Chennai aunty seduced me
Hi, My name is Karthik. I’m a great fan of and I think the creators of this site are doing an excellent job. I am 28 years old and I live in Chennai.
This incident happened 17 years ago. I was in my school and I was living in my aunt’s house. I lived in with her since my parents were transferred from place to place. From there I went to college. My mother’s younger sister (I call her “aunty”) was 38 years old when this incident happened. I was 18. An age difference of 20 years. My mother’s sister’s name is Vani, even though she was 38 year old she wasn’t bad looking. Her husband died when she was 36. When I was about 18, a small innocent boy, my aunt started to molest me. She was 35 at that time. I was young and I didn’t realize that she was molesting me. She was married at that time and had a daughter who was same age as me.

In those days my aunt will put her daughter to sleep and will come to my room to molest me. Her husband used to travel a lot, so most of the time he will not be at home. Once she put her daughter to sleep she comes to my room and spends the night with me pleasuring herself. I was young and I didn’t know she was doing something that is bad. She comes to my room and she locks the door and puts the curtains on all the windows and then she takes of all her cloths and she starts to take off my shorts and my shirt. Sometimes my aunt takes me to her bedroom so she can have some more fun. She usually takes me to her room on Fridays because she can molest me longer and next day is Saturday, there is no school for me so she can keep me up at night late. She usually takes off all my clothes and starts to suck my little soft penis. I was afraid and I couldn’t get hard. I didn’t know my aunt sucking my cock is a bad thing because my mother used to suck it and give it kisses while I was younger. My mother used to suck and kiss my cock while she gives me a bath but it wasn’t like molesting she just puts my penis in her moth and strokes it up and down like once or twice. But my aunt sucks it until the point where she gets bored. My aunt kisses me in the lip and makes me rub her clitoris with my hand. She once made me kiss and suck her pussy but she stopped it because she knew I didn’t like it. She stopped molesting me after I reached puberty. I remember the last time she molested me. She came to my room and she took of my pants and started to stroke it and I cummed all over her hands. She never came back to my room again.

After her husband’s death she became alone and lonely. From that point I tired to get her daughter to sleep with me but I was unsuccessful. When I was 15 one day, my aunt’s daughter left on a school trip and I was left alone with my aunt. She was 38 and she wasn’t ugly at all. She had beautiful breasts and her butt was delicious. Her pussy was hairy but I didn’t care. That night I decided to ask her for the reason why she molested me. It was about 9pm and it was very quite in the house. I made sure the front door and all other doors are locked. I went in to the kitchen and I saw my aunt cleaning up the gas stove. I told that I wanted to talk to her tonight and she replied “yes, no problem”. I brushed my teeth and did all my things and went back to my aunt’s room to talk. I saw my aunt in a nightgown, which was covering up to her knees, and I saw the cleavage. She sat on the bed next to me and I asked her “Do you remember what we did in this bed 5 years ago?” and she said “Yes, but extremely sorry”……and she kept saying how sorry she was. She eventually started to cry and I told her to stop so I can talk. My intention was to get her daughter to have sex with me every day. I told her that she molested me and that was illegal. She started to cry again and she started to tell me about her dead husband. She also told me not to say it to anybody, especially her daughter who was 15. I tried to get her daughter but I knew getting the mom would be easier because mommy did some bad things so she will be willing to do anything to cover up.

My aunt started to tell me how sorry she is and she offered me money to keep it quite. I decided to make a deal. I told her that I’d keep every thing quite if she would convince her daughter to sleep with me in my room. She gave me a big NO. She refused that offer and told me that she will give me money not her daughter. I didn’t want money I wanted sex. So I asked her to give me oral sex when ever I wanted in exchange for the secret. She didn’t say anything for a while but then she said ok. She agreed to give me oral sex when ever I wanted. I still wanted to have sex with her daughter but that night her nightgown made me horny I decided to do her that night. I asked her to come to the living room so she can suck my cock while I sit on the sofa. We went to the living room and I unzipped my pant and pulled out my cock. Stroking my cock I asked her to take off her nightgown and I told her to get totally naked. She started to suck my cock and I started to moan. My voice echoed because the house was so quite. My cock was hard as a rock and it was covered with my aunt’s wet, warm saliva. She was sucking the head parts and she was licking my balls.

It was so good I stood up and pressed her head in my cock. When I was about to shoot my cum, I told her to stop and asked her to stand up. We were standing up and we were naked and I started to kiss her in the lips. And I put one of my arms on her bare butt and my other arm was on her neck pulling her face toward my face so I could get my tongue in her mouth. We were kissing each other and she started to moan. I told her that it was great being intimate with her again. We were kissing each other for like 20 min. She was old but she was beautiful. I decided to get some pussy that night. Her pussy was old but still wet and warm. I never even thought I would have sex with my mom’s sister.

I sat down on the sofa and I told her to get on top of me. I didn’t want to hump her I just wanted to sit back and relax and enjoy her pussy. She sat on top of my lap and I inserted my cock into her pussy and told her to move up and down. She listened to what I said and she moved up and down. While she was pleasuring me I went on and kissed and sucked her big breasts. I enjoyed it for a while and She stopped doing that. I asked her why and She told me “Don’t cum in my pussy, I can get pregnant”. She was 38 and young enough to get pregnant by me and I wasn’t using any birth control. I didn’t plan for fucking the mom. I planned for the daughter. She asked me tell her when I am about to shoot my cum. She offered to suck my cum up with her mouth. She said, “Tell me when you are going to cum, I’ll suck it up”. I told her ok and told her to keep doing it. She started to moan and she got louder.

She almost started screaming. I was going to cum and I told her to stop doing it. I didn’t want her to suck up my cum so I decided to cum in her ass. I never had anal sex before so I decided to do it in her asshole. I told her to get down on her knee and bend down so I could do it doggy style. I told her to spread her legs a little bit and I used my hand to spread her butt chicks or ass chick so I can see her hole. I pushed my cock in and started to hump her in the ass. But it was dry so I decided to use my spit to wet my cock and her ass hole and I started humping her again. But it dried out soon. I told her to come to the bathroom with me. We went there and got some soap and shampoo and decided to use that as lubrication. I used the soap in my cock and I took some shampoo in my finger and put it inn side her asshole. I inserted my finger in her hole and made it easy for me to hump her. She leaned on the sink and I started to fuck her in the ass. I humped her for about 10 min and I put more shampoo in her ass and on my cock to make the ride smooth. I stopped once in a while so I can hump her for long time. She enjoyed it and I finally cummed in her ass. After that I went on and cleaned my cock and she wiped her butt. I took a shower and went back to her bedroom and we decided to sleep together. We woke up once again and had sex. We had sex in the bed and this time I cummed in her pussy. She didn’t get pregnant.

After that I started screwing her daughter and we started having sex. For about two years I kept having sex with my aunt and her daughter. I once had sex with them both on the same day. Daughter in the morning and mom at night. After her daughter and I started to have sex I avoided having sex with her. After about 4 years of no sex between my aunt, and me she came to me and I asked me for sex. One day she asked me to take her to a movie theater and we ended up having sex in the car parking lot inside my car.

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