Chachi se Chudai ka Sabak
I am pravesh again from Delhi. I am 24 years old and unmarried
engineer. You can read my story SEX WITH COMPANBY GF in office
section. Here is my other story. Friend in my childhood I was very
very horny. You can treat me as a child who is inclined towards
sex. I must have watched my father fucking my mom in my early days,
and one day I copied him on pillow and enjoyed it.

So you can say that I was JANMJAAT SEXY. But I was very very
seedha and also BHONDU in front of all the people. This is the
incident when I went to my village in summer vacations. I was 13
years old and just started Cumming. You can ask how I came to know
it, so I told you that I have been working on my pillows. So my
chacha and chachi lives there with there 2 kids. My chacha is in
job and he is having a job of field work. That is why some time
he is coming back from office before time and some times he is
coming very late and even not coming back at night. My chachi was
at that time a lady of 29 and having a long and sexy body.

She was 5 7 and weighing some 60 kg so you can say she was
tall and slim. Her boobs were medium sized and her thighs were
really like banana tree. And some time I was thinking of her and
masturbate. So during these holydays, I went to live with them.
My uncle started his journey to nearby town where his office at
7am. And then I and Chachi were all alone with 2 small kids for
all day and late evening.

Slowly slowly I got making her attracted towards me by my talks.
She was very much keen to live in a city and was always asking
how the routine life in big city like Delhi is. I used to narrate
it in a good way and she always wanted to live in Delhi. One day
she asked me to take care of my two cousins and went to take a
bath. I went to the room which was attached to the bathroom and
took a stool. This room was having a small roshandaan in between
room and bathroom. I got up on stool and peeped inside the bathroom.

My chachi j was having a tooth brush. Soon she finished it. And
started removing her sari, IST turn then 2nd and then the whole
sari was removed. She then opened all the hooks of her blouse
and removed it. She was having a wheatish complex and very very
athelatic type body. Normally females in villages are of the same
type as they are doing a lot of hard work. She then opened the
hook of her bra and removed it. Her back was facing me. She then
removed the nada of her petticoat. And it fell down. She was not
wearing any panty and her round butts were exposed. They were
big and very very firm. Her thighs were strong and without any
over fat.

My LUND got up and I started rubbing it from my pant. Than she
went near the bucket and started taking bath. I was still not able
to have a view of her nipples and tits. Than she applied soap on
her body. Meanwhile the soap fell and she turned around to pick
it and OH GOD WHAT A SEXYYYYYYYYYY BREAST. Although this was not
the first pair I have seen but actually I have fantasized too
much about them, that I liked them too much. She continued massaging
her body and I continued with my cock. She then sat on the
floor and bend her knees and started applying soap on her pussy.
But I was not able to see it. Soon she finished the bath and
started rubbing her body with towel. She put on her clothes and
started washing clothes. Then I got down and went to urinal and
masturbated. This was the first time I got maximum excited about
her. Then I started touching her on hands and on back and shoulders
and on her head also.

One evening she started combing her hair and I offered my services
to her. She said that I am taking extra care of her. I said that
she is so good and taking care of every body so it is our duty.
She liked it. Soon she got attracted towards me. After all she
was a sexy of young age with irregular sex from his husband.
Soon I got the chance. One afternoon after lunch when we were
going to sleep, I asked her that I am having some pain in my back
as I slept in reverse condition in night. She said let me apply
some moov on it. I removed my shirt and Baniyaan and lay on bed.
She made the T.V. on (Hey don t think how a TV in village, this
was a village near Delhi and my uncle is residing there only
because we are having our parental house there. So the village
is with all facilities, electricity, phone, cable and all other.
Any one from north India can consider a village near Delhi)
then she started massaging my back with her strong hands. She
asked about how I m feeling. I said I am jealous than Chacha.
She asked why? I said because he can have massage from you any

She said that he is not having time for her massage and even
for her. I said don t worry I can massage you. She said that
you can massage me but can t do every thing for me. I said that
I will do as much as I can do. / She said that I am just a child
yet. I said that I am not an n ordinary child and she can test
me any where. She laughed with some naughty things in her eyes.
Next to next day my Chacha said that he will not be back in
night and I thought this is the night. In day we played cards
and she many time touched, pulled, pushed and squeezed me. I
also enjoyed the touch of her body. Then I started playing
with my cousin. My younger cousin was slept. We played the
game of words. I wrote a word and he has to read it. We played
for some time, then he said I m feeling sleepy.

So I said ok let us sleep. He lay on bed and soon slept.
Chachi asked me what happened to our game. I told that he has slept.
She said that ok let us play. I was surprised but agreed.
We started playing. First she asked and I told. Then I asked
and she told. Then again she asked and I told. Then I asked
and she told. Then she wrote a word and asked me to read it.
And when I read it, I was surprised. She had written, CHOOT.
She asked what it is. I thought this is the golden chance.
I felt a little shamed and said this is just some thing.
She asked again what it is. I said that this is some thing
females are having and boys are always willing to take it but
the thing is always with the lady. She said yes you are right
but have you taken it. I said shying no. She then lied on bed
and said ok come and massage my legs.

I got erected at full length. I hold her foot and started massaging
them. Slowly slowly she pulled my hand towards her knees. Soon I
was on her thighs She closed her eyes and I immediately inserted
my hand to her hairy bush. She parted her legs and I inserted my
finger into her choot. She said what this is. I replied that this
is your choot. She was excited and pulled me on her and started
kissing my lips badly. This was my first exp with a lady so I was
not able to coordinate with her. Soon I enjoyed the smooch.
I rubbed her allover face, hairs, neck and back, and kissed her
on her face and cheek. I asked her to stand and removed her sari.

Soon I was removing the blouse from her boobs which I have
seen few days back. My breathes were high and I was just running
in this game. Soon the blouse were separated. I hugged her hard
and started kissing and biting her bare parts. The I removed her
bra strips from her shoulders and her nipples were exposed.
I took both of them in my finger tips and starting pressing and
itching. I took them in my mouth one by one and started sucking.
We sat on sofa. She removed the bra and I pressed her boobs.
I was getting mad. And the nice Chachi was adjusting her positions
according to my conveniences. Then I pulled the Nada of petticoat.

And pulled it out of her legs. Her brownish black hairy pussy
was exposed. I took out my clothes and started inserting my
able to do so and I came out. She then got up and cleaned her
self as my cum was all over her pussy and thighs. I was all tired
and was not able to see in her eyes. I was very much ashamed.
Till evening I didn t faced her. In evening when we started our
lunch, she sat next to me and smiled at me. And believe me I
wished to leave the place. But in night she taught me how to
have the sex with a lady. She told me a lot of sex positions
and we enjoyed sex many times in my that visit. But the rest
story I will send in the second part of it, and believe me the
second part of this story is very very enjoying so please wait
for it. Please reply me on I am Pravesh,
24 years old guy looking for females of any age and any where in
Delhi for fun.

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