Chachi ki pyaas bujhaii
Well to start with let me introduce my chachi. Her name is rashmi. She is 40, has perfect round boobs. She is always dressed in a saree. She is fair and attractive. She is very open in her straightforward in her talks. I’hv seen many uncles staring at her. She never minds and does her own job. Chachi has 3 children but they too go to the college during daytime. My chacha is a very busy man and is usually out of home with some work in the day.

I am an engineering college student. I live in a hostel and go to my chacha’s house every weekend.

My visits to her house always used to be in the evening when all of their family used to be at home. She was very friendly towards me. She used to wear saree’s which were very colourful. Her blouses were always a bit semi-transparent as is the case with almost all women here. So i could easily make out her bra colour. She always carried a smile with her. I had a very casual friendly relationship with her.

This happened when i was in second year and had gone to her house for the night as her family was out of town. She was at home with only one daughter(she’s around 19)

We had dinner as usual. I was pretty tired so i just laid down as soon as i finished dinner. I did’nt take any blanket so at night around 1 when my chachi finished all her house chores she came into the hall where i was sleeping and woke me up. As i opened my eyes i saw that her pallu had slipped down and her bra was visible through her blouse. I just got a hard-on but i turned my eyes away. She adjusted her pallu and told me to take the pillow and blanket. I couldnt sleep after that as i had all my concentration on her big and round firm boobs. I could’nt just take my thought out of it.

After a few days i got a chance to go a bit further as i had to take chachi to the market on my bike. It was an awesome experience as the roads are’nt good here(lots of potholes) so her boobs always pressed me and she was holding me from behind with one hand on my shoulders. I got a real bad hard-on. I was in seventh heaven and she was talking casually about my life.

She had heard about my muslim girlfriend and was inquiring about it. I said she’s fine. I said “muslim girls and marwari girls are very beautiful. She said what about hindus.” i said “you and your daughters are beautiful but muslim women have a charm on their face.” she got a little offended maybe. She stopped talking for a while. Then she said “stay away from them. They are dangerous people.”
I replied “thats not true. People just spoil each others name. Every community has bad people. Even hindus have some bad people and so do christians.”

She said “your mom and dad wont approve of it.” i said “no problem. I am not serious also.” she said “but you cant love someone and leave her.” i said “i have’nt slept with her. She does’nt let me touch her also. Whats the big deal.” she said “you men are bastards.” i said “yes all men just want to sleep with women. Thats why they are born.” she didnt talk to me for a while.

At 1.30 we reached home i apologized for being so bad but said that i wont leave my girlfriend. She said “when you get married a women satisfies all your needs even physical ones. So dont be in a hurry.” i said “ok” and went in with her. She brought me a glass of water. As i was lying down she put one hand on my thigh and asked while massaging “what do you want from your girlfriend.” my tool stood up. It was showing a bit but mu underwear hid it. I said “just a bit of caressing and kisses.” she could make out that my penis was having a fight with the underwear. She stopped massaging and went to the kitchen giving me a naughty smile.

I said “chachi i am sleepy. I wanna sleep here.” she said “ok. Sleep, i will wake you up in an hour when food is prepared.” i slept. I was having a sexy dream and my tool was fully up. It had managed to come out of the underwear and was poking the pant. My chachi came to wake me up. She saw my bulge and just kept wathcing it. As i woke up i saw her looking there and put my hand over it. She said “i have seen it lots of times when you were young. I used to help you do susu(pee). Ab kya chupata hai(what are you hinding it now for)?” i said “i was small. I have grown up now.” she said “but for me you are still my kid only.” i removed my hand and she saw it again. She told “go relieve yourself. Susu aa raha hoga. Wash your hands and face and come. Main kapde badal ke aati hun(i will change and come).” i went to the toilet.

When i came back her room door was open. I went in and she saw me. She asked me to come in. I went in. She had worn the bra and lehenga. She was so hot!! She had fair and smooth skin. I just wanted to fuck her right there but had to control my instincts. She was just putting on her blouse. She asked me to put the hooks. I was so damn happy. I went and touched her back very slowly and also put the hooks on. She smiled and said its tickling. She took her saree and said hold it and go thier she did some turning and folding with the saree and wore it. As i was holding the end part she asked me to put it in her lehenga. I put it inside and felt her tummy. It was irresistibly smooth. Then we went out of the room and had lunch at 3.00.

I switched on the tv and out mtv. Some song called ‘rehem kare’ was playing from cash. She said “women now a days reveal so much.” i said “why should they hide it if they are beautiful.” she said “so that no one gives them a bad eye and screws them.” i said “oh yes. I felt the same thing for you when i saw you in the room.”

She said “come sit beside me.” i went near her. She put her hand on my thigh. My tool stood up. She saw it and just kept massaging my thigh. I was going mad. My tool wanted to jump out but my chachi kept teasing me and massaging. She then slowly put her hand on my crouch. She said “what is this? What do we have here?” she took it out by unzipping the pants. She saw my 6.5″ tool and said “tumhara bahut bada ho gaya hai naujawaan. (yours has grown up young man). Bahut bada hai(its big)”. I said “yeh tumhaara hai chachi.(its for you aunt)”. She kept fiddling with it for a while. As it was the first time i ejaculated in her hand very soon and she said “abhi pehli baar hai an.(its your first time)” and laughed. I said “what happened?” she said “come with me.”

She went into the bathroom and i went with her. She washed her hand. She asked me to remove all clothes and said that she will give me a bath. I undressed. She went out and came back only in her bra and panty. She turned on the shower. Man she was looking like those hot indian models they show on tv. She had maintained herself very well. She just has a slight tummy and a little sagging skin on her arms. Rest was just awesome. I said “chachi tum bahut sexy ho. Bahut zyada sexy.” she said “bakwaas mat karo.” she came close to me and took my tool which had come up again on seeing her and started playing with it. I was feeling like i was losing my energy. I was going to come again and i told her. She went down and started sucking it. I came in her mouth. She drank a bit and said “malai garam hai.(your cream is warm)”.

I fell on my knees. I got up after a minute. She asked me to take out her clothes. I slowly stripped her. When i took off her bra hooks and turned her around i saw her boobs. They were so hot. Perfect round and not hanging down a bit. I started sucking them. She was moaning. Ahh ahh ahhhh chus le hari jor se chus bahut chus ahhh(suck your aunts boobs, suck them ahhh ahh ahhh ahhh).. I kept sucking and sucking. My hand went down and put my fingers in her panty into her cunt and started fingering her. She also kept fiddling with my tool. Her moans now increased. She kept telling me chachi mein daal ungli. Chus uske bubbe chuus(put your finger in, keep doing it, suck her boobs). Ahhh ahhh ahh. She was vibrating a lot. She came in my hand like a pulse and then she said “bahut maza aaya(it was fun). Phir karte hain baadme(lets do it again later).”

We finished the bath. At around 5.30 her daughters came and i left at 6.00.

Now we have sex sometimes. The first time we didnt indulge in much.
But the second time i fucked her properly and put my tool in her. She was in seventh heaven. She says “tere chacha ko itna bada lauda kyun nahi diya bhagwaan ne(why didnt you give such a big dick to uncle bhagwaan(indian god)).”

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