What differant worlds are you talking about Amir?All of us belong to the same world.My life is not that of a fairy princess either.There is no shortage of beautiful women in this world and most of them dont have any responsibilities on them either.Men always want to come in my life but at the same time wants me to turn my back on my responsibilities.Sooner or later you too will do that i know.So why dont we save us all that trouble and dont begin something that will end in tears".He placed a hand on hers and said

Amir:"I know all about you Sneha.I even know that there was someone in your life before me but i dont care about these things.I'm just requesting you to give me a small place in your life.I want to be part of all the difficult times as much as happier ones.I'll always be there for you and last but not least,i'll be happy to accept you with all your responsibilities".The sincerity in his eyes,voice and words touched her heart and tears start rolling from those beautiful eyes.He started drying her eyes with his handcherchief and said

Amir:Dete hai kyu yeh dard bas hami ko
----kya samjhenge woh in aankho ki nami ko
-------Lakho deewane ho jis chand ke
--woh kya mehsus karenge ek tare ki kami ko.

Out of the three sisters Sneha was always the serious one.The burden of responsibility made her like that.Madhu was full of life but her life changed for the worse.The yougest of the 3 Anamika which just turned 18 recently was a loner.Looks wise it wasn't hard to see that she was the sister of Sneha.Infact even Sneha wasn't that beautiful at that age.She was in the last year of her school and young studs were always trying to score with her.She on the other hand never gave them any lift.Infact she only had one friend in school Kamini.Even though they were best friends for quite a few years now,she never even let her know what was eating her from inside.....

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